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01-05-2013, 11:05 PM
sry if i post in a wrong room,
but my motherboard is asus p5q and this question may be a bit confusing,

*).3 yrs ago i build my pc with my own, pairing e8400 core2duo 3ghz processor+Asus p5q+HD4670.
I install the ATI driver soon after I installing my Win XP sp3 32bit.
the scrolling down/up on my C:>program files quite smooth.

**)about 1yr later, my nephew bought a new PC and ask me if i could fix the laggy problem at his home, i forgot the spec. but i remember the motherboard is Asus something, the processor is core2duo E7***, and a Passat graphic card.
the lag (scrolling down/up) is really different, seems like something wrong, very laggy and i found that the nVidia driver have not installed yet (the card is already installed on the motherboad but not the driver), so i install it and the scrolling is smoother like a normal. (i can't compare it to mine because i have never try my pc scrolling up/down with its onboard graphic card)
(if i scrolling it fast it seems like 3-5fps, mine is above 10fps i guess)

1)what makes a scrolling down/up goes smoother (not faster)? is it really the graphic card?
2)my e8400 3ghz and HD4670, running Avira antivirus and got my pc laggy if i try to open mozilla firefox to browse.
how to reduce the lag without stopping the scanning progress? Does change sata2 HDD to SATA3 HDD will reduce it, or adding more rams will do?
3)what is a celeron and core i5 difference in this case? will core i5 will do more fps in scrolling down on 'my computer folders'?