View Full Version : how i would able to instal win vista on D945PLRN motherboard??

11-15-2009, 05:56 PM
Dear, i puchased the intel Motherboard D945 PLRN, and i want to install Windows Vista operating system, but here is i m feeling a problem at final stage(configuration stage) an error comes, and computer restart suddenly.
so now i install windows Xp profeesional 32bit, and logon to the intel website to check that either This motherboard(D945 PLRN) supports windows Vista
OR not, so then i see in product manuals(Guide), there is mention that it supports only
WINDOWS XP profeesionals
WINDOWS XP Media Center
windows 2000..
my pc configuration is:
intel D945 pLRN
Processor is 3.0 Giga hertz
Ram 1GB 512+512

dear plz help me and tell me that is there is any possiblities availible? trough which i could install windows Vista on my machine.

1st i was thinking that may be its DVD DIsc and Dvd ROm problem.. but i have change both things and check again.. it giving same problem...

11-19-2009, 02:00 AM
You could check to see if you motherboard manufacturer has Vista chipset drivers for your board. You could replace your board with a Vista compliant board. Many older boards don't fully support Vista.