View Full Version : Asus P8Z77 - V Delux Mechanical/engineering drawing

05-07-2013, 11:07 AM
Never mind. I have managed without the drawings. It appears that the Ripjaws X RAM will fit. Unfortunately I have still not been able to actually buy the cooler. Still out of stock in the only US dealer.

I am trying to resolve the ability to use a be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU cooler and G.Skill Ripjaws X RAM with this motherboard. On the bright side, I have been unable to buy one of these coolers in the US for weeks. I have gotten different answers to this question. Some say yes; others say no. The problem is some of both sets of answers come from believable sources. What I am not sure about is how much the answers are altered by the exact motherboard. I am trying to make a CAD drawing based on the published mechanical drawings of the cooler, measurements of the RAM and motherboard RAM socket, and the positioning of all the pieces. My initial measurements and calculations say it works; but I am just not sure. So I am trying to do it over with better precision. Something I am doing is resulting in possibly wrong answers. Not a real help. I have a strong feeling I am screwing something up. But I really want to know. My personal choice to make it work is to remove the heat spreaders from the RAM or buy another set of RAM. I am under domestic pressure to get this done. I don't know when I will be able to buy the cooler and adding a week to that for new RAM will have me sleeping on the couch and eating dog food. I do not believe trying to cut up the cooler is a good idea. But I need to know ASAP.

I lack proper tools to make some of the measurements on the MB. I am looking for a detailed mechanical drawing of the MB with dimensions of component placement. A CAD file could work if I can convert it to something I can display. What I need mostly is the distance from the center of the CPU to the edge of the first (preferably second) RAM socket, the height of the top of the CPU heat spreader to the surface of the MB. The official height of the RAM socket would be useful.

Anyone have an idea of where I might find such a file. Searching has been futile.