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05-20-2002, 10:15 AM
Is anyone familiar with shrink wrap? How to apply it?

05-20-2002, 10:33 AM

05-20-2002, 11:07 AM
Its a plastic wrap that comes really thick and you put all your cables into it and then you take a lighter and melt it and gets really thin and taking all your cables and making them better for air...

uh oh I just relized that I just told you how to intall shirnk wrap. I want to know more. I think they sell shrink wrap at radio shack I'm gonna stop by there one day maybe they'll come with instructions. I need somethign to get all those damn power cables out of my way and make it better for air flow. I have 12 fans in my case and my computer runs soooo damn hot!!!!

Mr. C
05-20-2002, 11:33 AM
Sounds to me like you got it ReSpAwN DeMoN.
I'm not familiar with a wrap but I've been using shrink tubing with much success __ in fact I just got around to finishing off all the leads off the PSU this afternoon.

Only drawback I have found is it does make a nice tight bundle and is therefor rather stiff. So if your using some fancy twists and turns in your wire routing it you may want to cansider another method.

05-20-2002, 11:38 AM
Is shrink tubing expensive? I heard that it costs about 2-3 dollars at radio shack. Also how do you know when to take the flame off the wrap? I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to putting a flame to my computer, but its much better then flex tubing that that stuff is thick and more expensive right? Would you be able to take a picture of the inside of your computer so that I can use it as a visual reference?

05-20-2002, 11:47 AM
Can't say i've heard of the shirnk wrap, but anyways, all you really need for the tubing is just run your lighter back and forth down the length of the tubing until you think it's tight enough. Don't hold it in one place for long as there is a chance of melting something else, or catching on fire.. but if you simply run back and forth it will be fine...

Mr. C
05-20-2002, 12:40 PM
I'm quite at a loss for a picture - as demonstrated by the pathetic attempt of the Logitech Quick Cam Express.
My SuperCheesy digital camera is as usual low on battery power ATM. Though the quality isn't a great deal better for showing details.

Unless your RadioShack is superior to the merchandise offered where I live, I highly reccomend you find your local electrical supply house. You know, the place where the contractors and business go. The one I go to here is far and away better than RS when it comes to parts and stuff.
I get 3' lengths of shrink tube in sizes ranging from 1/8" to 3/4" in a variety of basic colors for a lot less than the little packages cost at Radio Shack. 3 feet of 1/4" for those Molex connector wires costs me $1.80 -- the 1/2" for larger wire groups sets me back $2.30.
These type of places usually aren't chain stores or heavily advertised (if at all), but poke around, if you live in a reasonable sized community there is probably something there. The one here has cases, LED's, cables, connectors, drives, fanguards and fans, etc. etc. etc. for way cheaper than a computer store or major electronics chain. They don't sell whole systems, but they have everything neccesary to keep one running. Parts is their bread n' butter:thumb: It's a little hole in the wall kinda' place but you can wander those 7 aisles for a long time. *drool*

05-20-2002, 01:46 PM
There is also the option of "Coldshrink", I think it's made by 3M and it's very expensive, and needs no heat to apply :)

05-21-2002, 05:34 AM
There is also the option of "Coldshrink", I think it's made by 3M and it's very expensive, and needs no heat to apply :)

no heat? how does it shrink....

05-21-2002, 05:53 AM
OMG that pic is amazing that will really cool down my computer right? Can you get me another picture of what it looks like around the ATX power cable?

RJ civil
05-22-2002, 07:41 AM
I use shrink tubing alot at work.. the only heat that is needed is from a device similar to a electric hair dryer.. not sure what its actually called.. Ive always called it a heat gun.. anyways the hardest part about using it is getting it onto the wires themselves.. after that it easily shrinks down to size with very little heat

05-22-2002, 07:50 AM
Now a hair dryer I will feel much better about compared to a lighter or any other similar device. I will know when its shrunken down to a certain size and that's good enough that would be common sense?

05-22-2002, 09:15 AM
I have a small portable tourch.....

Just kidding.

I work in the Telecom business and we use these ALOT as they are great for cable management! Yes, you really want to use the heat gun ($25us and up) or a hair dryer. I have more than once burned the coating off the wires with a lighter, but what else do you use when you are in a dark cramped telephone closet?

