View Full Version : G31M-S problem for CPU E6700 with different SPEED form original LIST

09-16-2010, 09:38 PM
Good Morning,
i have a G31M-S mainboard and want to update the CPU speed for more power.

A very good compromise is the INTEL E6700, but inside the CPU supported list this model of cpu is specified as 2066Mhz 1066Mhz 4M.

On market this INTEL code (E6700) is specified as 3200Mhz 1066Mhz 2M.

The questions are very simple:

The mainboard can acept this CPU?
The speed of the mainboard is updated to 3200 or the value stay at 2066Mhz?
This mainboard can support 3200Mhz of CPU?

Best regards
Luigi from Italy.