View Full Version : Asus Dimm Slot Bad?

02-23-2011, 05:19 AM
system only recognizes 4mb ram when 6mb installed. IDK if it has always been that way, or I only just looked at it today. System from Feb 2010. All three sticks firmly seated in the orange slots; i took them out one at a time and switched around, nothing is read from the top orange slot, regardless of which ram stick is in there, so i am guessing it is not ram. I put all three sticks in the black slots and the system will not start up. I have not done a bios update, but nothing has changed on my system this week; so I am also guessing that maybe it was never read as 6gb? bios shows 4gb as does the windows look up.

Please help. nothing updated/software not changed/no new drivers this week.

?? is there an online test for bad dimm slots?

mobo asus lga1366; model p6t
ram corsair dominator cm3x2g1600c9d6 (3x2gb)
windows 7 pro 64bit
one harddrive, sataII, 3.0gb, 32mb cache 1.5tb
video card, ati radeon 5850 1gb

thank you

02-23-2011, 06:02 AM
Which slot? The nearest Orange slot from cpu socket?
You need to carefully inspect the cpu socket for any bent pins,this will cause memory/slot problems,take great care when checking not to bend any