View Full Version : Distant rocks/walls pixilated in crysis normal? (pics attached)

04-25-2009, 10:17 PM
I’ve just completed a very difficult build (2 faulty components replaced so far) and everything seems to be ok. (see sig for spec and drivers)
I’m using crysis to test the machines gaming stability – and I had never played it before prior to this build so I have nothing to compare it to.

My problem/query is – is it normal for some distant rocks and walls to appear pixilated in the distance? Even when taking into account that verything else: renders, mipmaps and distance culling etc perfectly ok.

It only appears to be on greyish objects, like those mentioned, that do this and as you get closer they appear as normal.
They appear in the shape of black/grey dots and will suddenly turn into the true texture/colour as you get closer. I’ve never noticed this phenomenon as severe as this in other games so I’m just checking if it’s normal.

Some screen shots for you all to mull over. They're not the best examples - some areas in the game can be worse but it gives you a visual idea if what i'm trying to describe.

If you look above the reticule you'll see some rocks with the pixilated effect i'm try to describe:

Again if you look to the right of the reticule through the window you'll see some pixilation and to the far left in the building. Look at the next image below this one to see how the problem clears when i zoom in with the sight.


Image with sight zoomed - and the image appears normal.


So, is this normal? It only effects rocks, walls and corrugated iron sheets mostly and occasionally other objects. Everything else: renders, mipmaps and distance culling etc perfectly ok.

Like i mentioned before i've not noticed this phenomenom in other games, as obvious, before. Is this just a Crysis quirk or should i be looking at the problem in a bit more detail?

It's a lot worse in different areas - but the game is still very playable. I just want to rule out a hardware problem or drivers.

I’m probably being over cautious as I’m a little paranoid about this build as I’m on my second gfx card and memory. So any reassurance would be appreciated.

Additional info: I'm using high settings, 8 x aa and screen res 1280 x 1024. I have tried the game witout AA and also default CCC settings.

I should add that i've just tested FArcry2 and that renders/appears perectly normally so it seems a Crysis specific problem.



04-26-2009, 11:27 AM
Dunno about that cpu but at the resolution that GPU should be able to handle everything set to the highest settings. However Ive just noticed that your running Windows XP so you arent getting the Very High Settings for Direct X 10. So I really cant help you much with is this is normal for Direct X9 crysis. I dont thing its a hardware issue, they are normally, wired colors and crazy "artifacts" apearing on your screen if you GPU was dying. Try increasing your visual setting and your max viewing distance and see if that changes what you experience. Or Try on Vista on direct X10.