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The Creator
11-17-2002, 11:37 AM
Gibusu's car roared up the highway, the military convoy was coming up quickly now, he could see the red lights of their cars coming ever closer....
As the long black herse pulled past the first of the back gaurd cars its sirens briefly flared, before he wound down his window and reached accross and tapped the bonnet of the car, the car immediately veered off the road and down the steep embancment, much to the surprise of the driver, but he will be MUCH more surprised when he finds out what his motor has turned in to....

The entire convoy by now had fallen into dismay, the long trailer had sped to the front whilst all the other gaurd cars had fallen back to try and surround Gibusu's vehicle, he smirked and put his foot to the floor and quickly got in front of the other cars as the slowed down. He flicked a switch under the wheel and from the back of his car numerous rows of long spikes fell out, disposing of the rest of his followers.

Gibusu's tail began to twitch back and forth as his smile grew, he was riding besides the long trailer soon, and obviously there was no way of getting control of it from his current position, he reached behind onto the back seat and grabbed a brick that sat on the leather upholsteory, and placed it firmly on the accelerator, and with this he adjusted the wheel so it was facing dead straight and eased himself out the window and with a simple leap, landed on the side of the lumbering truck, at first he found it hard to stay on the side of the truck, but he simply stuck his claws in further, and wrapped his long furry tail around his waist so it didn't get in the way, his long black hair blowing out in the wind....

Quickly he climbed up onto the roof of the truck and walked steadily up to the cabin, and with a flick of his tail he jumped into the cabin through an open window. He turned his red rimmed, black eyes towards the burly driver, he licked his lips delicately before he said quietly, "Get out of my truck fool!" he extended one short leg and kicked the driver hard, driving him and the door onto the highway. Gibusu slid over the seat, flicking the radio onto his more favoured station, smiling to himself he began to bob his head to the music as he steered the lumbering truck down a side-street off the highway....

name: Gibusu Law
race: He's not sure


Emerald Dragon
11-17-2002, 01:38 PM
You could of said that she was stunningly beautiful for one so young... Being less then 2 in 20, she rode the streets like she owned them, her light blond tresses framed her face sharply and her cool exterior could of frozen the hottest summer. Her eyes sparked like that of shocking electricity, through them, they stood out, clear, blue.

Name: Sylvannah Mariss
Race: Human, with Elvish heritage.

She seated herself demurely upon her "weapon of fury" in her terms. But in reality it was her motorbike that she was typically fond of. It shone like polished onyx and was just as tough. She kissed it's surface lovingly and revved up it engine and listened to it's soft purr. She smiled discretely to herself and move out from her garage, leaving nothing but the eerie echo of the tyres screeching along the floor as the accelerated at a deathly speed.

Sylvannah, or "Sylvie" as she prefered, raced down the road, taking no notice of the traffic which moved against her, she laughed in exhiliration feeling the danger run rapid through her blood. As she ran her treacherous path, she turned on her tyres, with a deafening squeal. She watched eagerly, with delight as she watched a slim built, but athletic figure jump from a car to a truck she stared at the figure for some time as it continued down the road. Sylvannah started her engine again and gave chase. The vehicle of which she chose to pursue was nothing flash. Its new driver carried on to control it expertly and she was left obviously taken with his incredible skill, she accelerated further and drove up towards the side of the truck and yelled out towards the figure "So sweetheart, looks like you gots yourself a find there, I'm impressed with your driving skill, care to introduce yourself?"

The Creator
11-17-2002, 01:55 PM
Gibusu looked over his shoulder at the girl perched upon the motorbike besides the truck, he gave a quick nod in her direction to signify the turn, and he steared the truck off the road and down a dusty road.

About a kilometre later down the road Gibusu pulled the truck to a stop, to the un-seeing eye it would've seemed like any other patch of dirt up or down that road. Gibusu lightly jumped out of the cabin, still dancing rythmetically to the music that was still blarring, his tail keeping its on beat by swaying gently from side to side, his long black hair hanging down to his waist bobbed slightly to his movements.

