View Full Version : P7P55D Deluxe - VGA LED Light stays on after BIOS update.

09-07-2010, 01:06 PM

I've been getting a message: "BIOS UPDATE RECOMMENDED! To unleash the full power of your CPU please perform a BIOS update."

Along with this I was getting sound stuttering/lag.

I made a small FAT32 partition on my hard drive and stuck the BIOS update ROM onto it and went into the BIOS EZ update, found the ROM and performed the update. The update went all the way through and restarted the computer.

Now when the computer starts up it goes through its normal LED process - CPU->RAM-> Video Card. Except now it stays on the VGA LED and does not turn off - the monitor is never activated and I cannot get into my system.

I have tried:

Removing and reinserting the video card.
Using a difference video card
Clearing CMOS

None of these have worked, I am wondering if there is anything else I can do?



ASUS - Mason Winner
09-10-2010, 08:53 AM
Hi Matt,

What CPU are you using? Also, do you remember what BIOS revision you were using when the system was working and what revision you flashed to? Did the flash complete 100% successfully with the message that update is complete and will now restart in 5 seconds?

We usually recommend that you use a USB flash drive rather than a partition of your hard drive because there's a greater chance that your hard drive has fragmentation or corrupted sectors, etc. that may cause issues when flashing your BIOS.

As far as clearing your CMOS have you tried manually clearing the CMOS by removing the round CMOS battery and moving the CLRTC jumper from pins 1-2 to pins 2-3, leave it for at least 10 minutes, and then replace the CMOS battery and move the CLRTC jumper back to pins 1-2. If the systsem still doesn't POST and hangs on VGA LED then I would recommend sending the board in for an RMA.