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10-16-2002, 05:20 AM

I could really do with some advice. Im very happy with my current system but I am intending on o/c the Cpu and Gcard in the very near future. But I also need the system to be stable.

Mem : 1x512 pc3000
Mobo : Abit kx7-333
Cpu : Xp2000 (Akasa Silver Mountain 2Q)
Gcard : Nvidia gf4 ti4600 (Stock cooler)

At present I have nothing but stock cooling, but I am intending on purchasing the following before overclocking:

Thermaltake G4-VGA Copper cooler & Ramsinks (I read some reviews of this. something im wondering is, is the stock cooler on the nvidia card copper?)

Coolercase Extreme (Modded tower case from overclockers with 4x120mm fans + 2x80mm fans)

Would you guys say this stuff is okay? Im unsure of what is good for the cpu heatsink/fan, but since the thing im using is what i got sent with the cpu i expect there is something better.

The case I use now is very small and the only aid to cooling it supplys is me taking the side of the case off.

CPU temp bounces around 43-47c, reading the forums i get the idea that this is not 'bad' but could be alot better.

My 3dmark2001se score is 111xx with just the bios tweaked. Would there be much improvement on this?
Watercooling is not an option!

Thanks for your time reading this, any links to stuff i can read, links to better suppliers than overclockers.co.uk and any info would be grately appreciated.

10-16-2002, 08:03 AM
There should really be no prob with you getting what you have up to at least XP2200+ speeds (or further if willing) by just raising the FSB frequency from 133MHz to 145MHz and this should be pretty easy to do and if stability isn't quite there then just raise the VCore a little (but shouldn't be necessary). Just keep an eye on your temps but they're fine atm. This alone will boost your 3DMark scores. ;)

The GF4 Ti4600 maybe a little different though so don't expect to much here as the card is just about at its maximum now but then that's what ya get when ya get the top model. :smokin:

A link to your new case would've been nice as I have no idea what it is and whether airflow would be any good. As for cooling a Volcano 7+ I find quite good but you could look at the SLK 800 heat sink (best there is atm) combined with a Thermaltake SMART FAN II you can adjust the fan speed to suit noise and temps. :)

10-16-2002, 04:29 PM
Hi again!

Thx very much for your reply. i'm gonna wait till the end of the month when i got some surplus cash to get the bits together!

the case im intending on getting is:


model no. (CA-004-OC)

again thx for the input!

10-16-2002, 05:52 PM
Well so long as ya screw everything down tight ya should be fine. :thumb:

10-17-2002, 11:06 AM
Case cooling is very important and those cases look like they can do the job...but i'll add on more just above the fan on the right of the two. You're gonna want fresh cool air hovering over you cooper HS& and blazing Fan....You can always add a fan later on...nice cases tho...:thumb: