View Full Version : Epox EP-MVP3G5 sound problem

06-10-2002, 11:05 AM
Have had sound problems for some time. Changed sound card to Creative SB128 recently but this didn't fix it, still no sound. Followed the MS troubleshooting guide but still no sound. Running Win98SE with AMD K6-3-450, Matrox G-400 and G450 video, WD29100 HD and 256MB PC100. This unit runs 24/5 so only work on it on free weekends

Can find nothing wrong in BIOS or other settings. Could this be a MB problem, How would you confirm that?

06-10-2002, 11:32 AM
Check to make sure that the slot that your installing the card into is not sharing and IRQ with anything else and if ya don't use DOS sound then also disable DOS emulation as with that enabled the card will be usin' 2 IRQ's which would make it more likely that it's sharing an IRQ with other hardware. If it is sharing with other hardware then change the slot that it's in. Also make sure that ya using the latest VIA 4in1 drivers too. :smokin: