View Full Version : Anyone know how to effectively transfer torrents downloading in progress to a new location?

04-20-2012, 02:59 AM
I need to format the destination drive that all my currently downloading torrents are downloading to.

Anyone knows how to effectively move currently downloading torrents in progress to a new location? lol

04-20-2012, 03:07 AM
Depending on the client that you are using you can stop the donload. Move the files and then tell then go to the properties of the torrent that you are download and tell it to look at the new location.

I use Utorrent and you right click on the torrent and chose Advance and then choose set download location. it will do a rescan of the files and continue where it left off.

04-20-2012, 04:03 AM
I too use uTorrent.

So I move the in progress downloaded files to the new location... then once restarting utorrent, I right click each torrent and redirect to the new download target?

04-20-2012, 04:20 AM
Follow steps in this order.

1. Stop the torrent. Dont remove the torrent form with in the Utorrent client.
2. Move files to another location.
3. Right click on the torrent and select Advance, then Set download location.
4. Navagate to new file location. Make sure to select the root dir of the new location. Just as if it was the first time downloading the torrent.
5. Start the torrent. It should scan files and resume where you left off at.

04-20-2012, 04:56 AM
I stopped the downloads... moved the .ut! (filetype for downloads in progress) files to a new location.... re-opened uTorrent, went to each torrent --> right click-->Advanced--> set directory.. and reset it to the new location and then restrted the downloads.... but alas.. they all restarted at zero%.

No worries... I can accept the loss. After Reformat though, all 698GB are now back and usable.

Thanks guys/gals?

04-20-2012, 05:11 AM
You should only be moving the actual files that are dowloading in the torrent not the actual torrent file it self. Say your downloading a MP3 in x:\downloads\MP3\ the full path is x:\downloads\MP3\XXXXX\XXXX.MP3. You want to move xxxx/xxxx.mp3 to G:\downloads\MP3. When you right click on the torrent and click advance set location you point it to g:\downloads\mp3. Not x:\downloads\MP3\XXXXX\XXXX.MP3.

Dont remove the torrent from the corrent client at all doing the move.

04-21-2012, 01:20 AM
haha i had to do this esp with 60gb os ssd,anyone know how to save or move the destination folder of your recorded tv? in windows media centre? i need to shift the save folder to my storage hdd instead of it clogging up my ssd

04-21-2012, 01:43 AM
Yeah not sure about Media Center dont use it.