View Full Version : What is wrong with Asrock P55 Extreme 4 and SLI ?

09-07-2010, 07:49 AM
When I look at the SLI Support List for my motherboard (a brand new Asrock P55 Extreme 4) I'm wondering ... Who the hell is gonna buy that kind of motherboard to plug an old 6600GT/7600GS on it ? Anyway ... :hmph:

Here's my problem : everything was working great ... till a kind of driver crash from the nvidia display drivers.
I tried to reinstall the drivers (with Driver Sweeper in safe mode etc..) but the SLI option in the control panel is GONE :screama:
Bios updated (1.4) - INF drivers updated and I'm using the 258.96 nvidia driver.
The SLI bridge is ON, both cards are recognized by the nvidia control center.
I'm runing Windows 7 64bit.

Do I have to change my motherboard ? My SLI bridge ? My graphic cards to go to Crossfire ?

Thanks for helping :)