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The Creator
10-22-2002, 10:20 PM
Hi there ppl's i'm back from the dead, i've been gone for a long time, and i know i was going to do this AGES ago, but i never really got motivated, but i think i'll start this now, just to see what happens;

Name: Malone Grey-Hame
Race: 1/2 Demon 1/2 Changling
The Rest: We'll just develop the rest as we go along.....

Rulz: Ok, only two , be creative, and plz don't make gods, ur character does have to be able to be killed.....

Setting: Half futuristic, around 100 years in the future, lets make it that it is some kind of world that has been half ravaged by a resident evil type plague.....any races are allowed.....and develop the rest as we go....

Malone ran down the street glancing over his shoulder he could see that in the distance those 'things' were still following him, at their lumbering speed, as he turned a corner to take a rest he ran straight into another group of the uglies, quickly he brought his old battered staff up and collected the leader under the chin, driving him off the ground, and into a nearby wall, and with this, Malone turned and ran for the nearest cover, which happened to be some kind of run down convienience store, he found the nearest door, and entered finding a flight of stairs leading down, he didn't bother lighting anything to aid his sight, he just made his way to the bottom and sat, and slept, something which he hadn't done for so long......


10-22-2002, 11:37 PM
Might as well.. something interesting to occupy my time :D

Name: Poe
Race: Enhanced Human

His implants ached again.. usually a sign of another bad day. It had been years since he'd seen the majestic Rune City, the last shining beacon of hope in this hellhole. Of course "seen" was a rather ironic term, since he'd had ocular implants since he was twelve. At least he hadn't had the Dream again.

...Wake up, sleepy head.. you'd sleep through the end of the world if it weren't for me. Oh you've got company...

"Shut up Archimedes.. I've been up for the past half hour." It was a wonder he didn't dismantle that piece of junk when he found it. "Company?"

...Yes, something stumbled down the stairs a few hours ago.. probably a mutie rat or something. Go poke it with a stick...

He'd get around to it after his daily broadcast. In the meantime, Poe hoped whatever it was that occupied the entrance to his little haven didnt decide to do any exploration. The last thing he wanted was any company.

The Creator
10-23-2002, 07:57 PM
ooc: just for saying that i think i'll go and explore ^_^

ic: Malone's eyes clicked open, there was someone, or thing, else down here with him, and here he was getting into some good dreams of the olden days.....

Malone raised his hand and an orb of light appeared there and he sent it hovering above the horns on his head, where it wouldn't get in the way.

Reaching to his back, he unleashed the staff that he carried and weilded it, he began to walk around where he had camped to find the source of what had woke him. As he thought, he decided that he may need reinforcements, he let out a soft whistle, and about 5 foot from where he stood, there was a quick out-rushing of wind, and where once only empty floor had existed, now stood 400 kg of wooden box, "Greetings Luggage, i may need your help, there is something down here...."

Luggage extended its many legs and turned slowly, then using its telepathy, "Certainly master, anything you want, why didn't you call me earlier?"

The pair begun slowly walking......


11-08-2002, 06:46 PM
"Life in the sewers wasn't so hard, especially in the pipeline underneath a convenience store. The only real problem is that the surfacers always make such a damned commotion. It disrupts my various plots against them..."

Name: Phantom
Type: Possessed cloak (in reality, just a folded blanket with a personality)

The grisly ghost floated underneath the sole source of light in the abandoned tunnels, a high up grate. "More fools! Bloody hell, can't a spirit get any silence down here!" He turned to his colleague, the lone girl resting on a nearby pile of wires. "Hey you. Go see what on Earth is going on up there." He turned his attentions to the frail wooden bench which was his drawing board. "What a way to start the weekend..."

Emerald Dragon
11-08-2002, 07:21 PM
"She woke with the dread that came upon her almost every day of her waking moment. His marred voice made her shiver...once again it spoke, cursed blanket..."

Name: AstartÚ Talos
Race: Human with the power of telepathy.

She gathered herself up from the pile of wires, painful at all sides. "Might as well do as he says..." She walked continuously down the dark, stagnant sewer pipes, heard nothing but the sound of her own feet against the murky puddles below her. There was a little spot of light as she walked up towards a secret walkway upwards.

She tracked herself in the dark, she was no stranger to these parts. Letting out short bursts of psychic energy, she felt the presence of someone there...though not human, mechanical, artificial. She carried on and saw a dim glow in the distance. She kept her distance as they came closer.

She saw two figures, one much taller holding and orb of energy the other, and one with many legs emanating the same telepathic waves as herself. She revealed herself and screamed "Who are you?!"

The Creator
11-08-2002, 07:33 PM
Seeing the look of absolute shock on the young girls face was nearly comical as she scurried around the corner...thinking quick Malone reached out with his mind and plucked the first sentence out of her head and yelped it out at the same time....mocking her...

"What are you!" He screamed in the girliest voice he could muster, then he started laughing, watching the girl snivel backwards, she seemed fascinated by the horns protruding far from his skull....

"My little friend, my name would be 'Malone' if u wish to know, and this here," Waves one massive claw at Luggage, "Would be Luggage." He walked closer, and held the orb over the girls head and leant down, so his face was equal with hers, showing the full length of his fangs as he smiled, "I am perfectly aware that there is more then one of you hiding around here somewhere, and if u don't want to be an item of sustenance for Luggage here, go get them!"

"But master i don't eat for sustenance?" The voice of luggage's mind rang in Malone's ears......


Emerald Dragon
11-08-2002, 07:45 PM
She looked at the massive figure before her, then towards the strange contraption which stood next to him. She stared wide-eyed at the figures large potruding horns.

"Malone, Luggage, I demand to know what business you have here! My company is of no concern to you" She replied coldly.

The fear in her eyes betrayed her fearsome tone, then she collapsed as her knees buckled under her weight, whatever Malone was doing to her, she could feel it right through her, she couldn't resist him. She felt held by his presence, like she was immobilized.

Malone's laugh roared over her like thunder as she could do nothing. Luggage watched on, emotionless.

11-08-2002, 08:04 PM
Hideous laughter poured throughout the whole tunnel complex, it's volume decaying the beautiful silence that once held prominence. Phantom looked over his shoulder. "Stupid rats, getting more and more wretched by the day." As he continued to mill over his work, a sudden wave of unregulated psychic power waked over him. Now this was some cause for concern. Carefully sliding his plans into a small leather satchel, he placed it in a small alcove by his desk. With a swift wave of his hands, the gap was sealed with ancient stone. He looked over to his company's bed and remembered that it had not been long since she left. He produced one disembodied globe of spectral jelly. Carefully sculpting it into a skull, he set it out down the passage that Talos had gone down before.

The skull continued it's merry journey for a relatively short time until it came acros a psychic contest between the girl and some fiend, not common like those stupid topsiders, but uncommon, much like himself. The creature was accompanied by a runty looking box, much like those sock recepticles in the convenience store. The debate looked intriguing and warranted a closer look. The skull grew in scale equal to that of a large rat (the equivalent of the 20th century's large dog). Creeping on some newly grown skeletal legs, the skull made it's way to a large gathering of rocks from which to hide...

Emerald Dragon
11-08-2002, 08:15 PM
She looked up weakly under her hood. Her brow creased with strain. She felt her strength failing every second, but felt a familiar pull in her mind. She knew it to be her companion.

Though, she sat still, she had not the strength to say anything, but looked mercilessly at Phantom as he approached her. She let out a small wave a psychic energy towards him.

Then nothing...she wondered why Malone did not stop her torment, or why she failed to connect with him through her mind...his mind was blocked by an evil spirit, not necessarily his own.

She could do no more then cry out in agony, and then fell unconscious.

The Creator
11-08-2002, 08:25 PM
Malone stopped laughing abruptly, and stopped playing with the little girl, she passed out, this specimen must of been as weak as the others had been, 'And here i was thinking she was special' Malone thought to himself, 'But i feel something about this one!'

Malone crouched quickly, and picked the small girl up in his large arms, and passed only gloved claw over her eyes. Her eyes clicked open and she coughed a small delicate cough, for some reason Malone smirked at this. Catching himself in time as he felt un-wanted feelings rising in his gut, he threw the girl to the ground.....

***********mind of luggage************

Master is so funny, he is so good with humans, look at the way he's playing with this one. Wait.....what was that? Pyscic blast? Why would she do that?

Luggage sent out a small pyscic radar, and quickly found what he needed....

What is this i wonder? Master surely wouldn't want this!

Luggage turned his bulk around and all of his legs jumped into action and he ploughed into....and went straight through.....a small pile of rubble near where he was standing.....


11-08-2002, 08:40 PM
"Blast it," Poe cursed. "Archimedes.. Do me a favor and activate Defense Grids 2, 4, 7, and 9 in Standby mode. That should give this damn crowd something to think about. You know how I feel about un-announced company.."

Poe stepped up onto the HoloPad deciding he'd had enough of the bickering commotion between the new group, and that blasted laughter. Mere seconds later a mirror image of himself appeared between the demon and the now unconscious telepath.

"Welcome to my humble abode.. You'll notice I said MY humble abode. If you'll look around you'll notice there are a few friendly Plasmite cannons supervising this little spectacle you're making. Of course, I suppose I could say... Oh blast it.. where the hell did they go?"

...Looks like they went after some weird rat...

[edited to fit into the story better]

11-08-2002, 08:41 PM
A sad turn of events, but interesting nonetheless. My little errand girl was out for the count and now the little box was running full speed into my makeshift fortress. What was he trying to achieve? The box careened into the rocks, straight into the mouth of the phantom skull. "Who are you and what are you doing in my mouth?" The box steadfastly remained sealed. "Well if that's what you're going to be like, you'll have to see the master." The skull raised itself on it's chitinous legs and sped off down the tunnels before the other freak could notice.

Phantom was now threading some ropes to his frame, when a battered skull ran into the room and collapsed under the strain of several moving feet. The little box sprawled across the floor. Phantom turned to greet his 'guest'. "And how would you be? I've been expecting company but not so soon."

11-08-2002, 08:45 PM
"Ah great.. now the luggage is chasing a friggin gel-skull. Looks like my little hologram thing will have to be forgone for a face-to face."

...Show em who's boss, boss!...

Scooping up his Armalite 12-guage, Poe left the confines of his enclave. "Guard my back Archimedes."

The Creator
11-08-2002, 09:24 PM
The hologram faded away and the guns that surrounded him seemed to tilt down, what was once controlling them....wasn't any longer....Malone reached around behind his back and drew his hood over his face and wrapped it around his front, stepping forwards, his fear were confirmed all the guns clicked into action, but in the same time Malone faded away, the Cloaks magic clicking into action.

Periodically the guns exploded in a firey blast, one by one, until only one lasted, the smokey figure of Malone faded into existence behind this one and as the gun madly swung around, as the gun was nearly at him, Malone's staff plunged downwards, and the gun simply fell downwards.

Malone smiling, looked around for his audience, and was strongely puzzled to not find Luggage standing within sight....letting out a low whistle there was an out-rushing of air and Luggage appeared on the ground a few feet away.....

"Thankyou Master, something kidnapped me..." Luggage said.

"Really? Take me to them then, i wish to have a talk!" Malone said smoothly out of the side of his mouth, stepping over the body of the young girl as he walked.....


11-08-2002, 09:33 PM
Poe carefully crept up beside the unconscious woman, hoping not to awaken her. Considering the state of things, he figured he shouldn't even be out here. At least the horned demon and the luggage seemed to be occupied elsewhere at the moment. Kneeling down he did a quick vital and neuro scan. She'd live.. but he sensed something dark about her. Something he couldn't quite put his finger on.

...Did you remember to poke her with a stick?... Archimedes, always the comedian. "You think I should move her or something?" ...She didn't look too dangerous earlier boss... "Sigh.. I hate it when stuff like this happens. Alright, I'll move her into the plas-cell. Never know, she or IT might be in disguise."

"I'll get to the questions as soon as she's coherent, assuming she's a she, and doesn't want to unleash firey demons all over the place like the last one." ...Yeah that was interesting, wasn't it boss...

Emerald Dragon
11-09-2002, 08:08 AM
She awoke groggily...
"What did that monster do to me?!" she searched herself throughly before getting up.

She got up and let out small bursts of energy hoping to find any trace of the demon, but was disappointed to find nothing. She had no idea where her master was or what had happened to her in the last 5 minutes.

Her disappointment turned to fury, she quickly whipped off her hood, her midnight blue hair seemed to flare out and trail with the soft wind within the sewers.
"Dammit, Malone...I'll find you again!" She muttered under her breath.

She turned around hastily and saw a another being behind her. She couldn't sense this person in anyway, he looked at her with an unknown expression, and he started asking her odd questions. "So, are you girl or guy?"
She looked at him strangely, laughed and walked off calling her masters name.

11-09-2002, 08:23 AM
...I like her boss.. she blew you off... "Two words.. Scrap Metal, Archimedes."

He'd simply have to be a little more persistant if he was to figure out what was going on. At least he knew "she" was a she. Adjusting his ocular vision to help with the darkness, he followed after the girl. It's not like he'd need it anyways, she was making a hell of a lot of noise. No demons this time, and that was a relief.

...Are we there yet?...

That was a good question. Where the hell were they going anyways? It looked like they were heading towards the old sewer drains. God only knew what was down there. "Keep an eye out. I'd be surprised if the whole city didn't know we were here by now."

Emerald Dragon
11-09-2002, 08:41 AM
She stopped yelling...
She could hear some soft scuffling about 20 metres behind her, she could not see, nor could she feel who it was. Though, she knew it had to be the queer being who talked to himself. She heard him murmur through the darkness.

She decided that she'd stop yelling for the time being and make her way back home, she was strangely tired, even though she'd just woken up from sleep. She trudged down the deep sewers, coming up to the older parts, she felt the warmth of whoever was following her getting closer and closer. She shook herself quickly and still continued to move back home.

...she was getting hungry, she needed to find a way to get back at Malone for "playing his game."

The Creator
11-09-2002, 08:59 AM
As Malone strided along the murky tunnel, then his ears twitched....there was someone following him...No! Two ppl! His head clicked from side to side, trying to find somewhere to get a safe vantage point, then thinking of something, his head clicked upwards....

With a simple leap Malone launched himself off the ground, and flattened his wings on the roof and dug his claws into the crumbling rock and held himself in place, then using his own form of telepathy (to keep the stealth) he talked to Luggage, "Hide yourself you lumbering fool! And be quiet about it!"

Luggage turned around in circles a few times......seemingly viewing the area, although it didn't have eyes, and then it seemed to come to a decision, we slowly pattered up to a wall, and it looked like he just.....faded into the wall, but he was simply using some basic camouflauge....

Firstly the young girl from before limped past......Malone obviously hadn't healed her well enough, oh well.

But then another past him, but this one was carrying a weapon, it could be a problem, Malone leapt down behind him silently, and placed one claw heavily around the things mouth to silence it and wrapped his wings around it, using Telepathy, so as to not alert the girl, he blasted into the things mind...

"What the hell are you following this one for? Do not even think about hurting this one....it is special!" Shaking his head, Malone was puzzled why he had said these things, "The quarry ahead is for me to take care of mortal!"


11-09-2002, 09:13 AM
"Hmm, well i hadn't counted on crazy teleporting boxes. No matter, I still know where he is." Looking to the collapsed frame of the skull, the reached out with one sleeve. The skull melted and flew through the air, becoming one with it's master again. "Luckily for me, this stuff is cheap."

The creature known as Luggage was now hiding for some reason, but why? A tiny sliver of the Phantom's being was left intact on the walking chest's frame but it was enough to allow it's owner a clear view of events and not enough to be detected. The Luggage's apparent owner was putting the sleeper hold on some unknown humanoid to the sewer realms. With a small re-adjustment to his vision, it was determined that it was the owner of the upper convenience store. He appeared to be no match for the larger beast , but he was not trying to kill him. "This creature and his companion are smarter than they look, and they may have just what I need."

11-09-2002, 09:19 AM
...Incoming... Great. An image flashed into his mind of the mutant slowly drifting behind him. "Let's take this calmly," thought Poe. Allowing anything to touch him was a rarity, but perhaps necessary in this case. Not a moment later did a hand clasp around his mouth. Wonderful.

In the back of his mind, he heard a voice: "What the hell are you following this one for? Do not even think about hurting this one....it is special! The quarry ahead is for me to take care of mortal!"

The touch thing was enough to get his nerves going. Now this thing was telling him what he could and couldn't do?! This was outrageous. He could feel his rage building, and with it his power.

...Watch yourself boss... It was too late. The buildup of energy was rising within him. A blue pulse appeared between the mutant's hand and his mouth, zapping the thing's hand. Taking the opportunity, he stepped forward and whirled around.

"First of all, mutant, I'm trying to figure out what the HELL is going on here. You walked into my house," he replied trying to keep his voice low enough so as not to disturb everyone and their brother. "As for your 'quarry', I have no clue what you're talking about."

The Creator
11-09-2002, 09:31 AM
Malone jumped as electricity raced through his hand....damn this one has defences un-ordinary in this race, interesting. Wait....what did he just say?

Rising to his full height fire flashed in his eyes, and his horns scraped on the roof, he opened his wings and took up the whole tunnel. He began striding forward, talking low and menacing as he walked, "My name, mortal, is Malone! And how DARE u call me a mutant!" He extended his arms out to his side and raised them creating a 'T' "I am a desendent of the great Daemon race of yore! I am also a desendent of the rare Changling race!" With this his shape changed rapidly, first a it appeared to be a dog, but much larger, and with two heads, then it changed into a troll, its bulk filling the entire tunnel, then he changed into an exact replica of the man that had burned him, "You hurt me, then insult me! I should remove that tin can u call a head from your shoulders, mortal!" He screamed this directly into the mans face, shaking the ground that he stood on, and changing back into his former self.

Holding out a hand to the mans face, a huge ball of fire erupted in Malone claw, "Did that shell come with fire proofing? Mortal scum?"


11-09-2002, 09:44 AM
He could feel the warmth of the flame against his skin. Having nerves of steel came in handy now and again, though. He'd been through more than his share of battles, and this Demon was nothing new.

"Great, now you know how I feel having a mu..Demon wrap his hands around my face, and THEN presume that I actually know what's going on," he replied. "Also, if you'd had half a brain in that horned hide of yours, you'd realize you just let your 'quarry' know you were coming from a friggin' kilometer away."

"Now, my name's Poe. Nice to meet you, Malone." After a moment of thought: "What are you doing here anyways? I don't see too many Demons of the long lost Yorish Changeling of yonderwhen race down here."

He could see that gave the demon something to think about. Now maybe he could get some answers. At least he had kept his skull intact for the time being.

The Creator
11-09-2002, 10:00 AM
"Well my steel incased friend, the reason why i am here," closing his palm, dis-ableing the fire, seeing it hadn't had the desired effect, "Is because i escaped from pandemonium, i was put back their momentarily long ago, by one by the name of 'Aziraphale', someone of your up-brining would surely not know anything about him. He is still lurking on this planet somewhere, and if i manage to get my claws on him, he will pay dearly. But you my friend," This word came out as barely a hiss, "You are different to these other mortals."

Walking slowly around the hulking robot (hehehe) Malone tapped him a few times inquisitivly, then straightened again, "You seem to have all these 'implants' and yet u couldn't avoid my attack, and i was barely even moving, stealth, did you pick them up from the discount bin?" Malone had a small chuckle at his own joke (like all good evil people do).

"Lets test these parts out then should we?" Looking over at the girl who had eventfully came back because of all the noise, he smiled to have an audience, unless you had special training, it would have seemed like Malone had disappeared and then reappeared behind Poe, and with a simple jerk of his knee, planted it into the middle of the Robots back, sending it sprawling on the ground....


11-09-2002, 10:21 AM
Being sent sprawling isn't quite the most pleasant of experiences, but he could deal with it. Playing dumb definately has its advantages now and again. He drew himself up to a kneel, and leaned his Armalite against the wall. No need to waste precious ammunition. He might actually enjoy this little game, since it had been so long since his last adventure. Archimedes knew what was coming as well, and began to flash images of battle into Poe's mind. Gotta love that little virus now and again.

"What I am, Demon Malone, is perhaps one of the last remaining 'relics' of the last Great War to repulse the hideousness that was unleashed so many years ago."

"They called us Shadows." With that, he sunk his legs into the soft center of Malone's stomach. "And you've pissed me off yet again. You've got a talent for that, you know?" His right hand was now covered with spikes. That hand was momentarily placed on the demon's wing for a bit of pain. "Now we could go on fighting for hours on end, and probably destroy most of these sewers. But I'm sure you know we're being watched at this moment. Are you so distracted you can't see that?"

"Now calm down, dammit, and let's get on with it. Oh, and I'm not a ROBOT."

Emerald Dragon
11-09-2002, 01:59 PM
Pain throbbed through AstartÚ's left arm in the exact same place where Poe momentarily held Malone's wing. She struggled with it and she swore she'd never felt such a thing before. It tingled, and stung, but did not severe her.

She thought back from a only a few moments before. "What the hell are you following this one for? Do not even think about hurting this one....it is special! The quarry ahead is for me to take care of mortal!" It wasn't directed at her, though she was almost positive it was ABOUT her.

She turned around, with difficulty as her legs barely held her upright. Breathlessly, she cried out "Malone, I see you haven't left yet...I don't know what you're here for, or what you want, but I'm not here to play games with you. If you want a fight with anyone, it would be with me. And just for the record I believe that you're robotic "friend" here had no INTENTION of hurting me, but you, on the other hand..."

She paused. "You, want something from me, don't you? I don't know what gave you any idea that I'm special, but the 'quarry' you look for is not here." with this she turned and looked at him directly her green eyes exhausted but as cool as ice.

"And you..." she pointed at the store owner. "What business, do you have with me, I am merely a servant girl. I have no gifts, or talents, nor am I different...so, if you don't mind, I wish to go home, please..." AstartÚ turned slowly on her heel and limped weakly back to whence she came before the madness started.

The Creator
11-09-2002, 05:03 PM
The pain passed quiuckly, and the cyborg let off his attack as the girl begun to talk, Malone got an arm free and grabbed Poe by the throat and stood up holding him like a rag doll. Malone simply turned his head, and stared at the girl, and seeing her flinch as the cyborg had made his attack had made Malone wonder....

It was written long ago in the Daemon temples in Pandemonium that within the mortal race there is always one link for one Daemon, the link is physical in pain and enjoyment, and also of the mind. When Malone had seen this girl wince at her right arm and other certain body parts as he was being pummeled, this made him think whether this mortal was his link......

Malone threw the cyborg as if he was a spear straight towards a wall, "Yes i think i could fight for hourse my mechanical friend, but i surely think that after the first 15mins i would be fighting nothing more then a corpse!" Malone laughed.

He turned and slowly started walking towards the girl, and he did something which shocked and sickened him, he held out his hand to her......


Emerald Dragon
11-09-2002, 05:36 PM
AstartÚ still rubbed her left arm slightly. She looked up to see the daemon reaching for her hand. She stood, although she was not immobilized this time. She felt shock more then anything else.

She sent a thought out to him, she concentrated it more so that sweat appeared on her brow. What is this? Is this a trick, you're trying to fool me again, aren't you? Malone, though obviously disturbed from the look on his face shook his head no.

She took his large hand in her own. Her palm was so much smaller in size, but she was able to gather as much information as she needed. It looked as though to her as if the daemon she so feared until now, was her mortal link...she was speechless, yet curious.

AstartÚ peered at Malone questioningly, though she was still not sure what to say. She nodded in confirmation of being his "eternal link" then released herself from him, crouched on the ground and hugged her knees to her chest.

She didn't look up at Malone, but sighed. "Malone, look what you've done..."

11-09-2002, 05:42 PM
...You could always put a plasma spike through his head, boss... Yeah, he could. That was usually a very effective means of ending a conversation. Being tossed like a rag doll was interesing, to say the least. It had been a long time since he'd been in a fight, or more of a "pissing contest", one might say. It wasn't pain he was feeling though... It was pleasure.

If these two thought he'd give up and walk away now, they had something else coming. But, if this Demon was convinced he'd rather chase the blue haired girl, and some ancient Evil racing around down in the sewers, Poe decided he could deal with that. He just wasn't going to go alone. Well, he would 'think' he was going alone..

What had him thinking was the name Malone had uttered during the fight. He knew that name. The Dreams told him everything he needed to know.. in graphic detail. Horrible things tormented him to the point where he could not bear it. No, he would have to see Aziraphale for himself.

When Malone cast a sidelong glance back to where Poe was standing moments ago, the spot was empty.

11-09-2002, 06:34 PM
"It seems that my plans may not come to fruition as soon as I had planned. This freak and that tin man think they can stop me, well they have another thing coming. And he's got MY SLAVE! No matter, i'll reclaim her in due course, but her betrayal will not be forgotten." The floating cloak bobbed over it's hiding spot and withdrew the satchel he had placed there earlier through the solid stone. Opening it up, he withderw a tiny blob of clay and placed it on the ground. Immediately the small featureless lump began to swell and contort itself into a small gargoyle, remniscient of the old stone machinations of times past. He picked it up and placed atop of an alcove that overhung the tunnel entrance. "Maybe this thing will give them something to think about." With that, he melded into the fartherest wall to escape his would be pursuers.

The Luggage was confused by the continuing state of affairs. Fragments of Phant were now gettign restless with a sudden lack of action. They had taken to circling the many folds in the Luggages frame. "This is no fun. Why won't they kill each other? But it will mean nothing soon, for that gargoyle will come in handy when these fools finally reach our lair..."

The Creator
11-09-2002, 07:43 PM
Malone looked down at the girl through new eyes, this one, when it had gripped his hand, he had felt something, something amazing, yet sickening to him. As he gripped her hands, all thought of devilry fled from his mind, and was filled with her, and her alone, now that he thought about it, it sickened him...

Malone fell to the ground and screamed, gripping his chest, something was happening to him, nothing had ever hurt him this much, in his entire existance, the pain was unique it came from with-in and felt like knives to the heart and burning coals to the gut, and yet in some strange way it made him happy in a way he couldn't understand....

He lifted both fists into the air and tilted his head back and roared, small cracks opened beneath where he knelt, and then he brought both fists down and slammed them into the ground, as the crater fell inwards, Malone stood and pointed one finger at the young girl, "What have u done to me mortal!" Malone tryed to scream at her but couldn't manage it, the sound came out as nothing more then a moan, and then in a last attempt, he fell to the ground and raised one arm and looked up into her eyes, and said something that ten minutes ago, he would have went into convulsions about, "Help me mortal, please.....AstartÚ....please hellllp......"


11-09-2002, 09:33 PM
Poe came upon the remanants of a crumbling staircase embedded within the stone walls of the sewers. From the looks of it, it had been here for quite a while. There was a rusted iron sign lying against the wall that had apparently fallen from its boltings many years ago. The sign read "Access tunnels".

...Ooh looks scary boss...

"I thought I told you not to call me Boss anymore, Archimedes." Why that thing ever called him a boss in the first place was a mystery. Their merging was more of a symbiotic relationship than anything. The military he'd once worked for had augmented him with many things in the effort to make him one of the most ultimate killing machines. One of those augmentations, however, was a bit 'buggy'.. The result was a virus that gained a consciousness and intelligence he would later come to call Archimedes.

...whatever you say boss... It was hopeless.

Thinking that these stairs may provide a better vantage point to follow Malone and company from, Poe headed down the dark staircase. At the bottom of the staircase, he stood in what appeared to be an old electrical shaft that had long since been dormant. It was perhaps twenty minutes later that he saw an artificial light at the end of one of the passageways. "Curious," Poe mumbled. He began to walk towards the light. What he saw, amazed him.

Poe was now standing on a large downward sloping ramp. In the center of the large domed area sat the hulking remains of a fusion reactor. It didn't look as if it were overly damaged, simply powered down. Lining the walls of the dome were large shelves. Stepping towards the closest row of shelves, he examined them. They contained books of all languages, shapes, and sizes. There were even some in a strange runic alphabet he couldn't make out. As he reached out to pick up one of the runic books, he heard someone, or something clear its throat behind him.

"You'll have to explain to me just what you're doing in here," came the soft, yet powerful statement.

Poe turned around slowly, not wanting to provoke the being. What stood before him was apparently a human man. Poe was a tall individual at 6' 3", but this being had to be at least 6' 8". He had white hair and an overcoat on. A massive sword was sheathed upon his back. ...Could be a tough fight boss, try not to get mad this time...

"Most people call me Poe. Sorry to go barging in, but to tell you the truth not many people are still around here," Poe replied.

"Understandable. My name is Aziraphale."

Emerald Dragon
11-10-2002, 04:29 AM
AstartÚ stared at Malone startled. There below her, he begged for her mercy, and only minutes before she too asked for his.

Did he heal her from unconsciousness? He was the only one that could have. Would he? She didn't know...she didn't know anything, where to turn, who to trust...neither did she know what she'd done. Could it be possible that the two of them have a now inseparable relationship? She somewhat dreaded the thought.

Though, now, the daemon-changling lay before her...what could she have personally done to cause all of this. She questioned herself, she wouldn't have hurt him directly. Then, it was quite obvious that her kind disposition had a conflict between his normal ways. If they were linked, would they have to continuously go thorough the pain of each others feelings? She didn't want to think of it. She was still angry at him.

She gathered what strength she had left and slapped him in the face. She didn't realise her action until it was too late as she felt a piercing pain against her own face. "Ow! .....Dammit! Why?! You know, Malone? I didn't ask for anything...I didn't ask for you or any of this!" With that, and her guilt she just stood over him sobbing. Her sadness rippled through all parts of her, her guilt, her pain, raced through her and the tears that fell upon Malone's cloak turned to fire upon impact.

With this, AstartÚ stood with astonishment, her tears ceased. The shaking had stopped and Malone's cries became roars of terror. "What have you done to me mortal?!" the walls shook with his voice.

She dared not touch him again, swore loudly, before abandoning her "new partner" and limped slowly back home.

The Creator
11-10-2002, 10:37 AM
For the first time in his life Malone was afraid, not angry, just terrified out of his mind because he couldn't stop what was happening in his body. The feelings inside him wouldn't stop and he couldn't slow them no matter how hard he tryed.

He rose to one knee and cried out to the girl, she didn't stop. "Please stop!" Seeing that his call hadn't had any effect, he raised an arm high in the air and punched himself hard in the stomach, the girl fell to the ground in a pile, as Malone fell back along the ground.

Malone straightened himself, and crawled, pulling himself along the ground by his claws, digging them deep into the ground and pulling himself along. He got to the body of the girl, and placed both hands on the girl, as he touched her skin , he screamed in pain, taking one hand off the girl and gripping at his heart, as the feelings inside him grew intensly.

Under the one hand that remained on the girl a small orb of light went into the girl's chest, and the girl breifly shined brightly, illuminating the tunnel. The pain that he had inflicted on himself quickly faded, and he felt better then ever as all the damage that had been inflicted upon himself in the battle with Poe quickly healed themselves also, so this bond was holding true, when he healed the little mortal his own wounds would heal.

'Well if i am going to be the companion of this mortal, i might as well look the part....' Malone thought grudgingly to himself. His body warped and his feature's changed, where once stood a 7 foor daemon, now stood a 6 foot teenager with brown hair and a devious smile planted on his face.

In a low voice that sounded older then what his age showed he quietly said, "Arise my dear, your wounds have been healed!"


11-10-2002, 10:44 AM
His response seemed to unsettle the man a bit. Aziraphale certainly didn't know who this Poe was, and it seemed highly unlikely that Poe would know who he was. Things were definately starting to get interesting. What came next even managed to startle Aziraphale a bit.

"I know you," Poe remarked. "Well, to be correct, I Dreamed of you. And that Demon that's been annoying me lately is looking for you too."

After a cool moment of calculation, alarms began going off in Aziraphale's head. There weren't too many demons around these parts. Not for the past few hundred years, anyways. It would be wise to play his cards conservatively at this point. "Might this Demon go by the name of Malone," Aziraphale inquired. If that beast had managed to escape from Pandemonium, he hoped a few hundred years of exile had managed to curb his temper a bit. This simply would not do.

Poe raised an eyebrow, "How did you know?"

"That is of no immediate importance at this time. But, come, show him to me. We will talk more on the way," Aziraphale said. "I have a few questions I'd like to ask you, anyways."

Emerald Dragon
11-10-2002, 11:09 AM
She arose quite quickly off her feet. She felt refreshed, like she'd been asleep for hours. A teenager about the same age as her stood behind her, he was slightly familar in some way, but she'd never met him before. "Who are you?" she said between gathering her coat, which had mysteriously fallen off. "I seem to be saying that constantly today..." He smiled at her devilishly, but said nothing.

She stared at him a little more closely, examining every inch of his face, his dark brown eyes looked deep within her soul, his deep reading of her made her blush slightly. She placed both her hands near his head and sent small psychic waves towards him, the similar blockage came to her again, the large eternal wall blocked her way, she knew to whom she spoke. "Malone? ...Y-y-you can change into human form? And...what did you do to me? Did you punch yourself?" He nodded. She made a face, "...Ouch, that must of hurt."

She sent multiple waves around the sewers hoping to pick up any trace of her master. She sensed...Luggage? she imagined the poor wooden box with legs running around in circles. She sighed, her masters voice came into her head though he was not aware of her presence in his mind. "That demon! what does he plan to do with my slave? He'll want her all to himself, but I wont let that happen!" She made a sound of disgust. "Malone, I'm not going back...let's summon Luggage and go."

11-10-2002, 11:33 AM
"WHAT??? They're turning around? Blast their corrupt cadvres, they've foiled my plans!!" The small droplets on Luggage began to bubble in anger, causing small corrosive burns to mark the wooden finish. The duo turned to look at the smal traces of smoke coming of the yelping chest's back. "He's found us out! He wants me back." Malone moved her aside and gave a wicked snarl at the cowering Luggage. He was unused to seeing the master's wrath directed at him. "Come out you coward and reveal yourself!" With a faint hiss, the drops cooled down and began to form a single entity. A few tiny drops quickly became a large replica of the mechanoid human shop owner, with an azure finish. He was still standing atop the poor creaking Luggage, who found it hard to move under the man's phantasmic weight. "Hahaha, I think your mistaken my friend, for if i'm such a coward, why won't you seek me out for yourself?"

Malone, trying to remain cool, began to turn a deep crimson colour, the colours of the aphotic hellfires themselves. "No one calls me a coward, Especially the likes of you scum!" he lashed out in a heavily strained growl. Astarte stood firm in her resolve. She shunted out sibilant bursts of chaotic psychic power. The blue man gave a yawn in obvious disrespect. "You three couldn't take me on even if I was fully formed. Come, make the first move..."

The Creator
11-10-2002, 11:46 AM
Malone calmed down when he noticed the obvious, the fool of a ghost had stood on luggage, with a small laugh the young boy pointed at luggage then up in the air.

Luggage's lid clicked open violently, throwing the mechanical fake into the air, as the man flew, Malone's right hand grew, and his Demonic claw reappeared and a small fireball appeared, he simply tossed it up at the ghostly visage and hit it directly, blowing the fake to bits, and into the opening that is luggage...As soon as the thing had gone in, it seemed to disappear with a small pop, and then the lid slammed shut with a resounding BOOM!

Malone's hand fell back to its human shape, and he clenched it a few times as if fitting on a new suit, then he licked his lips delicately with a forked tongue..."Well that was easier then expected my dear....Why would you be afraid of a blob of ghostly spit?"


Emerald Dragon
11-10-2002, 12:02 PM
She peered from behind Malone, scared. "Did, he just eat that?"
Malone laughed, though, not exactly a roar, but was more humanly. "Yup! Good old Luggage's famous eat attack!"

He turned around to face her. "Ah, Malone, can we go somewhere safe, I want to be out of here before that mad-blanket comes back. He's had chains around me for years now." He nodded. He held on to her tightly, then he could feel himself resisting her..."I can't!" he grunted between clenched teeth. She sighed "Well, lets make our way out, another way then, you can protect me, can't you?"

The both turned in the opposite side which they faced and worked their way out of the sewers. She hoped that they faced no more ordeals today, she was feeling hungry...still, why hadn't she eaten? "Malone, while we find some place to go, can I get something to eat? I'm starving..." She laughed.

"Whatever...I'm getting sick of being confronted by pathetic mortals." AstartÚ shook her head and the two of them walked side by side till they found a way out. It was getting dark out anyway.

11-10-2002, 12:26 PM
The doppelganger floated throughout it's new surroundings for some time. The empty black abyss of this dimension was remniscient of the nightmare plane where he had manifested. "All too easy, I know this plane well. That fool thought he could trick me with his pet, but I knew that any void is a portal to power." He looked among the apparent nothingness that the area offered. He knew that anything could be garnered from this one plane. With a swift flick of its arm, the plane was alight with the glow of a thousand twisting helixes of forgotten energy. "These vortexes are just what I needed to turn my plans to a reality." With two outstrethed tendrils, he laughed as the warps fragmented into mono-molecular specks and were absorbed onto his person. The unfocused warp-energies were much greater than any he had absorbed in his past and even back on the material plane, the bobbing phantasm could feel it's energies increasing his powers and grip on the psychic realm increasing. The gleam of the realm began to dim as it lost it's power to the leech. "Soon I will rejoin with my master...Only then will I be unstoppable!" Knowing that a possible collapse of this space may mean he never sees day, he folded open a small poscket of untouched space and willed himself back to the material plane.

The Phantom was perched on a grassland knoll, well out of city limits. His clever copy had succeeded in finding a more powerful source of energy and felt the stolen strength rejuvenating and eradily absorbed. The artificial powers of this pathetic world were not enough to sate his insatiable appetite. Now, through the absorbed energies of the depository void, he found that he could read the many dark thoughts of malice and hatred from all living creatures in his immediate vicinity. He confronted them to feed on their fear and ingest their despair. He was unstoppable by mere mortal means, but he knew that when he combined as one, he would be truly nigh on unstoppable. As soon as he found the car park that he had fallen into that is...

To celebrate his dark triumph, he cast aside the rotting blanket he had donned so long ago and constructed a new sheathe from the skin of the slain. Bloodied trails arced down it's sides and from the low hung hood glowed twin orbs of crimson nightmare. It was a fitting garb for the now reborn Herald of Hell.

**Meanwhile back in his former base of operations**

The gargoyle was silently waiting, scratching it's name out on the walls due to the boredom of it's task. "It's not easy being alesser slave of evil, maybe I should find another line of work. Maybe a garden ornament?"

The Creator
11-10-2002, 12:49 PM
*********mind of luggage************
Ahhhhhh, this one is lively.....would you look at this, he is trying the same trick the last fellow did, how amusing, ok, i might as well turn up the power see how he likes that.....

Luggage concentrated a small amount of his energy's at the body of the thing he had swallowed and was now trying to leach energy, As the thing held its arms out stretched, Luggage fed power directly into his brain in fast powerful burst's.

"What do you think you are doing little one? This is MY WORLD!" the sound came from all around, bashing the fake Poe's ears. "You want energy huh? Well have your fill little one!"

Luggage kept feeding raw, un-filtered energy straight into the head of the leech, even when it screamed for mercy, he only fed more. The energy came from all around, arching into the ghosts head as if from large bolts of lightning, the ghost screamed and writhed on the ground, the only answer he got from the air around him was the laughter of Luggage's mind and more energy.

"Little one, that is a new body u just summoned was it not? I assume that.....stop screaming!.....i assume that this means u can swap bodies can you not? i wonder if u can live without one perhaps?"

The energy stopped momentarily, and the energy instead knotted itself into a large, buzzing net, directed right above the body of the twitching ghost, immediately the net came down, cutting the newly made body into shreds.

"I think the bed sheet that you wore before suited u much better, mr.Boogie Man," A large white sheet popped into existance near where the bodiless spectre lay, "Take your form!"

The energy stream started again, followed by a fresh batch of screaming from the spectre, and manical laughing from within Luggage's head....


11-10-2002, 01:11 PM
"ARRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......Well thank you for ruining my best cloak!!" the naked blob whispered to the empty realm. "You think it was funny, well I have news for you stupid one, for that power you has no adverse effects on me what so ever! I was merely humouring your hapless soul. I am energy, how does increasing the absorption rate hurt me? I'm glad you got your kicks." The gel let out a bout of hideous laughing that left the void silent. "Thanks for bringing me here by the way, for not only can I swap bodies, but i can shift them both together! It saves me the trouble of finding myself and I can thank you for that. Your help has been greatly appreciated but you're a very poor host. Farewell foolish one for we shall not see each other again!" With a quick slash of his wrist, he vanished back to the gnoll upon which he was perched. Only torn skin fragments littered the shocked region of space.

The couterfeit quickly began to liquefy, for it was not able to contain it's corporeal body on both trips to and fro. "It seems that my teporal jump has yet to be fully mastered." Once again, Phantom extended his reach to the broken body and reabsorbed it to himself. "Hmm, that extra energy was ony short lasted...well it matters not. I should have all I need in due course. I just need one soul of a powerful mortal to quench my thirst, and it will be then i can unleash my wrath. But right now all I need is some more corpses for my cloak...*curses*"


The stunned chest was not prepared for anything to leave in such a hurry, nor for anything to laugh at him. A dark groan came from wthin and he rejoined his party in a huff.

11-10-2002, 02:41 PM
For a few mere miles, The Phantom was still hovering aimlessly trying to divine a powerful soul when something came to him.

"I think i'll take my property back now." came a cheerful, yet disturbing voice.
"Who are you? You're not meant to be in here. Get out of my mind!"
"You are mistaken, it is you who is not meant to be!"

With that, the Phantom collapsed on the ground, going through throes of agony like a man torn apart. An intruding spirit was now a part of him and was battling for control of this vessel in a locked psychic battle. Bubbling with the struggle, the old sheet collapsed with the effort. Rolling on the concrete, a mangled blob was writhing, struggling to maintain control of itself.

"Where could this thing have come from?? I know! That blasted case implanted it in me! He will pay dearly!"
"I don't think so, not where i'm about to put you."

With an almighty effort, the invading spirit cast out the vengeful spectre in a bright cascade of fountaining prismatic colours, upwards into the shrouded sky. The blob had undergone a transformation from a deep blood crimson to a deep, celestial azure. "Now it's time to return to the master." murmured the floating orb as it hovered back to city limits. Up in the sky above, the catapulitng ray had reached it's pinnacle and began it's descent down to Earth. It bolted back down into the city and bored through the ground itself.

**Meanwhile, Back in the angry one's former lair**

The beam pierced several metres of ground but came to rest atop of the conveniently placed door awning. The gargoyles eyes clicked open with a new unnatural red hue implanted in them. "Where the hell am I? This place seems familiar...but. NO!, IT CAN'T BE!! He waved his granite claws in front of his eyes. "DAMN! (Note: The dialogue has been censored to accomodate for younger viewers) That ...thing has put me in this weakling! And he has MY energy!" A loud howl echoed through the decrepit halls. Jumping down from his perch, the possessed statue proceeded to smash the furnishings of his former, but he stopped dead still in half stride. An evil smile formed on it's stony maw...

The Creator
11-10-2002, 03:45 PM
**********mind of Luggage***********
As he arrived back in his body, luggage was in hysterics with laughter, "Ha that fool had thought he had got away, how amusing these beings are, no wonder master likes playing with them so much!"

Luggage ran around in a few circles, then ran up beside his master and bounced a few times becoming still....

***********Mind of Malone***********
As the pair walked along, Malone was having conflicting thoughts, he still wasn't exactly sure why he was walking down the street holding the hand of a low rate, low born.....mortal, but it just felt so....right.

Luggage ran up beside him, obviously happy about something, Malone turned and looked down at the bulking piece of wood, "Ok if ur so full of energy, give our guest some food!"

Luggage's lid clicked open and where there was only blank space not 5mins ago, the whole compartment was no filled with food, of every size and make that AstartÚ could think of.....

Malone looked from the food to AstartÚ with a hopeful smile on his face, hoping he was doing the right thing, he had never done this before..........


Emerald Dragon
11-10-2002, 04:00 PM
She stood wide eyed in astonishment, she didn't know what to do. She laughed and softly carressed the wood posing as Luggage's body and kissed it, then the ran to Malone and hugged him fervently. She looked excitedly through the contents of the chest, though she wasn't sure what to do.

She looked at Malone carefully before she decided. His face revealed an emotion unknown to her. She smiled knowingly, his face beared that of joy, but was also mixed with harsh contempt, as though he could not decide how he felt. The chest filled with almost everything she'd dreamed about seemed to glow invintingly from below it's lid. She smiled cheerfully "Well now...there's oh!" she picked up a handful of small pastries and greedily pocketed them and took out a large sandwich. "I think that's all for now, did you want any?" She looked at Malone, his face now passive. He shook his head no. "Let's head out shall we?" ...They continued along the path a little further AstartÚ was thoughtful so was not much for conversation.

She finally, but hesistantly decided to ask. "Malone, what happened to my master? Do you think he will be back again? Because if he is, I don't want to be here to find out."

The Creator
11-10-2002, 04:21 PM
As AstartÚ asked this question Luggage seemed to shake from side to side, an on-looker would have said it seemed he was laughing.

Malone looked down, noticing this and asked him what he knew of the subject, "Well master, lets say, right about now, our friend won't be feeling himself!"(telepathically) Luggage shook again.

With a strange look down Malone raised one eye-brow and turned to AstartÚ, "Hmmmm....well thats strange, but yes i think your previous 'employer' will be back. So unless you wish to be caught by him i think we need to take make our leave.....come...grab on mortal, i don't want u getting hurt," seeing her eyes gleam over and a smile appearing on her face, "Because if u get hurt i get hurt, i don't want that getting in my way!"he added with a smirk.

He held out his hand and she took it, he roughly threw her on his back, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, so she didn't fall off, this didn't really bother Malone, he didn't really NEED to be breath anyway.

Malone withheld his right hand and concentrated, and in a small out rushing of air, his old battered staff appeared, fire ran up and down its length, he smiled, at least he hadn't lost the ability to do that!

He leaned forwards, and started running slowly, then when he was confident that the girl could hold on tightly, he picked his run up to full speed, passing through small groups of the mutants as he went, he dimly heard the girl crying or gasping in shock as she witnessed the things he did to them as he ran past.

When he slowed down to a slow pace after a few hourse he let the girl walk on her own two legs by simply reaching over his shoulders and plucking her from his back and placing her on the ground, "I'm sure you are able to walk for yourself now small one! What is wrong with you? You look drained......"


Emerald Dragon
11-10-2002, 07:04 PM
She needed a moment to catch her breath. AstartÚ breathed heavily and leaned over with her hands on her knees. As she finally caught her breath she glared at him with digust. "What did you do to them? Can you not do anything without hurting innocent people in the process?"

She walked away from him...angry. It was as it seemed that she was constantly angry at him for something, she wondered if it would always be like that. She sighed, but she took the time and looked around, it was a sight not known to her. So, abstract. All her life she'd known the life underground in the sewers, she found it hard to adjust to outdoor light. She looked up in amazement, for the first time she saw the sky and a small breeze rippled through her hair. The joy and happiness was it's greatest by her record. She didn't know anything else to do, but laugh and twirl around in the quiet countryside where they resided at the present time.

Malone and Luggage stood by indifferently. They watched on as AstartÚ revelled in her delight. She danced so gracefully Malone noticed, though he struggled to put it out of his mind. "Master, me thinks it's time to rest." Luggage spoke to him through his mind. "I'd agree." He murmured back to the chest.

AstartÚ had never felt such freedom and revelation, she felt as if she were one and only with the world. She chuckled and fell neatly on the grass next to Malone and lay down to look at the sky. "Wow, I'd never realised the outside to be so beautiful. See, the sky so blue, and the sun so bright...It's all so different to the sewers." Malone sat and watched her carefully. He continued to battle with his feelings, cutting and burning into him like fire, though, he knew deep in his heart that it was right. Could it be that this young girl had it in her to ber his "lifelong link?" He was confused, lost. He sat and marvelled at the dark haired girl, but said nothing.

He spoke after many minutes of calm silence. "It will change soon...darkness will come..."

11-10-2002, 08:45 PM
OOC: Character profiles are now available:

Poe - www.ravenz.com/poe.html
Aziraphale - http://www.ravenz.com/az.html
Aziraphale and Poe had now reached the entrance to the access tunnel stairway, and were looking for signs of previous company. Adjusting his eyes, Poe scanned the area and noticed multiple energy signatures. "Looks like they were here not too long ago. Heat patterns show a lot happened here. I wonder where they went."

"There's only one psychic presence here now, and it's quite mad," commented Aziraphale. "I can see it as if I were looking at a picture. Follow me this way, if you will." With that, the two began walking down the southern sewage tunnel.

A few minutes later, Poe began thinking. "So, what were you doing down there by that old reactor? What were all those books." Aziraphale smiled, "I am a collector of sorts. I like to follow the history of this malevolent planet, and those books contain a wealth of information." Thinking a moment, "I suppose you could say I live down there from time to time."

"Interesting," Poe mused. "At least you're not as rude as a few others I've met lately. That's definately a plus!"

Perhaps this could be an interesting adventure after all. Aziraphale took the opportunity to break the silence and pose a question of his own. "Why was I unable to detect or read you? I have never met a being I was unable to 'feel' from a distance. In fact, at this moment if you were not next to me, I would not know you were here."

Poe considered the question, and decided it wouldn't hurt to answer. "Well, I think in digital and not by psychic means. It's a defensive measure I was born with. It comes in handy more often than not. Besides, I like a good surprise at another's expense."
...Way to go boss, why don't you tell him everything?...

At that very moment, the two heard a loud growl, followed by repeated smashing noises. Something was definately angered. Poe moved forward silently to get a better view. It was a large stone gargoyle.. and it didn't look like it wanted to talk. It was now perched upon an old stone desk with it's back towards the entrance to the room. Poe readied his shotgun. Taking aim, he fired one round just above the gargoyle's head.

The Creator
11-11-2002, 04:58 PM
The little human seemed so in awe about the light and sky....interesting. As she spun in the air, holding her arms out, Malone couldn't stop himself, a pleased smile quickly passed his lips, he scolded himself instantly, and with-held a neutral face as the girl turned to look at him.

"Little one, it is time for sleep! Follow me!" He led her down a deserted alley way, and lay down on the ground, then thinking and looking at the girl, he stood again, "Luggage get here!" the lumbering box plodded up beside its master and its lid clicked open, Malone plunged his arm inside the black ness and pulled out a large pillow and a blanket and threw them at the girl, then he layed back on the ground and put his hands behind his head and rested....

Malone closed his eyes and fell to sleep, the sun resting softly on his eyelids, he listened to what the girl had to say for a while, then quietly commented...."It will change soon...darkness will come..."

Thinking that this would satisfy the girl he fell back further into sleep, but after a short period he felt pressure on his arm, when he opened his eyes slightly to slits he saw that the girl had abandoned her pillow and came to rest on his arm. Mortals, they act so strangely....

They slept for about 3 hours, and by the time Malone's eyes clicked back open, the moon had put it self high in the sky. He straightened and his ears perked, there was someone around this area, with a shrug the girl fell heavily off his arm and onto the ground, and Malone lept to his feet, "Quickly girl on your feet, we must leave! We are headed for a place i read about long ago! I need your assitance, put your gear back and grab hold! NOW!!!" He roared the last word at her as a large group of Mutants rounded the corner at the far end of the Alley.....


Emerald Dragon
11-11-2002, 08:08 PM
She awoke and grisled. Though she was comfortable where she was, she very much liked sleeping against the daemons arm, or just near him. She felt as if the connection was necessary, perhaps she was the one to melt his frozen heart.

She hastily packed her things with his command and munched on one of the pastries she'd stuffed in her pocket previously. She smiled and popped it into her mouth, savouring it's sweetness. "Come on girl, quit smiling, we have to go!" Malone snapped.

"Hmm, okay...just a minute" AstartÚ sauntered slowly towards him. "Do I have to hop on your back again? Make sure not to hurt anybody this time." He took her hand firmly in hers and dragged her on his back. AstartÚ concentrated closely on the minds of their chasers, she gasped "It's the mutants you bothered earlier! Let's just get going!"

Malone moved off at almost warp speed, and AstartÚ found it hard to keep up as her surrounding whizzed past as a blur. She didn't scream for she was not scared, but she held him tighly around his neck. From her observations, he did not tense, nor did he struggle with his high-speed way of "getting around" she assumed it as normal, and just stayed thoughtful as to where the daemon had in mind of their new destination.

She tried to send psychic waves towards him, though unsuccessfully they bounced off again, why could she not read him? She tried to communicate with Luggage. "He-hehe-he-hee! I'm so excited, master take us on great ride, to strange place, he-hehe-he-hee!" "Pffft...what's wrong with him?" She asked Malone. "He's just excited, just don't let go, we can't have you getting hurt, little one."

They carried on in silence, or more of a whirr as it seemed to the blue-haired telepath. The time passed like it was nothing, and hours later, they came to what appeared to be the site of some ruins. AstartÚ said nothing, but examined her surroundings in awe. "Wow, they're...immensely huge, what are they? Where are we?" in front of the groupt stood a collosal building, in shambles as it appeared, and an equally large hole in the side, going and shrinking further more into unknown territory.

"We be here. I shall fill you in now..." Malone said.

The Creator
11-11-2002, 09:02 PM
Malone looked around and smiled, then he raised his hands high, and turned, "This my dear is the Ruins of Ufolzio, they were built Aeons ago! Of course they weren't really built by my people personally......but by slaves of our people to our plans," Seeing the disgust from before rise to the girls face, Malone tryed to think of something, "Uhmmmm, i'm sure they got a pleasent retirement deal little one...."

Malone, still wearing a smile walked forwards to pass through the gaping door, and was blown backwards, electricity buzzing off his body as he flew back wards, he landed in a slump and groaned, he recovered quickly and raised himself on one elbow. "What the hell happened then??" He rose his arms into the air in astonishment, and then he realised what had happened, he was in mortal form, he got up quickly letting out a few of his favoured curses and swears, and as he walked his figure warped and changed and his figure ripped into its natural 7 foot 5 form.

Malone looked around from his old body, all his old thoughts flooding back, but this time mixed with his mortals form, he looked at the mortal, and growled under his breath as he passed, "Mortal keep yourself here and notify me if anything happens out here, tell luggage, and he will get to me...." With that the monster lurched through the doorway, disappering in the darkness.....

As he walked further away from AstartÚ Malone could feel his thoughts molding back into his usual thoughts and feelings, a smile passed accross his face as he went lower, being in this Demonic place probably wasn't helping, but he knew he couldn't do anything TOO outlandishe while around the little mortal, he didn't want to leave a bad impression, but if what he had read in those books so long ago, there is a temper room down here somewhere, finally, its been so long since i've been able to blow something up!

Malone ran through the huge underground complex like he was a teenager again, finally his demonic blood was running again, it was so auxilerating! He hadn't felt like this for years! Ahhhh! here it was! Malone's wings clicked open and he flew high into the roof and slowly started making the largest ball of energy he could muster, and he thrust his hands above his head and it burst into flame, he threw with all his might downwards, towards the large Ormanite target that had been built so long ago. As the ball struck the target, fire engulfed the room and up, out of the room, Malone, danced in the flames, they had no effect to this body, he felt great! He laughed as he left the room, the floor shook as he walked.

Now onto the library, and if the book he had read was true, there he would find the Octavo, that fabulous book! One of the spells of the creator, after all this time, be in his possesion! He rounded the corner at a fast run, and came into the room he desired, and there, just as the carving so long ago had indicated was the Octavo.

Malone counted under his breath as he walked into the room, and ducked on time as a large blade swung from the roof and past his head, then he stepped one step to the left as a burst of ice leapt from the ground, this continued for about 10 minutes as the daemon seemed to dance along the floor, merely missing some of the most deadlist traps that world had ever seen, and if you looked closely you would have seen the smile on his face grow larger and larger as he waltzed closer and closer towards the book in the middle of the room.

Outstretching his hands, Malone said a few quiet incantations under his breath as he reached for the book, and it floated out of its casing, and into Malone's hand, and with a few simple back jumps, he was out of the room without a scratch.

Holding the book in one large claw Malone threw his hands into the air and laughed the cackle of a thousand years of waiting and pain, Fire and lava leapt from the ground in a great circle around him, and he ran, ran straight to the mortal, she must know the news! Malone ran as fast as his long legs could carry him, as the comples leapt into fire at his heals, he passed through the gaping door as nothing but a blur and leapt high into the air and unraveled his wings and screamed, not in pain but in extreme happiness......


Emerald Dragon
11-13-2002, 05:29 PM
AstartÚ sat unpatiently outside the large ruin and sighed. "I hate waiting games..." Luggage continued to dance happily from side to side. She sent short burst of energy towards that wooden box. "Where ARE we exactly and why are you so happy!" He answered to her in jumbled sentences far too obscure to translate. She sighed again and asked Luggage for a blanket and pillow, almost instantly his lid popped open and within it contained the most luxurious and expensive looking bedding. She thanked him quietly and gave him a quick hug. To her surprise he stopped jumping around, seemed to look at her, then he began again, though this time he seemed alot happier.

She laid out the bedding on the grass and she lay down and looked up at the sky, again it had changed from blue to black and dotted with small spots...shining. She asked so many questions to herself, why is she "special", why does she have strange coloured hair, why is the sky blue and why was she stuck with Malone? (He wasn't much for company) All of these questions remained unanswered. She was getting bored, left with nothing but the deathly silence of the night and a kind of scratching noise. Darn that stupid box.

Her boredom and her constant wariness of her situation soon exhausted her. So she slept with the warm air blowing against her skin and silence, at last. She wondered what Malone was doing...she worried for him, despite her fears of newly discovered gift. Also putting aside the grudge she held for him for "playing" with her. She decided to fully co-operate, surely if he planned to hurt her, he would of done so by now.

She felt intimidated by the enormous building which stood proudly, but unstably before her. ....He never told her what they'd come here for, she remembered. She hoped that she'd find out soon, slowly, but surely, she steadfastly fell into sleep.

She awoke to the sound of rumbling deep within the earth, she gasped loudly, and searched her surroundings, she was fine, but that sounds lurked deep within the hole in the building. What was once just a dark, black hole, now was slightly glowing with the colour of fire. She frowned heavily, she hoped that Malone wasn't doing something devious... Her frown changed to worry as fire now escaped from the hole, hot, heavy and full of rage.
"What the...Malone?!" She ran quickly to hear someone scream. His voice rang throughout the cave and all the way towards the entrance, towards her....

Malone, jumped out screaming with delight, coming out completely unscathed. "Ahaha! My dear! You must come, quickly! I have something to show you!" He yelled excitedly.
AstartÚ looked at him with her mouth gaping. "What the hell was that! ...You could of got yourself killed, what were you thinking?!"
He looked at her and laughed loudly "Sure, sure dear mortal. Fire can not hurt me!" He said and laughed again.

She shook her head again for what seemed like the hundreth time and walked towards him, shakily. "What is your good news, daemon?"

The Creator
11-13-2002, 06:59 PM
That look had arisen to the girls face again....Malone frowned, and his face warped and shortened, same as with the rest of his body, as his figure shrunk itself back into the human body.

"Now little one, this here is one of the seven chapters to the book 'Octavo'. Your race seems to be under the impression that your 'god' created the universe, HA! That book you called the bible! What a joke, i knew the person who wrote that book well, what your race doesn't seem to know is that the book was written by a drunken angel in a pub in Rome! But this, this is the truth, the Octavo, written by the true creator of the universe, he goes by no name, except 'The Creator'. There are seven of these books scattered accross the world, within their old crackled pages is one spell each, when combined these spells created the universe, all that time ago!"

