View Full Version : PS2 - modding in mind of a entertainment center

04-23-2010, 12:16 PM
Hi there.

I'm new here and I came to you guys with a question: How to mod my PS2?

I will be using it with an additional HDD- I want to have everything on that HDD (games and movies- what mod/ chip should i choose to have the optimum performance playing movies like divx and others?) I have researched the internet and found different opinions on what to use etc...

This is going to be a car setup so I don't want to deal with disc swapping... I want to have few games on the HDD and Play few favourite movies thats all (I have heard divx are compatible- is it possible to run a DVD file from the HDD?)-

You don't have to walk me through the process here- jut please state what general approach to choose for this application and what chip/mod method you are recommending.... Thanks you.

PS- Please DO NOT lock this thread for MOD CHIPS VIOLATION- I am clearly asking how to "mod" the PS2 so i can use a HD and store my ORIGINAL games on it and movies I got from iStore - I just don't want to use CDs as it will be in my car ;]

04-29-2010, 12:27 PM