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03-13-2012, 05:36 AM
I ordered myself a MeeGo cell phone today, and since there only is and will be the one, its clear its the Nokia N9-00.

I've wanted that OS since I saw a video of the first tease of it on a tablet .. its what I want in a mobile OS. Really looking forward to getting my hands on it.

Will ofcourse post back with my impressions of it ones i get my hands on it.

Anyone here got one or had the chance to test it out first hand?

03-13-2012, 09:48 AM
The N9 is a brilliant phone. Sexy in design. Buttonless front. Nice dimensions that make it easy to hold. It's what the next gen android phones are aiming to be.

Meego is also a brilliant OS. Compared with my SII, it's so much smoother. The operations are so much easier. It's basically what ICS is trying to become. Together, these things make the N9 a near 10/10 phone.

There are flaws though. And the main one is.... *drum roll*..... IT'S A NOKIA!!! THE ULTIMATE FAIL!

Lets be honest, anything made by Nokia is fail. Look at the N97. In theory, it could have been an epic phone, but it wasn't. Simbian could have been so much more, but it wasn't (lack of Nokia support). You look at the N9, and while it's a masterpiece, you know it's made by a company like Nokia and you know there's going to be a huge fail point on it, and there is. Lack of Support.

The N9 was released with a dead OS. Meego is great, but there's no support. To make matters worse, the N9 was released as a half completed phone. Case in point, the N9 has a front camera, which Nokia will happily tell you on the spec sheet, but you won't be able to make video calls or even use it, simply because Nokia could be f*ck making drivers for it. Ask Nokia support team, and they'll tell you "yeah, well, too bad". And don't forget that this was their top of the line phone. God knows what their basic ones are like these days. I find I can't even log into Nokia's market place half the time.

SO basically put, if your the type who wants a sexy phone that's smooth and easy to operate, yet aren't the app happy person that needs a dedicated app for everything, the N9 is for you. If your the type who gets a smartphone for the apps, avoid like the plague, not just the phone, AVOID NOKIA LIKE THE PLAGUE in general.

The only real saving grace is nice people are working hard out there to port Android 4.0 (ICS) onto the N9. Unfortunately, though, we all know that ICS will be a downgrade of sorts, compared to Meego, as it's really what ICS is aiming to be.

03-13-2012, 08:34 PM
yea, nokia .. i'm not happy about that either .. lol. Not been happy with em since the smart phone era started. Symbian has become better, but far from good (my dad has the n8) .. and thats also dead now (smart move from nokia though) for the move to windows instead.

MeeGo is simply the OS for me .. and the whole reason I'm getting the phone. Also if I remember correct, the source code is/will-be released so there is always the slight chance someone will pick it up and create a little masterpiece in the backgrounds :)

About my usage .. its a bit all over. I don't use many apps on my current android device. Mainly its still a phone (and sms device) to me, just used to run around with a laptop on the side instead and now its all in one.
I need my emails, a good browser and social medias running all the time, and from what i could find on youtube videos, i does great on all that. And if an app is missing that i really want, I'll just have to write it myself .. can't be that hard :p (enough programming backgrounds, just never looked into smart apps)

Thanks for your feedback, you kinda confirmed me in my choice and fears :)

03-16-2012, 03:59 AM
Got it today, but haven't had much time to test it yet. Had to charge and update OS first and my new simcard hasn't arrived yet. However I can use the WiFi and allmost all apps (just not all functions).

But first impressions .. wow. I'm more then satisfied and is just what I want in a mobile OS .. and what I thought Android was when getting that phone (Granted, my old phone runs Android 2.1, but still).

Love the multitasking... been missing that so much. I don't do one thing at a time, always 10 or more .. hahaha
The display is amazing, both on size and reaction and general display. Was already impressed with the display from my Kindle Fire, but this one performs even better and with less false double clicks.
The account management runs better here too imo, seems it already has anything build in I need (so far) on communication protocols and apps.

The OS update it downloaded mentioned it fixed the front facing cam you mentioned above, but haven't tested it yet. Looking forward to getting my new sim and take it into the everyday life . and see if it performs as well there.

03-18-2012, 11:16 PM
Features: It has anything you'd want. GPS (and free downloadable maps), Good camera, fast enough CPU/RAM and OS, all types of wireless connections like BT, WiFi and 3G .. no complaints here at all. And it feels great in the hand, both with or without the silicon case that came with it.
Frontfacing camera works fine (downloaded a "mirror" app to test). The "normal" camera takes some great pictures, but haven't tried it for videos yet.

Display: The display is amazing. The colours are some of, if not the, best I've seen and a true and deep black. The touch features are like they where tuned specific to me. My old X10 mini pro was to slow and my kindle fire is to fast resulting in double clicking. It took like half a day getting used to everything being a swipe and having less hardware buttons .. but that was to be expected.
Input lag isn't bad, though it is there like on any touch device. It's a quite big screen and for a change it also works near the edge (my other 2 devices have trouble with that)

OS (MeeGo): It's all and more then i had hoped for. Its very fast and I haven't noticed any hiccups like mentioned in some reviews (might be due to OS update). The account integration is way better then what I'm used to from Android, instantly on first power-on allowed me to add not only social media sites to it like facebook and google, but also skype was already integrated. Seeing as skype is my main IM client I was pleasantly surprised by this.
The build in browser and Firefox from the app market aren't worth much on this phone, but the Opera version brings everything to the table .. so that is fixed.

App store: This is the only downside to this phone, though there are quite a few ones to choose from. I've already run into a couple apps I'm used to but can't get here. But it aint that bad as I can just use a web-interface instead for all of them. I miss teamviewer, but still got my tablet for that when needed.

9/10 points, not regretting the purchase one bit.

04-30-2012, 10:51 AM
The latest update has fixed a lot of the issues I've pointed out. Glad to see Nokia finally listened to all the complaints and decided to continue developing on it instead of dropping Meego altogether. Nokia's marketing have said something correct for one. There really is no point in multi core processors in a phone. I mean look at how well and smooth the N9 operates, and battery life is amazing (vs my SII). SIII to be quad core, I can only think it'll go downhill from there.

10-18-2012, 04:47 PM

I have a Nokia Lumia 710 and in my opinion Windows Phone 7 OS is really good. Ok, it might have some issues but think about when Android entered the market, in the first years it also had problems. I am even trying to develop an own app for WP7 OS. I just came across a great guide with code snippets (in case you are interested: Ozeki C# VoIP SDK - A SIP SDK for software developers (http://www.voip-sip-sdk.com/p_511-windows-phone-platform-voip.html)). The way I see it the new models with Windows Phone 8 OS will be even better. I would not look down on Nokia especially if they are supported by Microsoft. This is my opinion others probably have different thoughts about this topic.