"In each book there is one element each Earth, Fire, Wind and Water, but then there is 3 more, each one more complex, one has the power to create the mind, and all its thoughts, but the other 2, now they are special, LIfe....and Death, this here my dear is Death!"

"The noble race of the Daemon long ago was entrusted to keep this book safe, and stop it from falling into the wrong hands. Only a few of the highest Historians know of this books existence today, lucky for me did i stumble across the book that told me about all 7! How to control them, and how to find them! HA! Those mumbling fools in Pandemonium do not understand the power they can harness! We can rule this world! You my dear will be my queen!" With this Malone held out a hand, his eyes glinted as he smiled......


Emerald Dragon
11-13-2002, 07:21 PM
AstartÚ eyes flared up in anger. "And what...so YOU want ME to come with you to rule the universe, the world...all in the face of destruction? How could you possibly suggest that...to ME! I MAY be your link, but I DO NOT have to agree to any of this. Do I not have a say? I may be only mortal, but I WILL refuse any part of this...especially to be your queen, heaven forbid the thought!" She stalked off in a fit of rage, obviously irate. Malone stood but held his position, purely shocked. He didn't expect her reply to be so...opposing.

As she walked away from him she screamed and cursed profusively, in between her spouts of obscenities she shouted "I will be taking my leave now, I don't care where, but I don't want to be anywhere near you!" She carried on walking, unusually fast. Malone looked on at her strangely from a distance. "What! What did I say?" He shouted back at her. "Besides mortal, where will you go? With that strange hair of yours, you're sure to be captured again, your captors will certainly not treat you with the best of hospitality."

AstartÚ quite some length off now, stopped. She realised the truth in his reply. She could not argue it, nor could she deny, she knew it was true. Though, she did not walk back towards him. She would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her defeated. He laughed loudly "Come on mortal, you know it's true!" He yelled out to her. "I will stand my ground, daemon. No one dares force me into something I do not wish to carry out!" She retorted.

He laughed loudly "Okay, okay...come back, I'm sure we can work something out! ...please, I can't go without you" He stood, pleading. Astarte stood also in her position and sighed exasperated. "Very well..." She began to make her way back. "You know what else, AstartÚ? It's night, and the temperatures will become freezing, you wouldn't survive in that poor flimsy coat of yours...even WITH the blanket." Malone laughed louder.

The Creator
11-13-2002, 07:37 PM
Malone chuckled quietly under his breath as he walked out to meat the girl half-way in between, when Malone got closer, he noticed something relatively strange from this stead-fast girl, tears, the mortal had tears running slowly from her eyes. Malone had never noticed sorrow before, sure he had witnessed sorrow, and he had dealt sorrow, but he had never felt it, seeing AstartÚ with tears, brought a new feeling to Malone's being, he felt himself choke, trying to control himself, he pulled himself up straight and looked down at the girl, she was also shivering, he raised one eye brow and looked the girl up and down, and came to a decisiion.

Without warning he turned and walked back to Luggage, "Open now!" the lid clicked open and Malone thrust his arm deep inside, and pulled out a small selection of clothes of the finest material. They were of make of the old Daemon princesses of old, although the mortal didn't know that....

"Here my dear, wear these, they should fit just fine, and they will surely keep the cold from your skin!" Malone gave the clothes over to her and stepped backward, a smile passing over his lips as he admired the young mortal, "AstartÚ we must be heading out soon though, some of the 'Authorities' should be arriving soon from Pandemonium, I'm sure we don't want to run into them...."


11-14-2002, 02:17 PM
A loud shot came from behind the gargoyle, but it did not startle him, for he was quite aware that he had company. As the plaster above his head crumbled and flicked grains of brick on his head, the fiend turned to his would-be guests and turned back to his work. "Go away, can you not see that i'm working." Just before, he had been studying the inner workings of his new shell, the properties of it's soldification and on new theories for regaining his power. Using his adopted name, Cheogh was able to quickly harden his carapace from simple concerte to the fabled black adamant of legends past, offering him considerable protection and near invulnerability to most forms of conventional weaponry, which the gunman behind him failed to recognize. Another blast from the shotgun now came toward the perched demon. The tight volley of pellets ricocheted harmlessly off the polished jet surface of the creature's new hide. Turning on the pair he grumbled "Why do you waste your time with me? I have done no wrong to you. Why don't you chase you friend Malone away to his home, yes I do know that the both of you are looking for him and so am I, so wouldn't it be best if we combined our efforts in order to send him to his hell?" The outside pair looked to each other upon hearing their quarry's name. "So it's agreed. You two can look for him and i'll stay here." With that, Cheogh gave a stretch of his wings and from the tunnel entrance burst an impenetrable barrier of transparent red diamond that barred further passage and shells from the outer tunnel.

At that moment, a familiar blue blob oozed it's way through the upper grate. "Ha, My plan worked!" The wayward slime had been lured back to the lair due to Cheogh's false energy signals which he had released upon venting his rage. "Now you belong to me once again!" and with a chuckle, he sunk his claw into the jelly and immediatley began to draw his lost power's unto himself. As the trails of blue changed back to their original red colour, he could feel his power returning to him, restoring him to his former power. His eyes now glowed with a brilliant red sheen and tiny sparks broke out from his coat. Deep within the black husk tore dark spirals of twisted red veins As for the stolen energies, he cast them into a small vial which he tightly sealed. This energy prison might come in handy later. He practiced with his old metamorphic abilities, changing gnarled limbs into razor hooks without the slightest ease and keeping it's unearthly toughness. He decided that retaining his current guise might be more rewarding than donning his familiar bedsheet. He turned his gaze to a broken table upon which was his backup blanket and then to the pair outside. "It's time to say goodbye!" and he gave a quick wave as he sprung through the roof, leaving smoking trails in his wake. The lair's structure began to give way and collapsed in on itself, burying the beast's home of untold years...

Emerald Dragon
11-14-2002, 04:35 PM
AstartÚ peered closely at the clothing that Malone had gifted her with. She observed them closely, she noted on it's fine threading and needlework, she estimated them to be worth hundreds...though she did not dare to ask him, for it was his choice, though she was sure he regretted it. She wiped her tears briskly with the swipe of her long coat sleeves to her face. She stared long and hard at Malone's face. He was in human form, she told herself that she found his daemon form intimidating, but there was something else when he turned "mortal." She didn't know what it was, though she wasn't in the mood to answer any of her questions right now.

As she looked at him, he showed nothing past passiveness. She longed to know what he was thinking. He would be as confused as she at this whole situation, but she refrained from prying. "...I...will go and get changed now." He nodded. She moved cautiously now, because her sight was restricted, there was no light to help her. She managed to find her way behind a large stone wall and dressed herself. While she took her clothing off to replace them, she heard whistling that was coming closer. "Malone, I'm not decent yet..." She blushed. He said something incoherently and passed a small intricate brush just to the left of where she was standing, though she couldn't see him. She relaxed with a sigh of relief, she laughed at herself as she realised that she'd been holding her breath. She took the small brush from him and thanked him.

The dress she replaced her clothes with was of Emerald Green, lengthy, just the way she liked it and made of the smoothest velvet, which she felt comfortable in, she covered herself, with a thick brown overcoat with a deep hood...it was made extremely well she inspected. She quickly brushed her hair and yelped in pain as she attempted to rid herself of the knots. But she felt that it had a nice texture, she smiled brightly and moved out and gathered her things to go to where Malone and Luggage waited for her.

"Well, I think I'm ready, How do I look?" She asked. Malone stood and looked her up and down, but said nothing. "Well?!" She sighed. "At least tell me what your alternative is...."

The Creator
11-14-2002, 04:53 PM
Malone stood, his eyes widening, this mortal was beautiful, her hair when combed was stunning, as it hung delicately down to her waist, and she smiled up at him, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid his eyes on before....the dress he had given her, as he had expected had shrunk to fit her body wondefully, showing all her curves to their full potential.

"Well, I think I'm ready, How do I look?" AstartÚ quietly said to him, a nervous smile on her face, Malone was still stunned that a mortal would look at him in this way, he was more use to fear or terror, Malone took a step backwards, "Well?!At least tell me what your alternative is...."

Malone held up his hands defensively, and shook his hands as the girl turned away, "Little one, no! You are stunning!" Thinking of what he had just let loose from his lips Malone turned....embarrsed, then angrily he marched towards luggage "Come on you piece of lumbering wood! We're leaving!" He sat heavily on the lid as the legs whirred into action, as they roared passed the girl Malone held one arm out and grabbed the girl softly (which was supirising at that speed) around the waist and placed her down behind him, "Now hold on mortal, we going to go full speed soon!"

Before he kicked Luggage in the side to signal full speed, Malone looked back from whence they came at the Ruins, lightning shot from the ground, and where once there was blank ground stood a large group of bulking daemons, they roared loudly, which shook the ground. A look of panic and fear crossed Malone's face and he kicked luggage hard, multiple times and held on for his life as the wooden behemoth shot into full speed, leaving nothing but a fading shadow and a blur.....


Emerald Dragon
11-14-2002, 05:21 PM
AsartÚ sat next to Malone holding on to him tightly as they moved along at a deathly speed. "...You said something didn't you?" She yelled over the large noise they were making. He ignored her but grew warm and shifted uncomfortably. She chuckled lightly and asked "Are...those the authorities? ...Wait, did you STEAL that book? ...What are you planning to do EXACTLY?"

He again ignored her and kicked Luggage a little harder to make him go faster. He yelled to the box "Hurry up! We can't let them get to us!" AstartÚ heard Luggages response in between laboured breathing "Yes master....faster...must go faster!" she flet sorry for him, but she saw the urgency of Malone's face so she did not override his decision.

"When we stop can you tell me what you plan, after this? I'm still rather lost you know." He still ignored her, his face contorted with concentration. "Could you at least say something?" She shook her head, but left him alone until they stopped.

Almost 5 hours of tireless chasing, it seemed as if the Authorites had given up pursuit, or...they'd pulled off a great escape. When they'd stopped again Luggage collapsed in exhaustion, AstartÚ knelt down beside him "Are you okay? I hope we didn't work you so hard..." She attempted to read his reply. "No....it is...okay...so...tired....I'm...okay..." She indicated to him to rest.

She walked over to Malone who seemed...distant. "What's wrong with you? You haven't said anything to me since we left. Is it something I said?" He said nothing and turned away from her quickly his cheeks coloured deeply. "It would help if you could say something...please" She tried to face him, but he continued to avert his gaze towards her.

"Well, I'll be over there if you wanna start talking to me. I want to know what you're thinking. I can't read you mind, literally, you're blocked off..." She slowly turned around and sat down on the grass nearby and picked at it. She sighed deeply, she wished she knew what he was thinking...was he scolding himself, she wanted to know. It was like...he was punishing himself for something. She asked herself many questions. But she did nothing, so she continued to wait.

The Creator
11-14-2002, 05:38 PM
Malone turned, looking at the ground, trying not to look the girl in the eye, it was so hard. He felt the bash on his mind again, she tryed to read his mind once again obviously.

He looked up suddenly, remembering something he had read long ago, "For your link, and yourself to be fully happy with eachother, you musn't have secrets, let down your gaurd and you will be happy!"

He looked at the girl again, yet another emotion was on his face that he didn't fully understand, this time it was agitation, no-one in his life had dared show him agitation and lived! Now this little mortal was yelling at him! This puzzled him momentarily, then he walked around in a small circle thinking to himself, "Happy", had he ever been truly happy? Or was it just lust and desire for power that drove him?

He stopped, then looked deep at the girl, marvelling at her, the dress, and her hair, although, now it was wind-muffled, and hung un-evenly over her shoulders, she was still simply amazing..... ARGH! Malone shook his head, what was he thinking, she was a mortal! A mere mortal! But he couldn't keep the thoughts in his head, they kept just turning to dust as soon as he felt any form of dislike towards her....

Malone walked towards the girl, his head tilted downwards although his eyes glowered at her still, his stride's struck the ground hard, leaving large imprints where he walked. "Mortal, my thoughts are mine to keep! My head is my own!" Malone was trying to talk through gritted teeth and yell at her, although he couldn't get it out, the last sentence came out as nothing more then a nervous squeek.

Argh! This was hopeless, he couldn't keep his head straight when around this girl! He walked sadly back accross the park and sat down on a bench, and cupped his head in his hands, and for the first time in his life....he weapt.....


11-14-2002, 06:29 PM
Circling high above the sleeping city, Cheogh looked down upon the civilisation that he had loathed for the greater part of his existance on this accursed plane. Foul, aphotic smoke made sickly trails up into the decaying sky, contributing to the already high acidic content in the air above. It was remniscient of the foul brimstone clouds that he was so used to in the planar anchor, the fulcrum of all planes and his home. How he wished he could be there rather than pathetic mortals and weakling astral rejects. Not feeling the thrill of a fresh kill in hours, the craggy creature dove down past the boiling clouds to the nearest populated zone. In the center of a market zone, he made impact amongst the unwary dissidents, sending waves of them sprawling from his landing. Those who stood their ground were in awe of the black figure, clad in the thick smoke of heavily pounded stone. Two burning flares of hatred cut a swarthe through the thick fog and slowly the cover dissipated. Cheogh casually clenched his grip...

The dark gargoyle goaded them into a frenzy. Unleashing the emotions of supreme anger and malice, he whipped up the crowds into a bloodlust. Several onlookers scavenged weapons from whatever was at hand: beer bottles, sticks, chairs. All comers charged at him with their implements, but all were disintegrated by the thin green rays emanting from the beasts claw. Whole crowds of people were reduced to nothing more than a couple of piled skulls. Those who shook of the madness and tried to flee, were grasped by his mass displacement. The enfeebled swarms were helpless as they were teleported into solid earth. The monster looked around with a new sense of accomplishment and strode through the burnt out markets.

A couple of steps from the plaza saw the emergence of a large daemon, not a common sight in these parts but a very common sight in books. It was a faceless butcher, the type who guarded items of great value. It was essentially a great mass of flesh with several sprouting tendrils and hooked barbs. It was surrounded in a never-ending blanket of hideous smelling and highly corrosive gases that ate away most normal metals with little trouble. Wondering at the sudden appearance of such a gargantuan foe, he approached the beast, not fearing it's power or odour.

The beast turned on our villain with surprise. Gathering itself on it's back limbs, the creature formed a thicker pocket of aphotic gases near it's 'mouth' and fired a single darkfire bolt. The chilling beam radiated pure shadow and burnt away matter from the timeline itself. The bolt struck the gargoyle square in the chest, but still he kept striding toward his target, maintainig a powerful hold on reality. He stood two inches from the butcher and delivered a solid punch that broke thought the creatures toughened hide. He unleashed a pre-prepared spell and from the new opening, the things entrails erupted in an avalanche of hideous rotting meat and congealed blood. The mammoth roared and tumbled to it's side. Cheogh removed his arm and proceeded to read the creature's thoughts....

Emerald Dragon
11-14-2002, 07:02 PM
AstartÚ looked on helplessly. She felt she'd failed herself and him, and it'd only been just a few hours ago. She didn't know what to say to him. She agreed on one thing. She smiled sadly to herself and walked towards where he sat and wept quietly to himself.

"I didn't mean to yell at you like I did. Malone, I know I can be horrible sometimes, but I didn't mean to hurt you. You could at least be a little more open with your feelings." She said while kneeling in front of him placing a hand on his knee.

"I...you know? I have no idea what to say to you, but perhaps, you could at least tell me what's wrong, it could at least help our relationship a little. It's so tense, and we have to stick together remember? I hate this as much as you do, but you're stuck with me, whether you like it or not." She replied softly. She got up and sat next to him, humming a slow melodic tune, she hoped it would make him feel better.

They had only known each other for a few hours, she felt like she was going to scream from frustration. She hated his stubborness and just wished him to be more reliant on her, to depend on her. She wasn't going to leave, for she had nowhere to go, but she accepted her losses. Why could he not accept her? She sat and brang her legs up towards her chest and hugged them, she felt better, it consoled her, for she was at a lost. Her "link" refused to say anything or let her into his mind, she felt neglected, rejected and she too wept sadly against herself, rocking back and forth softly.

The Creator
11-14-2002, 07:26 PM
Malone's ears pricked, what was this? The young mortal knew music? Interesting, maybe this one knew how to dance also....he stood without looking at her and walked to luggage, "Ok friend, open up, i think its time for a test...."

Malone thrust an arm inside and pulled out what must have been one of the most expensive antique's still around today, it was an old record player from the 20th century! He reached in again and pulled out one jet black record with no marking on it. With this he turned to the girl and simply stared at her. Then after a small amount of thought he turned in ninety degrees and thrust his arms at the ground.....turf lifted up in front of him in what appeared to be 20 metre exact square, and under the turf that had lifted up appeared to be a smooth dance floor, pushing itself through the roots.

Malone turned and looked at the girl again, "Ok AsartÚ, you wish to get to know me better, know my feelings huh? Well let me show you to the floor and then we shall talk!"

Malone pointed one long finger at the record player and it immediately sprung into action, sound coming from all around them, from no apparent speakers. He held out one hand to the girl and she obligingly walked towards him, he took her hand in his, he flinched at the touch, but only breifly. He looked down into her eyes, she leapt at the sight of his slitted pupils, but he kept a hold of her a began to slowly move the rythm, and then progressively get faster, until they were flying accross the dance floor matching every note and beat to their dancing exactly.

As they moved Malone held the girl in closer, her body felt strangely relaxing to his as he held her, but he couldn't explain why, because at the same time it nearly made him go to convulsions. Malone shook his head and talked to her, "Ok little one you wish to know about me huh? Well, i am what you could call an 'outsider', i have never fitted in well with my people, they have considered me a half-breed and a freak. I have for the longest time wished to escape from their world, and eventually i did, breaking through to here long ago, some time in your middle-ages, but momentarily i stayed here, because not long after i was sent back, by an angel by the name of Aziraphale...."

"The next time i came back i assured mysekf i wouldn't be fooled so easily by some freak from the other dimension, i meditated for long on protecting my mind from such things, i beleive you have come into contact with that my dear. From that day on, i tryed to get back to this world, and i achieved that, no less then 200 years ago, and from that day i've been here, trying to keep my distance from you....mortals, until i found that one of the Octavo's was situated in this area, then i became substantially more interested, for here held the key for my revenge...."

"So what do you think of our little dance my dear? And now that i've told you about my existence, don't you think it would be your turn?"

They continued dancing, AsartÚ looking rather confused about the whole ordeal, but Malone actually did feel better for getting this information off his chest....


Emerald Dragon
11-14-2002, 07:43 PM
Malone held her closely and she relaxed to his touch. She was completely confused as to what was going on. She never knew he danced, she shook her head and laughed quietly to herself. She was not only left hanging, but his sudden openess took her by surprise. She looked up at him, and she shrank back from his dark brown eyes which pierced through her like an arrow which hurt as she felt weak momentarily.

She listened to his story, she was surprised herself. "Why have you come here, for these books? I do not see where your revenge is placed in such a mess..." She stayed silent for a moment for she felt comfortable against him, she felt awkward at the same time. "I noticed, but whenever you touch me, you look as if you want to be sick...are you okay?"

He said nothing, but he still held her...his look showed many emotions, though she wasn't sure how to translate them. "I do not feel like dancing anymore...I feel tired." She leaned against him and almost fell, but he caught her just before she did. His look was longing, and like he wanted to say something, but she assumed that he had nothing to say. "I have one more thing to ask...where will we go next?" She enquired.

The Creator
11-14-2002, 08:22 PM
Malone caught the girl as she stumpled, then flicked his head around and stared at the record player, it flipped upwards and fell into the Luggage, then he carried the girl down off the dance floor and placed her carefully down on the bench where he had sat earlier.

He leaned over the girl, and stared deep into her eyes, "You wish to know what my purpose is on this world? I have no purpose on this earth.....i am merely using it to find the Octavo's, once i have all seven, then my redemption will come. I will be able to start anew!" Malone's eyes glazed and he smiled and looked around, lost in his own thoughts.....

"Thats where we are going my dear, we are going to the 7 corners of the earth, and we are going to collect each of these books. When i was asking you to be my queen, it wasn't the queen of this puny planet, it was something far greater.....something worthy of our combined power!"

Malone was hit from the side, not in a physical sense, but from a blast, he felt something deep down, something was happening, not far away, something was coming, something with a great deal of power, he could feel the power of whatever it was emanating to his mind, it was mind boggling! Although, it wasn't one of the security daemons, they are nothing but bulking fools, this was mental power!

Malone staggered, this was amazing he had never felt anything so frightening in his life, sure he had felt supreme power, and malice and hate, but this was different this was pure lust and evil, this thing reminded him of himself when he was young, the thoughts of this thing smacked into Malone.....it was that creature from before! How did it ever get this powerful! Surely this thing was looking for Malone, Malone had felt vengence like that in his own heart....long ago!

Malone will have trouble on his hands if this thing found him with his current power level, he must make ground! Malone looked both ways, absolutely baffled on what move to make next, another feeling he had never felt before rose to his stomach.....fear


Emerald Dragon
11-15-2002, 04:31 PM
Before AstartÚ could respond to Malone's idea, she watched him flinch and stagger off the bench. He looked fearful as he slowly gathered himself up again. "What's wrong?" she asked. He indicated to her that there was something out there, something powerful. She scanned the nearby area and shyed back quickly, and stuttured "He's back! But he's changed somehow..." she recognised him almost instantly. Her former master had since changed form and was back, though he was too far away to read.

She quickly turned towards Malone and heaved him up from the ground. "Come on...we're going to leave." He stood up and straightened himself out, he stood firm in his position, obvious to her that he refused to move, he was looking for a fight. "If you refuse to go with me...then I must stay as well, but I will be unable to protect myself. I was once trained in swordsmanship, but I have no weapon, you must protect us both." She stood alert, though she was not fearful, nor was she confident in Malone's ability, however, she too was adamant in her decision.

The Creator
11-16-2002, 08:12 AM
Malone stood straight, thinking.....was it worth it? He looked down at the girl, she was amazing, but he would rather be alive then be with her, and at his current power level, he had no chance of defeating his new opponent. He wipped his mouth with the sleeve from his shirt then came to a decision, it must be done....

He turned and strided towards the book, and picked it up, before opening the book he turned to the girl a face of stone imprinted on his features, "Run my dear, get away from here!"

Malone threw the ageing pages open and plunged his hand into the page, not ripping the paper, his hand simply fell through the parchment, becoming one with it, after a short wait the words from the page seemed to lift of the paper and up Malone's arm, they traveled up his arm, up his neck, and onto his face, they stayed there momentarily before disappearing.

Malone dropped the book, and staggered backwards screaming and clutching his head, summouning his power, "RUN MORTAL, NOW!!!!" His formed ripped as he said it, it burst instantly back into its Daemon form, the scream became a roar and he closed his eyes, the ground shook as he stumbled around in circles.

Then it stopped, and a low laugh emerged from the Daemon's body, making his chest heave up and down. He brought his head down and opened his eyes, they glowed a brillaint red that illuminated the entire area breifly, he held out his hands as the light faded and clenched his fists a few times, "The power, i can feel it, feel it flowing through me! Its, hahaha, auxilarating!"

Malone took a step forward and in a large circle under his foot everything began to rot and die instantly, eating out slowly killing everything that it came in contact with, whole trees fell out of the ground, crumbling under their own weight, birds fell out of their nets their bodies hitting the ground as nothing more then a feeble skeleton.

Malone let his eyes travel over the surrounding area and shrugged, then unraveled his wings and let his head fall over to one side, his eyes focusing on that small area so far away, where a pathetic young gargoyle was going through the thoughts of a low grade Daemon. Malone let out a long stream of telepathy straight at the Gargoyle, "Ehehehehe, greetings little one....death is coming for you!" Malone leapt from the ground in a large cloud of dust and launched himself in the direction of the gargoyle, and he was gone.....


11-16-2002, 11:58 AM
Malone rages across the landscape at ear peircing speeds towards the gargoyle. Without warning a shape shifts from thin air. With less than a second reaction Malone yaws right feeling a pain only known by him. Malone spirals into the dirt like a highjacked plane into a field ash. Momentarily stunned the large daemon crawled from crater which entombed injured mass. Confused Malone wondered how the gargoyle got the upper hand... a power he didn't sense... it wasn't possible.

As he emerged he noticed the gargoyle had fled. Now pissed off more than ever before, Malone went to take flight in pursue of his would be assailant, to find that his left wing was now a stump oozing a black viscous fluid which if he was mortal would resemble blood. With his rage reaching that of which only daemon could reach he looked for his dismembered limb. Only to see his true attacker standing over his "personal effects".

Name: Phoez
Being: Holy Undead Demonhunter : twisted by the plague that rules the earth.

"Whats wrong demon... missing something??"

Malone looks over to see a heavily bandaged, 5 foot rotting corpse wearing a tattered, once majestic cloak.

"FIEND!!... you will pay in damnnation for your doings"

Phoez hilts his glistening blade and shakes his fettered head.

"Foul beast... your time nigh in the dimension... the wraith Aziraphale is coming for you. Consider this encounter your first and only warning. We will meet again beast... very soon... we will meet again"

Malone lets out an scream loud enough to shatter any glass for a kilometre around... "I will slaughter you and all of your kind you FU...."

His sentence cut off by scream and intense psychic impulses from AsartÚ. Malone looked in her direction and then back to the demonhunters direction... again his rage increased as both the hunter and his wing were gone.

Malone started to run towards AsartÚ...

The Creator
11-16-2002, 12:14 PM
Malone stopped suddenly, cursing himself, the only reason why the girl was screaming was because of his lost limb! He concentrated breifly, and a brand new appendage....covered in slime and mucus, sprouted from wear the old one had been, 'removed'.....

He moved his hands around to his front and layed two large claws on his chest, a small orb of light appeared there before sinking in, the screaming from the stopped almost immediately. The healing complete Malone looked with hatred in his eyes at the retreating figure of the 'Holy Avenger', "Stop there you deshelved pile of rags!". Seeing that this had no effect Malone simply reached back, slowly charging a fireball, and threw it hard, the ball went in a large arc, coming down in front of the ugly....blowing it back wards, Malone leapt instantly flying at full speed at the falling body, by the time he got there, the 'mummy' was on fire, only in a few places though, and nothing serious.

This time Malone was more cautious around this one, he flew up high, out of its jumping range at least, and flapped slowly looking down at the hideous creature, with each flap of his wings the air that was forced down on the ground killed the grass and small shrubs that were around the being, although it didn't seem to have any effect to Phoez.

"Ok tough guy, what do you think your doing here? And more importantly how do you know that scum Aziraphale? Give me just one reason to drive you into the ground, where you came from, by the look of your dressing!" Saying this with a smirk Malone held out his hand, and his staff shimmered into the large claw, and with this Malone pointed the staff down at the beast as fire twirled and danced along the staff's length, he nodded his head towards Phoez, edging an answer.....


11-16-2002, 12:48 PM
"Do your worst beast... ur pretty little fireworks don't cause me fear"

With this Malone arc's up an unholy holocaust of flame from his staff... igniting everything hundreds of metres. Silently, the now charred corpse of Phoez runs around like a naked guy with nipper attached to his willy. Malone looks down in content :flames:

He roars with laughter at the pathetic attempt of the hitman. "Thats it... that was pathetic, not even worth a thought in my superior head"

With this, Malone turns to fly back to AsartÚ still in fits of laughter. He notices the wind starting to pick up and dark clouds starting to appear. Malone think to himself they should seek cover for AsartÚ's sake from the upcoming storm. Again he shocks himself at the needless caring for this mortal.

As AsartÚ comes into visual sight, an arc of lightning strikes her, throwing her limp body several metres across the ground. Malone cracks through the air towards her unconscious body. He lands with a graceful trot and kneals over her.

Suddenly a pain he'd felt not minutes prior, he had felt again. Still hunched over AsartÚ's body... a sword pierced his wing, shoulder and forearm to the ground missing AsartÚ's throat by mere centimetres. Malone could feel the touch of holiness searing his flesh.

Phoez stood over the Malone in quandry. Phoez twisted the holy sword that he held in Malones flesh a little. Malone squirmed a little, and look back at Phoez a now smouldering less clothed corpse.

"Beast... if i did not know better i'd say you had feelings for this mortal"

Malone tries to get up but is stomped back down by Phoez's smoking foot. Malone mutters... "Get off me"

In all ignorance Phoez continues... "I was send here as your assassin from Aziraphale, Beast. But in light of what i have seen here I have doubts, perhaps there is redemption for you. These things i will ponder"

Phoez withdraws his sword and kicks Malone over AsartÚ's body... Malone whips about in time to see the smoking corpse shimmer from reality....

"I'll be back Beast..." and with that the weather return to its original state"

The Creator
11-16-2002, 01:03 PM
Malone screamed, his arm and wing this time regrowing themselves, with a burst of fire matching them, he leapt to his feet his eyes ablaze. Then he heard another scream come from behind him....the mortal! Just as his was, her right arm was dis-membered and laying on the ground beside her, but as his new arm had grew, so had hers, although the sight was still gruesome....

Malone rushed to her side changing back into his mortal self and placed his hands on her chest, and started the healing process again, her eyes clicked open and she coughed and choked as he brought her back softly into concious ness, "Hahahaha, my dear, it seems i'm always doing this lately doesn't it?" His smile broudened as he saw her return the smile.

His face instantly grew grim, he noticed the blood on her face, and the fresh healing scars that pocked her body. He stood up in a fresh rage and jumped forwards, springing back into his true Daemon form in mid air and unfolding his wings, "You piece of astral trash! Show yourself now! You dare run from me! I will rip up this entire planet until you show yourself....." He continued, as his language got progressively worse, a large crater opening up beneath his massive feet as he screamed, eletrictity buzzing between his horns, if you watched closely you would notice his arms, with each screamed words grew larger, throughout the whole ordeal he had grown at least another 2 foot taller and was still growing....


