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10-16-2007, 07:27 AM
New build. Installed Vista 64. I canít keep it from crashing. P35 board, 6850. It doesnít like the X-Fi Gamer. Yes I turned off the on board sound, downloaded the latest drivers from Creative. Ran Vistaís memory check, it said I have a memory problem, but no details. My machine has 4gigs Crucial Tracers. Wonít let me download memtest. It says Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and is closing. Then the system crashes. Gone to the Microsoft support site, downloaded all the latest patches. Here is my plan, I am going back to XP. Tell me if Iím doing the right thing. Two harddrives. I want the OS on the Raptor 150, my movies are on the Western Digital 750. I am going to unplug the 750, format the Raptor then install XP. I want partition the Raptor. XP requires 539mb. I have never partitioned a drive before. Do you partition the drive before you format? Does Vista walk you through this, you can call the partitioned drive "C"? As always, Thanks.

10-16-2007, 10:38 AM
you can't format a drive untill it has a partition on it.

vista does give you options for formating & partitioning.

are you planning on splitting your 150 g into 2 partitions - one for XP & one for vista or do you just want to run XP?