View Full Version : P5K-SE/EPU northrbridge Hot

02-13-2009, 08:58 PM
I have a Asus P5K-SE/EPU and the northbridge is really hot. Like motherboard temps are only 35-40 but the northbridge heatsink feeling with my finger is around 60-70 on a day with 20c ambient. Its hot as my gfx card on load. The whole area near the northbridge heatsink under the cpu is warm. My case has alright airflow. Two 120mm Intake intake and 120mm exhaust fans. Its not a airflow issue.
I dont really wanna replace the northbridge heatsink as it'd void the warranty. Ideas? I want to solve this as the northbridge heatsink is directly below my cpu so the hot air rises and the cpu is hotter. On a 25c ambient day it idles at like 48-50. Have reseated the heatsink and changed thermal paste already.

Oh and i dont want to cabletie a 40mm fan to the northbridge as there really loud.


05-24-2009, 09:10 PM
I had this problem too but instead of using a 40mm fan i use a fat 120mm and stand it upright at the bottom of the case, so that it blows cool air right over the north bridge. I also connected a zalman fan controller to it reduce the speed. This makes it really quiet and you don't need it to run too fast to keep the chipset cool. Using 120mm fans are normally much quieter than 40mm ones anyway.