Emerald Dragon
11-16-2002, 01:28 PM
She looked up at Malone and she eased herself up slowly but fell back slightly as she felt weak. "W-wha...what did that ******* do to you?" She screamed. She looked at him, and examined his injuries. "That...son-of-a-bi..." Malone held his hand to her mouth to quieten her. "I...must at least tend to your injuries!" She insisted.

She shook herself and examined her clothing. "I'm...bleeding, why?" Malone looked back at her and shook his head helplessly. "I wish this all to be over...I need HIS sword. I felt the power within it, I can wield it as well as he..." She looked at him confused. "He fights for the light. That must mean that you and I are counterparts, his sword cannot hurt me directly, unless it hurts you..." She stood up slowly but needed a few moments to catch her breath. "I NEED his sword...we must find him and my master as well." She then slowly walked towards him and crouched next to him she then carefully tended to his wounds. She used her medicinal knowledge, despite that fact that Malone could heal himself, though she felt like she should do something...before that monstrosity came back.

11-16-2002, 06:01 PM
The rotting beast's mind had nothing truly valuable to the slayer, only that more were currently roaming the world and in the general vicinity. Cheogh had a malicious plan for these beasts. Knowing that they wouldn't and couldn't follow his command under their current condition, he would have to change their allegiances. With this knowledge, he had sought out and killed 4 of the rotting giants and now had them stored on a small desert plateau, a few miles from inhabited city limits. These monoliths would serve a better cause in death than they did in life.

Scratching out a large pentagram around the decaying cadavres, he then proceeded to recite the merging ritual that would create a monstrosity worthy of being called a guardian. Uttering some ancient screeds in some long forgotten tongue, the pentagram began to glow a sickly violet. Bursting forth from the desert dunes issued five chitinous claws. They reached skywards and combined their grasp at the peak of their length. Ripping out of their edges materialized a horrid sheet of gnarled and twisted bodily organs which created a warped and nightmarish dome around the four corpses. Bright lights were radiating deep within the flesh pile and hideous and indescribable sounds were pulsating with it. Cheogh was too busymarvelling at his work, that he didn't even register the power signals projecting from city limits.

Half an hour passed and the nightmare was beginning to dim. The arms that held aloft the freakish tent collapsed, along with the whole flesh structure. As it collapsed, a literal fountain of rancid and congealed blood arose from the whole mess. As it oozed on the ground, only one monolithic construct was standing at it's center. A gargantuan and vicious tower of demonic flesh and malicious will was formed in the binding ceremony. It vaguely resembled a hound in shape, but was the size of a monument ad was built up of draconic bone and tortured meat. Four orifices broke open at the beast's four limbs and out burst the ravenous revenants of the faceless souls that constructed it. These vile spectres were to form the unholy armour that protected the hulk. The remaining flesh and bone that had been left over from the operation were quickly being absorbed into the soles of the demon, increasing it's capacity for the souls of the living.

Cheogh laughed in triumph. The 'Legion' construct that he had created was more a success than he could ever have wished. Never before had he actually the corpses to construct this creature. Knowing that the hapless pair in the sewers would also be after Malone, he knew this would give him ample time to leave the mortal realm forever. The spine of the world was calling and the had come to leave. Leaping in to the sky, Cheogh and the Legion went in opposite directions, one heading off into the sandy void, and the other off to the broken remnants of civilization.

11-19-2002, 05:20 AM
OOC: I'm on leave (26 days of relaxation) in the States. I'm not on the comp much for the simple fact that I'm relaxing and enjoying life, friends, family, and a few parties :)

I might show up sooner or later and add a few paragraphs to this RP. Don't count on it though. :thumb:

Emerald Dragon
11-24-2002, 02:50 AM
AstartÚ felt Malone's fear grow deep within her heart. Depression fell upon her like bricks, she didn't know what to do. She listened hard to her surroundings, so ominously quiet, eerie, full of suspense. Yet, she could feel the calm sound of running water nearby. She ran over towards Luggage and asked him quietly for a small basin, his large wooden lid came open, and expelled a large amount of dust, which made her cough a little and she rubbed her eyes with her sleeves. She hugged him tightly and sent a thankful thought towards him. He responded with kind modesty. She rushed off towards a deep lake with a small waterfall which ran into a small standing of trees. "Would it be a crime to bathe here?" She asked herself.

AstartÚ then slapped her forehead. "Almost forgot!" She ran back towards the large wooden box and snaffled up some new clothes. Back near the stream she sat and admired how the water ran, she was of an inquistive nature and how she managed to ask herself so many questions was fascinating. She came slowly towards the waters edge and inspected her image in its slightly rippled reflection, she flinched back, she looked dreadful, almost beyond repair. She'd had so much in only a couple of days. She hoped it would get no worse. AstartÚ smiled to herself removed the heavy cloak on her shoulders and jumped into the lake fully clothed, she yelped at the chill of the water coming in contact with her skin, she shivered until she settled down. She proceeded to remove the now heavy dress which hung upon her, she began to scrub it vigourously to remove the stains from it. As soon as she'd finished she rang out the dress and threw it upon the grass next to the waters edge.

It was a suddenly a hot day and the water felt nice, now that she'd settled. AstartÚ began to relax in her current situation, it was wonderful to feel the small rays of sunshine fall against her, like they fell directly towards her heart warming it and suppressing the depression she felt. She hummed a wonderful tune under her breath which consoled her further, the song carried itself far, however, she remained unaware of everything else. As she washed herself, she immersed her herself completely within the water and swam towards the waterfall and as she appeared out to look from behind the waterfall she screamed.

Malone stood a few meters away from her at the bank. "That's a wonderful song my dear, care to sing it for me?" he asked.
"You shouldn't be here..." She softly defended herself of her vulnerability. "At least make your presence made, when it is not expected..."

The Creator
11-27-2002, 09:54 AM
Malone raised one long eye-brow as he peered down at the quite naked girl as she bathed, then he sat on a nearby rock and started cleaning his finger-nails, "Don't think you have anything that i haven't seen before my dear, there is no need to be embarrsed," He turned his head and loooked at her as she bobbed in the wated then he smiled, and laughed, long and clear, "Look at that bright tinge of red you have turned my dear!" His eyes, having no trouble seeing throught the clear water travelled downwards then back up and his smile grew ever wider, "Trust me my dear, you have nothing to be embarrsed about!"

"I much prefer to take a shower myself...." Malone performed a complicated gesture at the water fall that rushed into the lake that AstartÚ bathed in, and pointed above his head, as the water abruptly ceased to flow into the water and flowed towards him, Malone quikly undressed as the water poured over him, letting his hair drench itself and run down his back, he let his head go back and filled his mouth with the cold, clean water, and swolled, savouring the taste, this surely must be one of the last clean springs left on this world, there was no trace of pollution in this water, how strange.

After a few minutes Malone nodded back to where the water had come from and the waterfall, rushed back to where it had came from and started flowing in its normal position. "Luggage! Here! Give me clothes!"

The lumbering piece of wood trundelled up beside Malone and it lid clicked open revealing a stunning black suit, Malone put the clothes on swiftly. There was a stylish pair of long black pants which fitted him perfectly in his human form and glowing white shirt and a black trench coat that covered his broad shoulders. After a breif thought he reached into the box again and pulled out a small black hat and placed it over his long hair and combed out his hair with his hands, pulling out the last of the water.

He turned back to AstartÚ who was still wading in the water, "What are you waiting for my dear? Are you still not finished? Oh well, I feel auxilarated, i'm going for a run, be ready when i get back!"

Malone lept into action jumping far into the air and hitting the ground at full pace and he was gone, in a cloud of dust, he thought he would go for a run back to that city he had passed a while ago, he had an urge to meet some mortals, he had to find out how their minds worked properly if he was ever to get to understand AstartÚ, he was about 1km away, and clsoing quickly when he heard a loud explosion rise from within the city, and smoke rise up from its interior, something was wrong.....damn, and here i am in good clothes as well!


Emerald Dragon
11-27-2002, 04:16 PM
AstartÚ stood her position, blushing furiously, she felt the water around her get warmer...she sighed and ducked her head quickly under the water and glided till she was rather content with herself. She appeared back upon the surface, she looked back on what had just happened. Did he bathe in front of her? She shook her head in disapproval..."Well I was in no condition to watch anyone bathe...that....insufferable....man!" She scorned him under her breath. She pulled herself out of the water and dressed hastily into a dress , which matched her hair almost perfectly. She put on the large cloak over her and took out the small comb and went over her hair quickly.

She become bored and pleasured herself by sitting on the rock that Malone had seated himself upon only minutes ago. She again questioned herself fully, "Why am I still here? Does he really need me here? Why can I still not get through to him? And why does he look at me so strangely, like I'm hurting him? Am I? Does he think I'm ugly?!" The last thought stuck in her head for a few moments. The result left her depressed. She was not vain of character, she was also not aware of her beauty, but nevertheless, it left her feeling rather below herself. AstartÚ peered down sadly at her reflection within the waters surface which shimmered, rippling slightly. "I should ask him...he'd be truthful, right?"

She paced back and forth for what seemed like hours, she managed to get a little conversation with the wooden box. She found him to be an interesting character, very loyal towards his master, yet very kind...unlike his master. She decided to ask Luggage: "Luggage, do you think I'm pretty?" she sent the message telepathically. "Well, Miss AstartÚ, I don't know, I can't see you. But you sound pretty." with this she laughed her melodic laugh. "How can anyone sound pretty?" Luggage made a movement that seemed to be that he shrugged. "I don't know. I can't see you, so I have to improvise. I can hear you, at least." she shook her head and laughed. "You're so sweet...thank you." She hugged him quickly and sat upon his lid, he didn't mind as much. She waited patiently for Malone to return...

11-27-2002, 05:18 PM
The city's supports shook under the tremendous weight of the distant tremors. Surprised patrons arose from their mortal slumber and looked off in awe in the direction of the slowly gaining stamps. What they were to see would scar their memories for the short amount of time they had left to live. A large flesh construct that resembled a hound in shape but corpse in aesthetics was slowly but tirelessly flotaing to the city. Four fearful revenants formed a hideous matrix around the gargant, keeping it aloft most likely. Sudden but faint hissing was heard off in the distance as the thing loosed a volley of corrupted and spectre guided cadavres that pulsed with unnatural energies. A volley of ten of these putrid missiles were screaming their way to the city, trailing a disgusting tail of bitter ichor in their wake. They gathered in a circle formation and formed a tight weave. The horrified citizens were alarmed as what was a faint hissing, grew to unbearable banshee's wailing and shattered the spirits of those who absorbed the full brunt of it's destruktive magiks. Those who survived would not be alive for too much longer as the corpses collided with the closes scraper. When they hit, the wailing stopped and all that appeared to have happened was that there was now an unsightly mess on the side of it. Slowly the destructive potetial of this mess were being realized however, for the glowing of the refuse was glowing much brighter than before. Just before it became blinding, there was silence, and then white.

Several more volleys from the deadapult left the city in tatters. Black flames engulfed the city and the many inhabitants were beginning to make their desperate departures. However, by that time, the Legion was upon them. It landed with a bonecracking shockwave that was expelled four-fold by each of it's limbs. It stood solemn for a minute and slowly, tiny door like orifices opened at two sides of each of it's legs. Human remains began pouring out, and with this, Cheogh's shock troopers were upon the city. These abominations were mis-matched human, animal and demonic remains all strung together by the souls of the slian and the intestines of the rotting. It was their job to butcher the rest of the human race and to drag their carcasses back to the Legion for processing. The remnants were banding together to put up meagre resistance against the unfeeling horde, but try as they might, they were no match for the unstoppable waves of unworthy dead.

"How do you fight an enemy who does not care for it's own wellbeing?"

The Creator
11-28-2002, 05:00 PM
Malone strided through the burning city, large chunks of skyscrapers falling and meshing into the concrete around him, if you were watching you would have thought it strange how Malone seemed to be hit by none of the falling Debris, he always seemed to step out of the way just in time, but what was strange is that he was totally cool about it, as if it came as no surprise to him at all.....

"How do you fight an enemy who does not care for it's own wellbeing?" Malone stepped up beside the old man as the words left his mouth and began to sob quietly as his home burnt to the ground, obviously hit by one of the 'things' launched 'missiles'...

"Well old man, when one doesn't care about one's well being, it can only make it easier to immobilise it....right? Look at the size of the thing, how hard can some thing like that be to bring down? Watch!" As he screamed the last word his figure ripped and stretched as he grew back into his Daemon form, in a large cirlce all his on-lookers scrambled backwards to get out of his way.

Before Malone leapt into the air, he stared forlornly down at the ripped and tattered remains of his fine clothes, then shrugged as he looked over his Daemon attire which now draped his body. His long wings clicked open, throwing a small group of mortals into the air as it bumped into them, Malone laughed long and clear, how good it felt to be back in his body.

Malone flew straight at the beast, and drew both hands back to his hips and two great fireballs sprung to life in his palms, as he neared he let both of them fly at the beast, mere centimeters before they made contact, the beast seemed to just turn to nothing but smoke. Malone heard a fast rushing and then an outward, pop, he had just enough time as he turned to see the beast swipe with one giant claw and club Malone into a nearby building, Malone went through 4 storeys of office building before he came to a stop on the top of recitionist's desk. The woman screamed and fled as one of Malone horns went deftly through her computer screen.

With a groan Malone lifted himself up on one elbow and stared out the window as the ugly contraption turned its attention back on the city, "Damn how the hell did that thing do that! I CAN'T EVEN DO THAT!" Malone fell off the desk landing in a crouched position just behind the glass window, he leaned his head forward, letting his horns take care of the glass.

Malone rolled out of the window, and tryed to make as small appearance as was possible as his bulking body fell down the side of the sky-skraper, 10metres up from the ground, his wings clicked open again and brought him to a quick stop. Sitting down on the rubble filled ground, Malone looked up at the beast as it fired volley after volley of 'missiles' at the surrounding buildings.

"I have no idea why i even want to save these mortals, but i must try, and there is only one way that i can think of doing it!" By this time a large group of people had grown more confident and had inched closer to see what had fell from the skyscraper window and had come to such a quick stop. Malone smiled up at his audience, his pointed fangs poking through his lips, "My friends!" He said as he rose, "I suggest backing off....i'm going to....put on some weight if you will!" He said this in his most mocking voice that he could summon, nearly laughing at them as he spoke.

Malone grimaced as he tryed to decide on what form to take as his body grew, grew ever larger.....if he was going to beat this ugly thing, he must be larger!

Malone raised both hands into the air and clenched his fists and placed them together, he slowly began to summon the energy he needed. Clouds all accross the sky suddenly rushed outwards, racing accross the sky leaving the sky blank, the area grew dark, except for one long beam of bright blue light that surrounded Malone and rose high into the sky. Cracks opened in the ground under the Daemons feet, a large crater sunk into the ground, at least 20metres in diameter

Malone's eyes closed tight as the energy kept flowing into his body, his form stretched and contorted as he grew, lightning arced out of nothing in the sky, striking his form, but it seemed to have no effect, the lightning stuck and just continued to surge, as Malone clenched his teeth as the crater grew ever larger and his form rose higher....


12-01-2002, 02:25 PM
Malone's increase in size suddenly burst into frenzied acceleration. A second arc of lightning streaked from the sky giving Malone a previously unfelt overwhelming power. Malones form maximised, now he was ready to combat his rotting opponent. The crater at his feet, now so large that it has engulfed and demolished buildings itself. The arc's of lightning ceased and a single stream of light pierced the clouds. Malones eyes rolled open with a sinister glare. He briefly looked to the sky in mystery, wondering where his untapped power came from. Looking up, Malone sees the single beam of light cutting through the dark sky and landing upon the roof of a semi demolished skyscraper.

A small figure stands at the base of the light beam... a figure he'd recognised from before. The distant figure yells,

"Beast, do what you must... purge this abomination"

With that, the light beam retracted and Phoez made his exit, sliding from reality once more...

Malone steepen his brow and faced his attention once more Undead golem of menace. "Lets rumble dead boy..."

The Creator
12-01-2002, 02:56 PM
Malone looked strangely down at his feet as he saw the strange arcane being slip back into nothingness, "Damned little *******, he's going to pay dearly for hurting AstartÚ, but for now i'm in his debt for that excellent little power boost.......damn him."

He looked down at himself, he was easily taller then the sky-scraper he had fallen out of before, this certainly was a strange experience. He wasn't exactly sure why he chose this body, but he always did like the idea of this, as he marvelled at the thick red fur that covered his chest and the long black hair that fell to his hips, he smiled quietly to himself, his tail bobbing from one side to the other.

Malone took one giant step forward, stepping over a few houses, making sure he didn't damage anything too severly, merely taking the rooves off two, and the chimney off one, he stood proudly infront of the ugly monstrosity and gripped it around the mid-quarters and pushed forward with all his might he lauchened both of them into the air, and away from the city, he sighed as he hit the pair hit the ground, out of harm of the city, good now i don't have to worry about hurting the mortals!

As the beast was struggling to raise itself to its four legs, Malone rushed in and gave it a mightly upper-cut under the chin, flipping it onto its back, he jumped then, aiming both feet as he fell at the beasts belly, but before he could cast his death-blow, the beast disapated into smoke and appeared behind him again, this time he wasn't going to be fooled by the same trick, he fell onto his hands and thrust both feet backwards, jabbing the big ugly in the throat.

The thing staggered backwards, all four legs beginning to fail, Malone smiled maliciously and stepped forwards, his foot leaving cracks in the ground, "You! You killed thousands of innocent people! If anyone is going to be doing that around here! ITS ME!" Malone reached back and threw his arm forwards, driving his fist far into the beast's front, his arm dragged as broken ribs stuck into his forearm, with a groan he pulled out his arm quickly and jumped back, the beast fell forwards, only its two back legs doing as it wanted to, as it tryed to drag itself back wards, with its back legs, the screams it let out pierced the sky, and even back in the city, the people fell to the ground holding their ears trying to block the sound.

Malone laughed at the pitiful creature as it scrabbled hopelessly, he held out one perfect hand and in sparks and flame, his long staff appeared, he held it out long at the creature, and started slowly to concentrate every ounce of energy that he had, he forced everything that he had gathered into the staff, and as he did so, he shrunk, his size wavered and he fell back into the Daemon skin, which he was born in, and just before he let the blast loose, "You are a pitiful waste of my time, you are pain to this earth and should never have existed! Now be gone!" The blast reached out from the end of his staff, and wrapped around the beast, the was one last ear busting roar as it disappeared into nothing more then a red mist in the air, the blast completeing its task.

Malone fell to one knee, holding himself up with one hand, he stored his staff away back to where he got it....."Well i suppose that was a good enough exercise, now to get back to AstartÚ"


12-01-2002, 04:40 PM
AstartÚ still on top of Luggage slowly awaited Malones return. Suddenly she felt a tremendous pressure over her entire body like she had just been thrown through a building. Letting out a winded scream the girl passed out on Luggage. Luggage wondering what was wrong with AstartÚ started to panic. Momentarily she gained conscienceness but feeling very rejuvenated. It suddenly donned on her... MALONE...

Next thing AstartÚ came crashing to the ground getting dirt and grass stains over her newly washed clothes.

"Luggage!! What did you do that for...."

Turning around to her horror, AstartÚ envisages the once whole robot now lay in two seperate pieces motionless. At the bottom half of the former crate stood Phoez slowly sheathing his sword. AstartÚ cried...

"You Monster... you... you... MONSTER..."

Phoez slowly walked toward her extending both his arms. Still off her feet, AstartÚ crawled backwards on her hands to get away from the walking corpse. Phoez grabbed AstartÚ's head and she felt a rush of divine power. Opening her eyes slowly AstartÚ was hardly prepared for the feature that stood before her.

Gently holding her face was a brilliant glowing being. The angelic being struck her as being nothing less than magnificent. A voice slowly eminated from faceless being,

"Do not fear AstartÚ, the twisted corpse you know in your reality is only a mortal vessel in which i exist. I am Phoez, Holy Spirit of the Sword. My true form only seen by those cursed. Cursed you are AstartÚ. S°ulgatis... is your curse, the link between mortal and demon. Like the corpse who stands before you, you to can weild the sword of Phoez. Your soul devoted to the destruction of evil instead of its saviour. Whilst any mortal can weild
Phoez, none weild it more powerfully than the S°ulgatis. The choice is yours to be made. Do not take it lightly... for the AstartÚ you know now will not be the AstartÚ you know after the weilding. Souls become one... One soul for one cause. Time is short... this mortals carcass draws to an end."

With the final word said Phoez releases AstartÚ's head. She lightly slumps to the ground feeling almost euphoric from the encounter. AstartÚ looks up at the corpse, she tries to speak but nothing comes out. Phoez mortal body hisses,

"The enchanted box is a servant of the beast. It now lays slain like all followers of evil. Choose your path AstartÚ."

Phoez looks to the horizon,

"the beast returns..."

With that Phoez exits in his standard manner, fading like a blown light bulb.

AstartÚ now highly confused and little disorientated stands to her feet and looks in the direction Phoez had also peered. The newly informed S°ulgatis awaits her link...

The Creator
12-01-2002, 05:04 PM
Malone was slowly staggering back when he was lifted off the ground and thrown backwards, his head clicked up looked in the direction from where the pyscic blast came from, his eyes flared, flame leaping from his sockets, he screamed, "Luggage!"....

Malone stood quickly and clicked his fingers, the carcass of luggage fell onto the ground in front of him, Malone had to hold back tears when he saw the sight, the pair had been companions since nearly the beginning of time, they had done so much together.

Malone held out his hands and held the two parts together, and the box after a few seconds, started to glow brightly, it illuminated the area for miles around, with a bright white light, Malone threw back his head and screamed at the top of his lungs, "Come back damn you! NOW!" Malone was blown backwards, he came to a rest in a crumpled mess 20metres away....

************mind of luggage***************
Angel...........evil angel..............pain..........must hold on...........master........will.........save.....m e

Just as the light was fading from all corners of his being, Luggage felt the power of his being start flowing through him again, the gap was gone, Master! Thanks to the ground! Master!

Luggage extended all his legs happily and bounced up and down a few times on the spot happily, but the sight which he saw stunned him, the master was over there, why is the master there? The bulk of Luggage slowly plodded up beside his master, he was unconcious, reaching out with his embued Telekinetic powers, he picked his masters body up and placed it softly on his lid.

With his Master safely draped over the lid, Luggage started plodding slowly back to the only person who could save him, the little sweet one....AstartÚ hopefully that thing wasn't still there....


Emerald Dragon
12-01-2002, 05:40 PM
AstartÚ replied through strained notes.
"Give it to me..." She said sadly towards the now non-existant Phoez. "Dammit, give it to me." She persisted further. "Give me the damned sword!" She screamed. Out in the middle of nowhere, a bright light enhaloed that of her current surroundings, yet only appeared as a single beam which radiated from the sky. And then an undescribable, unbearable light which blinded her temporarily, subsided and all that was left was the sword which shined so mysteriously upon its invisible pedestal. She quickly ran up to it and pulled it from its position. As she held it, its weight was surprisingly light, she manoeuvred well with it in her hands. Shimmering light emanated from its blade, its hilt encrusted with many jewels, though she wasn't sure as she could not identify them.

She looked sadly, would she have to kill Malone? She saw no need to. He wasn't to hurt anyone...while she was around. "Oh..it appears that I am his only hope." She felt it's holy light attempt to possess her, it crawled and shivered against her. She spoke to it directly. "I am your master now, you must obey me." her voice light, though trembling. the sword continued to resist her as it turned itself upon her. "You are nothing to the Holy Spirit any longer, darned artifact! You will fall to your masters orders!" She roared. It stopped in its rage. AstartÚ flung it to the ground in disgust. "I will not surrender to possession..."

She left the sword, it became suddenly, tainted. She ran towards Malone and Luggage, looked down sadly and saw Malone's body lying limply and uncomfortably upon the wooden box. Luggage in his panic spoke to her in rushed sentences. "I cannot save my master, help him, you must hurry!" AstartÚ was at a loss, she did not know what to do then it hit her. The sword, which now came under her possession attempted again to take over her. "Stop it!" She demanded forcfully.

"Life Heal!" She called. She raised the sword slightly above her head. The earths life from around her was drained and gathered within the sword in a bright blue light, unusual as it was a 'white' holy sword. The swords blade soon carried that blue light and waited for her command. She softly allowed the blade to touch Malone's skin, it seared it lightly, AstartÚ feared that it would permanantly hurt the both of them...she felt herself losing her mind, her consciousness. She quickly called out to the sword before she fell as well. "Release!" the blue light radiated from the blade like sonic waves and hit Malone's lifeless body, it's waves absorbed with difficulty. AstartÚ yelled at the sword to carry on with more force, then as the light became dull and life was once as it was before, she fell to the ground, weak.

12-01-2002, 06:25 PM
The skies above began to churn. The barren steppes beneath the dark gargoyle began to cry with the tortured moans of the unjustly slain. A welling of dull red washed up from the soils themselves. The unweary beast stopped in midflight and dropped to the ground with a thud. Inspecting the earth, he gave off a short snarl. "Infernal fools!" grunted the craggy beast as he kicked up chunks of dirt. Looking up to the sky, his eyes began to shine a sickly green, and immediately, the clouds started raining crimson droplets. Soaking into the already bloodied earth, the crater that Cheogh had carved began to fill with a sickly orange ichor. Four familiar revenants appeared at the pool's surface and they quickly met at the centre, to bond into a single and larger entity. Cheogh smiled to himself. "The spirit is willing but as is always the case, the flesh is oh so weak!" he cursed. "Now your power will belong to someone who is truly deserving, your failure has cost me in fresh souls. The meagre returns you made are pathetic. Now you will pay with your existance." With that, Cheogh stretched out one lazy arm and immediately, as he had done so many times before, began to draw out the liquid out of it's pit. The single revenant was contorted, twisted in agony. Just before it was drawn into the blackened talon, it unleashed an unearthly roar that shook the nearby mountains and robbed them of life. A thin white mist began to form around Cheogh, winding and hardening into a second layer atop the already impervious hide. "This unholy armour will grant me many benefits, maybe your life won't have been so worthless after all." he chuckled to the ghostly skull that formed on the back of his left hand. Facing back in the direction he had come from, Cheogh took a moment to ponder his next move.

After a minute of thinking, he remembered the mark of recall that he had inscribed on his creation. Turning to face his creation pool, he waved his hand across his face, and where there once was thin air, now lay the king of corpses with scant traces of red vapour shifting back into place. The broken body of his Legion lay on the ground that was only moments before red, was now dead black. "It's time to get to work..." Cheogh muttered with a sigh as he began plans to recreate his monstrosity.

The Creator
12-02-2002, 01:43 PM
Malone's eyes clicked open and he scrabbled backwards over the ground as he saw the sword, it was one held only by the high Assasins of the Arcane circle, but then as the blurriness cleared from his eyes, he saw who withheld it, it was AstartÚ, his eyes widened, and he pulled himself swiftly to his feet.....

He winced at the pain as he walked, before he reached out his hand, he concentrated a small bit of energy down on himself, healing all the minor wounds that pocked his body, then quickly before she had a chance to notice Malone whipped out his hand and snatched the sword from her, screaming at the touch of the handle in his hand, he jumped high in the air and threw the blasted thing as far as he possibly could in the direction of the city, to be rid of its presence for the time being, that deceiftful ******* Phoez had done this! I knew him 'lending' me energy was too good to be true!

As he landed back on the ground and settled back into his human form Malone saw AstartÚ fall to the ground, the presence of that damed sword must have drained her! No good can come from the Arcane circle, Damn them! He placed both hands on her chest, and again the bright light flowed down his arms and into her chest, spreading through her whole body, and the strained look on her face turned to a releived smile, Malone copyed her smile and looked down, finding her presence easier to handle every time he looked down at her, "Little one, you are going to have to learn to stop all this fainting business, do you hear me?" he let out a soft laugh through his mortal bodies lips and looked down at her, staring deeply into the mortals eyes, examining her....

His face growing quickly serious, he reached forward and gripped the girl by the shoulders and asked her quietly. "What did that Arcane pest want with you AstartÚ? And why did you have 'it's' sword?"


Emerald Dragon
12-02-2002, 03:15 PM
"...I do not know" AstartÚ passed through her lips.
"He...says I am cursed, is it true?" She continued, tears fell readily from her eyes. Malone looked down at her apologetically, but then turned away and harden his gaze.
"I always wanted to know why you do that. Like, you think...Do you think I'm...no, nevermind."
She struggled to bring herself to sit up. He let go of her gently and stood up. AstartÚ finally managed to sit up and looked out in the fields where they were. Luggage walked around still in a slight panic. The dark-haired girl sent a thought towards him. "Your master is okay now." He responded happily and stopped moving so strangely.

She sat plasted in her current position for what seemed like hours. Again she felt paralysed because of her own stupid decisions. She looked in Malone's direction "He implied that if I took up his sword, that I'd have to kill you...I know it deep down that I couldn't do it. Surely if you were as so evil as he said, you'd have killed me by now, right? ...He said, that I am cursed, being joined to you as I am. To be the destroyer of evil, not its saviour. What...am I? I'm just a pawn in this game that everyone is playing, I hate it! I despise being used as a decoy, just a distraction, an object. You know, I have feelings too." She raised herself from the ground where she sat and took off as far as her fatigued body could take her and fell to the ground and sobbed loudly.

"Why can't I help myself...what's wrong with me?" Malone walked towards her slowly and placed a caring hand upon her shoulder. "I know this is out of place now, but, do you think I'm ugly?" She peered up at him with tear-streaked cheeks.

