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06-08-2002, 02:40 PM
I have just installed Mozilla, and it's quite a nice little browser. Problem is, I really miss the "Alt+D" command in IE that highlights the address bar, and allows you to type a new address in. Does Mozilla or Netscape have a similar keyboard shortcut? :?:

Mr. C
06-08-2002, 03:06 PM
Try Ctrl+L
Here's the list (http://www.mozilla.org/docs/end-user/moz_shortcuts.html)

06-11-2002, 03:42 PM
Thanks for that Charles - I have looked EVERYWHERE for a list of shortcuts and turned up empty-handed :(

It seems a bit silly though - Alt+D is so easy to use with the left hand whereas Ctrl+L is easier with the right hand (unless you have big hands to reach across the keyboard).

Thanks again :wave:

Mr. C
06-11-2002, 06:26 PM
Ctrl + L isn't very intuitive, but neither is Alt + D :?:

I remember back when IE 4 came out I used Paint to make wallpaper that had all the IE shortcuts so I could keep them handy.

Actually it is still on the desktop of my P200 system:laugh:

06-11-2002, 08:47 PM

With Internet Explorer 5+ hitting the F6 key does the same thing as ALT+D.. Highlight the address bar.. I find this a lot simpler in my opinion..:devil win

Bahamut Zer0
06-11-2002, 11:15 PM
The lack of Alt+D irks me as well. Main reason I dont use mozilla in fact. Sweet browser, sick features, but the keyboard shortcuts are too lacking to make use of these nifty features. What is this? a friggen mac or something?

If youre like me (and I guess Al) you have your left hand always resting over the left hand side of your keyboard. Always ready for the ole Alt+D action, or Alt+S for send mesage in trillian, or Alt+R for bringing up the run command, or alt+f4 for closing a window, or ctrl+esc for start menu.....the list goes on.

Alt+ L is tedious.

06-12-2002, 05:35 PM
Yep BZ - you hit the nail on the head. My left hand is (funnily enough) always lurking around the left side of the keyboard.

Back to using IE now.

Maybe the development team could implement user-configurable buttons? :?: