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11-18-2009, 08:17 PM
Hi i have a thermaltake 850i and it uses 3/8" 9.5mm ID would i be able to use regular tubing thats 3/8" with ID 5/8"? Technology content trusted by users all around the world :: TweakTown (http://www.playtech.co.nz/product.php?action=showdetail&id=3793n) is a link of the tubing i want to use, because im all out of ther thermaltake tubing and i want to upgrade to a 800d by corsair so ill need to retube my system

11-19-2009, 05:08 AM
direct linking to that site doesn't seem to work.

anyway are you sure it's 5/8"? how can the ID be bigger than OD? you mean 5/16" ID? If so, that's slightly smaller than 9.5mm and you'll need some extra fittings etc.

11-19-2009, 07:03 AM
sorry its Tygon 3603 Tubing 3/8" ID 5/8" OD Per meter (http://www.playtech.co.nz/product.php?action=showdetail&id=3793)

ID is 3/8" OD is 5/8"

11-19-2009, 07:10 AM
yes that will be compatible. 3/8" ID is roughly 9.5mm.

11-19-2009, 07:15 AM
last question would it be possible to use Bitspower Compression Fitting CC3 (Pair) - For ID 3/8" OD 5/8" Tubing (Shining Silver)

instead if the normal barbs

11-19-2009, 07:25 AM