View Full Version : Hard Drive gets attacked by a Sniper rifle

11-12-2002, 12:45 AM


:shoot: :hammer:

11-14-2002, 11:55 AM
LOL good one

that should be a .270 caliber shell......too short to be a .300 magnum or a .30-06 and too long in fat part for it to be a .308......

Quantum drives are only good for that too.....

and check it out...look at the 4th pic. There is a label that says "Warning: Do not cover breather holes"

Funny....he gave it a few more to breath out of.

Hmm... I have a .30-06 at home with a POS WesternDigital drive that *died* on me......ill use the rounded soft-points that I have instead of the ballistic silvertips to get that extra large size hole....

and then ill shoot it with a 12-guage 3" magnum hollow-point rifled slug for the finishing touch.

Should look like the T1000 when he got shot by those grenades in Terminator 2.