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09-29-2002, 02:43 AM
I just dwl an iso of mandrake 9.0.

I must burn, but i have nero installed on my xp. How can i burn this Iso?

After that.... to install Mandrake, i must have partion magic to resize my ntfs?

If so, is there a chance that installation with another Os - winxp- will work?

09-29-2002, 10:49 AM
Start Nero, & close the wizard. Then, click :file/burn Image. Then browse to that very file you have & all should be fine. Remember to select finalise cd in the burning options

No you don't need Partion Majic.Mandrake comes with DiskDrake so save your money.

:thumb: Good Luck and welcome to linux. :D

09-29-2002, 12:23 PM
Another question :

I try to burn cd2 of iso mandrake 9, and i notice is a 699 mb iso, but the cdr i had was a 700mb. It fails on finalize cd. So i thinks this cd2 iso mandrake needs an cdr of750 mb. Its correct?

If diskdrak do the job, iīm asking if mandrake install on a ntfs partition. If donīt, diskdrak do the partition and format those partition?

I already have had linux installed on my puter.... corel linux and red hat..... one day i decided to change my graphic cards and... never boot ....but is was to hard to me... Now i think mandrake 9 is a good choice and i hope most of "problems" (for me) had been resolved...and it will be more friendly and easier....

10-08-2002, 11:54 PM
hmmmm...i managed to burn disk2 onto a CD no worries at all and that CD was only an 80min/700MB one. What brand and/or quality CD's are you using, that could be where your problem lies.

10-19-2002, 08:53 AM
I'm not sure if DiskDrake can resize NTFS partitions, but if you have another hard drive over 5 GB, use it to create your Linux partitions. As for the CD-ROM brands, I recommend using Verbatim. And if you're trying to burn at full speed, try half of the full speed. Besides, Windows 2000 was the only Windows OS which I can burn the full 8X without any coasters. For the partitions, here's what I recommend (assuming you have 5 GB reserved for Linux) :

Ext3 Journalized FS of 4992 MB
Swap of 128 MB

NOTE: 5120 MB = 5 GB

If you have any more concerns, contact me at [email protected]