View Full Version : ASRock K7VT4A SATA problem

06-18-2010, 03:35 AM
Hmm... well I have a ATA HDD 160GB WesternDigital as boot device, Windows XP sp3. then i just bought my brand new 500GB SEGATE S-ATA, and big surprise, my MB doesnt recognize it. It fails when it have to scan SATA sources, and sais something about bios failed press <g> to continue. I've put the Segate HDD on 1,5GB/s as the MB box sais, and still nothing. I dont want to boot from SATA, i just want to be slave, or paralel with my old Western ATA. Any support? mail me at-> predatorxxy@yahoo.com or reply here <sorry for my english if bad>. Thank you in advance.