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06-09-2011, 08:15 PM
Just finished putting my P8Z68-V Pro/2600K system together. I was amazed that it came up [email protected] 4.5GHz. Then I quickly discover that I had stumbled into a few problems in the first five minutes! First, I think the manual is misleading/wrong on the TPU switch settings. Second, with the TPU Enabled (by mistake) I put the system to Sleep and that was not a good thing to do - it would not Wakeup. I tried the power-off power-on routine and that did not work. I finally hit the onboard Reset button and that allowed the system to Reboot. Am I the only person with the Sleep/Wakeup problem when overclocking this board? Or am I missing something that needs to be changed from the "Stable" TPU overclock settings? Or is there a threshold that triggers the problem. On the Q9550 system it is 3.7GHz. On the E8500 system I have yet to have the problem at any setting.

I posted this on the Asus Forum but have yet to get a response.

06-09-2011, 11:53 PM
Got several responses on the ASUS Forum. It's a common P67/Z68 problem - Disable PLL and hope! Looks like the ASUS Support Forum is the place go for help? I got spoiled by the Tweaktown Gigabyte Guys!