The one drawlback is the stuff is pretty permenet (sp) so it's really a one shot deal. Practice a little before you go nuts inisde your case.

Hit your local electronics shop for the stuff as the "shack" is overpriced, BIT TIME.

Good luck and have fun!

05-22-2002, 09:37 AM
I used all kinds of heat shrink ...I always use a hair dryer with no problems yet

RJ civil
05-23-2002, 08:19 AM
you will see it begin to shrink as soon as you apply the heat.. it only takes a few seconds of heat from the heat gun or hairdryer depending on the size of the heat shrink.. the better heat guns have small adapters that concentrate the heat right on the heat shrink.. the heat shrink will very quickly conform itself to your wire and stop shrinking..
it can be somewhat difficult to remove later, however it can be done by very carefully cutting it off starting at one end and slicing down the length with an exacto knife or other sharp instrument..
however its very easy to accidently slice through any small wires contained within the shrink..

05-23-2002, 12:04 PM
no heat? how does it shrink....

I think there is a draw wire in the coldshrink, and when it is pulled it activates chemicals to "shrink" the tubing.

Mmmmmm chemicals :crazy:

Mr. C
05-23-2002, 06:03 PM
Another fine example of "Better living through chemistry"!

Anybody who has used this, post a pic.

(breast augmentation is still our favorite chemistry though, followed closely by some of the recent advances in lubricants.)

05-24-2002, 06:40 AM
no heat? how does it shrink....

shrivel factor:eek: :eek:

05-24-2002, 09:49 AM
Lmao..ML!..Hey Mr.C's Pic hurts my eyes when i look at it...Nice idea tho about the shrink tubing. I have used to install power to a mirrior display (like in jewelry stores) and used a lighter. Just use a swift action with the lighter and it will come out nice and should look like a wire. Umm about the hair dryer thing there is a difference between a hair dryer and a heat gun. Heat gun is alot hotter than a hair dryer (its for hair not wires) but you can give it a try...its sure is alot safer! :) Anyways Respawn...have fun and hopefully you'll get it done soon show us some pics when you are done. and PE: peace2: ACE!

05-24-2002, 04:53 PM
Mr C.
In the picture of your case with the shrink tubing. Have you seperated all wires on the IDE channels ?
I think you have just wondering, as the tubing is barely 5mm in diameter.

05-24-2002, 05:35 PM
Anybody who has used this, post a pic.

No pic, but I do have a link:

Oh crap 3M don't like you linking... anyway go to http://www.mmm.com and search for "Cold Shrink"

Mr. C
05-24-2002, 05:56 PM
Actually the IDE cables are nearly invisible in this pic due to rounding and folding. The wiring from the PSU is what you see mostly and CD-ROM sound cable. The Red cable is the ATX power connector which is wrapped with red electrical tape for the last 2/3 of it's length (fortunately I stopped there as it made the cable stiff as ...... and near impossible to bend).

It's still an ugly maze of wires isn't it. With my extra fans, lighting, cigarette lighter and baybus.

All in all very ghetto -- but functional:laugh:

I get my mod materials in unlikely places, but save $'s that way.
My baybus box is a Martha Stewart pill-box from K Mart for $0.79.
The lighting is standard 12V marker lamps from an auto supply house 2 ea.totaling about $4.00 (sockets included)
Some 3M connectors and brackets and a pack of several small rolls of electrical tape for about $6.00.

But with the amount of wiring inside, the rounding of even the smaller cabling helps out a good deal.
Still, it's a freaking mess.

My budget SUX:thumbs do (but not as bad as my digital camera does):shoot2:

05-24-2002, 06:01 PM
At least you have one. :cry:
:beer: :beer: :beer:

Mr. C
05-25-2002, 11:30 AM
No pic, but I do have a link:

[EDIT] Oh crap 3M don't like you linking...

Then 3M should remove all content they have on the internet:thumbs do
This garbage about linking is ridiculous - if the information isn't taken out of context what is the problem?

Gorilla Monsoon
06-08-2002, 09:25 AM
I use Shrink Wrap/Tube on my Motirbike and chainsaws for reinforceing fuellines and for protecting electrical cables. You dont have to apply very much heat at all. Just put the shrink wrap over the cables and hold a lighter about 3cm away from it and it will shrink together. I dont think it may shrink enough to hold too many cables together but you can always try.

:shoot: :kay: :shoot2: