View Full Version : HELP ME PLEASE!!MY P4i65GV wont boot up from BOOTABLE USB

06-24-2010, 08:38 PM
I have an old mobo P4i65GV, with AMI BIOS Ver. 1.80, and i have a problem for upgrade it BIOS, i dont have any floppy disk drive so i want to upgrade it via USB stick, then i made it a bootable usb stick and copy the bios utility and also the bios file itself, the problem is, after i boot to my bootable usb stick it just show a black screen with a "j" letter and do nothing.

i already load optimization default to my bios setting, set the first boot device to my BOOTABLE USB, but it wont effect still. Did I miss something or break something? or my bootable file doing wrong? if so, where i could get a bootable file system for my usb?