View Full Version : Asus P5G41T-MLX board 3 boards 1 will recognize supertalent pc12800 ram other 2 will not

12-03-2012, 05:48 AM
Ok i'm just curious is it due to the fact i'm running vista 64 in one of my builds and vista 32 and xp pro 32 in my other two builds? i'm using core 2 duo e8400,e8500, e8600 all with EO stepping in the same model of board the p5G41T-MLX my e8600 with windows vista 64 business will recognize the 8gb 2x4 kit of supertalent performance series pc12800 ddr3 ram and i can tweak the megahertz of the ram at 1333 as the base before overclocking, i liked being able to run 1600 ram with my core 2 duo so i purchased a 2x2 kit to try to run in my e8400 and e8500 builds i cannot get either of these builds to post , i had to go back to my cruicial ballistix 1333 ram for them to post , to see if these sticks were defective i tried to run them in my asus M5a78L M LX PLus 760g board and they run fine so i'm just wondering is the 32 bit operating systems in the e8400 and e8500 limiting the ablility for the bios to recognize the pc12800 ram or does the e8600 just happen to have a better memory controller built in its chipset?

12-03-2012, 08:45 AM
all boards running the same bios versions? tried turning of memory remapping in the bios if you have that option? 32bit os shouldnt affect ram as in not booting up it simply wont be able to access above 3.5gb