Gibusu came to a stop in front of the girl, and looked her up and down, "G'day beautiful, whatcha doin followin me then?" His tail rose up over his shoulder and pointed at her, as if it was getting ready to strike. He lifted on heavily clad foot and shoved it into the ground, a soft click could be heard, and about 10 metres back into the scrub a large hatch pushed itself out of the ground.

Gibusu hopped back smiling, "Don't look so alarmed beautiful, come in and we'll have a chat!", in one fluid jump he launched himself off the ground and through the open window of the truck cabin and drove it down into the cavern, his voice riniging back up "Are ya comin or not? Oh how rude of me....the name's Gibusu!"

After driving the truck far enough into his base, Gibusu jumped back out and thumped a button on the wall to close the door, whether the girl was in or not.....then he came around to the back of the truck to claim his prize, apparently they had been working on this project for years! The ultimate weapon, now lets have a look at this then!

He threw the doors open, rippping one side right off its hinges when it stuck, Gibusu's eyes adjusting quickly to the gloom within stared at what layed there, "What the hell is this?"


11-17-2002, 02:27 PM
The truck's doors swung open suddenly. It's contents suddenly came to life: a golden robot with arms and legs like massive cones.

Name: Puppet
Race: Scrin Relic
A golden mechanoid with a simple chestplate and cylinder as it's body, which in turn hold smaller cylinders which make the arms and legs. The ends are elongated cones that have spear-like tips
. The head is a large grav-orb with a simple mask making an unchanging and motionless face. Every joint has similar but smaller grav-orbs.

The machine was awakened with the sudden activity and made a quick scan of it's current surroundings. The communications that were meant to be held with it's maker had been severed, leaving the golden robot in the dark as to what was happening. All that was noticable was some kid standing at the only discernable exit. His face was fixed in a state of surprise and fear of the unknown. Puppet didn't know who he was, but what he could tell was that he was no master of his. Arising from the large storage capsule that held him, the spiked creation propped itself on it's legs. Looking to the roof of the truck, he bent his legs, and sent himself skywards, penetrating the hull with his conical arms. Scuttling on to the top of the truck, he proceeded to make good his escape. Jumping down the side of the vehicle, he bent on all four appendages and quickly scaled the walls and followed an upward vent which led to the outside. A series of loud curses could be heard echoing through the cavern.

Surfacing from the top of the cramped shaft, Puppet found himself at the top of hill that overlooked the city down below. With a place so foreign to him, finding help would be quite the task. Inspecting the wilderness behind him, even finding a secure track could be a challenge. But first things first, knowing that someone may try to gain access through the vent, he aimed his arms at the open vent, and fired them off, bending the pipe off. Retracting his arms, he then proceeded to make a quick succession of dents on the broken sheet of the pipe to create an effective cover to the exposed shaft. With that done, taking the seemingly wisest course of action, the Puppet made tracks through the forested area, leaving no imprint on the ground he trod.

Emerald Dragon
11-18-2002, 01:24 PM
Sylvannah flung herself quickly upon her bike. Filled with the sheer excitment upon meeting with the unknown figure as "Gibusu." She had no idea what to expect from his sudden "acceptance" of her, for she'd been a victim of discrimination her whole life. She looked on at Gibusu examining him as he spoke to her. She found his tail and tracked it back towards him, she marvelled at it, as it seemed to dance. She shook herself harshly "Crap, he's left without me..."

Her bike purred softly as she handled it with keen experience and sped off again to follow her maybe "partner in crime." She'd hoped that he'd accept her offer when she made it. Though, she'd only known him for a mere 20 minutes. In that small amount that passed, she remained adamant. Hearing the rumble and the soft vibrations that she fed to the road, her chase was slow, Sylvannah became unpatient and banged on her bike sharply "Come on, dammit, I have places to go!" As if life seemed to heed her call, everything came into action, as a quick rush of events, which blew past her in ignorance. Sooner then she'd expected, she came to a garage, stopped, turned her engine off quietly and heard crashing of metal grinding along concrete, then the sound of Gibusu's voice through the walls.

