View Full Version : have ram problem ddr3 @1333mhz

Soqrates Hassan
10-01-2011, 08:48 AM
hello .

today i have bought a ram called the memory thats the mark of it
its ddr3 2g 1333MHZ i add it to my mother board and i started the pc and after 2 minutes useing the windows i got blue screen then the pc restarted and starting agine and then when windows started up i got messge ram reading error so i though i need to format the pc and i formated it when the windows coping files at 50% the pc turnd of like there is no electric then i started it then the same things happend
so i put it my ddr2 ram 1g 667 mhz back and pc worked fine

i have intel pentium4 631 cpu 2m cash

motherboard is asrock g41c-vs

the motherboard supporting ddr3 1333 800 1066 etc

so i went on asrock site and i saq the qv list and i went to the bios update there was an upate for the bios calld
BIOS update 1. Patch DDR3 KINGSTON 1G 1333 9 DRAM in jump mode. (FSB1:2-3)
this is from asrock website so now 2g KINGSTON 1333 shuold work fine?
or they mean only 1g ddr3 1333 kingston that will work fine

so i noticed that not any ram will work in asrock at 1333nhz