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Bahamut Zer0
08-16-2002, 11:30 AM
Ok, two problems that are annoying me at the moment.

Mounting my NTFS partition with ro acess to all users instead of just root. (no interest in writing to the drive at all, kernel is recompiled with ro ntfs support, kernel ver: 2.4.18)
and mounting (finding?) my 2nd CD-ROM device (burner)

With the NTFS fiasco, I can mount and unmount the partition /dev/hda1 as any user. However, once its mounted, only root can get into the mount point. (/mnt/ntfs)

My DVD-ROM device /dev/cdrom mounts fine and works fine, how does one go about mounting my cdrw device? /dev/???

08-16-2002, 12:31 PM
Take a look here about getting your burner working in linux.

Especially the part under "Setup the Linux-system for writing CD-ROMs"

Without reading that, basically make sure that you have somehing like this in your lilo.conf.

append="hdb=ide-scsi" <-- that's the line you wanna add

and of course replace hdb with whatever your burner is, here's a breakdown of the naming convention. Just in case.

hda = IDE bus/connector 0 master device
hdb = IDE bus/connector 0 slave device
hdc = IDE bus/connector 1 master device
hdd = IDE bus/connector 1 slave device