"What the hell is this?"

Sylvannah, hidden by shadows, walked towards a door, dimly lit around its frame and shimmed in stealthly towards the furry tailed man, she came up close behind him and spoke. "I see you have...a strange contraption in the back of your truck. I take it that you did not expect this? ...It's original, for sure, but what does it ACTUALLY do?" Gibusu at the sound of her voice fell backwards into her. "Oh, I'm sorry, was I not invited?" She looked at him cooly, watching him look back at her in the same way. "I am a woman of needs, and right now, from watching you, my furry friend, I'm going to need your skill. Surely you have noticed that you are a prime target of recruitment, I'd really love to have you join me in my 'escapades.'"

Gibusu looked her strangely "I want to know what the HELL that is in my truck!" Sylvannah patted him firmly on the shoulder, which he stared at briefly. "Cool it, right now, I'm sure there are more important things. Name's Sylvannah Mariss, but...please, call me Sylvie. What do you say Gibusu? By the way, do you happen to have a surname, friend?"

The Creator
11-18-2002, 03:31 PM
Gibusu raised one thin eye-brow, then intimatedly he rose himself to his full height and tensed his muscles, "You tease my fur and you expect to be let away with calling me.....FRIEND! How dare you!" His tail whipped from side to side quickly his eyes nothing but embers, then instantly his face lightened seeing the shock on her face as she stepped back wards, a broad smile crossed his face and his eyes sparkled slightly as he laughed merily, "Of course babe, i'll be in your little gang!" He backflipped and landed in a crouch on the top of the truck, and tilted his head from one side to the other, admiring her rugged looks.

As he crouched there he heard a crunching coming from the vent that little thing had ran up, what a strange contraption.....his tail was dancing to the music coming from the cabin once again......it must have been trying to block Gibusu's route of following it, what a strange little thing....

His dark eyes swivveled back down to the girl as she stood there staring at him, expecting something, oh yes...of course, he let out another burst of high laughter, "Scatter-brain i am for sure....my name of course.... Gibusu Law, thats me! As you can see i'm not exactly from around here!" His tail came up over his shoulder and seemed to wave at the girl, "I've been working on this planet for around 23 years now i guess, mostly terrorist and assasin work, anything to keep me entertained! And i've found that my hand fits perfectly into that line of work....no finger prints my dear, and light feet work too i've found!" With this Gibusu seemed to disappear and reappear behind the girl where he put his chin on her shoulder and swivelled his eyes up to look at her's whilst his tail tapped her on the other shoulder, "Being fast is always a good thing as well!"

"So whats your plans for me? Anything in particular?" He quietly said to her his chin still resting on her shoulder....


Emerald Dragon
11-19-2002, 09:56 AM
Sylvannah sighed firmly "Mr Law, I appreciate your 'optimism' but one, I'd REALLY like it if you didn't call me 'babe' and two, and I'd love it even better if you didn't put your chin upon my shoulder" She looked down at him severly. She turned to look at him directly, which threw Gibusu off guard slightly. "Well, what was I going to say...yes! I remember now. I didn't 'tease' your fur if bothers you as much, because, you're covered in it, literally, so I wouldn't get TOO offended." She paced back and forth for a few moments and murmured some words to herself, too incoherent for anyone else to hear. She looked up and caught him staring at her, she frowned back. "Why do you stare at me like that? ...I know, you think I'm cute don't you...you have no chance." She laughed brightly and smiled back. "But let me get back to business shall we? I'm on the trail of an expensive artifact that's being held on show...I plan to steal it, and sell it off to any 'willing' buyer, I'm also up for recognition...and the money, so what's new?"

