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05-22-2013, 05:04 AM

The noobie is back.:uhh:

My new build has been running very stable now for nearly a week.

I intend on getting a discrete Graphics card, but for now I have been using the Integrated Onboard Graphics.

My problem, questions:

The P8Z77-V LK has two graphics ports that I am try to utilize. A Video Graphics Adapter (VGA) port and a HDMI port, and I currently have a 19" digital monitor on the HDMI port, and a old 21" CRT "monster" on the VGA port.

When in the BIOS, both monitors have a BIOS display, a cursor, and both work. But, when in Windows 7 only the one digital monitor is an active participant. The VGA monitor has a background display, but that's it. Also when the background display changes on the primary (digital) monitor it also changes on the secondary (VGA) monitor, so I know something is working.

In windows both monitors are detected, and I have set the "Multiple Display" setting to "Extend These Displays".

And, in the BIOS I have set iGPU to "Enabled".

The two monitors just don't seem to want to extend properly.

Where am I going wrong? Or, will what I'm trying to accomplish, work on this board and the two integrated graphics ports?


An interesting thing occurred. The CRT monitor powered down after 30 minutes, and when I moved the mouse it's display came back on and the mouse cursor was now on the CRT which is still the secondary monitor. The digital monitor was now left isolated with several windows open that could not be accessed.

I got into the Desktop's "Personalize" window on the CRT monitor, and changed resolution slightly, then hit "Apply". Immediately the mouse cursor shifted back to the primary (digital) monitor, but left the CRT monitor with the "Personalize" window now isolated.


Note: These two monitors have worked in Duel Mode before, but under Win XP with a discrete Nvidia AGP graphics card.

Mystery Solved:


It seems that when I had the two monitors together on the XP system the CRT was on the left. The Digital on the right.

Today, on the Win 7 system I set them up the same way, however... I should have switched them around.

It seems that if I move the cursor all the way to the right, away from the CRT on the left, it does show up on the CRT screen.

Adios for now. I'm sure this noob will be back. Trust me. :cackle:



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