View Full Version : socket 370 celeron 2 processor

06-23-2002, 04:05 PM
First of all, I should have never looked into oc'ing. It's terribly addicting!

I have a celeron 2 socket 370 processor @700mhz I'd like to keep. I want to find a good mobo with a good chipset and bios. From what I can dicipher thru all this mess is the current 810e chipset I have sucks. Would someone like to direct me to a decent mobo with the qualifications I mentioned?

Additionally, would it benefit me to upgrade to a mobo with DDr capabilities seeing as the current trend is headed? Further, would my processor be adequate enough for this upgrade, provided I have enough RAM with a first rate video card?

06-23-2002, 05:52 PM
Unfortunateley even the upper end Socket 370 CPU's can't use the bandwidth that DDR memory with only a SDRAM / FSB capabilities can so it would be better price/performance option just to get some good Name SDRAM memory (if you havn't already got some) and a good motherboard to support your requirements and you may do well to start with your overclocking capababilities. After that you may just need a bit of extra cooling to really do a bit of exploring the bounderies. ;)