Gibusu stared back blankly. Sylvannah sighed "Okay, there's a catch, I need someone that's fast and can move around easily, the place is rigged with invisible laser, that if tripped will set off the alarms, that where you come in." Her new partner's expression grew as she explained it "I'm getting more excited by the second..." He smiled broadly at her. "I'm also up for any suggestions, it seems so...small a task for such a capable person, like yourself." She paced the room a few times and as her eyes feel upon the robot, she stopped and stared at it as it left the room, confused. "Okay, what the hell is that? Is that what's troubled you?"

The Creator
11-19-2002, 10:31 AM
Gibusu laughed again and jumped onto his hands, then pushed himself into a backflip while saying, "Yeah sounds good babe," as he turned he saw the scowl on the girls face which only made him laugh louder, "Easy enough i think," His voice suddenly turned serious as he jumped and landed mere inches in front of the girl and he stared down at her, daggers in his eyes, "But whats my cut? It seems i'm going to be doing all the work...."

Sylvannah looked at him cooly, not falling for his Macho trick twice, and walked backwards and slapped the button to open the garage, and as the doors grinded back she said with a flick of her hair, "Why don't you come and find out?" With this she jumped swiftly on to her bike and whirred off in a spray of gravel.

Gibusu scarled, then lightened quickly chuckling at the retreating lights in the distance, he jumped out on to the road pulling out a remote and lightly pressing a button and stomping on the switch to close the garage, just as all the light faded from the hidden opening a twin pair of headlights appeared on the horizon.

The roaring of Gibusu's black herse could be heard from far away, and as it neared, he pushed another button on the controller and the window slid down on the passenger side, quickly he put the remote back into his waist coat pocket and leapt into thin air.....the car catching him as he moved outwards.

As Gibusu settled into the drivers seat, he removed the brick from the accelearator and swiftly put a tape into the stereo, and as the heavy bass started he wound down his window letting his hair hang out, blowing back in the wind.

He slipped the car down a gear and planted his foot to the floor, the car jumped into action, pushing Gibusu back into the seat as he smiled, he soon saw the lights of the girls motorbike start to fall into his vision, he reached over to the glove compartment, and although it was dark, removed a pair of highly reflective sun-glasses and put them over his darkly tinged eyes, a thin smile crossing his face....


11-19-2002, 11:24 AM
Not more than a few minutes of bushwhacking, the golden machine had come to the edge of cliff. The land below was much less alien than the previous areas, namely the weird stony bunker and the strangely furnished wilderness behind him. The barren surface below was like a scene he had seen so often. The rolling flats of endless rock and gravel deposits, sparsely littered with mismatched outcrops of featureless and dry stone. It was a battlefield, like the ones that it was literally born from. Maybe the answers it seeked were down below? Looking down the steep cliff, the spindly artifact began it's descent, leaving the strange greenery behind him and entering the dead sea of clay below it.

The machine's balance was impeccable, not too concerned with gravity as most life forms are. Standing upright and quickly running down the slope, the Puppet made record time to get to the bottom of the cliff without arriving in a heap. Staring around the foot, there was the same wasteland facing him from all angles in 180 degrees. To him, anywhere was better than back up to the forest. The sands were a welcome change to the foreboding brown pillars and swaying green tendrils underfoot. The war torn landscape ahead was inviting and hinted at a possible escape from this place. Deciding that the best form of transport was the fastest one, it bent down low, and set his legs in motion. With a manic and furious action, the golden locomotive set off in motion, tearing up desert sands.

The skies above began to darken. Not stopping to rest, the machine was still at work in turning the soil. The same featureless dirt awaited him at every turn, an enternity of dust. Slowly realizing the futility of running any longer, the Puppet came to a rest by a black obsidian monolith. Perching itself to rest would bring time to reminisce on how it had gotten to Earth in the first place. Reaching into all of it's memory banks only upturned weapons files, enemy descriptions, accomplished mission dossiers, but no memory logs. Only a single designation was given: Research. Without a real clue as what to research due to the blunt orders and all recent items being wiped away from memory, the golden Puppet was left to stare at the churning skies and the growing shadows. Behind him, the monolith began to glow with the robot's presence. The full ivory moon above shone it's light atop of the grim totem, and coupled by the beams that were reflected off the machine's reflective cover, began to light up the strange markings that were undetectable in the dark. A slight humming began to emanate from the obelisk, and slowly turning his head, the Puppet was amazed at what he saw.

