View Full Version : Bought new P4i945GC Board and all i get onscreen is the test signal

07-13-2010, 02:05 AM
i bought a new ASRock P4i945GC motherboard i hooked it up and installed a new hard drive new ram and new powerpack wired it all up and stuff and when i went to turn it on the fans and everything powered up but on the screen all i could get was signal test it wasn't getting any signal from the motherboard i used the onboard graphics and tried it with my own graphics card but still no result i tried a bench test tried eliminating componants etc but i still only get the test screen can some one please help

P4i945GC motherboard (New)
550w power supply (New)
Intel Celeron 2.5ghz Processor
1Gb DDR2 400Hz Ram (New)
1TB Samsung Sata HDD (New)
Nvidia Geforce 5200FX 128MB PCI Graphics Card
Windows XP Home Edition (If i could Install it)

Please Help If You Can