The Creator
12-02-2002, 04:38 PM
Malone stood straight and proud above AstartÚ, his eye quivered quickly, barely noticeable, then he kneeled going down on one knee, he put two fingers under her chin and lifted her face up softly, "My dear little mortal, of course you aren't! You are the most lovely being i have lain my eyes on in my entire existence! My dear, that arcane beast is merely putting thoughts in your head which never should have been there, for one, you are not cursed to have me as your link, trust me there is much worse then myself......although there is better...."

He reached out with one hand and gently wiped the tears from her red-cheeks, why am i doing this? Why does it feel so right? This is a mere mortal, but it feels so........good? Without thinking twice Malone leaned forwards and kissed the stunned mortal gently on the lips.

Malone closed his eyes and savoured the taste, quickly Malone clicked his eyes open and jumped to his feet, and walked away, as he walked he scratched the back of his head, NOW WHY THE HELL DID YOU GO AND DO THAT YOU FOOL OF A DAEMON! You DESERVE to go back to pandemonium for that! She is only a mortal, what will the poor thing be thinking now?

He turned slowly and looked down at her as she stared up at him, "Why?....."

Malone as he stared down at her, although he tryed to conceal it, a single tear rolled down his cheek, and breifly hung on his cheek, "Honestly my dear, i can't explain it, it felt so.....right? You are not ugly little one, although what do you think of me can i ask?"


12-02-2002, 05:32 PM
After half an hour of frantic piecing, Cheogh still had little idea as to how he was going to go about creating his newest mostrosity. "If the hip bone is connected to the leg bone or...hmm. Maybe i should just stick the basics." With a simple click of his fingers, the rotting flesh fell from the titanic bones of the Legion. Enlisting the aid of the short-lived worker poltergeists, he rearranged the pieces to resemble a somewhat crude, but effective hellion (infernal centaur) that towered over it's previous incarnation. It had four mighty legs to support it self and four arms with which to deal death. Looking over at the refuse flesh, he fashioned a bladder from a thick tarp of intestinal outlining and filled it with the rest of the flesh. He bound it into a sphere and floated it up to the skeleton's throat. Knowing that normal steel skeleton bindings would not work, he summoned a Glabrezu demon from an abyssal gate.

Fresh from a recent kill, the foul looking Glabrezu that stood before an equally hideous gargoyle was dripping in different shades of red, with fresh blood trickling down it's hide. It looked like something straight out of one of those fool mortal 'movies' as they called them. The feral beast swished it's ugly maw from side to side, and then turned it's focus to Cheogh. It smelt the faint aura of magic that tingled off his hands, shining with bitter traces of octarine (the colour of magic). Wanting a much more worthy feast, the raging demon made a clumsy lunge at our villain. As it was in mid pounce, Cheogh dealt it an ugly blow to the face and it stopped dead at his feet. Tearing his arm out of it's head, he proceeded with the special rites that would infuse it's soul into the joints of his bone structure. Removing the beast's brain, he made some tears on the temporal lobe at the bottom, and wiped the dripping trophy along the nearest bone. Crafting a fine pentagram, it began to shine purple and then a dull crimson. Racing from the five points, the spiritual essence ran the length of the skeleton and tightly bound them, fusing the bone structural into the toughness of adamantite. He floated the rest of the demon's corpse up to the throat with the rest of the refuse flesh.

Looking over to the remaining three skulls, he infused a smaller portion of the demon's raging spirit with what little brains it had left. Eye sockets now burning with a putrid green, they now floated alongside the Hellion, burning with the same demonic energies that their former shell had in life. The creature had all of it's powers sorted, but it needed one more thing: skin. With several more gestures, the earth itself rose up around the creature's legs and enveloped it in the mighty mantle of molten magma. The lava that surrounded it never grew cool and burned tracks wherever the thing stood. It was truly a sight to behold, much mightier than the Legion of before. Just before Cheogh forgot, he cast a Rapid Decomposition spell on the bag of flesh in the creature's throat. The hidoues gas that frothed from the creatuer's maw was an atrocious mixture of death and decay, burning the strongest of metals with little ease. Now it was complete.

Marvelling over his masterpeice, he decided that it was worthy of a mind of it's own. Using a basic sentience spell (dragging several loose spirits into the corpse), the Hellion awoke. It's mind made up of vicious and malicious spirits, it would prove a nightmare of a challenge. These spirits were keen on the killing and could control the body with as much ease and skill as though it were there own. However, before Cheogh could issue orders, the contraption made a mad dash off to the city. "Hey, Come back here you idiot!!!......Damn, should have sacrificed an aasimar or something."

12-03-2002, 11:43 AM
Perched on a large rock just within visable range of AstartÚ, Malone and Luggage, Phoez stood happy in a way but somewhat dissappointed in another. Though the good had far out weighed the bad by any means. It was time...

Phoez shimmered in, just behind Luggage and pinned the living crate to the ground with both of his hands. The daemon and S°ulgatis both broke off their deep and meaningful suddenly and paid their attention to the now quivering Luggage. Phoez speaks..

"Beast, AstartÚ... i mean you all no harm anymore i just wish to speak though shall either of show ilintention toward this corpse... well lets say there are far worse things that can happen to lil' Luggage then merely falling in twine"

Phoez leans over and whispers to Luggage...

"I have come to you both in harmony with words of wise... Firstly you Bea... Malone. You have passed 2 of 3... tests and the third stands before you..."

Malone aggrivated as expected retorts... "Tests!!???..."

"Yes beast, tests... Test 1. Protector. I enhanced your power four fold back in that city in your fight against that abomination... two fold ur energy would have easily destroyed that thing without question. You felt this rush and yet still you threw every part of it at that evil. With the power you had you could have killed the beast and slaughtered the innocents who ran from it also.
Test 2. Self-sacrifice. Your friend here *tapping Luggage* was... lets face it dead. The magic you summoned to save this poor creature left you totally defenseless and at worst could have removed your existance, yet the box lives."

AstartÚ: "You would do all tha..."
Malone gently puts his fingers over her mouth... "and the third test?"

Phoez: "The third is maybe the hardest yet the simplest of tasks"
Malone gruffly: "WHICH IS"
Phoez: "Forgiveness... learn to forgive those who have wronged you, as those who you have wronged must forgive"
Malone: "And with all this crap with your tests and your forgiveness... what the hell does it prove..."

Phoez: "you sense and AstartÚ knows the evil... whilst its weak now, time is young and evil will grow ever stronger soon"

At the finish of Phoez sentence he looks sharply to his right... sensing power over the horizon... "I must go..."

AstartÚ: "You can't go... i have questions... how do you still occupy the same corpse... i held you in my hands..."

Phoez: "what you held was not Phoez... a mere prop in test of readiness for S°ulgatis... i will explain but now i leave..."

Phoez releases pressure off Luggage... at that instant Malone launched at Phoez just to be knocked back by the lightning that strikes Phoez... and with that the fettered corpse was gone...

Luggage started to jump around happy like... "No hurt anymore... no pain... no hurt... angel say no hurt no pain"

The touch of holiness was a euphoric experience for any creature

The Creator
12-03-2002, 02:02 PM
Malone picked himself up again, and leaned on one elbow and looked at the smoking hole where the lightning had struck, "Forgiveness? Who the hell am 'I' supposed to forgive, that mongrel is the only one that has hurt me in all these years.....except for that arcane nuisance, Aziraphale, but i haven't sensed his presence for many years now....he must have passed away without my knowledge. So this stupid up-start must think i am going to forgive him! He killed my pet! What does he think my reward is going to be? I could snap him over my knee! What in the world could he possibly give...me?"

It then struck him, and Malone placed one hand over his heart and looked over at AstartÚ, could he really give me freedom from the doom that lay in my heart? Could this be the freedom that he speaks, or would that deceitful devil just kill me at the end of my tasks? Its not strange for these screwed up minions to think death is a reward, bah!

Malone picked himself up, scanning the surrounding with his perfect eye-sight, what was the stupid assasin sensing anyway? Then he saw it., looming on the horizon, some giant beast that had its head in the clouds, Malone took a step back wards keeping his eyes locked on the beast, it had the same strange changing energy pattern as the last monstrosity as before, that damned bed-sheet changed gargoyle! If i get my hands on it!

"Well my dear, it seems your old master wishes to play summoning! Well, if he thinks his astral trash skills can beat that of mine! He has another thing coming!Come my dear we have work to do, you must assist me." putting both feet at shoulder width Malone raised both hands to his neck height and started to chant rythmetically, within seconds, a large number of pentagrams started to appear on the ground, spreading out as far as the eye could see in all directions.

Malone turned his head to AstartÚ, and re-opened his eyes, and what shone their wasn't that of his mortal body, shining black cat-eyes had metamorphasised under his lids, and as he spoke to her, the voice didn't seem to go through her ears, it just.......appeared in her mind, without any sound, the experience shocked her but she didn't take much notice, "Quickly my dear, you are a telepath, reach out with your mind, control the energy as best you can, make.....sure.........it.....doesn't......get out of control!" the bursts of speech entered her mind as he concentrated.

He turned his head back to the fields of glowing pentagrams, and now started slowly rising his chanting as he closed his eyes, and raised one hand to the air, and lowered the other to the ground as the pentagrams took on a brighter shade of red, the sky and earth both seemed to react together as Malone tryed desperately to summon the Army of pandemonium, his chants turning to screams.....


Emerald Dragon
12-03-2002, 02:51 PM
The sky and earth seemed to call out to AstartÚ as Malone attempted the summoning. The earth itself rumbled beneath them, though she had no trouble keeping her balance. Malone's incantations filled her head and she fully concentrated on the bright symbols which lit up the ground with an intense fiery glow. She stared out unaware of her surroundings, besides the pentagrams which were illuminated upon the ground, and she briefly listened in upon Malone's words. He spoke of an unknown tongue, but expressed sheer intensity. Rocks now raised from the earth and blasted upwards from the pentagrams light with a eruption of unbearable heat and flames of the most exuberant colour.

AstartÚ continued to stand in her position, the flames blew in the wind which scorched her clothing slightly. To her surprise she heard faint cries of help beneath her, which came closer, louder, then closer still. Then, like it was no more then ice melting into water, the air around her slowly formed that of a figure, she closed her eyes, frowned in concentration as the figure before her materialised. It spoke above Malone's ramblings. "Who has summoned me forth here? State your cause, mortal!" the figure spoke clearly, yet painfully slowly his voice tore her mind from its preoccupation and directed it upon him. "There is a corpse, who goes by the name of Phoez. He claims to be a 'Warrior of the Light' and possesses the sword held only by those of the Arcane Circle. He also claims to be the destroyer of evil...yet he would kill innocent mortals to acheive his goal. We would like your assistance in eliminating him for our task. We would however, like to ask you to bring forth your army as well, sir." She stood sheepishly hoping the summoned being would ask no further questions. "Very well, mortal, my blade and my army are yours to command..." AstartÚ breathed a sigh of relief.

The figure which once appeared in front of her disappeared from sight. She'd hoped that should could contain the imbalance that came with summoning. Her breathing became laboured, but she carried on, perhaps she was getting stronger.

12-03-2002, 06:51 PM
A huge gate erupted from the earth. Breaking the crust, issued huge ivory bones that arced at it's pinnacle height of a single kilometre. Red flesh began to wind it's way around the bones and were immediately set ablaze. Through the portal was the nightmarish regions of the Pandemonium itself. The scene was broken quickly however, as a flood of rampaging and battle armed demons issued forth from the dark portal. An incalculabe surge of soldiers rushed out, but even at the great haste they took in arriving, it was a single hour passed for the entire regiment to come past the calcified gates. As the last grunt raced through the portal, the scene to the otherworld shattered, and mirror-like panes showered out over the onlookers. The gate sunk back to it's infernal caves. The demons had little time to settle though, for in the air, theysensed the presence of a great enemy coming this way. Malone had not detected it earlier, but was now sure that something big this way came. He immediately called the troops out to the side of the city. They obeyed and oozed through the streets in a crimson tide.

A grand army was amassed at the dust torn gates, ready for a glorious battle. Careening in the distance, the huge hellion and it's retinue of three skulls were coming straight toward the city. Clattered armour and giddied cries were heard from the braying demons. It was time for some early fightin....but something was not right. The hellion quickly changed course and ran off back in the direction whence it came. Confused, the demonic legion were now getting impatient and began to bicker amongst themselves. The large dust cloud that the beast had left began to dissipate and only a single floating speck hung in the air. Cheogh, who had hastily followed his reckless creation, saw this as his chance to be rid of some rubbish. Pulling out the small vial of temporal warp energies from his pocket planar pouch, he tossed it several kilometres just so it landed in the centre of the disorganized horde. Immediately, the now unkempt warp energies wreaked their path of destruction. A twisting whirlwind began throwing the party about, dusting and sweeping them clean off the ground. Without a proper storage or with a conduit with which to control it, the raging energies cut out a swarthe among the burning lackeys and they were scattered like loose sand in a tornado. The swirling helix of the energy well was only short lived, but in the aftermath, the demons of the fearsome army were now transplanted across the city, in a deep state of confusion, muttering "What the hell was that???". Cheogh had long since gone, looking for his creation.

After an hours travel, Cheogh grew tired of the chase. The hellion was unnaturally charged and wouldn't relent in it's mad dash. Sight of it was lost half an hour back, but Cheogh sensed it had stopped and he was close to getting it back. Upon climbing a relatively fertile hill, the first patch of greenery he had seen in a while, Cheogh peered down into a small valley. It was there he saw the Hellion and it's troops, scaring some local livestock. Dumbfounded at why the beast would pass up murdering thousands on chasing up some cows was beyond belief. Gliding down into the recently scorched valley, he went to have a spy on the creature's habits. Firstly, it was noted that it's mind was indeed gone, but it had somehow passed on it's odd behaviour to it's surrounding skulls whose eyes now pulsed a familiar blue, like his former alter-ego in ectoplasmic form. Secondly, it had completely lost it's will to harm the innocent, only the animals that it found funny. Thirdly, it was irritating to say the least. For every cow it had burnt, it would utter something along the lines of "I'll get you bovine!", or "I'll freak you good!". The skulls would goad him on in his "quest". Fourthly, the gibbering minds that had powered it had now unified into the one. Finally, having enough, Cheogh decided to step in.

Standing a few metres in front of the giant wrecking machine, he shouted "What the hell is the deal with this? I thought you were going to kill those freaks in the city." The hellion looked down, with a maddening glint and smiled. "I wanted to have some fun. Surely you would like to as well." it chuckled in it's calm voice. This concept had Cheogh stunned. The only enjoyment he had ever known was the torment in others, but he never knew why. "What do you mean?" asked the now curious gargoyle. The hellion chided "You know, like enjoying yourself, doing things that you like doing. Killing people is boring. It's how i ended up like this." Cheogh looked long and hard at the creature before him. "Aren't you angry at the world that cast you out into the wastes, those who live in luxury while you try to scrape a living and now end up dead?" The giant chuckled. "Not really, i found my friends out here in the sands. There are always people willing to accept you wherever you go, you just have to search a bit harder. It's not so bad. Even now, I can still talk to all my buddies. They've been by my side my whole life." Confused, Cheogh sat down on the ground and tried to think of the past. The hate, the loneliness, the desire to just go home and plot revenge. All the time spent here in this world afraid of change. The hellion beckoned. "You needn't worry about it, the past is the past. You shouldn't don't hold grudges. By the way, you wouldn't happen to have a deck of cards on you, would you?" Cheogh now sat upright and and opened his fist to reveal a metal edged deck of planar playing cards. As the deck opened, the cards dealt themselves out between the players, The hellion, his skulls and the now calm gargoyle.

The Creator
12-04-2002, 06:17 PM
Malone arched his back and continued the chant, low voice's talked below his eye sight as he went on, then sparks and rock flew up wards, followed by burst's of fire, 15 minutes went by before the summoning was complete, and as Malone lowered his head and opened his eye's the darkeness fled from his sockets, and his mortal eyes returned, now before him stood a large gate, one which he had only ever seen before in books, they were hewn from the bones of ancient dragons, black bone crafted into the gate's, made quite a grizzly sight.....

Malone watched as the gates swung open, and as a large smile crossed his face he noticed AstartÚ fall to her knee's exhausted, oh dear! The ordeal must have been too much for her to go through, reaching to his belt he withdrew a small flask and held it to her lips as the red liquid flowed through her lips, this should wake her up, and revive her, he gave a small chuckle as he thought about it, probably shouldn't have given it to her, this will keep her wide awake for days!

As the girl stood quickly to her feet, and smiled up at him, he breifly smiled back and then turned to watch the gates as he heard a great deal of outlandish swearing and crunching comeing from with-in....brutish fools, that must be the army coming by the sound of it......

First of all their was the un-mistakable racket of the mounted brigade as they marched through, slapping eachother on the back and around the face, excited to be going to war once again, it had been so long! Their steeds, nothing more then hulking hogs....these ugly beast's were specially bred for their size and speed long ago, the ugly beasts stood at least to the shoulder height of an average mortal, the beasts drooled at the mouth and licked their longs fangs as they trotted through the gate, crazed obviously by their flaming red eyes as they darted from one side to other and the frenzied movements of their heads, but their strong riders held them in check with ease with one bulging arm.

Next came the frightening footed army, headed with one large Daemon that stood at least half a body larger then the rest, Malone recognised him instantly, his old boss, Sergeant Rysfloch the heavest drinker in Pandemonium, he could easily polish a whole barrel of Flooze to himself before a battle, crazy *******. Behind him marched proudly the many ranks of the army of Pandemonium, stamping and slapping their sheilds with huge clubs, bitten and gnawed scimitars, or just metted claws as they marched, this group was the origin of the swearing and screaming that Malone had heard, they were singing and hitting and stabbing eachother as they walked, some form of strange 'pysch-up' session that all Daemon's held before any battle, if a comrade fell in these little 'bouts' then they were simply marched over by the many ranks, driving him into the ground, thought of as nothing more then a failure and a weakling.

Last but certainly not least came the largest part of the footed army, the huge Ogre's that carried nothing more then a hammer that wouldn't be even moved by the heavy machinery of today, although these beasts carried them with ease over one shoulder, as they came to the gates, the whole brigade went on hands and knees to crawl under the tight fit, although the gate it self was quite tall, standing at a whoping 20 foot high, fitting a fully grown, battle ready ogre through one was no small task, every inch of space was filled, although they still made it, leaving large cracks and craters as they walked after exicting the portal and stepping onto the weak ground of the earth.

The whole ordeal took not a minute less then an hour and a half to complete, whole fields were filled with the massing army, a large smile crossed Malone's face as he marvelled at what he could control now, as he looked around he spotted who he searched for, the sergeant....Malone looking down at his body took a step forward bursting back into his natural body, and taking flight to go and stand with his old captain.

Landing softly next to him, Malone looked up into the captains eyes and said quietly, "Isn't it strange how the table's have turned my friend, look who has who by the balls this time! Remeber all those times in training? Trust me, i will make you pay you stubborn old *******!" Looking around innocently Malone checked no-body heard his rushed conversation and took flight, just as a small phile fell out of the sky right where he had stood, exploding with a re-soudning boom, sending all the troops flying backwards, and up into the sky, only to be thrown further back.

Malone watched from the air as numerous troops were thrown weight-lessly around, as if they were only paper, and then simply dropped as a child's play thing, the sight made Malone chuckle, knowing only too well that it had come from that running chicken, 'Cheogh', he decided however to use this surprise attack to rally his troops, he turned his head and roared, putting on his best army voice he could, specially learnt all that time ago in the conscript...."OK all you little mongrels! Its time to get moving, it seems we have been spotted by Phoez! That was him who attacked us just then! He hides himself in those very mountains! Now you maggots! Get moving or i'll blast the lot of ya!"

"And you! Yes you with the sky scraper! Put that back in the ground and get back to your plattoon this instant!"


Emerald Dragon
12-05-2002, 07:52 AM
Malone gently poured the red liquid into her mouth. She awoke instantly. It's aftertaste had a curious flavour, being a mix between strawberries and cream. She smiled up at him, he returned it quickly then reverted his attentions elsewhere. AstartÚ remembered vaguely that the two of them attempted a summoning. Her body suddenly felt very warm, though the air was extremely cold. She wondered if it was the effect of the liquid. Loud screams of profanity and the odd clash of swords is all she heard and she stood in the midst of it all. She silently freaked and quickly made a dash to the outside.

She looked around quickly, and removed her heavy cloak from around her shoulders her body temperature seemed to rise with the time... She heard Malone's voice ring out. "Isn't it strange how the table's have turned my friend, look who has who by the balls this time! Remeber all those times in training? Trust me, i will make you pay you stubborn old *******!" She scowled and when she looked in the direction from which she heard his voice, it was gone, she turned her head upwards and saw him hovering effortlessly in the now dark sky. Her attention moved to the large boom, everything in its vinicity fell backwards, she landed on her behind and cried out. "Ah! What the hell was that?" She tried to grab a hold of the casters mind. She stumbled backwards "Too many people! Dammit, Malone a little help here!" Her voice was drowned out by the massive surging armies which yelled out against the very earth itself, the slow assembly of its army took almost forever, but it seemed that they prepared for battle. She hoped it'd be the end of their troubles.

The Creator
12-05-2002, 08:16 AM
Malone's look of pleasure turned to embarrsement and shook as he heard AstartÚ's voice ring out over the din and clatter, Malone darted over the surrounding area, looking, all he found on the ground was the stamped and grinded bodies of fallen Daemon's, Malone laughed as he noticed one that was still alive, pulling himself along the ground with one arm, as he passed over he breifly heard the moaned message of "Kill Me!" Rise up from the mutilated body that laid crushed into the ground, Malone didn't slow down, or think about it as the fireball lept into his hand and fell down on the pathetic Daemon.

Malone's search continued as his troops re-assembled, this would take a long time, damned crazed horde, this is that Sergeants fault! If he hadn't have been such a fool in training these being would still have their minds!

Malone was looking around, his temper growing, he finally decided as he flew, he brought himself to a stop and screamed at the surrounding troops, "Ok maggots! Move yourself, there is a mortal round here somewhere, and if you little pieces of crap hurt a hair on her head! I'LL BLOW YA'S ALL INTO THE GROUND! NOW MOVE IT!" Proud of his bluff, Malone watched as a large circle of Daemon's expanded around one space, and he saw sitting in the middle of it, AstartÚ sitting in the middle of it, smiling up at him, the smile puzzled Malone as he flew down to meet her.

He landed heavily on the ground next to her, swiftly changing into the mortal body, and bowing low, his knuckles dragging on the ground as he rounded it off, "Sorry to keep you waiting my dear." A smile crossing his face at his pathetic attempt at chivalry.


Emerald Dragon
12-05-2002, 08:52 AM
As he came down next to her, she held on to him tightly, putting her arms around his neck. "Malone, darling...I love you so much...I..." He looked down at her confused. AstartÚ caressed his face softly and she kissed it multiple times. "Malone, honey? Kiss me." He peered down at the attractive young girl, he fought with his feelings. Then briefly swore to himself. "I really shouldn't of given that..." "What? Given me what? ...I suppose, if it takes so much for you kiss me again, perhaps I could heighten your spirits?" She interrupted and looked warmly into his eyes. "Tell me what you want Malone..." He stood over her shocked "Little one, you feeling alright?" His voice quivered slightly. "Oh Malone, don't be nervous, you don't have to be nervous around me." She began to unbutton the top of the dress she wore. He grunted and turned away from her. "You shouldn't do this, we're in the middle of a battlefield, can't you see?!" He yelled. "Malone, tell me this isn't what you want..." Her eyes dreamily wandering over him.

She smiled sweetly, and undressed a little further. It seemed the girl had drawn an audience, not much to her surprise she enjoyed the attention. Again, it was the effect of the strange potion. What the heck it was, she felt really good. And she had an immense attraction toward the daemon who looked at her with hardened eyes. She watched him threaten her audience and she laughed. "Oh, I know you'd want to keep me to yourself Malone, but spare them for me, wouldn't you?" She pleaded through puppy dog eyes. She watched eagerly as Malone blushed and struggled to keep his composure. "Malone, I'm feeling so very hot...perhaps you could, help me? It would go much faster you know."

The Creator
12-05-2002, 09:14 AM
Malone turned to see the girl, the dress that she once wore, laying limp on the ground, AstartÚ looking at him with sparkling eyes, although she wore under-garments, everything was still quite visible from where Malone stood, he fought to control him self, looking the girl up and down, then repeating.

He took a step forward, the girls lusting looks grew ever larger, as he reached out one hand and wrapped it around her shoulder and drew her into kiss her, she whispered quietly, "I'm so glad you gave me that drink, its made me feel absolutely wonderful!" Malone scowled, why did she have to say that! He backed off, and bent picking up the crumbled top and skirt, giving it back to her, "Dress, and please be quick about it!" Malones fist clenching and un-clenching making his knuckles cracking loudly, he looked back over his shoulder as the last button of her shirt was fastened, his eyes breifly flaring.

He turned again and walked back bursting without warning into his Daemon form, a large scowly plastered on his face, hating himself for having to be 'good' he picked the girl up and placed her on his back and burst off the ground with a grunt and a few flaps of his massive wings he was in the air, trying to leave his thoughts about the girl on his back, back on the ground, he shouldn't have thought like that, he knew perfectly well it was only the Yuloga Juice speaking through her mind, but she is so attractive, no! Mustn't think of her like that, it wasn't her, remember that!

Trying to think of something to get his mind off AstartÚ Malone flew quickly around, screaming orders at his army, trying to speed up the gathering process.... Phoez wants forgiveness huh? I'll forgive him, an inch before he dies, then i will forgive him, although i'll heal him.....with a small chuckle, he won't know that though........


Emerald Dragon
12-05-2002, 10:01 AM
The young girl felt disappointed, naturally. Although Malone looked at her through unemotional eyes, she knew better then to let it be. "Malone, you know it feels horrible when you look at me like that..." She whipped up her puppy dog eyes. He ignored her and kept himself afloat. She decided to do something she hadn't done in a while. She concentrated her energy and sent it towards him, though finally she managed to pull through, the wall which previously blocked her seemed to disappear. Above all his yelling, his thoughts seemed planted on her. AstartÚ was rather pleased with herself. She smiled happily and tried to dig a little deeper. Her connection was suddenly blocked again by that wall Malone yelled at her. "I didn't give you permission to go there!" The girl shrugged lightly, but she was pleased already knowing what she wanted to find out.

"So, you think I'm attractive?" She yelled to him. He flew a little higher. He grew a little warm but shrugged it off quickly. "What was this about forgiving Phoez?' She remembered she picked that up as well. "I don't really see how it can be too hard. Although he claims to be something, which I think he isn't, it's not hard to forgive him at all..." Malone dropped her off on the ground and took her off his back. He scowled deeply. "What do you mean?" She stared up at him with eyes that dazzled him "What do you mean 'What do you mean'? I mean what I say. Do you even know what forgivness is?" He stared at her blankly, cursing her for being cryptic. "Malone, I'm still feeling etchy, could you at least hold me?"

The Creator
12-05-2002, 10:15 AM
Malone raised an eye-brow at the girl and plainly held out an arm, letting the girl slip her slight frame under, he rested her arm on her shoulder, thinking this was close enough to hold her, he looked down at the dis-appointed look on the girls face, he dismissed it with a shrug and a slight smile, that drink certainly worked strangely on mortals.

"For one AstartÚ i must warn you, please don't go venturing into my mind, that is my last fortress, i'll make you a deal, i'm going to let down my defence's on the outer side of my mind, but you will go no further...hear me! Secondly, yes of course i do know what forgiveness is, but you seem to be missing an important aspect, he killed my friend of 4 millenia's! If it wasn't for me, poor luggage down there would still BE dead, and would be that way forever, you have feelings for the big softy.....you can't expect me to let that arcane scum go un-punished can you?"

Malone sat down on top of the sky-scraper on which he had flown to, letting the girl sit next to him, snuggling deeper under his arm, he kept an eye on her, making sure she didn't let anymore of the potion go to her head while he wasn't looking, then turning his head and hanging his legs off the side of the building he admired the army at which he had brought forth, it was breath-taking watching them swarm, like an army of ants, ants the size of small houses perhaps, but still ants.....

While they sat, Malone concentrated into his mind, moving back his barrier to further in his mind, keeping all his more 'private' thoughts to himself, at least this would keep the little mortal happy he thought, he smiled contently as he looked out over the many ranks of creatures, he hadn't even noticed the sirens blaring in the background...........


Emerald Dragon
12-07-2002, 06:02 PM
AstartÚ snuggled under Malone's arm but found herself shifting constantly. She'd decided on something else. As Malone watched at his besieging army, she moved out from under his arm and sat across his lap looking up at him lovingly. He stared down at her sharply and attempted to move her off. She pouted and held her arms around his neck again. "Dearest Malone, don't let me fall. I'm afraid..." She made a face which showed almost genuine fear, then laughed softly as she saw his eyes soften towards her. She batted her eyes at him and saw his defences crushed literally with what seemed so close to the "Look of Death." Malone's soft brown eyes wavered as he fought with his mind. AstartÚ raised a kind hand towards his head and carefully read his mind. The result was so little that it was obvious he was hiding so much.

She tilted her head in the direction of the moon which palely lit the night sky. "It's very romantic Malone, why do you refuse to take advantage of it? Because if you don't. I will." She moved his hand down to her ankles and moved it upwards underneath her skirt, she moved it slowly Malone looking down at her longingly. As she reached the top of her knee, Malone forced himself to shake free from her, he lifted her off of him and stood her up. He tried to punish or scorn her for her behaviour, but stopped, beat himself in his mind and walked away. AstartÚ looked back at him blankly. But shrugged and took off after him, yet she walked at a calm pace...

The Creator
12-08-2002, 09:42 AM
Why, why, WHY!!! Why do i have to do the right thing, he paced heavily around the rooftop of the building, leaving small footprints in the hard concrete, looking over his shoulder he saw AstartÚ, nearly running to try and keep up with the lurching steps of the Daemon.