Emerald Dragon
11-20-2002, 08:13 AM
Sylvannah rolled her eyes as she heard the music from Gibusu's vehicle. "Hey Law, turn that crap off, I don't wanna draw any attention, especially where we're goin'!"
Gibusu stared out the window and peered at her with the look of death in his eyes. "I think you draw enough attention on that bike...babe." She hissed at him and shook her head. "Somebody tell me WHY I bothered..." Again, the blond-haired beauty took to the streets, though this time, she was a little cautious in her actions. This area, she noted was a prime target of criminal acts, side for the fact that she was not one of them. She drove with careful insight and kept to the limit, she took little notice of her surroundings and she yawned for some strange reason. "S'pose I must be tired."

A few minutes and a few sharp corner turnings later she arrived back from where she'd started, she had intended to go out simply for a few groceries, but came back with a little more something only short of amazing. Her new recruit was rather "optimistic" as she noticed, always willing to smile. This frightened her somewhat, and she quickly shoved the thought into the back of her mind. She slowed her bike as she pressed a button for the door to open, it stopped halfway...she groaned inwardly. "Aw...dammit! Not today!" her voice rang as she hurriedly turned of her bike's engine and kicked its stand into place. The frustration she showed was evident as she walked stiffly towards the garage door, which was tilted somwhat left of a straight line. "What the hell is wrong with this damn thing?" She grabbed her pocket torch from her jacket poocket and flicked it on, crawled underneath the door, and screamed in anger, the chains on the door had decided to jam. There was nothing she could do about it, as there was nothing physically wrong with it. She crawled back underneath the door, but as she attempt to bring herself out again, the door came back down upon her and stopped, trapping her under it...the result was rather...hilarious.

Gibusu edged slowly into her territory, he stopped abruptly and removed himself from the vehicle, she stood over her, examined her closely, exposing every effort to hide his amusement. Then as he stood looking over the small woman, he burst out laughing. Sylvannah looked up at him, not in the slight, impressed, tapped her fingers unpatiently on the ground where she lay uncomfortably. "...Law, you had your fun, just get me out of here..." He stood strong in his position and refused to move, but he continued to laugh at her predicament.

The Creator
11-21-2002, 10:54 PM
Gibusu raised one eyebrow as he peered down at the girl stuck under the large garage door, then as his tail flicked from side to side, he burst out laughing ashe realised that she wasn't joking, she was actually stuck where she was.

Gibusu walked quickly around to where the girl had been standing when she had pressed the button earlier to raise the door, he promptly found the button and raised one well manicured claw, then he turned his head and smiled at the girl, his finger raised to the door raise button, "You certainly are in a predicament aren't you my dear? Possibly this should be the right time to make you tell me what your plans are for my payment?"

Wth this he started laughing again and took one step towards the girl, his tail stretched out towards the girl and brushed her hair behind her ears, and off her face and forehead, then he stood right above her and stared downwards. His tail stretched out backwards as he stared and playfully went from being placed above the downwards, and upwards buttons of the door.....

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Emerald Dragon
11-23-2002, 06:00 AM
Sylvannah peered up painfully from her position, Gibusu looked down upon her, his image brought fear to her mind. He didn't look menacing, but portrayed with power. She looked down as to avert his gaze and to put his laughter out of his mind. He crouched near to her and moved his tail near her face to brushed the bangs which fell heavily upon her face. She stared up at Gibusu, she wasn't sure what to think. She felt insecure from his action, was he concerned for her...?

