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10-03-2002, 05:35 AM
DAng cdrom ain't seeing the cd? HP8200-1, Win98.
The burner works on me old puter, a pent 300, but not on this new AMD 1gigger! Tried both roxio, then Nero software! nuttin:shoot: BTW no splats in deviceman

10-03-2002, 02:09 PM
How have you got it and other drives connected to the IDE channels? (masters, slaves, primary channel, secondary channel, etc) Does the BIOS see the drive? :?:

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10-03-2002, 02:50 PM
sure it's attached correctly, windows sees the thang.

10-03-2002, 02:57 PM
That's very strange but the only other thing that I can think of is that if the drive is old enough that it maybe having problems coming to terms with the faster IDE channels (I've seen it happen with a few HDD's). :confused:

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10-03-2002, 03:13 PM
I'm thinkin' it's something in the registry from loading two diff burning software. I'll shove this burner back into the ol' 233 pent & see if it still works there in the morn............ :mad:

10-03-2002, 04:36 PM
If it still does work, unistall both software and reinstall Nero (Roxio is known for issues with XP and you may have the do a registry repair or if you have System Restore setup, though some info maybe lost, go back to a time before you installed them) as that may work. ;)

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Mr. C
10-03-2002, 08:43 PM
HP may have software for installing that with XP. Have you checked their site?

if that's a hp cd-writer plus internal 8200i drive - try this link

http://h20015.www2.hp.com/en/softwareList.jhtml;jsessionid=SP4FSZ0141PU1QEXGRME OSQ?reg=&cc=&prodId=hpcd-write10787&lc=en&softitem=Microsoft%20Windows%20XP&sw_lang=en

10-04-2002, 03:32 AM
I know ya mean well guys but I'm not in winxp forum, this is OTHER & like me first post "DAng cdrom ain't seeing the cd? HP8200-1, Win98"
Taking donations tho for winxp now;)

10-04-2002, 04:46 AM
So, did it work in the old system? What os on the old system? Does it fail to see any cds or just blank ones? Is DMA enabled on the 98 system? Are there any recource conflicts in device manager?

10-04-2002, 04:55 AM
Yes it worked in the ol' box, if it nad not I sure wouln't put it in a new one:( Us americans are this way ya no!
Again no splats in deviceman. I'm breakin' away now ta re-install in ol' pent 233 box

10-04-2002, 08:10 AM
"I'm thinkin' it's something in the registry from loading two diff burning software. I'll shove this burner back into the ol'
233 pent & see if it still works there in the morn............"

That's what I was referring to. I thought you had already tried AGAIN in the old box Yank. Glance at my location if you will.

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11-07-2011, 06:23 PM
Do you have the current burner software installed. ( To be downloaded in HP's support site?)