Shaking his head, "That's it! I can't take this war in my head!" He jumped backwards in a long backflip and landed, facing AstartÚ he picked her up around the waist and brought her equal to his face and then embraced her tighly with his large arms, and their lips touched as he kissed her, long and hard, holding the kiss....his body shrunk as he held her there, with a small inward pop, as he broke off the kiss he was standing there in his mortal body, looking deeply into her eyes, he quickly looked away, this just wasn't right!

What was he doing here, he was a prince of Daemon's, and what was he doing! Sitting on a roof top having foreplay with a goddamed mortal! As he marched back to the edge of the building he looked back over his shoulder, at the girl, her hair blowing out behind her in long tressels, her body covered in the beautiful silk, and dress-making of Daemon Queen's of long ago, she simply took his breath away, his mind was filled with her, flashes of mental pictures flashed in Malone's mind, for once in his life he couldn't control his thoughts.

He looked over the side of the building and noticed down in the fields, his shoulder's had finally become fully gathered once again, the troops assembled in numerous perfectly shaped squares spreading the field, the Daemon army assembly line completed, a relieved smile crossed Malone's face as his figure changed again and stepped backwards, and distractedly plucked AstartÚ off the roof and placed her on his back, as he leapt off the side of the building.

As he fell he thought the girl decided the girl had to pay her debt for the kiss earlier, so he simply folded his wings and let his body fall, picking up speed as they went down, he didn't pay much attention to her, but he smirked to himself as he felt her fingers dig in ever tighter into his skin on his chest, mere metres from the ground his wings flicked open, pulling him swiftly from the fall, he let out a quick, burst of low, booming laughter as he flew onwards.

He flew above his troops, smiling at the very organised patterns that these bulking soldiers could actually accomplish, he was strangely proud at them as he flew, making sure all were in their places. After about 10 minutes of checking, he found that all was complete, and he began to make the appropriate orders to get the great number of soldiers moving.

Dust rose from all around, as the army began to move, simulataneously, the ground shook with great rythmetic booms as bulking beasts kept beat for the marching soldiers as they marched, not long after the beginning, from all around, loud song sprang up, Malone feeling suddenly nostalgic, joined in shortly, letting the booming notes, and verses exit his mouth, a smile passing over his lips as he flew over the moving sea of soldiers....


Emerald Dragon
12-08-2002, 10:25 AM
She screamed in a fit of rage as Malone laughed out appreciatively at his attempt of trying to scare the poor girl. "I'm glad you think that was funny, but I'm not going to play with you anymore..." AstartÚ as she sat upon his back yelled out to him with her green eyes giving him a piercing look. "I demand that you stop right here!" Malone chuckled lightly to himself. He slowly lowered himself to the ground and took her lightly off his back. She quickly wiped herself from where he held her. "Now, as fear would have it. I'm sure you're a little scared of something else. Now it's my turn."

She turned out and looked at the sky briefly, taking in it's brilliance, she marvelled at it for only a second then smiled at Malone with a hint of sarcasm. She called out to no one in particular. "O Sword of Light, I beseech thee to come to me!" A small beam of light fell from the sky to light a small area on the ground. The holy sword that Malone had tossed so frivolously away last time now reappeared in the presence of the 'mere' mortal. The light disappated and now they were left in almost total darkness again, except from the sword which glowed white very slightly. It shimmered also from the pale moonlight. Malone staggered back and gasped as she almost took a hold of it. "But how?" AstartÚ laughed "You can't simply throw it away, did you think it'd get lost?" She walked up slowly and took a hold of the sword now floating mysteriously upright off the ground. The effect was instantaneous causing her to fall to her knees and cry out in pain. Her body cooled dramatically and she shivered due to the cool atmosphere. The light from the sword she held in both hands grew stronger and eminated a blinding blue light which surrounded her. The light faded out slowly, the small girl groaned inwardly and fell, only to have Malone catch her.

AstartÚ was still conscious yet she still remained weak as she sat up looking up at Malone. "Oh...I, Malone. I'm sorry, I must of failed the summon. All I remember is me, growing weaker and weaker, I was so close...what?! Where did that army come from, how long have I been like this?" Malone looked down at her completely confused. "You've been awake for almost 5 hours since the summoning, don' t you remember?" AstartÚ stared at Malone through wide-eyes. "No, I don't remember a thing. What's happened so far?"

The Creator
12-08-2002, 10:46 AM
Malone smiled sweetly down at her, but then remembered their crowd and rushed over to the sword, again picking it up and hurling it as far as possible........damned thing just won't stay away, he thought to himself as he nursed his badly burnt hands.

"Well my dear, after you helped me.....quite succesfully actually, with the summoning," He quietly said into her face as his hand healed, he made a large gesture around in a circle at the quickly marching soldiers, "You helped me quite well at getting the whole army here, and for that i thankyou. Although, just before they started to arive you collapsed, un-concious, so i gave you some Yuloga Juice, a home remedy my own mother taught me when i was just a kid, but it had some....un-expected results on you....yes although you did wake up, you DEFINETLY weren't yourself, it was my best to stop you jumping all over me," He let out a low chuckle as he saw the dark tinge of red cover her face," Don't worry my dear, it is my fault i'm sure, the drink must be too powerful for a mortal to drink, i'm going to have to water it down if i'm going to use it on you again!"

"After i gave you the drink, you were acting so strangely, i took you up to the roof top of that building over there, but you kept up your behaviour, so i gave you a little scare....i'm sorry but i thought it might snap you back to normal, but as soon i got you back to ground, i'm not sure what happened, you re-summoned that damned sword, i'm not too sure what you planned to do with it....but it didn't look too nice. Although, the most important thing is, are you feeling better now?"

He leaned down, bringing his face equal with her's, wrapping his bulking arms around her shoulders and rubbing his cheek softly against her's, he softly whispered in her ear, "I'm glad your back to normal though...."


Emerald Dragon
12-08-2002, 11:45 AM
As Malone held AstartÚ in his arms, she pulled away gently. "Malone, I think that you've gotten me quite strangely. I-I think you feel more for me then what I do for you..." Malone was crestfallen at her response. "I'm sorry, it's rather hard for me to take all of this in. I've only realised recently that I'm not normal...that I have a power. It's so very different now, it's too soon for me to have feelings brought upon me so suddenly. I must admit something to you. I admire and respect you very much, but your affection scares me. It isn't your fault, but it is the cause of my past. Since I was very young I was put into slavery after my parents died. And, going on from then, I've had advances from the most horrible men who have forced themselves on me. I don't want to go into detail...but you have to understand...but that isn't to say that I'm not attracted to you. I think you're very amiable, sometimes." With that she smiled up at him.

He sat down next to her and gave her a supportive hug. "I'm sorry, I never realised that it was like that for you." She shook her head no, "I would have told you the first time you kissed me, but we were interrupted. See, we were on a path of revenge, now we seek justice because of a lack of forgiveness. Malone, I want to ask you...that what forgiveness means to you is very different to what I think it is. To me forgiveness is not a pardon to someone elses mistakes or sins, but an attitude towards people and a respect towards their lives. To forgive is to understand their place in this world. Phoez is no exception Malone. You don't have to pardon him for what he has done, because that's not what forgiveness is. Remember that." She watched his expression grow..."So, what do you think it is?"

The Creator
12-08-2002, 12:08 PM
"Forgiveness my dear.....forgiveness is impossible....but in my mind, true forgiveness is to witness the person who has caused you such great pain, right here" Malone took AstartÚ's hand and placed it where his heart beat hard and fast, "When someone has hurt me as much as Phoez has, forgiveness is to witness them go through the same torment, i can feel it growing in my mind, i can feel a kind-ness that has never been there before growing, i will not kill Phoez my dear, just as he....didn't kill Luggage, i will pull him back from death's doors and from that day on we will be friends, if he will take it, that my dear is what forgiveness is..."

Malone's eyes had grown black and hard thinking about Luggage earlier, split in two, seeing him like that had ripped Malone's heart from his chest, Phoez obviously had less feelings in that corpse then Malone, but he would bring redemption, he was going to free him. Being trapped in a sword for so many millenia must have driven the damned soul crazy.....i'd help him!

"My dear, my intentions are good, he told me to forgive him, i intend to forgive him....please don't look at me like that....this is that way that my mind works, you asked my dear...."


Emerald Dragon
12-08-2002, 01:01 PM
Malone held her hand to his chest, feeling the rhythmic beating of his heart. It pounded pronounced, fast, yet she felt the pain of his sadness through his eyes. "I understand how you must feel, but forgiveness isn't watching the pain of someone elses torment. That's like saying that sadness, poverty and depression is fair. This world has been infected with a deathly plague that will eventually kill us all...slowly infecting our blood supply. Do you really think that bringing him to the brink of death will achieve anything at all? Malone, that's almost close to masochism. But, it is in your heart, I can't change you, but you can't expect me to agree with it."

Malone nodded sadly, he saw the reasoning in her face. She frowned creasing her small forehead, she was thinking extensively. "I don't like this chase Malone, I think he's just playing around with you. Bringing this army here...was a mistake. If you are to forgive him, there is a time and place for that, but it's not here or now. We must relieve the army of it's duties. They deserve that much. Malone, don't...I don't want to sympathise with you right now. Because, in your heart you can't comprehend anything of what I know and feel. You'll come to realise that what you're doing is wrong. I can't tell you what to do, but I expect that you know what to do. Or, you will...sooner or later." He shifted her eyes to meet hers she read his mind briefly "I'm trying..." "I know you are. In the end, you'll make the right choice, I have every faith in you." She smiled proudly.

Malone dropped his grip from hers. AstartÚ took his hand into hers and put it against her chest where her heart beat steadily beneath it. "My heart now bears your pain, think carefully before you decide, as my heart now belongs to you." She scowled suddenly. "Why did you throw away my sword? That's the only link we have towards The Book of Life! I believe it is The Book itself!" He stood up quickly and swore loudly. "Why didn't you tell me earlier!"

12-08-2002, 01:23 PM
"You *******! You can't do that!" Unholy curses were spouting out from the chasm, shaking the still sands. The white demon layer that had formed over him was beginning to go a sour red as small sparks bounced off his back. The hellion made some slight gestures and Cheogh bitterly sat down and picked up his cards. The three skulls began to chuckle among themselves, but a quick glare from the gargoyle set them silent. "Honestly, how do you get fifthteen freakin aces?!" The hellion stood up and gathered the cards back up into a neat little stack. Looking to the skulls "Surely there is a game you can't cheat in?" The skulls formed in their group and turned around again, shaking their heads uniformly and then bursting out in hideous laughter (frenzied teeth chattering). The hellion sighed and sat down again. Cheogh got up and un-summoned the cards. "You know what i'm game for? Some skull bowling!" The skulls began to chatter in fear as Cheogh flew above the center skull and hefted him above his head. Walking up to the the highest peak, he gave an almighty heave as he tossed the skull as far as he could into the horizon, much to the skull's disappointment. At that instant, a deafening whistling sound roared from above, and a alaborn sword carved and gap in the sand with a dull thud. The hellion was away at the oasis again, leaving only Cheogh and the remaining two skulls to investigate.

The skulls nervously backed off when Cheogh came back from his excursion. He was carefully eyeing up the mysterious blade which had just so strangely turned up at this very spot. It was of no ordinary construction, well not from this fool plane. It looked familiar, but no one could place their finger/mandible on it. Cheogh decided that it might be useful for later and casually yanked it from it's grave and tossed it over at the teeth of his skull companions. A slight buzzing coursed through his arm, but it was no more than a slight itch. "You two freaks keep an eye on this thing! You know what'll happen to you if you dont." he scowled making a gesture over to the cliff where he hefted the other skull. He ast down by the fire he had crafted and gave a quick snap of his granite fingers. The third skull re-materialised in front of the other two. "The same goes for you ya freak." The third skull, who was very visibly shaken by this experience gave a quick nod and kept stoic watch over the sword.

The Creator
12-08-2002, 01:26 PM
The book of life huh? That would explain it all, the sword glowing like it did, why i saw the Arcane Circle in it. It must be Aziraphale's old sword! How the hell did that corpse get a hold of THAT!?
"You know my dear i very seriously starting to doubt that this 'Phoez' is who he says he is, you see if that is TRULEY the book of life, well Aziraphale certainly wouldn't have given that up without a fight. It puzzled me at all how this being would know Aziraphale, let alone be HIRED by him, Aziraphale isn't the kind of person to let someone else handle his dirty work. This is certainly a thought to ponder on! Certainly can't be having war while the Book of life is out and free!" Malone turned and gave AstartÚ a wink and waved his hand distractedly at the fields of Daemon's which stood before them, as Malone's large claw finished its upward and downward path, the fields were empty, nothing more then the foot prints and cracks in the earth to prove that they had been there.

"Thankyou very much for thinking twice about what you were going to do Malone!" AstartÚ looked up nervously at the tall Daemon which stood before her, Malone answered her with nothing more then a nod which showed the fatigue in his eyes, although he tryed to attempt a hopeful smile it ended up as nothing more then a twitch of his mouth.

"Ok then, seeing though you seem to have such an interesting skill at being able to call this thing my dear, lets see what it can do...." Malone moaned his words, the banishing had tired him....he felt as though he would fall from his feet at any minute, all the colour had drained from his already pale face.

AstartÚ nervously this time, throwing him worried looks constantly threw her hands in the air and called forth the sword, it plopped out of the sky a few metres away, and landed heavily on the ground.

With a smile Malone clicked his fingers and Luggage appeared a few steps away and ran up to its master, its lid clicking open, Malone looked sadly back to the glowing sword then turned back to AstartÚ disappointed, "Sorry my dear, i can't do this right now...." his eyes rolled up and he fell, slumped over Luggage, completely drained....


Emerald Dragon
12-09-2002, 05:16 PM
"Malone..." AstartÚ quickly fell to Luggage's side. She carefully pulled him off the wooden box and laid him carefully upon the soft earth. "...You really shouldn't rely on yourself all the time" She referred to him unsummoning without assistance. She felt his pulse at the tender parts of his neck, to her touch it was extremely weak and sweat appeared at his brow, which cooled quickly under the freezing skies. AstartÚ thought quickly. "I shouldn't use the sword again, it'll bring too much attention...oh what do I do" She openly fretted. "Use the master's bottle!" Luggage answered back, strangely calm. She searched Malone's body carefully and found the small flask which was embedded in his heavy cloak. It's bright, red liquid shimmered strangely, almost shining like pearls. She took of the cap gently and poured it slowly through his lips. Malone awoke abruptly sat up and coughed violently. AstartÚ put a caring hand and supported him on his back, with a look of concern painted on her face "Are you okay, I was so scared..." he nodded weakly. She placed him back on the ground, sacrificed her cloak, folded it neatly and placed it under his head for him to rest on.

By this time. AstartÚ had decided she'd almost had enough for one day. She wasn't tired at all. She asked Luggage to give her some more bedding, with a loud creak his lid opened and revealed the items before her. She lay down and thought about how Malone was coping. "Are you feeling any better?" When he did not respond she arose from her resting position. She watched him as he lay silently, he was wide awake. She moved herself and the bedding to lie next to him, she lay on her stomach and supported herself with her elbows and looked at him she watched him staring into space. "You've been awfully quiet are you alright, you don't seem like yourself."

12-10-2002, 01:00 PM
"You WHAT??!!" The three skulls cowered in fear at the raging ornament. "I turn my back for a few seconds and you tell me that the sword just disappears on you??" All three skulls nodded in unison. Calming down a notch, Cheogh walked in a tight circle for a minute, while he decided on how best to get back his trading material. He knew it had been warped off somewhere. "That sword might actually cost a couple Dran from the Planar Merchants Guild, that would save me the trouble of more killing. Now how am I supposed to pay off the ferryman?" Cheogh stared at the triumvirate, demanding a simple answer. A minute of silence passed, when finally one of them had an idea.

Cheogh heard a simple solution in his head: 'Follow the astral trail'. "Of course!, all I need to do is follow it's energy reading, that thing had an energy level easy enough to follow. It's that easy! Mind you, i'm not gonna do the dirty work. You fools find it for me. The first one back will get a body. Now bring it to me!" The skulls began to circle themselves, chattering cheerfully amongst each other, and slowly hovered over the hill, back to the city where they detected the sword last. Over from the other side of the hill, the gargantuan hellion strolled back from his short trip. He stopped a couple of paces from the scheming statue and quizzically asked, "Where did the skulls go?"

Just out of sight of the hill, the three skulls broke out from their group and each began to hurtle toward the city and frightening speeds, hoping to earn the bodies they yearned. The trip was no match for disembodied flying, combined with the infernal energies bestowed upon them from the master. The broken city quickly came into view and the scent of energy was much stronger. However, several other energy readings were bundled in a similar area, but the close proximity of all of them made pulling a single level quite the task for the skulls, instead opting just to barge in on whatever it was and get out before anyone noticed. As they steadily raced their way through the labyrinthine maze of buildings, the skulls tried to outmanoeuver and outwit each other, but would ulitmately end up with each of them meeting up at the some point and begin contesting (or in this case, biting) each other for the hot property. The few humans who remained in these parts, emerged from their holes. With the demon army gone, they thought an end to the bizzare sightings would go with them. The three fighting skulls proved otherwise and sent them back into hiding.

The Creator
12-10-2002, 05:41 PM
Malone spluttered as the Yuloga juice was poured down his throat, burning the whole way down and leaveing a searing mark where it had passed, but with it came energy and that...mmmm, lovely taste that it carried, as his eyes clicked open he licked his lips, but then it smacked into his stomach abruptly, and due to the fact he hadn't eaten for a few days it sent him into convulsions, coughing madly he leant forward trying to suck in air to soothe his hurting stomach, the direct link with luggage revealed him to be shaking with laughter in the back ground;

Good joke wasn't it master, i got you there very well, yes yes? Oh the look on your face master! **another burst of laughter** I told young Lady AstartÚ to do that, aren't i the smart one, i knew you hadn't eaten for a while!

AstartÚ rushed up as Malone tryed to lay back down and put a hand under his back, "Are you alright?", Malone replied with a shaky nod, then AstartÚ continued and rested his head on a small pile of clothing she had gathered....what a sweet thought...

For a while Malone looked up noislessly at the sky resting on the comfortable homemade pillow, soon after AstartÚ decided it must have been time for bed and gathered her essentials from Luggage, resting them down on the ground, then moving them closer towards Malone, "You've been awfully quiet are you alright, you don't seem like yourself."

With a large smile Malone turned over and looked at the girl, "Of course i'm myself, whoelse can i be?" He replied with a wink, "Just trying to clear my head my dear, you gave me an awfully large amount of Yuloga juice back then, i swear i've been seeing a dragon flying around in circles up there....and there ain't anymore of them left in this world, i watched the last one die long ago! Just give me a while my dear, i'll be fine...." With another smle he turned back to the sky, his eyes seemed to be following a point in the sky so far up.....

"Malone....could you tell me a bit about yourself? We have been together for what seems ages now, and i still feel i know so little about you...." AstartÚ was looking at him through pleading eyes when he turned to her stunned, he wasn't expecting a question like that, he wasn't sure such a sweet hearted girl would want to know what he had done in his past, but he couldn't refuse those eyes as he looked deeply into them....

The pair talked for hours, talking through till when the sun was peaking over the sky-scrapers so far away, the pair described themselves to eachother, where they came from, their parents, and how they had come to get to the place where they met....although Malone's biography was far more lengthy, they were both equally interesting to the listener, and when they were finished talking, Malone simply tuned back to the sky and his eyes locked back into the following circle that they had been in before.....


Emerald Dragon
12-11-2002, 05:06 PM
AstartÚ felt her past troubles melt away with the rising sun as it peaked through and shone from the mountainside. The two figures lay with their attention towards the heavens, yet they never blinked an eye of sleep. They both rested happily and somewhat satisfied. The young girl was mostly joyful as her partner had finally decided to 'let himself go' she wondered if he felt the same. AstartÚ folded her bedding neatly and placed it back inside Luggage as he opened his lid. She sat in a crouching position and fiddled with Malone's clothing as he lay in a daze. "What are you doing?" He snapped out of his dream and placed his eyes gently on her. "Oh, nothing...I was just thinking about you. Perhaps, we should move on. I believe our next target is waiting for us....it's a large object, with a lot of pages in it." She smiled teasing him.

She looked at Luggage again. It's little legs seemed to rise and fall like waves, and he moved in such a happy way, like he jumped up and down, releasing so much unused energy. She then remembered what he'd said earlier, it didn't seem to hit her until at that very moment. "Good joke wasn't it master, i got you there very well, yes yes? Oh the look on your face master! I told young Lady AstartÚ to do that, aren't i the smart one, i knew you hadn't eaten for a while!" AstartÚ frowned in confusion. "Why does he call me Lady AstartÚ? I am no woman worthy of such a title." She lowered her head slightly and trailed her foot upon the ground making patterns. "I think we should go now. Maybe we should eat something first. I'd rather not use the sword again, and the liquid could probably kill you the next time I use it." She laughed quietly to herself. Malone carefully gathered his things and AstartÚ ran to his side to support his ailed body. "I think maybe we should eat and rest a little longer, that might be best" She said as she carefully guided him back down.

The Creator
12-12-2002, 11:53 AM
Malone raised himself, and unfolded the cloak on which he lay, opening it gingerly, as the girl rushed to his side as he stumbled, he placed the coat over her shoulders, "Here my dear, i saw you shivering as you were lying on the ground, you need this much more then i do, trust me, i'm fine! Luggage by the way has every reason to call you of such high standing, for one you are in my company," He winked at her, "Secondly, i think my little pet has taken quite the liking to you, i can tell by the way his emotions change whenever you are near, although his emotions change with that of mine, he still has every right to call you by that....Lady AstartÚ" he lowered himself shakily to one knee, and held out a hand to hers, as he took her hand he kisssed it gently, then looking up at her they both burst out laughing at the clichÚ.

Before he stood, he raised one hand to the air and concentrated, after a breif second his staff flickered into existence in his hand, his mortal arm shook under the weight of it, so he quickly put it to the ground and pushed himself to his feet, leaning heavily on it, waving the human away as she tryed to help, "My dear, i am Malone, prince of the Daemon's, i need no rest on the shoulder of a young mortal woman...." he flinched as he caught himself, the juice was still playing havoc in his mind, "Sorry my dear, i meant nothing by that, it is simply i don't need your help....."

As the pair began to walk, Malone struggled to pick up the staff and place it in front of himself each step he took, he had under-estimated the weakness of this body, he sighed but kept going, the girl walking along sadly beside of him, he looked beyond her at Luggage, that was still full of energy, from the happiness that pumped in his wood-work, "Ok then, its time for you to pay for that prank you bulking contraption, get over here!"

Luggage bounced happily up to the side of his master, the staff disappearing in a puff of smoke as he sat on the box, he held out one small hand to help the girl to sit, although she didn't take it and sat beside him in a huff, Malone looked at her sadly, words can cut deep....

With a gentle tap of his palm on the side of Luggage, they were off at a slow trot making their way towards the city, as they started Malone saw the book of life lying on the ground, he bent as they passed picking the sword weakly up in one hand, because Malone was in his mortal body, the burning effects of the swords touch were gone, he sighed in releif and slipped the sword into Luggage's interior, storing it with the book of death.

Half an hour later they arrived back in the city, and came to a stop outside a restaurant that Malone remembered well, lifting the girl up gently and placing her on the ground, she followed him obeideintly inside, and they sat down while Malone reached for his wallet, and Luggage tryed to fit under the table like some kind of enlarged dog...bumping his lid into the table on each attempt, being too bulky to fit.

Malone picked up a menu distractedly as the box continued to butt the table in its attempts, AstartÚ seated accross from him....


12-12-2002, 01:16 PM
At last! One of the skulls pulled out the upper tooth and butted the other two into some nearby buildings. The victor proceeded to pick up what he had earnt, but to it's horror, it was gone! It frantically floated aroud the surrounds trying to look for the treasure that it had so carelessly let walk away, but it found only those familiar traces that had surrounded the sword in the first place. It was true that the sword was in whatever it was's possession and that it probably wouldn't take kindly to someone else trying to take it away from them. As it's two equals arose from their landing sites, they all agreed that it was best to go back to the master, he'd know what to do. The skulls began to circle each other again and slowly floated back to the familiar hills, sadly chattering at the lost chance for a body.

The dusk coloured gargoyle was waiting for them ad he could tell from the sad clicking sound they made, that the mission did not go well. "Stupid skulls, knew i shouldn't have baited them with a reward." As the three skulls solemnly floated up in front of the angry beast, Cheogh raged "You have failed me once again, you're lucky that I don't clap you's into dust! I can't stand your pathetic performance, so instead, I will retrieve that sword, but you three are going to help me!" His maroon eyes boiled a bright crimson and each of the three giant skulls shrunk down to the size of normal human skulls. A short pole of iridium straightened out in his hands and from it's tip, three ebony chains sprouted and hung lazily in the air. With a sudden wrist action, Cheogh whipped each of the skulls with one chain each and with the simple command "Link", the skulls fastened to the chain and formed an effective mace. Furiously swinging his new toy, Cheogh decided to imbue the gift of speech to each of the skulls. Theycomplained of feeling frightfully dizzy and scared of hitting their heads, but Cheogh knew that their pleas might come in handy later on. The molten giant, who stood in the rear, shook his head, and slowly followed his master in the slow walk back to the city.

Emerald Dragon
12-12-2002, 05:07 PM
"I'm not feeling hungry, I think that Luggage and I will go for a walk, if you don't mind." AstartÚ rose herself from the seat, asking Luggage to come with her, during his struggle under the table. "AstartÚ, I'm sorry..." Malone started "You're sorry for what? ...I can't help it if I'm fairly useless to you. Remember, I didn't want to come with you in the first place, I hate being where I am and I especially hate your condescension. I'll most likely get more attention and likeness from someone on the street. You should eat, you need to keep your strength up. But, you didn't need to hear that from me." She left quietly, leaving a tight tension in the air that she was uncomfortable with herself, Luggage travelling behind her. "Oh I shouldn't have said that, I feel awful." She sent out telepathically. "Then why DID you say it." AstartÚ sighed loudly "Because...what he said, hurt me. We 'mortals' as he keeps pointing out are a weak race, we let words affect us personally sometimes." Luggage tilted himself looking like he was confused. "I don't understand, you feel bad, because you expressed your anger? Why? AstartÚ looked at him. "Yes, I shouldn't have done that, but what has passed, has passed, I just need time out."

The odd pair trudged along rough pavement that beared many cracks from years of constant use. They walked in complete silence, but they talked within their minds, responding to the voices that only they two could hear. The conversation was intense and definitely needed more then average intelligence to try and untangle what would have been total rambling to you and I. They must have spoke for hours when they finally decided to stop to rest. The setting was a large park, so much less green then most. It had a small bench to sit on, and a large tree, which covered it, not lush, but abundant in foliage. She sat on the bench and patted the seat next to her and made room for the box to sit next to her. As he attempted to jump onto the seat left him tired and his little legs almost collapsing under him. AstartÚ smiled sweetly at him. "It's okay, let me help you." She carefully lifted him up and seated him next to her. She gave him a large hug and thanked him for understanding her and her problems. She realised that she had many. Embarrassed as they all tended towards the lonely daemon they'd left behind. "Master likes you very much, you know. We should go back." AstartÚ shook her head "No, he is only interested in what he sees. He's not interested in me the way, that I'd prefer to be liked. Besides, he has no use for me, if he finally gets a use for me...he can come looking. I don't want to stick around, I know when I'm not wanted."

The Creator
12-13-2002, 09:24 AM
Malone watched AstartÚ leave, calmly, he watched her call Luggage, and watched her walk down the street, with a shrug he raised and arm and called the waitress to him and ate his fill of a 3 course meal with seconds, and hour later he raised a napkin to his mouth and dapped at his lips, leaving a smile pile of money on the table he walked out the door and down the street mumbling under his breath, "Damned temperemental mortals...."

He walked down the road trying to follow the trail that luggage had left for him on the road, dropping either random items on the ground, or leaving small psycic traces in a path, but he had trouble discerning it in the crowd in many area's and his patience was growing thin with the humans that bussled close to him, pushing him around like he was nothing more then a commoner, he scowled at them as he walked, finding it harder and harder to control himself.

As he walked along a large group of hoodlums marched up the street, and tryed to push him out of the way, "Get out of the way gramps, don't you know who we are? We own this street, we don't wanna hurt you...." This was the last straw, Malone looked up at them, staring into there eyes, he reached out with one hand, and as its path stretched out its form ripped and changed back into the claw of his Daemon body, as it clamped aroudn the 'leaders' throat the rest of his body changed also, blowing into the bulking form of the Daemon prince, and as his body changed and grew it lifted the boy of 18 off the ground, his feet dangling a foot above the ground, Malone's arm holding his weight as if he were nothing more then paper.

He stared at the boy with hatred in his eyes, his moistened his lips slowly with his forked tongue and shoved his face forward, so his eyes were equal with the boy's, "Mortal, a young girl and a box came up this street, not too long ago, you have 2 options my boy, 1, you can tell me where she is and take me to her, or secondly, you can die." He mentioned flatly staring codly into the boys eyes.

He closed his fist slightly when the boy didn't answer, squeezing his neck closed to barely anything, a shaking hand rised up and pointed down the street, Malone turned his head down in the direction, and nodded, throwing the boy hard into the ground, there was a sickening crack as his legs didn't hold from the force, and two bones shoved through the skin of his legs Malone walked past the screaming pile of hoodlum and with shrug grabbed one of his friends as he walked, dragging him by the shoulder, "Fine, you can show me...."

With shaky directions, Malone arrived in the park about 30 minutes later, his temper had subsided in this time and he had let the boy walk of his own accord, and they had even started to talk like friends as they walked through the gates, and there was AstartÚ sitting on a bench....Luggage had somehow managed to pull his bulk up beside her, it was comical to look at and Malone chuckled as he walked up beside her and sat on the opposite side of the bench.

