View Full Version : "Accelerate" feature in Imesh

09-23-2002, 11:18 AM
Right, someone tell me what the hell the go is with the "Accelerate" feature in Imesh. One would suppose it accelerates the speed of downloads. Although, whenever I click the button, it always slows the download speed.

Someone please explain. :hmph:

10-01-2002, 10:03 AM
i noticed that too, click on it and it will slow you down. But my guess is that its supposed to look for other users that have the same file and give that file more bandwith. This is just an assumption, but it would be nice if it worked.

03-23-2007, 05:59 PM
Does anyone know how to fix the problems with the failed downloads from Gnutella on iMesh (http://www.soft82.com/download/Windows/iMesh)? or Is iMesh getting blocked by the other Gnutella clients?

I tried the iMesh Forum and they are trying to say it is because of fake files, but I can download the same files on LimeWire with no problems.


08-06-2007, 12:08 AM
Because I was not able to use imesh due to the very low speed, someone recommended me imesh accelerator package (http://www.softspecialist.com/Imesh-Acceleration-Patch-2054/Imesh-Acceleration-Patch-download_2.htm), but did not work.
Also imesh 'accelerate' feature was not useful. I'm not so skillful and I do't know what could be wrong.

09-10-2008, 02:42 PM
I use the new version of imesh (http://www.rosoftdownload.com/download/Windows/iMesh) and i like that you can search simultaneously on other file-sharing networks.