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06-29-2012, 11:28 AM
Decided to build my a new main desktop. I'm not much of a computer guy, but I have a friend who is a professional, and helps me sometimes. Tried an Intel DH77KC with i5 3570K w 2X8GB 1600MHz Crucial ram sticks- wouldn't even start at all (3-beep code: "memory error"). Things got a little better with 2 X 4GB 1600MHz Corsair XMS3, but decided to swap it out with Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H per advise of Microcenter salesman (still using the Intel i5 3570K). I really prefer the Gigabyte board, but still similar problems. Was able to get it up an running by removing slot 2 memory module. While running, displayed A0 debug code: "IDE initialization is started". Was able to upgrade the BIOS from 5 to 8, install the important drivers, and do all W7 updates. I got brave and tried re-installing the second 4GB memory module and the USB 3.0 front panel port that came bundled with the board, connected to USB 3.0 "02" header. Tries to start, but gets to "start error" window, and Windows can't fix it either. Debug code is 62: "installation of the PCH runtime services". Computer is on, monitor is black, and loops if I reset. Even though ram is 1600MHz, never saw it over 1333MHz in BIOS windows. I started from scratch about 15 times between these two boards, reformatting, and installing windows, and at least I can say I've learned alot about computers. I have a strong hunch that ram may be part of the problem, so I'm looking for advice.

I originally planned to max out the ram (4 X 8GB), so I won't be throwing away 16GB of ram at some point in the future. But I'm beginning to get the idea that there's not alot of compatible 8GM 1600MHz modules. In the Gigabyte recommended module page, there is only one: Corsair CMZ32GX3M4X1600C10. This is a kit with 4 modules for a little over $200 at Newegg. Been thinking I should go ahead with 4 X 4GB. I get the feeling I'm asking for trouble trying to use the full specs of the motherboard.

Was hoping somebody had a similar setup, and found ram that worked really nicely, and could advise before I bought new modules. I'm of the opinion that I need to get a set of four matched for dual channel. Do I also need to go with 1333 MHz to make things easier for the board and have more availability of recommended ram? The board claims to support 1600 MHz.

The most complicated thing I do is pretty large graphic file handling in Photoshop and other photo file integrating programs. Also use intense RC aircraft flight simulator. Have an invedia video card but not installed yet. My setup is very simple: mobo, DVD drive, 2 RAID 1 mirrored WD 2TB Caviar Green 6.0 Gb/s HDD's, USB 3.0 front panel running off header #2 on mobo, Dell 21" LCD using DVI.

I'm very excited about this build. Thanks in advance for help.

Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H, i5 3570K, WD Caviar Greens.

06-29-2012, 08:12 PM
get 8gb of samsung green in my sig,(Samsung Green(MV-3V4G3D/US),they only come in 4gb sticks so 16 gb would be the max but that would be plenty imo,currently running 8gb @2133mhz with 1.55v dram voltage,they are very cheap ram and overclock well,your motherboard will support ram speeds upto 2400mhz,1600mhz is just the deafult ram speed you can raise it higher