"I thought we were going looking for books my dear? Oh yes and this is my new 'friend' Henry, say hello Henry..." He glared at the boy which he had dragged here and then winked at him with a laugh....


Emerald Dragon
12-13-2002, 05:23 PM
"I suppose you're feeling much better now that you've left a young man with no legs. I read your mind before you got here. Perhaps you and your 'friend' there should go searching for the books instead, since you have no use for me." AstartÚ giving Malone the cold shoulder, ignored him completely and quickly shook Henry's hand. He had a rounded face with large blue eyes that stood clear, dusty blond hair that sat ruffled at a average length, he was roughly 5'11". She smiled brightly and said hello. He stared at her in complete astonishment. "Please don't look at me in such a way, it makes me feel uncomfortable." She looked down at her lap interlacing her fingers and blushed slightly.

She turned her attention again to Malone. "What do you want with me. It's obvious that you haven't come to apologise, just tell me what you want and leave me alone." Malone walked towards her and rose himself to his full height "Now look here you!" "Hey! that's no way to treat a lady." Henry butted in. "Please don't interrupt, he cares nothing for you, if I wasn't here you'd be dead already. Malone, let him go." AstartÚ interrupted. The large daemon pulled the young man by the collar and gently let him down onto the pavement and bid him farewell unusually politely. "There's no need to explain, you need me to go with you because, you can't risk my death. I also can't stay because I will be captured again and tortured. I also have to go with you because you can't stop thinking about me. But despite all of my objections, you will take me regardless of what you have to do to get it. I will come, but I will be reticent as long as you treat me like the dirt under your own feet."

The Creator
12-13-2002, 05:46 PM
Malone gritted his teeth, he hated having to say this, it ripped his heart in two pieces, and he had no intention of hiding it from his own mind, thoughts flooded his mind, he saw AstartÚ's shoulder's flinch, she must have been listening, although she had her back turned.

As his mind twirled his body shrunk, and his mortal body fell to its knees, "AstartÚ my dear, you are doing something to me, i have no idea what it is, but i assume it must be what you mortals call love, i feel thoughts flooding my mind that have never been there before..."

He stood on shaky legs and put his hands on AstartÚ's shoulders, turning her around so he could look into her eyes, "Young mortal, you have lit something up inside me, you wish to kow my i want you to come with me? You can't think of it yourself? Its because i can't stand to be parted with you! I know you've been sensing it, you know as well as i do that i can't get you out of my head! Its driving me crazy...."

The thoughts in his head continued to pump, his whole head surging with images of AstartÚ, he stepped backwards and shook his head, trying to clear his head so he could keep talking, and make sense, he walked backwards and sat on the bench, and leaned backwards and let out a sigh, "Ok little one, let me put it this way, i can't be the person i like to be when i'm around you, you make me want to be a better person, when you are near, you change my personality, and as you can see.....you even change my appearance!" He held out his arms, staring at the mortal arms that he saw.

"I don't know how to say it, but you must understand, i can see your thoughts as well, and i can tell what you are thinking, i can garuntee you, my thoughts run deeper then merely your looks......" He held out one hand to her and looked at her with pleading eyes, "Will you forgive my rudeness of before? Will you help me looking for the books?"


Emerald Dragon
12-13-2002, 06:22 PM
"Please do not address me so. I fear for you. If you so much as love me, I am afraid that I do not share those feelings. I don't know how else to say it, except that I am sorry. But in all honesty, you are the closest person to my heart." She felt herself ripped in half, her pain swam through her body completely and fell to her knees and cried out. "I don't believe I've ever felt so horrible in my life. Please forgive me." AstartÚ said softly looking into his eyes.

"I'm afraid, because I don't understand how you feel at all. You hide it away from me, then you let it all out when I don't expect it. I'm confused because the only one person I hate, I also can't stand being without. For the first time in my life, someone actually cares for me. It's hard trying to take all of that in. I don't know if I feel that way about you, but I love having you hold me so close, it makes me feel so warm inside. You also have beautiful eyes... I don't want you to leave me behind. I really don't. But what you said did hurt me." She lowered her head in sadness.

Malone looked down at her, putting a soft hand upon her back then placing himself beside her he put his arms around her to comfort her. "Thank you. I've always hated being alone in this world, like I was being punished for something I'd never done. And then you come along like a swift breeze and carry me away, sounds like a corny love story. Malone, I love having you around me, it fills me with joy and I'm constantly excited. You must promise never to leave me alone anywhere. I can't stand to be away from you long." At that instant, the small girl had strange feelings boil from within her soul. They gave her butterflies inside her stomach and made her head spin. She leaned against him for support. Leaning heavily against him, she found herself looking deeply into his eyes. Her eyes wavered and looked away for a second. She knew she'd never forgive herself for doing it, but her stubborness seemed to dissipate from her mind. AstartÚ closed her eyes, leaned in closer towards him and tenderly kissed him upon his lips.

The Creator
12-15-2002, 04:33 PM
Malone was shocked at the move as he felt the tenderness and caring which came with the kiss, and only five minutes ago she had been yelling! No matter what race....women were confusing to say the least, but Malone still savoured the moment, although it hurt him inside, it felt so right in his mind, time seemed to stretch out as they stood there....connected.....

After what seemed an eternity, Malone pulled back his head breaking the kiss short, he looked deeply into the girls eyes, "Are you sure you want to be doing this little one? Not 10 minutes ago you were yelling at me, you were sitting here brooding by yourself..." Luggage rolled off the bench and ran into Malone's knees, making him fall backwards, from the ground he groaned and glared at the box, "Ok then you stubborn *******.....sitting here with our mutual friend here...."


Emerald Dragon
12-15-2002, 04:45 PM
AstartÚ smiled sadly at Luggage, she felt bad for leaving him out so suddenly. She turned back to Malone with the sadness which still stood dominant through her weepy green eyes. "No...I'm not sure I should have done that." the girl looked down at the ground. "I'm sorry, I really shouldn't have...heaven preserve me. I feel like tearing myself to pieces because, that's all I feel that I deserve. You should leave me here for decieving you most of all. I think poor Luggage sees it as well." She turned away from him and sat down on the seat, thinking to herself, not looking up, but down at the ground, watching the brown leaves from the trees roll with the wind along the paler-then-green grass.

"I don't know what else to say to you, I just hope that you find it in you heart to forgive me. I...will have to go with you, but I will probably never be the same from now on." She saw Malone gaze at her briefly, then diverted his attention to Luggage. "...We have something to do, we should be on our way." AstartÚ started off slowly, holding her head much lower then what she normally did, being in the most terrible of spirits.

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The Creator
12-16-2002, 02:34 PM
Malone raised an eye-brow at AstartÚ as she trudged along beside him, with her head pointed towards the ground, he shook his head tisking the girl, "There is no need to feel in such a bad mood little one." He winked at her, and smiled, "If you hadn't have ran away when you did, we could have had a lovely meal, and you would be feeling fine by now! Lets get this little tiff over with! Oi! Luggage, give us the best food you can muster! With a table, yes a table would be lovely....."

Seconds later, a small spark appeared in the air, making a resounding click, a table which to AstartÚ was no less then amazing, appeared on the ground, Luggages lid threw itself open, and a five course meal spewed from his insides, landing precisely on the table, lining the whole length of the monstrosity table, Malone promptly, as if it was no strange occurance sat down at the table and raised a glass to AstartÚ as she stood there stunned.

Malone looked past the golden goblet which he held in his hands, and smiled at AstartÚ, "Your not going to hurt Luggage's feelings and turn down his creation's are you?" Malone raised the goblet to his lips and drank deeply of the vintage wine which it beheld....


Emerald Dragon
12-16-2002, 03:44 PM
"Oh, no perhaps I shouldn't. Although, I am not one to drink." AstartÚ passed her words in such a quiet voice. Malone looked down at her sadly "Now, you mustn't be like that." he put a caring hand upon her shoulder. "How could I not be. I've just basically put myself in a position...where, I'm vulnerable to attack. Don't tell me I don't have a right to feel how I do." She shook her head sadly, but ate the food that sat on her plate. AstartÚ took no notice of what she consumed, instead her mind floated, and thought...of Malone. "What's happening to me..." Luggage, that large box sat under the table and jerked up and down madly, rocking the contents off its surface. It tilted upwards throwing all the food into the air, about 3 feet and landed on Malone.

AstartÚ watched as Malone's face switched from completely serious to fuming in only an instant. He cursed at the wooden box that still walked around in a crazed manner. In her amusement she watched his eyes flare up with a bursting fire. She laughed out loud and fell to the ground picked up the bulky box, hugged him and twired him around. "Thank you, you always know how to make me feel better..." AstartÚ stopped abruptly, she heard a sound in the distance. Then looked up quickly and saw a large shadow, almost bat-like soar overhead. "No, what's HE doing here?"

12-18-2002, 06:07 PM
A dark shadow covered up the overhead sun, blocking the all important life giving rays. The darkness enveloped all below it, lining the silhouette of a dark beast. Looking down upon the weakling mortals, Cheogh smiled, grating his stonechip jaws. He laxed his wings and swiftly fell to earth, gaining in speed in his descent. As the shadow decreased in diameter as it made it's freefall descent to the earth, a sharp shrieking sound followed the gargoyle on his landing, coming to abrupt end as the heavy, jagged talons of his craggy feet connected with the ground. Large chunks of solid duracrete erupted from his massive impact, showering nearby onlookers in a sprinkling of sharp debris. He glared over to the demon, his slave and that wretched chest. With flail at hand, he casually strode over to their little conversation. Spying the large chalice of wine on the astral table, Cheogh casually strode up, swooped up the goblet, and brazenly took a large gulp of the rust coloured liquid, in front of the trio of 'heroes' and a crowd of pitiful drifters. Casting the chalice aside, Cheogh turned to his audience and spat the bile he had just drunk onto the unwary watchers. On contact with the atmosphere, the wine was cast ablaze and sent the swarms scattering, attempting to put out thier burns and running in fear of the fire spouting spirit. Malone lowered his brow at the odd display, Astarte recoiled in disgust and Luggage had his vision blocked by the table he was under, making him indifferent to the above events.

Malone bitterly spat "What is your business here knave? You don't have any business here and i can put you out to tip if you think otherwise!" Cheogh let out a gravelly laugh. "I'm not looking for an easy fight, i have only come for my sword. I'm sure you know what I mean." He stepped forward, rattling his flail and letting the skulls chant out some random insults. Taking a glance at the little chest beneath the table, Choegh uttered "But before I repossess, I want to thank your little nuisance here for altering my shape. I like this one much moer than my ectoplasmic form, and I don't have to go around changing suit every season. In reward for your 'mistake', I have decided to do a reading, just for you." In his palm, a metallic set of cards formed a neat stack. With a small command 'Draw', several cards took themselves out of the deck and arranged themselves upon the table. Three cards formed a horizontal line: "The Devil", "Death" and "The lovers". Seeing this combination, Cheogh raised his gaze to the fuming demon and his distressed slave, and looked down on the table as the next sequence unfolded. Above the "Devil" card, the "Wheel of Change" card fluttered just above it and below the "Death" card, "The Sword of Judgement" foil. This last card caused some concern: the small picture of the sword was the same as the sword he had not long ago, with the slight azure tinge even. Causing even greater concern was the fact that there was only of this card in the whole deck and it was very rarely drawn. Scratching a small mark in the table, the scribble began to glow green, and at once the arranged cards folded themselves back into the deck. "Was it already time for the 'Unmaking' of this accursed little plane? Maybe I have less time than I think!" Snarling with rage at the confused pair, he quickly cast a time stop spell, freezing everything dead in their tracks. Crunching the pile of cards in his hand into a fine silver powder, he tossed the remnants over his slave and imbibed a psychic block upon her. Any thoughts at telepathy or telekinesis would be met with a destructive mind melt. Pulling out a rusty pipe from the ground, hastily dug out some ugly circular runes upon the Luggage's surface and thrust the flail into their center, sticking out upon his back and glowing with the iridescent colours of the skull's eyes. "You three are to keep these people safe from anything that attacks, right?" The trio of bones quickly nodded and began to follow each other in a ring. "This will help keep my chattel safe!" Stretching out his wings and preparing to take off again, Cheogh quickly remembered to do something of utmost importance. Picking up a large brick, he broke it over Malone's head and from inside, a small metal glove was found. He slipped it over the frozen demon's hand and immediatley the glove fastened itself around his wrist and began to drip with unspilt blood. Making good his escape, Cheogh flew off to meet his servant, with plans to put things back in to place.

The Creator
12-19-2002, 01:27 PM
Malone angrily wiped the food and grime off his face, all the remanants turning into dust before it even touched the ground after being wiped off, Malone raised an eyebrow and laughed with a shrug, he brought his eyes up as a shadow fell across him, and before him stood, as far as he could tell, was that bed sheet from earlier.....it must've got an face lift or somethin....

He watched the thing with not much interest as it walked over to the table and picked up a goblet of wine and drank deeply from it, but when the beast spat the liguid out, and then ignited it, pointed in the direction of the group of mortals that wandered aimlessly around the garden and its gates, Malone sat up, suddenly alert. he watched the mortals as they danced in flames, a year ago he would have stood with the gargoyle and patted him on the back and joined in his laughter, but now.......his face grew stern and he tapped Luggage on this lid, Fix it Malone tryed to sheild the message as he sent it to Luggage, he didn't want to show any weaknesses to this monster.

Moments later, in an area of about 200 metres square above the screaming and writhing mortals, a pool of water appeared, with a jolt Malone tapped Luggage again quickly, Ok enough stupid stuff.....take away the concrete, and DON'T drop it on them, we are trying to help them...., with what seemed as a groan from the box the concrete disappeared and the water fell heavily upon the mortals, extinguishing the flames instantly.....

The gargoyle stepped forwards, not noticing what was going on, and seemed to with draw a deck of cards, Malone wasn't sure what he was doing, at first he thought that he must have thought to be friendly for a change and challenge them to a card game instead of a fight, and with a crack of his knuckles Malone smiled and got ready, but alas the granite beast only laid the cards out to himself, each card had a different picture on it and with the picture, came a word, written in runes, Malone squinted at them, "Death", "Lovers" and "The Devil", the deck was different to any others he had ever seen, and the game was different to any other he had seen before as well, but then he caught a glimpse of AstartÚ she stood there on the other side of the table as white as a ghost....

With a few swift flicks of his wrist the Gargoyle drew a few more cards, Malone dismissed these, not even bothering to look down, AstartÚ was worried about something, but Malone still couldn't see it, he turned his gaze back to the Gargoyle and glared, this must be some sort of prelude to something that only AstartÚ knew of, Malone clenched his fists getting ready for anything that might soon come at him.......

But then without warning, Cheogh disappeared. Malone looked around, trying to locate where the creature had ran off to, and soon heard a rushing of air and a clatter, the table had disappeared, leaving all the food to crash to the floor, Luggage was running madly around in circles, bucking like a rodeo brumby.... Get it off! Get it off Master! It burnssssssss. The force and anguish of the mental blast nearly made Malone stumble back wards, but as he reached out his hand in sympathy as he rushed towards his old companion, he saw something on his hand.

He raised his hand and ****ed his head, why the hell have i got a glove on?? More importantly, why is it bleeding? He shook his hand furiosly trying to get the blood off, but it just kept on coming..."What the hell is this?" he growled under his breath.


Emerald Dragon
12-19-2002, 05:08 PM
AstartÚ completely disregarded her surroundings, she didn't realise that she'd turned a ghostly white and sweated coldly. "Planer Rune Cards, where did he get them from? That reading...this is most unfortunate I hope Malone doesn't understand them." She reflected back from the past, just when her former master, now a gargoyle, placed the cards upon the table. AstartÚ frowned and pulled a small item from her cloak pocket, not the pastries, but it was a delicate box, intricately designed with no more then a few semi-precious stones bright blue in colour. Opening it carefully, inside were some strange cardboard slips, containing pictures, they being only one of the very few sets of "Planar Rune Cards" in the world. Her set, was not brand new, but had the sheen of being used and treasured.

The dark haired girl closed her eyes sitting at the table, rested, cleared her mind of all around her. Soon she was in the world of eternal darkness, yet AstartÚ wasn't alone. Her past memories soon flooded back to her, watching the gargoyle placing those cards down upon the tables surface, here she slowed events down to inspect closely, his placement, the cards, positions. Her eyes suddenly flew open shuffling the cards quickly between her fingers, strangely she riffled them with ease, like an expert, though she was very far from it. She placed the cards down one after another in the same order that the pre-blanket man had done. AstartÚ gasped as she revealed the cards, they came up in exactly the same order, the very same cards. "No! It's highly impossible, could it be?"

Malone on the other hand was left struggling with the glove which bled profusively starting from his wrist. "There is no use in fiddling with it, you'll never get it off. He is the only one who can remove it." AstartÚ said passively, not taking her eyes off the cards. She shook her head and looked at Malone. "I'm afraid we have other things to worry about. The reading he gave you is important, it's not hog-wash, the cards are enchanted and are always insanely accurate, you must never doubt them. Unfortunately, your reading is the worst I've seen." He looked at her in an odd way, switching from her sadly serioud face, back to the cards. "So?" he said. "So, you see, "The Devil" here..." She pointed to the card in the middle of the spread. "This is you." She pointed to the card to the right of 'The Devil' "'The Lovers' this is your recent relationship with the people closest to you. ...Namely, me...." She blushed slightly at her own response. "This card on your left 'Death' doesn't necessarily signify death, but...change of action, or...something else, most likely bad." She shook her head and focused again on the cards, her eyes distant, but aware. "The card that crowns you 'Wheel of Change' also signifies an event in the close future, being the consequence of past actions, of course, because the 'Death' card is also complimenting, could mean the death of a friend, or yourself." She slumped exhausted in her chair. "Oh, I'm so tired " she moaned. "And, the last card 'The Sword of Judgement'?" Malone asked almost urgently. "The last card is obvious, it is the very sword I possess currently, meaning retribution. It is not directed at me, so which means, you may force revenge upon someone for the death of that loved one. This is rather morbid."

Malone nodded sadly and placed a hand on her shoulder letting the blood from the glove run freely, as he had no choice, down her side, though she hardly noticed. She seemed in a dark state of mind, strangely calm now, like she knew the events of the future. "I understand now, I play an important part in this journey. You mustn't be vengeful or sad when 'The Time' comes, because it will lead to your end. Malone, you must believe me."

The Creator
12-20-2002, 01:18 PM
Malone laughed down at the girl, and burst out laughing instantly, and reached down for the cards that she was playing with, and with one quick swipe he held them in his hands, "Now my dear, you aren't going to tell me you beleive in this 'fate' crap are you? Look....they are mere cards, don't make you future around cards!" The cards all seemed to pick themselves off his palm and danced in the air, weaving and intertwining in the air, Malone's eyes following them, a thin smile crossed his face as he played with them, "See, only cards, you play poker with them, play solitare with them, damn! You can even play Old maid with them, but no, they don't tell the future!"

He stopped concntrating and let them fall into his palm neatly and he placed them back into AstartÚ's pocket for her, and patted it reassuringly, then he placed both hands around her waist and picked her off the table and placed her softly on the ground and smiled at her, then with a tap of the table, "Ok Luggage, pack up! We're going to make tracks, we've got five more books to find!" The table and all its contents seemed to be sucked into the opening of Luggage's lid as if it were a black hole, then Malone said again distractedly, "And stop complaining, there isn't anything there?! And beside's the point.....YOU CAN'T FEEL PAIN YOU BLOODY IDIOT!"

Malone started walking off with AstartÚ on one side, Luggage on the other, as they walked Malone looked over at AstartÚ's sad face, "Look my dear, no body controls our destiny but ourselves, the past is set in concrete, cannot be changed, but the future is ever flowing, you can change your fate, as easily as you can change your socks!" With a smile he wrapped one hand un-certainly around her shoulder and smiled at her, heading off in the direction of the next book....the book of earth, although he hated that race he had to go deep into the realm of the elves....he had quite a walk and at the end of it, he had to deal with those singing and dancing fools of elves, he shuddered at the thought of having to deal with them again and still be civil....... he kept walking.....


Emerald Dragon
12-20-2002, 03:05 PM
The suddenly softspoken girl could think of nothing to say in response to Malone's kind words. Yes, they consoled her, and yes, they MAY have been true, but AstartÚ knew better. Sure, anyone could make their own fate, but the fate was already chosen through the cards. The proof stood out in black and white, no one ever dealt the same hand twice, with a 1 in a million chance, it happened twice in one day. It just wasn't possible. The small girl didn't know of anything better to do then to leave her mind of all things but her reading. "Argh, how can I help it. They've never been wrong before." The grave expression on her petite face worried Malone. There was nothing that he could say to divert her attention. AstartÚ for the first time since they'd left made a sound, which left as a deep and thoughtful sigh. Her head held low, she slouched somewhat and stared at the ground, which now continuously flowed as desert road.

The day dragged on, feeling hot walking for what seemed like forever in places where there was no dwelling, water or any sign of life whatsoever. Possibly deserted because of well-worn time, the unlikely trio slumped their way through the clear obstacles blocking their path. Removing her cloak, letting fresh, but humid air run through her hair, she stored it in Luggage and made no other attempts at communication. No amount of telepathy would of gotten through that swamp of thoughts flying through her head. "I don't understand, why am I an inanimate object in this game? Like I don't have a reason, but I have a concrete position? Why me? I should throws those cards away... But, what if they're right? That sword, there's something about it. Malone, poor Malone...I should talk to him more. NO! he should talk to me more! Oh, I should just sit down right here..." AstartÚ halted, obviously not aware of her surroundings and fell to the ground, sitting upon pure white sand, clouding up as she fell upon her bottom to sit looking up at the daemon and his almost life-long friend. With an indifferent emotion written all over her face, she said nothing, resting and waiting. Just waiting for some sort of signal.

The Creator
12-21-2002, 07:52 AM
As he walked, Malone's armrest fell out from under his arm, he turned quickly with a quisitive look on his face, as he looked down at AstartÚ where she sat defiently on the ground he couldn't help himself from smile, the sight was comical, the young woman performing a stunt that was easily only meant for those quite younger then she was, trying to hide the smile quickly Malone walked backwards and crouched next to her and put a helpful hand on her shoulder.

With not much as a thought Malone reached out with his mind and plucked some of her freshest thoughts off the top of her head, and with a releived nod.......he finally understood. "Ahhhh! Your not having fun then....Don't worry my dear, where we're going, i think you are going to have fun....you will fit in quite well i think," He winked down at her with a smile, "The elves are known for some of the most enjoyable races on this plane!" Her astonished face moved up and looked at his face, with a smile he nodded...


Emerald Dragon
12-21-2002, 05:34 PM
She frowned to herself "Oh, no, it's not that. It's just that you never really take me seriously. I can't help it if it is my intuition that what I think is right. What I take seriously, you find is a joke not really worth thinking about. What you take seriously, I can't stand to watch. With you, I never win." Malone looked down at her smiling trying to hold back a stifled laugh. AstartÚ shook her head and got p and wiped herself, shaking out a large dust cloud from her clothing, coughing as the cloud gradually subsided. "Argh, quit laughing at me, so I'm a little childish. I think we have more important things to do. I wasn't sulking, I was thinking. She stood up proudly and smiled up at Malone with a smirk and winked at him. She tipped her head to the side at raised her eyebrow "I believe we have somewhere to go, shall we?"

She paused in her tracks as she was about to move ahead of the pair. "Wait, did you say elves? ...Oh, I've always wanted to meet elves, they're so graceful and beautiful characters." She beamed up at the daemon, who showed nothing but a unconcerned look. She shrugged off his sudden quietness. You could have said that she liked it. She took the time to think to herself, almost hoping that the two she walk almost hand-in-hand with weren't listening in. It was hard keeping secrets from those who needed to know everything. She rolled her eyes and shook her head. It was now unbearably hot, with the merciless orb of flaming heat beating them down as they trooped further to their next destination. She thought of the things that bothered her most. Mostly concerning herself, AstartÚ had so little time to be selfish lately. Now she felt like she was taking care of 2 people instead of one. "Malone is such a baby at times. He irritates me. But, why am I always thinking about him, like he actually makes me insanely happy. What a contradiction. My mind is completely corrupted, from these thoughts."

From the outside AstartÚ went from frowning to smiling stupidly to herself. Of course there was nothing worse then an invasion of privacy, but there was nothing that was left unplucked from her mind. Unaware of Malone's presence in her mind, she carried on humming a soft tune and smiling dreamily putting a little bounce in her step. "I feel so much better now." The large hulking box which creaked under its weight slowed for only a moment. "Master knows what you are thinking." He responded. The dark-haired girl looked the daemon up and down, gave him a deadly look which shocked him, but she said nothing. There was nothing she could do to stop him. Of course he wanted to know. "*******..." Malone laughed loudly looking down at her with an earnest glance.

The Creator
12-22-2002, 12:42 PM
Malone raised an eyebrow and looked down at AstartÚ, "Me? A *******, i was merely trying to helo.....am i a ******* for that am i?" with a sigh and a shake of his head he kept walking, then he glanced over his shoulder and noticed that AstartÚ wasn't following him this time, Malone's shoulders slouched as he walked back to her, he gave Luggage a motion to come to him with his hand.

Luggage plodded up beside Malone, and he smiled down at the girl with a devious smile, "Don't wish to walk my dear? What a pity...Luggage, would you mind terribly if i did something?" he then bent down closer so it was out of AstartÚ's hearing, "This is for telling her i was borrowing thoughts you piece of trash...." Malone put a hand on Luggage's exterior and it glowed breifly, and then expanded, after a few seconds of the blinding light, Malone and AstartÚ re-opened their eyes, and where luggage once stood, now stood a long, luxurious leather couch, the only difference to the ones you would find in a store is that this one had thousands of feet sticking out of the bottom of it, and was running madly around in circles, jumping up and down occasionly...

Malone smirked, trying to hide his revenge the best he could, and then with mock sympathy, "I'm so sorry old friend, don't worry i'll take you back when we arrive at GlenEven...." feeling that this would be bad enough punishment for the box Malone turned with a nod and picked up AstartÚ, and placed her comfortably on the couch that stood there, then Malone with no remorse what-so-ever threw himself backwards, landing roughly in the cushions and stretching out, "Ok then mate, take us to GlenEven...."


Emerald Dragon
12-22-2002, 02:53 PM
AstartÚ felt beastly having herself sitting upon one of her friends like this. "Oh, I like not walking, but this is going a little too far. Then again, we could always make him go faster" She smiled mischieviously at Malone, who equalled it. "Besides, it's the least I can do for what he said, he's a very cunning box if I must say." As she praised the box-turned-couch. She cuddled herself on the couch resting on the armrest to her left and lay quietly. Malone let his weight loose to put pressure on the poor chest/couch which carried them on those little legs. Not thinking twice he pulled himself up, lifting one of the couch's cushions letting out frosty air, which came as a relief as the scorching sun let out its punishment on the group. Pulling out a can of something Malone reached down a little further and brought out another, of something very different. "Drink?" He offered, holding it out to her, still cold from the steam coming off it. AstartÚ looked at it briefly. "Don't mind if I do, isn't it expensive?" She asked, taking the can, wiping the ice off with her hands, looking down at the label. "Yes, very, but whatever they make, Luggage can make it better." Malone responded with a wide smile. "Go faster!" AstartÚ patted the side of the couch.

At her demand the couch, with it's little legs in motion zipped across the desert road at an accellerating speed. Throwing her backwards into the seat. She didn't need to hold on to anything, instead the blue-haired beauty slid down resting her arms behind her head and yawned loudly, laying her body in the most 'unlady-like' postion she slept the day away. Not noticing that the time would pass by very slowly, despite the speed they were travelling. Passing out from the world of reality, the girl in her dreams was confused, lost...looking for a way out. Then the image of death sprinkled itself to her equally disturbing dream of discovering herself. She was warped into a world with a long endless corridor, black with only a small spot of light at the end, bright only sparkling with the size of a small star. Screams echoed against its walls and the smell of warm blood splattered around. Feeling it warble with her feet against the ground, it blobbed, bubbling up making a gurgling sound she began to feel sick inside. Then suddenly, she broke out into a run. "Heaven save me!" She screamed.

The Creator
12-24-2002, 02:36 PM
Malone sat with his legs up on the chair, relaxing as the ground rushed away beneath him, and then something happened that made him nearly burst out in laughter once again, the sleeping girl that lay beside him, AstartÚ started to snore...quite loudly for such a small girl, instead, not wanting to wake her, he just laid back with a smirk and closed his eyes, as her legs jerked a few times, kicking him in the side, with quite a bit of force, he opened one eye, and seeing that she was still asleep, closed his eyes and settled back into his own dreams, hearing her cry out on a few occasions, lost in dreams.....

Soon though the girls dreams began to get progressivley worse, and her crys got louder......and with this Malone opened his eyes again, just as a wild foot jammed out and collected him in the ribs, making him gasp for breath...damn what a restful sleeper! Trying to comfort her, he reached out with one hand and ran his hand through her hair, but as he made contact a swift hand came up and flicked it away in a scared fit, Malone sat back and sighed looking at the sleeping girl, then coming to a decision he reached out with one hand and placed it on her forehead, as he closed his eyes, lights flashed in his mind and his body seemed to fall away......

Moments later Malone stood in a long hallway, smudged around its pillared walls with blood, and screaming filled the air, and as he stood there looking around strangely at the dark walkway, he felt a strange sense of being at home, and then it hit him! Pandedmonium! How had he come back here! Then he saw her, AstartÚ was walking in a panic from side to side, trying to block her ears from the awful noises that surrounded them, but Malone just shrugged them off, growing up with sounds like these, he had got used to them eventually and walked with out the slight bit of worry.....

