View Full Version : ASRock 880G Extreme3 how to disable Auto-OC, Dync-OC completely

07-03-2010, 10:12 PM

First of all my System:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955@Stock
Mobo: ASRock 880G Extreme3 BIOS 1.70
RAM: Kingston HyperX 1333CL7
Graphic: HD 4870 PCS+
Power Supply: Be Quiet Dark Power Pro P7

Yesterday I have bought the Mobo ASROCK 880G Extreme3. I installed everything and it started working fine.

But the Problem I have is about the Auto-OC function. It maybe a nice feature, but I dont want to use it ;) . So I opened the BIOS and gave in the CPU-Freq, CPU-Voltage, CPU-Multi, NB-Multi, NB-Voltage, HT BUS Speed, HT BUS Width, HT Voltage, Memory Clock, DRAM Voltage and Memory Timing manually.
I also disabled the "CPU Dync Overclocking"-function - well it already was disabled. Auto-UCC is also disabled. Turbo 50 also should be disabled.
But still the CPU-Freq isnt fix. The System still overclocks CPU, NB and RAM under Load. Even without much load(surfing in the internet) the Frequnecy is changing up to 201 - 203.
I have made a few Screens from Bios and CPU-Z with AMD Overdrive and Coretemp:


I searched in the internet and in the Manual for a solution, but it didnt help. Also in the Manual its BIOS Version 1.00 and the part with this AUTO-OC function is called "CPU DOC FREQUENCY(MHZ)". In my BIOS its called "CPU Dync Overclocking" and i can just swicth between "Disable", "4%", "8%", "12%", "16%" and "20%".

I hope you understand this(my english isnt the best ;) )and can help me to completly disable this function.

Edit: Right now, I switched the "Dync overclocking" from "disabled" to "4%" and rebooted. After starting Windows I rebooted again again and switched the Dync OC-function back to disabled. But it makes no difference
Edit2: OS is Vista Home Premium 64-Bit
Edit3:(sorry for editing again, dont want to double post) I made an Achievement index-test with Sisoft Sandra. It says that the CPU is OCed to 4%. This means that even when disabled, the Dync OC-function is running with 4%.

Edit4: Ok, now I'm not sure why, but it looks like this problem is solved.
I haven't changed anything in the last days, but right now I started Prime95 an the FSB didn't really change only up to 201.5Mhz@100%load.
So from what I can say for now, my problem seems to be solved.

Thank you for reading.

I think the thread can be closed ;)