She shook her head weakly. "What are you doing to me...can you not get me out...please? I'm...in a lot of pain, please..." She begged. The garage door, which she lay beneath fell a little lower, Sylvannah cried out in pain, which came out more of a meek cry then a scream. "As you can tell I'm not really in a position to play games with you Gibusu." He quickly darted his eyes until it reached the button and his tail hovered only a few centimetres above it, before he could press it, Sylvannah spoke. "...I can't breathe." She'd never felt so vulnerable as she did at that moment, she'd much rather die then ask for his sympathy. She looked up from where she lay her vision became blurred and she felt herself growing sleepy. She relaxed "Hmm...goodnight." Sylvannah passed into unconsciousness.

The Creator
11-23-2002, 08:58 PM
Gibusu stood quickly and slapped the button marked 'Up' on the remote on the wall, in a few jerky movements the door worked its way upwards, as the door jammed again half-way up embers burnt in his eyes as he placed both hands and threw the door upwards, bending the steel runners on the side as the jam was also forced up by Gibusu's bulging arms.

Next he turned his eyes down to the un-concious girl, he knelt down next to her, and put a gentle hand under her lower quarters and unders her back, as he stood with her easily his tail wound its way around her head and held it up to ease the strain of her neck. He looked down at her with new eyes, he stared down at her with pity, "Wake up! Please....i meant no harm babe, come on!"

Gibusu had never had to do it before, but he knew some basic medical procedures, he walked over to his car and lightly kimped up onto the roof of his car, and placed her down beside him, he looked up one way and then the other to make sure there was no one watching, then he placed both hands on her chest, and heaved, breathing into her mouth, until her eyes clicked open.

"Now little one, please don't make me have to do that again, although its not exactly an un-pleasent experience" He quietly said to her as he hopped off the roof and winked at her from the ground and he licked his lips and smiled up at her as he savoured the taste watching her scowl, "Now babe, lets do whatever we came here for....."


Emerald Dragon
11-24-2002, 01:14 AM
Sylvannah's eyes fluttered open slowly and she looked up to see Gibusu looking down at her as he helped her up. She felt strange, and her back hurt. "What...Law? What have you done to me?" She stared at him in pure contempt. "What was I saying? ...I, hold on, I need to get something." She attempted to lift herself from his arms, but failed as the pain which throbbed at her back ripped through her chest and she fell back into his arms crying in agony. He watched her carefully and placed a blanket over her. She groaned and her eyes felt heavy as she struggled to hold them open. "...Damn, I'm tired. I'll talk to you in the morning. And didn't I tell you not to call me 'babe'?" He laughed softly at her.

Gibusu assisted her inside, and she guided him towards a couch, like herself, made completely of leather, it smelt new and still gathered its shine. She seated herself uneasily upon it and rested against the armrest "Ohhh...I'm sorry, I wuld go over the plans, but right now, I'm seriously considering a new garage door. I knew that it'd kick me in the butt one day, I was fortunate you came along" She grabbed the shabby, gray woolen blanket which covered her and she huddled closely within it and she sighed quietly to herself. "Feel free to walk around, there's nothing to take however, so don't bother trying...well, at least I THINK there's nothing to take." She examined the ceiling from where she lay and she stayed silent for a while, before asking. "If I was unconscious, how did I become conscious again, was it you? I've never experienced anything like that."

He sat next to her, but preferred not to say anything, she understood it to be a sign, she didn't ask any further questions. Sylvannah lay and it caused her pain to even think of it, she never really had to take anyone into consideration before, but before she could stop herself she said "...Thanks." The light haired woman then covered her head with the blanket and silently cursed herself to sleep.

The Creator
11-27-2002, 10:23 AM
Gibusu heard her muffle some words into the sheet as she fell to sleep, cute.....

Gibusu stood and looked around the dark room after waiting for her to fall uneasily into sleep. 'I never was too good at that healing crap...' he said quietly to himself. He walked back out to where the bent garage door was and jumped up and caught it in his paws as he went outside and pulled it down as he rounded off his somersault, the door clanged loudly to the ground as he hit the ground in a crouch both hands on the ground as his tail flicked from side to side.

