View Full Version : win2k software raid - terrible performance.

06-23-2002, 11:31 PM
I have:
win2k professional
celeron 600
256mb ram
intel 810e chipset
pri master = seagate ST330621A
pri slave = maxtor 31536H2 (boot)
sec master = seagate ST330621A

I'm trying to get these two seagates to run in raid 0 (windows native software raid). it is going very badly. I get about 1/2 the sustained read speed of a single drive and just under the normal sustained write speed when they are in raid configuration.

I have tried lots of bios tweaking, chipset driver updates, bios flashes, re-arranging the drives as slave/master different channels....
The seagates are not the barracuda IV which is famous for it's crap raid 0 performance, they are U series 5.
Nothing works.

Got any hints?