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11-17-2008, 09:55 AM
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11-18-2008, 04:14 AM
Good to see the ATI fanboy is alive and kicking...trying out for that electronic rag "The Inquirer" ?.....Just a little comparison between your last NV driver article (Forceware177.35) and this one:
From the 177.35 article:
"Looking at WIC, we have a little bit of movement with an FPS up here, an FPS down there; on a whole nothing that’s going to change our opinion massively on the card." ( average 2% improvement, 5 of 6 benchmarks improved)

Compare Crysis performance.....

Crysis ( 1.9% improvement)
"Across the board we can see that Crysis sees small gains on most setups with the HD 4870 showing the best increase."
as opposed to the 177.35 review:
Crysis ( 7% improvement at 2560x1600, 4.4% improvement at 1920x1200)
"We see a little movement north in Crysis at the higher resolutions, but nothing to get excited about."

or how about UT3 under XP.....
Firstly, ATI....
UT3 XP ( 3 of 9 benchmarks show improvement- 1.4% decline in av. Framerate)
"UT3 performance doesn’t show anything too unusual with performance between the two drivers being extremely close."
Secondly, NV....
"We again see a bit of up and down movement, but nothing spectacular."
(average 11.1% improvement in av. Framerate )

And the conclusions.....

NVIDIA : "Spec wise, it seemed extremely possible that we could expect an increase in performance from the GTX 280, but clearly that didn’t happen….So let’s wrap this up nice and quick. The GTX 280 is still disappointing me and I’m mega excited about the HD 4850."

ATI : “While for the most part we don’t really see any gains in the games we test, it’s clear that there are going to be some gains out there…” (Really?, or maybe not if we read a little further)...
“Even if there aren’t any performance gains, next month is going to be exciting with the Catalyst test bed getting an upgrade to i7 and X58. Before no time we will be seeing the Catalyst 8.12 round out the year…”

I am presently attempting to build a system around an X48/HD4870 setup (secondhand from guys upgrading to LGA 1366) to complement the SLI system I already have running. I have no particular bias or agenda regarding system builds. My only concern is achieving satisfaction through the building process and to use the completed system to its fullest within my budget constraints.
It is unfortunate that an ever increasing number of sites (and the readers they influence) seem to see to have imbued ATI as the spirit of David versus Nvidia's Goliath or an ideological struggle.
Bottom line:
Shouldn't a review site strive for impartiality? Is a review site serving its readership when it advocates blind allegiance to a brandname just beacuse you don't like the opposition? Friends of mine recently ditched venerable 8800GTX and 8800GTS512M systems to jump aboard the HD 4870 X2 and HD 4850 CF bandwagons in order to head for the promised land - promised by review sites such as this.
Their gaming experience....The games they could play before at good fps...Well, they can still play those same games at good fps- well, except for the choppy screens every so often, and of course the minimum framerates are even more minimal- BUT HEY! don't worry, everrrrrrrrrrryone says the next driver fix will cure that! Like Fck it will.

If ATI made heart pacemakers that required a driver package to run and you required a pacemaker- would you get one installed?

ATI make some great products-no question- good gaming experience-absolutely. Only game in town-No. Want to poke a stick in Nvidia, help curtail their business- go right ahead and then guess how much the next generation of average-budget gamers will be paying for their HD 5870.