View Full Version : Rubbish Bios settings

07-14-2002, 04:35 AM
owning an A7A266-E mobo is quite annoying when trying to tweak it to optimal performance. With my VIA the Bios was really easy to understand and it had a wealth of options to choose from giving me more control over its functions and features... AliMagik Bios' are just confusing and give you sweet fa to work with.

One thing I did was enable fastwrites in the BIOS and then in geforce-tweak-utility...then when sisoft sandra ran a check it said that fastwrites was disabled (but supported).
both my bios and GTU say its enabled but not Sisoft sandra...why why why?

Also I don't know the best settings to have on my motherboards BIOS I have enabled all things that say FAST or something like that on them and my rams latency I have turned to the lowest number I can, but I would like to know if there is a tweak guide for my motheboard...or if someone has good settings could they tell me :D

Also .. sisoft sandra says that some of my host controllers are disabled and that I should enable them to increase performance ... how do I do that?
are there ways of tweaking bios settings that dont appear in your actual bios?

any help will be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance.