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08-23-2002, 10:26 PM

Well, It`s like this....
Just moved from AMD to Intel (yeah, yeah). Here are the specs:
WinXP Pro.
Gigabyte GA-8IGX
Intel P4 1.8A
Corsair XMS 512MB PC3000 DDR (370Mhz 2- 2- 2)
PNY Verto - Geforce 4 Ti4600
SOund Blaster Live xGamer
2x Maxtor x740L 40GB disks (connected to the Promise Contoller)
Promise Ultra 133 TX2 Controller
Samsung DVD-Rom
Blah Blah and so on.....
Well the problem is that when i overclock the cpu using 133Mhz FSB (or any fsb), and leaving the pci/AGP at normal 33/66 , The machine hangs loading Windows XP (not BSOD) ONLY when i`m using the detonators. If i`m loading in VGA MODE i`m having no problems running 2.52Ghz on default core voltage.
I tried raising the AGP voltage, Memory (went with no problems also at 374Mhz, also tried running 266)....I thought it was a prob with the drivers so i tried 29.42, 30.82...WHQL, you name it.
Finally i got my Ti4600 out, and used only the i845G graphics chip (onboard) ....
Same thing! will hang after the welcome screen (goes blank) . If loaded at VGA mode or safe mode , it runs perfect. It also runes perfect at 2.52Ghz before i installed the 845G drivers (same goes for the detonators)/
I played with the bios all night long, don`t know what`s the problem! (rule out tempature....I`m swirrling a tornado iside this case, tempatures are nice and low for conventional cooling)

I`ll be glad for some help!

Just for notice, i`ve been oveclocking since the first time i tried on a 486DX66 (@90) , so i`m not new to this.

08-26-2002, 08:39 PM
Well, i changed the mOtherboard to Epox 4G4A+ .

Fresh new install, only thing that came to my mind after some more testing is that the Intel chipset drivers are responsibble to the hanging of the machine when O/C . \
That, or maybe the CPU (1.8A) is lousy, but the EPOX is worse at overclocking stability than the gigabyte....I`m ginxed!

Well, that`s it for now...I`ll try using a P4 1.6A of a friend to check if the problem is my cpu, and if not, i`m out of ideas!


It`ll be nice if someone replies!

08-26-2002, 09:28 PM
I'd like to help ya out but when someone asks me for a quote they take the AMD route for the simple factor that the Intel just plain costs far too much here for similar performance or less so I havn't had the chance yet to play with a P4. :(