Knowing these halls off by heart Malone walked to one side and put a hand on blank, blood spattered stone, and immediately under his palm a long narrow door appeared and he stepped in through it immediately, and laughed, AstartÚ's dream was quite detailed, his old room was perfect still, as he ruffled through his old belongings, he found what he was looking for. He picked up the cloak and walked out after AstartÚ as she still paniced in the long hallway, no wonder she was worried, it was magic after all...

"Need some assistance my dear?"


Emerald Dragon
12-24-2002, 06:07 PM
In the deep dwelling of her thoughts, her dreams, her desires and her nightmares, Malone stood watching her from afar calling out her name. She turned on her heel quickly to look up at him. Seeing him standing there smiling at her made her feel so deeply, she wasn't sure what to make of it. The quicken pace of her heart made her mind play tricks on her. Standing in thickening pool of blood her body and mind eased at his sudden presence. "Oh Malone..." she ran towards him jumping up into his arms. "What is this place?" AstartÚ looked up at him. "This, is Pandemonium my dear. There is no need to be scared, it's only magic." He smiled down at her slightly kissing the top of her head. "I don't feel so scared now that you're here..." She buried her head against his chest. The pair now hand in hand walked the hallway, its magic disappearing with every movement. What was left was a large magestic corridor, stone in structure, covered by horrendously sized tapestries on the walls.

"Ah, I believe we maybe at out destination." Malone said. "GlenEven? The land of the elves?" AstartÚ her eyes earnest. The daemon grunted unpatiently. "Yes, the land of the elves. Hurry!" he pulled at her hand urging her to go faster though her was not rough with his force, except more of an insistent pull. Seconds later followed by a bright light at the end of the hallway, the pair awoke, though not in a daze. Still lying upon the couch, they both sat up. Not surprised that it had become nightfall once again. The air chilly with the seasonal frost in the morning. AstartÚ wrapped her cloak around herself again. "Malone..." "Yes?" He looked up at her concerned. "No, nothing, just...thank you. For everything." He watched her face, he became puzzled at her response, but said nothing. As the wooden box, now a strangely soft cough quickly whizzed along the desert road, and in the distance was a thick forest, unusually placed in such an environment. Though it was totally out of place there was an eerie feeling about it. The sight wasn't visible to the plain eye, but the forest emanated a strange coloured aura, a colour that from AstartÚ's knowledge didn't exist. "...It's beautiful." Barely passing out her last words with a whisper mixed with a gasp.

The Creator
12-26-2002, 08:58 AM
As Malone rode proudly on the strange steed he saw GlenEven approaching quickly, "Ok my dear, i'll let you be my distraction...." He reached down to her with one hand and placed it atop of her head, and her form changed and warped, as her features became more hawklike and profound, and then blood pushed itself through the skin on her face, although there was no cuts, and where once AstartÚ haid lain now a damaged, elven warrior slumped on the couch, although the warrior didn't seem to show any signs of pain...."Ok now you look the part my dear, now for our steed..."

He lowered a hand to just beside his leg and Luggage began to change once again, mere seconds later a quite confused looking, monsterous war horse stood, trying to get his legs into the right place.....going from 5000 legs to 4 could be daunting.....Malone threw himself off the side of the horse that had stopped at the edge of the forest, "Now AstartÚ, just uhmmm, act hurt? It won't be long until they get here now...."

Malone walked backwards as AstartÚ looked at him strangely, suddenly a barrage of arrows flew from the tree he stood under, numerous arrows stuck to his shoulders and neck, many stuck into his head as he fell, slumped on the now spattered leaf litter. As a single elf fell from the tree and flipped his prey onto its back Malone's eyes clicked open as one Daemonic hand flew forward and gripped him by the throat, his grip on bow and dagger falling loose instantly, "You by yourself elfboy?" The young elf boy's head shook nervously up and down in Malone's grip, then Malone smiled, "Good....no witnesses!" His other hand flew up and clubbed the boy hard on the side of the head, although his claw didn't stop, it went straight through, removing the defenceless elf's head from his neck, leaving a jagged cut that sprayed and leaked madly as the body fell to the ground when Malone let it go with out a thought.

With not even as much of a flick of his eye lids Malone resized his entire body back into that of his normal Daemon form and bounced swiftly away through the trees, his figure fading away as he mumbled a few simple incantations to hide himself, although it wouldn't trick ALL these nosy elves, it would keep away the fools....

Malone stopped as he heard voices and then rushing feet, hushed voices, "The great one has returned....he is damaged from battle......he must have one....i wonder if he brought us riches.....Does anyone know anything...." As the voices rushed off in the other direction, hearing them fade between the trees, going in the 'general' direction of where AstartÚ should be around now....he smiled to himself, smartest beings on this plane my arse! He stepped out dilegently from behind the tree he had positioned himself and then felt something that surprised and hurt him.....A point in his back made him stumble forward as a female voice rolled over him, "What are you doing here Daemon? Didn't i tell you never to return to these woods Malone?" Malone turned his panic filled eyes fast enough to see the sword she held rammed forwards, Malone fell to the ground.....


Emerald Dragon
12-26-2002, 10:25 AM
"Ahhhhh!" AstartÚ fell with a loud thud to the forest floor. Pain ripped through her body sourcing from her back to her extremities. She understood that Malone had been hurt badly, possibly unconscious. She looked at herself briefly, just in time to see her own body shimmer back into her normal form. Luggage ran to her assistance, with his little legs and his box opening his lid as if to speak. Before she was able to get back up, both her arm were grabbed from both sides, her small body dragged unable to see her captors. "Let me go! I demand it!" she screamed up at them. "You have trespassed into sacred territory, you will be executed for breaching the Peace Treaty." A male elf said, turning around to face her. "...Peace Treaty? ...Malone would surely get rid of you..." "I doubt it young lady, it appears his is in a comotose state." He laughed. "How could you be so cruel, what have you done to him?" "Let's just say that he is a little 'tied up' at the moment." She kicked and screamed out for help completely in vain. Poor Luggage was captured also, being tied from all corners with a thick rope. The two of them being dragged out of the forest. AstartÚ made her resistance known, pushing herself out of their arms strength. "Look here! I'm no trespasser." She defiantly stood. She attempted a run, only to be grabbed again. "Well, you wont be so eager to escape next time." Bonding AstartÚ hands and legs and carrying her effortlessly on one shoulder. She sobbed lightly, at this time she knew better then to call out. She wallowed in her pain and left her captors to it.

"Ah! help me Master! Ropes are too tight, help me! help me!"
Luggage's cries for help also went unanswered, not only because they weren't heard, but because they were jumbled from being knocked about along the ground. She heard one of the elves say something quickly, pointing. AstartÚ looked to see a strange man, about her height sitting on a roof. "Oi! You theres a meeting! The high priestess wants you two there, be prepared!" He yelled out. Running back towards the two prisoners.

"High priestess?" "Oh...Malone..." AstartÚ cried out softly. Being brought up to a small house. The two of them were shoved into it, locked in chains before another word was said. Luggage was fairly content until he realised that a large ball chain was attached to him, causing him to run around in circles at full length. "Forget it, it's useless. We were caught. Damn all of this. Why couldn't he have just done it himself. I knew I would just hold him back." Wrestling to try and loosen the chains on her AstartÚ had now given up hope of any escape. Left with nothing to do but dabble in her grief she wept not loudly, but the quiet room echoing her cries to the outside. Though her requests remained unanswered.

The Creator
12-26-2002, 11:08 AM
Malone slumped on the ground, the woman still had the sword held in his back, she didn't want it healing....just yet...."Malone i did warn you when you left not to return, now look, you've brought a poor mortal into it as well, you do know we have to kill you both don't you?" A tisking noise floated to Malone's ears, how he hated that voice. he hated it when he had left, he still hated it now, his mother always had a way of putting a repremanding tone to her voice.....

All those years ago when the Deamon's in charge of Pandemonium at the time had found out what his mother had done with that changling freak they shunned her.....sent her to the mortal realm, she had given birth to Malone, and as he grew up, she witenessed that he too had inherited the changling blood that his father had had, his form changing rapidly with his moods, after time his mother had devised a way of stealing a portion of her son's powers, making it possible for her to change form only once, but come to think of it, that was all she needed....

After a long and tiring search she found something that suited her needs, a small elvish village out in the middle of no-where, no-one even seemed to notice when a rogue Elf appeared, although why would they, she had a sick son that needed caring immediately... he looked so pale! Malone and his mother had grown up in the Elvish village, as time went on, his mother used her mind-manipulation magiks that she was born with to slowly bring the village to her needs, and after many years she was ellected high-priestess, and it seems she still is....

Malone growled as his own mother cast a holding spell on him and with drew the sword from his back, she quickly tied a rough rope to his hands and dragged him along the ground behind her horse, they reached a cell some distance up the road, into the village, and she picked him up easily with the Daemon strength he remembered, and threw him in the cell, slamming the door shut with a loud clang.....

Malone breathed deep as he felt the holding spell release, and he grunted as he tryed to accelerate the healing process to the slice in his back and the many grazes that he had all over his body.....


Emerald Dragon
12-26-2002, 06:04 PM
The girl suddenly started feeling better, the pain easing from her back. Her spirits were raised temporarily. "Oh, he's okay!" She smiled to herself. She checked her surroundings, he smile dropped. Chained, with nothing to do, but to speak telepathically to a wooden box already in a panicked craze, AstartÚ looked for a way out. There was no way she could free the clamps over he wrists and poor Luggage was in no mood to be of any help...except..."Luggage...Luggage, calm down you buffoon! Give me the sword, you know, that bright white one, the cursed one." With a hacking noise and a metallic puff of dust, the intricate sword hovered in the air, not disturbing the dust about it even and inch. AstartÚ stared at it, it was so far away. Could she call it she wondered. "Come." She spoke to it gently. Glowing a soft, pulsing aquamarine blue, it hovered itself in her direction bringing it into her chained right hand. Gripping it ever tightly, she felt a pulling at her heart and in her mind, making her scream out in pain. Shaking her head violently from side to side, sweat dripping from her forehead she yelled at it. "Give it up, I wont submit to possession. You are under my control now." at her words, the swords light strengthened, filling the whole room and blinding the young girl temporarily. The light fell again, absorbed back into the sword, filtering back into it's blade. AstartÚ never noticed it, but with the light gone, so did the tight shackles. Rubbing her wrists tenderly, she checked up on Luggage, his ball-chain still holding him in position tightly. "No, this ball is making me dizzy. Bright...light...from sword! No! Master!" AstartÚ sighed, looking at the poor storage box with legs she pitied him. Drawing the sword back into her hands she brought it down upon his chains, shattering them with a resounding boom. Leaving it in pieces, as vulnerable as glass.

The sword had always had a draining effect on the girl. Perhaps she wasn't as strong, though she was able to over come its evil intentions quite easily. She was tired having all her energy drained like that. Leaning up against the right wall, she slid down against it, slumping to the ground. She felt such strong energy behind her, the pain from her back eased up completely. Sending out psychic pulses behind her, it hit against something hard. There was someone in that room. AstartÚ's eyes brightened. "Malone, are you alright?" She asked.
"AstartÚ? Yes, I'm fine. Is Luggage there with you?" Malone responded, his voice muffled.
"Yes he is...wait, I have an idea!" She brought herself up with a little bit of effort. Pushing her sword to the stone wall, she pushed it in. Surprisingly it sliced through like butter, of course, the both of them were equally shocked. Making a small door-like shape in the wall, it fell crumbling to the floor with a crash carrying a large amount of dust with it. It was finished. The girl peered in cautiously to find that the daemon himself was bound at his hands with the very same thick rope. Cutting it from his hands, the string unwound and fell to the ground. AstartÚ smiled happily bringing him into a hug. "I'm glad you're okay, but we must leave now." She stopped for a short moment and gasped. Like shed just read a shocking article in the newspaper, it struck her by surprise. "The...High Priestess of GlenEven is your mother, but how? what? when? I thought she was a daemon..." She waited patiently for him to respond. "Well, I'm waiting..."

The Creator
12-26-2002, 06:38 PM
Malone stared down at the girl, confused and then it struck him, of course! She wouldn't know that mother runs this city, i never told her! Well, why would i, she didn't really need to know until now, he thought breifly about actually telling her, then with a shrug he just reached out with his mind and inserted the thoughts and memories straight into her mind instead, AstartÚ's eye's flicked once and then she nodded, "Ohhh! That must have been horrible for you!" Malone nodded with with a sad, smile.

Malone made his way to the door and looked out quietly, there were 3 gaurds, he laughed at the irony, and yet stupidity of these elves....he reached on hand out through the bars, preparing a fire ball for one quick kill, but then his eyes swivveled back and he sighed, dammit! He extinguished the ball and just clicked instead, all 3 elves fell in a deep slumber, then he turned to luggage and nodded at the bars. Luggage's many legs whirred into action and he was thrown forwards with amazing acceleration, the bars bent, holding breifly before they were thrown hard against the oppostie wall, and dug in deep, going at least 30cm into the opposite wall, the bulking box then jumped up and down on the spot a few times, "Very good master! Fun! Fun! More please master! Very good to have you back Master!" Malone smirked down at luggage in one of his excitable moods.

Malone stepped out delicately on long legs and walked to the opposite length of the hallway and picked up and elf over one shoulder and the last under one of his arms, he then walked back to his old cell and threw the elves roughly back in, spitting on them, "Freaks!" He raised one hand in his anger a bolt of energy racing from his palm towards the sleeping elves, AstartÚ leapt to Malone's arm, he threw a quick look at her, and with a grunt the bolt brought itself to a sizzling stop, boiling the very air around it, and then slowly it was drawn back, and it went neatly through Malone's clothes and seemed to just become one with his body near his chest.....

He let out a sigh as he absorbed the energy back into his being, then he stepped forwards putting a claw over on of the elves faces, and putting his other claw over his own face, almost instantly his body warped and changed, turning into an exact twin of the Elf that DID lay there, although now, a copy of Malone lay on the ground, he turned to AstartÚ and bowed, "How do i look my love?" He smiled and beckoned for her to come closer, as she stepped closer to him, he did the same for her, then grabbing onto a handle on Luggage, there came a groan that turned into a scream as the being got a mouth, Luggage now stood there on two elven legs looking around in frightened panic filled movements, then without warning he tryed to move and ran at full speed, straight into a wall....knocking himself cold.

Malone couldn't hold back the laugh as it rose in him, he had tryed this before LONG ago with Luggage, he could never get the hang of steering with 2 legs.... he bent down and put the ex-box over his shoulder and started to walk out, winking at AstartÚ as he left, signalling that it was time to get going....


Emerald Dragon
12-27-2002, 08:56 AM
"But wait, we came here to get something, don't you think we should at least attempt it?" AstartÚ looked up at Malone, trying to hide the smile that eventually forced itself out. "Luggage looks funny, perhaps we should teach him to walk someday, that would some entertainment. Then he could really talk too! ...Wonder what he'd be like as a person." Without taking precautions the girl unsheathed the thin sword at her waist the brought it to the ex-box's forehead, this didn't have the same effect on Luggage as it did Malone. It didn't burn him in the least, but the blue light which surrounded his body did the strangest thing. As Luggage's body lay limp on Malone's shoulder, it slowly brought itself into midair. AstartÚ was startled momentarily, flicking herself back into reality to inspect his body. Without realising what she'd done breaking her concentration, Luggage's body fell heavily on the ground, with a small poof, bringing up a little dust. the girl put her hand to her mouth. "Are...you okay Luggage? I'm so sorry!" The elvish form of Luggage groaned and closed his eyes tightly in discomfort, making creases in his forehead. "...I am okay, Master, you scared me! You scared me the last time you did that!" Luggage spoke weakly, scorning his friend. AstartÚ wasn't sure what she should do, but she examined his body to check for any injuries. Checking his head for lacerations, his eyes flew open looking right at her. For some strange reason this disturbed her, possibly because this was the first time he saw her, or maybe because his eyes appeared so full of energy and burning excitement. "Lady AstartÚ? Is that you?"
AstartÚ smiled down at him gently "Yes, it is I. So you see me?"
"Oh yes, I have eyes. I can see you." Luggage said grinning.
"I don't normally look like this." She said laughing.

Malone grunted picking his friend up gruffly off the ground and placed him on his back. "Come on you bulking piece of wood, we've got to go!"
"Yes Master..." Luggage answered obediently, pulling himself up.
They turned into the opposite direction scanning all around before moving off. They were shocked when a small voice yelled out to them. "Wait! I've already seen everything, I know who you are!"
"...ah dammit!" Malone spat.
"Please stop! they will most certainly kill you." The voice belonged to that of an blond elvish woman in a silk dress.
AstartÚ frowned and sent out psychic pulses towards her. "She...isn't of this world, there is one other with her. She's not allied with the village, she wanted to help us. Where is your companion?" She yelled out to the woman.
The woman sighed and shook her head. "Stuffing his face most likely."
The girl stood confused. "'Stuffing his face?' I've never heard that expression before."
"I meant that he is eating everything in sight." The woman replied correcting herself.
"You have no business with us woman, what do you want?" Malone's brash reply interrupted.
"Have it your way, you obviously seem to have everything in control. Your death is imminent." The blond woman stared at him coldy before turning away and running off in the direction she'd come.
"...Sylvannah Mariss, she's 21, travelling with a Gibusu Law, a Loridelie. They have come by means of a ...pendant?" AstartÚ read out from the information she'd gathered from the girl. Shaking herself from her reverie, astounded. "I think this is all to convenient. The pendant is probably what we're looking for. I...don't understand. This is all getting to out of control for my liking." AstartÚ thought scratching her head.

The Creator
12-28-2002, 06:51 PM
Malone watched the girl as she rushed up to him, and then after making a comment she seemed rather hurt and rushed off, possibly she thought her 'big tough' friend was going to beat me up, how amusing! He watched in the distance the doors of a large building was thrown open, Malone turned and started to walk, it may have been the guards coming to get their prisoners, and he didn't want to be anywhere near here when they actually get through that Illusion....

A few minutes walking later however, a small figure appeared beside AstartÚ, Malone leaned backwards, and admired the funny looking tail that stuck out of the man's robe, he smiled, "Don't tell me mate, your Gibusu? Right monkey boy? Leave us alone, stop thinking with what SHOULD be between your legs, but by the way you dance, obviously ISN'T and leave us alone you idiot....".

He watched as the man took his eyes slowly off AstartÚ and looked up at Malone, "Monkey boy huh? All you fairy men have such excellent imaginations i see, and mate i'm sure you wouldn't mind tellin me where you got my name from would you?" Malone watched as the man used a technique he had seen quite a while ago, and the man faded and appeared at Malone's throat, he felt as his throat was crushed inwards and lifted slightly off the ground.

Malone's eyes swivlled down, "Mr. Gibusu, your companion told me if you must know, and i suggest if you value the use of your arm you will remove it from my neck.....and i can see what your doing to AstartÚ's leg with your tail there, i recomend you stop that too....."


01-20-2003, 11:57 AM
Shimmering back by the water side where Phoez last left the 3 companions he slowly looks around... a little disorientated Phoez sits himself on the ground for a while.

"This corpse is starting to perish from this world... time for change is nigh"

Rising from the ground... Phoez looks around once more seeing tracks that are very faded... accompanied by an ethereal remeniscence left by a large daemon.

"mmmm.... seems i've been gone much longer than what i have anticipated... chronos is of the essense"

Phoez looks to the sky summoning the power of the natural elements... the tree's and the wind softly speak to Phoez.

"GlenEven???.... mmm, they have traveled indeed. Won't be long now, my travellers and all intentions will surface. To GlenEven..."

Phoez sword glows brightly and he shimmers enroute for GlenEven.

Emerald Dragon
02-16-2003, 07:40 AM
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The Creator
02-16-2003, 02:02 PM
The monkey looking man looked up at Malone with a 'knowing' smirk plastered on his face, "Well big fella, i can see this property is taken, if you must know, i was just acting for a reaction," the monkey man's eye's swivelled to the face of AstartÚ's, it was completely red, and she stared down at the ground, the man's face came back to Malone's, "And it seems that it DID get quite the reaction....you should treat your lady with more 'interest' friend." Before turning and taking his female companion by the arm, he threw a wink at AstartÚ.

Malone's fist curled deeply, his claws digging into the flesh of his palm, as a droplet of blood trickled over his claws, he took a step forward, a humoungous fireball sprung into his out-stretched claw as he took another step, "Oi! Buddy! Maybe YOU should learn some manners? I suppose it is too late now isn't it?" Malone chuckled, deep from his stomach, and he let his arm throw backwards, but as it flew forwards to let the ball go, AstartÚ jumped at his hand, forcing it downwards, Malone let his eyes fall down at his, his red eyes quickly failing when he saw the expression on her face, he closed his claw, the ball of fire being turned into nothing more then a puff of smoke.

"What do you think you are doing? Do you want every elf in this place to be onto us? Now lets get going!" Hearing that extra 'edge' to her voice Malone decided it would be a good idea to do as the girl wished, he bent down to the ground and raised the still sleeping form of luggage, and put him over his shoulder, taking a look behind him, he noticed the girl and the monkey guy turn into a long building in the distance....an elongated tongue ran itself over the elvish lips of Malone's face, i'll get them later.

AstartÚ led the way, as the pair walked through the eaves of the trees, Malone walked quietly to her side, bending so his mouth was close to her ear, "Sorry my dear, but i cannot leave this place like this, mainly because the book of earth is still here, but I still have to have a talk with the leader of these elves, i think i can work out something...." Malone knelt to the ground again, placing the form of Luggage gently to the ground, in the background, Alarms slowly wound up, ripping the sky apart with the dreadful wail that it produced, Malone glanced over his shoulder and sighed, then looked back to AstartÚ, reaching with one hand he ran one hand through her hair and produced a half-hearted smile, with cracking knees Malone stood, without a second look backwards he walked back towards the elven complex, back to where the alarms were coming from.....

Looking both ways as he made his way through the thick tree's, suddenly he came to a stop and looked up....a slow smile creeping across his face. Malone raised both hands and jumped, the tight elvish leg muscles carrying him easily into the trees branches, Malone caught hold of a thick branch as he rose upward, easily bringing his legs around and sitting easily on the branch, he then stood and began to walk as calmly as if he were walking down the street. When he came to the end he simply hopped to the bow beside him and continued walking, and when he came to the end of this one, he laughed quietly and shook his head, brainless elves....building their houses so close to trees! With another hop he was on the roof top of one of the well built elvish house.

Malone breifly clutched at his ears, he couldn't beleive how loud these alarms were,where was it coming from anyway? With a shake of his head he brought himself into a crawling crouch and made his way silently across the roof top, until he came to the edge of the house where he nearly jumped across to the next when a large group of Elvish gaurds walked past, idlyspeaking to eachother as they wandered past, looking to each side as they went. Once they were around the corner Malone took a deep breath and began to breath again, the look of releif easily visible on his face.

Thinking it was now safe, he brought himself to a crouch on his knees and looked around, geting his bearings, seeing the temple in the distance to his left he hopped over to the next building and continued on his way.......


Emerald Dragon
02-17-2003, 04:21 PM
"Malone..." AstartÚ called out silently after him.

She suddenly felt desolate without the life of his vivacious and erractic personality. She shook herself out of it and came back to earth, watching over the now-limp Luggage. She wondered if he was ever human back in his past. AstartÚ huddled neatly over his inert body and leaned in against it feeling the warmth of his body rise up against her own. She began to feel a slight unease having felt so close to him. The girl gently lifted him up against her. Placing her hands at his temples she released a short probe into his mind and tread deeply within the mass, which was Luggage.

At first there was nothing but the faint sound of his voice playing out in his dream, with a mental dreariness that floated eternally as a resounding echo. Then a clear, vivid picture shimmered into almost realistic projection. A small man hacking relentlessly at a luscious, yet very radiant Sapient Pearwood. She heard Luggage cry out psychically. Disturbed from the volume of the apparent pain he was reflecting on had scarred him.

AstartÚ broke contact briefly, then reconnected. Again feeling for his warm acceptance in his mind. He obliged with open hands and instantly there was no resistance felt. Another image warbled into effect like a silver screen. The same small-figured man talked with Luggage, now carved into a chest. She couldn't hear their speech, but as if it were her mind also, she knew intuitively that his name was Ceirwan ...Talos?

The girl broke complete contact in a state of shock. Could it be that he had come into contact with some of her ancestors? She sighed, her now tired and angered state left her dripping with the salt of exhaustion. She fell back and leaned upon a smooth barked tree to rest soundlessly, going over the new tale in her mind...waiting for Malone.

The Creator
02-18-2003, 02:27 PM
Malone silently crawled across the rooftops, nearing in on the temple, finally coming to the last house on his 'route', he peered around and down over the edge.....the place was deserted except for an elderly elf that sat in a 'custom' chair made of tree branches near the door-way of the temple, he seemed much too interested in cleaning out his finger nails to notice the approach of Malone as he fell down to the ground with a small puff of dust.

Malone took a few wary steps towards the geriatric, and a look of terrified shock sprung to his face when the man bent down to do up his shoes, and then began to straighten, before he had enough time to bring his eyes fully into view of where Malone stood, he was already gone, sprung high into the air, his huge wings letting him drift easily onto the rock face behind the gaurd. With outstretched claws Malone landed on the vertical face and began sidling down the wall like a spider, when he was with-in arms-reach of the gaurd, a handful of small pebbles fell from the wall as he put his claws in for better grip, the gaurd looked up brushing his shoulder, and before the scream escaped his lips, Malone had fell onto him and a crack followed by a large spray of blood erupted from the man's form.

Malone began to walk, letting the gaurds head fall to the ground at his side. He walked downwards down a long corridor and smiled.....this temple was the exact same structure as the Daemon one from long ago.....all he had to do was follow the same path! Racking his brain once more he took a complicated number of turns and back-tracks before he found the right location and suddenly a deep frown eminated from his face.....the traps were moved! And the book was further back! Malone thought his immediate future.....it involved him with minus all his limbs....

With a sigh and a shrug Malone decided to take the risk and guess where the traps had been moved to....he took another step and his eyes widened when he felt a gentle 'click' settle under his large foot, he ducked and rolled just in time to avoid the burst of large tree root as it rushed across the room and plunged to the ground where he had stood, this continued for at lleast ten minutes as Malone practically ran from side to side of the pavillion jumping and ducking as many traps and devices flew at him with deadly accuracy.....when finally he fell exhausted under the alter where the book of earth lay totall un-harmed in the middle of the mŕlÚe.

Malone lay there with a smile breifly before standing and taking the book from the alter, expecting the same thing as last time, he already held the book at arms length, throwing open the crackling pages, reading a few lines of the words, and thrusting the open pages at the ground at his feet.....Malone leapt high in the air as the temple began to shake.....under his feet where he had pointed the book a small, perfectly round tunnel opened up, Malone fell for at least 10 metres before his descent rounded and seemed to level out, a large explosion echoed down the tunnel from above, Malone smiled as he finished sliding along the now flat tunnel.

The large Daemon stood and began to run as fast as his long legs could take him as he heard crunching and rumbling emanate down the tunnel and tryed even harder to push his tired legs faster. The tunnel began to tilt upwards sharply and emerged in the forest he had started from, he looked around quickly and continued running as he saw AstartÚ standing not far away in a clearing, cradeling Luggage in her arms.

Stretching his long legs he looked behind him as a number of long vines emerged from the tunnel and waved in the air, turning a sharp circle and pointed at the retreating Daemon, they burst outwards at alarming speed, and Malone once again grunted trying to push his speed even further, he burst into the clearing that AstartÚ was seated in, "Come on my dear, it is time to leave..." as the words passed his lips from his side a long clear note of a horn, followed closely by the call of many elvish voices ringing out a cry.

Not wanting to slow his escape, instead of stopping for the young girl he bent as he ran, running his large claw along the ground, he scooped both Luggage and AstartÚ into his arms, trying his best to maneuver AstartÚ so she was on his back, she soon got the idea and climbed back there by herself. When Malone was satisfied that she was safe, he held Luggage in an awkward postion in one arm as he tryed to keep the same speed as before, he raised his other hand, placing the book under his arm....he placed his claw on the elvish head of Luggage and healed him, the man's eyes springing open in a panic.

"Master, Master? Is that you? Where we goin' master?" The man's head peered around his masters arm and noticed the vines that were now closing the gap on the trio quickly and turned shocked eyes back to Malone, opening his mouth to say something, but before he had a chance, his mouth simply disappeared, along with his entire head, they were sucked inwards towards his body, as his skin texture began to darken, and his build started to sharped, before long, Malone held in his arms the usual shape of his old friend, all of Luggag'es many legs sprung from the bottom of the wooden monolith, and without even having to be told sprung into action before even hitting the ground, Malone threw him onto the ground and watched as the box started to pull away from him quite easily, "Oi, wait up..." the box slowed slightly and Malone leapt on, placing AstartÚ in front of him securely.

He wrapped one arm around her waist and put the other around the bottom of the box...."Go! Go! Go!"


Emerald Dragon
02-21-2003, 04:50 PM
She yelped as she was hastily dragged off her feet, gripped tightly along her waist. AstartÚ called out to him despite the fact that he concentrated on moving faster.

"I suppose you got it then? Are you all right? I think I've found something out. Can we talk about it when we get back?" She asked yelling above the sound of the wind whipping around them tersely. He said nothing, but kept his eyes unidirectional to the path of escape.

The girl felt so warm and comforted in his arms. She even felt that she didn't need to fear a thing. Feeling his warm breath against her neck and his kind caress around her waist made her feel so unspeakably happy that she grinned to openly and blushed so wildly that he took a quick glance at her as she winced to avoid it. AstartÚ looked downwards at the ground rushing past her at a ripping speed and suddenly she felt a little uneasy. Her face drained to an ashen blankness that indicated her obvious fear.

"Something's not right... Do you feel it?"

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