View Full Version : Lycoris Install Advice Needed

07-28-2002, 05:25 PM
I don't really know anything about dual booting etc. and my computer literate friends think that linux is only a server thing and stupid to use on PCs, so I am without any help.

How do you recommend I install Lycoris Linux? I have an 80 Gig and 40 Gig drive on my main computer and I would like to install Lycoris on it. I would like to install Lycoris on a partition on the 40Gig drive, I want to save roughly 20 Gigs of that drive to use as a backup for my Windows Apps, but I will use the other 20 for Lycoris.

Should I wait and see if I can find a Linux guru when school starts backup in a month, or can I handle this on my own? I don't want to screw over my other hard drive and have to reinstall windows.

What do you guys think I should do?

Oh yeah, I also have a laptop that I could spare about 10 Gigs on for Linux, would that be a better option as I don't care about much of the data on that laptop?

07-28-2002, 08:00 PM
I just had a quick look on the lycoris web site and they don't include a non destructive partition tool. There is a tutorial on creating partitions with linux fdisk at this page (http://www.lycoris.org/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=32) that takes you through the process step by step, however in your case you want to be partitioning /dev/hdb (primary slave) not /dev/hda (primary master). If you can get a copy of partition magic you can use that from within windows to resize your second hard drive and create the needed linux partitions (you'll need two, one swap partition - about the same size as the amount of ram you have and one root partition).
Linux labels drives like so,
Primary master = hda
Primary slave = hdb
Secondary master = hdc
Secondary slave = hdd
And partitions are numbered, the first partition on the the primary master is called hda1 etc...