View Full Version : 4Core1600-Glan Ram problem

06-15-2010, 07:48 AM
hello :)
i have a problem with my pc:
right now i have 1+1 gb dual channel ram on my pc Transcend 800 mhz
and i have a motherboard "4core1600-Glan"
and today i buyed two 1 gb "zeppelin 800 mhz"
and i want to use all the 4 rams as "1+1+1+1" but when i plug all ram inside my computer wont start,and i did a bios reset just in case...but still no go
not even if i plug them in "zeppelin,transcend,zeppelin,transcend,zeppelin" or "zeppelin,zeppelin,transcend,transcend"
im not sure if i explain myself corectly but what can i do to get up and working all 4 rams ??

thank you :P