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08-09-2010, 11:59 PM
here's my problem.....I'm going to use a 30 gig ocz vertex for a boot drive and 2 150 gig velociraptors in a raid 0 for everything else. I have a Asrock 890FX deluxe3 MB. I've been told that to set up a ssd as a boot drive that I shouldn't have any other drives hooked up. When do I install my raid driver? Before the OS install on the ssd or can I set that up afterwards. I'll be using Windows 7 64 bit. I have it all ready to go...I just need to figure this out before loading the os..... any help would be appreciated.

ASRock TSD - Sean C
09-23-2010, 11:16 AM
Dear Grumpp,

Please kindly refer to below steps to set up your system.
Step1. Please connect your three HDD to SATA port 1 to port 4 and adjust "SATA Operation Mode" to [RAID] under BIOS. (BIOS/ Advanced/ Storage Configuration)

*Note: With SB850 south bridge, if you set the SATA Operation Mode to [RAID] in BIOS setting, BIOS will switch the SATA port 1 to port 4 into RAID mode but keep the SATA port 5 and port 6 under IDE mode. Please kindly refer to user manual page 57.
User manual link: http://download.asrock.com/manual/890FX%20Deluxe3.pdf

Step2. Reboot your system and press "Ctrl+F" into "RAID ROM Utility".
Step3. Build a RAID volume with two HDD in RAID ROM Utility and then reboot your system again.
Step4. Press F11 into Boot Menu and choose "boot from ODD" to install OS.
Step5. Load RAID driver in install OS process and choose your SSD to install OS.
Step6. Then you can install OS in SSD and have RAID 0 with two HDD.

Best Wishes