View Full Version : Are cpu/memory benchmarks dead?

01-30-2012, 06:07 AM
With the advent of new cpu's /sandy etc there doesnt appear to be much memory scaling for real life applications

Benchmarks are fun and they used to be a good indication of game/non specialist video tweaking performance..

Now it seems 2133 ddr3 memory is micturitioning into the wind unless you want to just compare benchmarks., which is kinda pointless.

Since the clocking cpus are unlocked once again, we dont "have to" boost memory speed/ timings to clock the cpu.

3d dx 11


Thats an ok score ,but needs a little manipulation and gims the pc for real applications
3d vantage if you have say 1600 ddr3 compared to 1333 ddr3 you will gain like 20% on the cpu part of the score..which might give you 5%more "points" but in games and 90% of applications it wont make any readable difference anymore.
Advantage "forces" the cpu to do some physics tests n uses the board mem speed and so skews the whole result.

Admittedly 2133 ddr3 memory price vs 1333 ddr3 memory price gap isnt much now,but I personally, wouldnt want to spend $ on a memory upgrade just to beat a benchmark,It would be like playing the latest "benchmark game", and then going back to real ones/apps afterward where you couldnt measure the difference.