He looked around, up and down the alley he was sittting in, then he sniffed the air, and jumped and landed on the wall of another building, using his momentum he boucned again off that wall and onto another and then onto the roof tops of the city. He turned marvelling at the sight. The bright Neon lights stretching out in all directions made his heart jump into his throat, it was so beautiful, then as if someone had flicked a switch in his mind, Gibusu started his usual bob, to the music in his head and his tail kept the rythm, as always, as he started sprinting accross the roof tops jumping and easily clearing the gaps until he came to a place that looked interesting, there seemed to be yelling coming from inside, and as he looked at the large Neon that was placed outside, his thoughts were confirmed, a Pub.....excellent.

Gibusu let himself down softly, using his tail as a rope as he swung down the side of the building, using the guides of the large Neon sign as he went down. He hit the ground with a soft thump, as just then a large burly man flew back wards through the door and landed in the gutter by Gibusu's feet, he peered down at the man then with his tail picked him up by the throat and raised him to his feet, then noticing the stench of rum and whisky on his breath, threw him back down again, he stepped over the sleeping fools body and opened the door and walked into, still bobbing to the music in his head.

"Ok everyone! Who wants to buy me a drink today then? No-one...how strange..." Everyone in the whole club had turned and had their eyes transfixed on Gibusu's tail as he strided towards the bar, and as he walked the bulking statue of the Bouncer moved from the shadows and placed a hand on Gibusu's shoulder, he was dragged along the ground as he continued to walk.....as he neared the bar he stopped and looked at the hand on his shoulder, then turning swiftly and raising a solitary finger to the mans face he wobbled it from one side to the other.

The bouncer jibbered quietly, "We don't want you in this bar, we don't take kindly to stran.......WAIT!Ive seen you on a few picutre, your that Gibusu fella, sorry my man, i didn't mean anything by it...." he fell to his knees and clased both hands in front of his face. Gibusu smiled and his eye's slitted into two thin lines, he tilted his head from one side to the other, the straightened it again, and started to laugh quitely, then raising both arms out from his body he yelled, "Now everyone! Watch carefully now, look ma! NO HANDS!" The last 2 words came out as nothing more then a loud growl as his tail shot out and wrapped around the bulking mans neck, Gibusu continued to growl as he walked backwards, tightening his grip and staring at the mans face, until he stopped struggling, and fell limp to the floor.

Gibusu turned to the staring bar, then his face lightened again, as he walked towards the MusicBox and put in a few of his more favoured tunes, and as the bar was filled by the heavy bass that he loved so much he bobbed his way to the bar and sat down and ordered, all eyes still following his tail, which now had the coughed up bile and blood of the boucner dyeing it to different colours all over its length......


11-27-2002, 11:23 AM
The brilliant light of the obelisk died down as it revealed it's contents. It was a burnt out escape pod, similar to one that the Puppet had scraped out of his memory banks. It was all coming back to him now....all those years before, he had arrived in one of these very vessels with the single mission of researching this planet and it's inhabitants for it's masters. The vastly alien environ proved to be more treacherous than first expected and resulted in getting caught by the planet's predominant species, the human. The memory omes and goes, as though wanting to come back into existance after being erased. But what was important now was examining the contents of this pod. As the black entry slab met the ground, the Puppet stepped up to the control interface.

After doing some hasty scans of the control interface, he realized that this was not the vessel he had arrived in, but another which held a machine just like it. The second Puppet was also given the same motive and also seemed to be missing. Quickly waving an arm over the sensor interface, the golden one hoped to divine the direction of his lost comrade. All signals pointed back in the direction from which he came, back to the city which it so despised. Before closing up all loose ends, a check of the tool cabinet might yield some useful items. Opening it up and taking a look uncovered two replacement arm units. These were very much like the aliens appendages and had five grasping talons. These will be very helpful in manipulating the unknown technology. Snapping off his current arms and placing them in the hollow compartment in his back, the reached out to fit the new, silver claws. They were only just manufactured in the ship's replicator judging from first impressions as they still had the silver sheen that nanite metals have before being exposed to the true atmosphere. Despite this, they still served the purose they were made for. Walking outside, the ship began to close up and the gentle humming it emitted came to an end. Trying to determine the direction he just came from under the darkening night sky, he soon realized it would be fruitless trying to backtrack. Taking a glimpse at the closing shadows around him, he suddenly saw two beams of light hurtling across the distance. The light it shone were remniscient to the vehicles lights that the aliens liked to drive around in. Following the path they took back into town would be the best way to locate the second Puppet unit. Making a double check on his co-ordinates, the Puppet went on his way back to town.

