View Full Version : Problems with Audigy tray infra red receiver in WIN XP

06-27-2002, 08:41 AM
Heyas all,

I just wanted to ask if any of youse had the SB audigy 5 and a quater bay tray. The one that has all the plugs e.g optical in/out
mic in, volume controls for mic in and output etc.....

I couldn't get my remote control working with WinXP when I try starting up the software that manages the remote control it says no infrared receiver detected?

Just wanted to see if anyone came across this problem. I'm thinking of going back to Windows 2000 because of this problem as I can't use all of the Audigys features......

I also can't seem to record to my MD as well.....and i have followed all the instructions and even talked to a Creative support dood.....he was no help...

Thanks all!