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11-27-2014, 05:15 AM
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11-29-2014, 02:20 AM
Nice review, and I always like the way you add a comment or two in SSD reviews about subtle details unique to SSDs that make the review a learning experience too. Assuming you read the review closely enough.

I'm also pleased you continue to make the point that no single SSD performs better than all others in every aspect of performance. The intended use of a SSD also changes what aspects of performance are important. That may not please the "I have the best..." crowd, but is the simple reality.

You mentioned the new Intel 25nm SLC flash used in the Fujitsu FSXtreme SSDs, but I see '12 on the NAND chips, which may be the manufacture date, or is that just the copyright or patent date? The term new may be relative in this case, meaning it is new for SLC flash. We know Intel has been using 20nm MLC flash for a while now. Just an observation. :smilies13

Another observation, is the introduction to the Anvil Storage Utilities tests still a valid statement?