The track back to town was much shorter than anticipated, especially after having clung onto the largest vehicle that came along. It was a short ride from there as the behemoth was more suited to the thick gravel than elongated cones. The thick air was gaining in radioactivity the further they got into the city. Blaring signs written in burning colours were everywhere. Decrepit individuals tottered in the sidelines, the streets seething in pollution, choked with evil. The truck eventually came to a halt by a back entrance to a brightly lit building. The dirver went out the side and began exhaling grey wisps of smoke and keeling over with coughs. Taking the opportunity to do some more research, the Puppet jumped down beside the driver and took the small rolled up peice of paper off the startled human who in turn, fled off into the night making large and illegible screams. The paper was burning and filled with small blackened vegetation. Just then, more loud screams were heard from inside the building. It's curiosity getting the better of it, the Puppet went inside to investigate.

Emerald Dragon
11-27-2002, 02:01 PM
Sylvannah awoke many hours later and made a sound which resembled something like that of a dying animal. Although, she didn't know it. "Oh...my, what the hell happened to me, I need a drink..." She pulled herself off the couch, she felt herself sticking to it. Her body almost moulded to that couch itself, she made a face of disgust and expressed it openly. "Gross..." Sylvannah shifted uneasily towards the refrigerator, dragging the shabby blanket wrapped around her. She tore the fridge door open releasing the trapped cool air within. She put her head in towards the back...."Where's me al-kee-hole? ...damn, best go to the bar and where's that Gibusu?"

She decided against going on her bike. That blasted junk for a door had done more then creep her out, though she fretted to leave her love in there alone for too long. She pushed herself to wake up, straggling over the kitchen sink she turned on the tap forcibly and splashed the cool water upon her face. Stinging her sharply it brought her back to reality, she shook her head rapidly and wiped it with a paper towel. "I need a drink...uh, can't walk." she trudged into her bathroom, removed her shirt and whipped out a bandage from the closest drawer. She unrolled it and tightly wrapped it around her midriff and secured it. Sylvannah attempted to stand at her normal height, she decided that she'd felt much better now that the bandage supported her. She hastily replaced her shirt over it.

She shuffled quickly upon her feet, before she tripped toward the door, she picked up her light jacket which sat untouched upon her bed and headed towards the oak coloured door, which beared her spare keys. "Hold on...what the heck?! What the hell's he done to my door?" She shook her head in dismay as she viewed the overly-damaged garage door.

She ventured on, she hadn't viewed the street by foot in a while, she appreciated its noise and the bright neon lights. People shoved passed her, the men stared her up and down as she walked down the street. "Hey beautiful, wanna come out with me for a while?" A large burly man, obviously drunk said in slurred speech. "I'm impressed at your approach, let's see your departure..." Sylvannah did not look at him, instead walking straight past into the doorway behind him as he half-heartedly cursed back at her. "...Dammit, what the hell's going on here!" She shouted as she stood over the bouncer, with the now familiar music boomed throughout the building. She coldly stared at Gibusu now bopping to his usual music.

"You! What do you think you're doing?" The entire building fell silent at the voice of this outspoken woman. He turned around quickly and pure shock fell upon his face. "I come here for a drink, and now you've come to ruin us all, it's not necessary!" She grabbed for his tail and yanked at it tightly within her grasp. He yelled out pain and tried to force it out of her hand. She stormed outside with him struggling to balance himself. "We're going back..." She let go of his tail, but not before he whipped her with it leaving a small, but excessively painful cut which bled slightly. "You can not simply 'enjoy' yourself out in the streets...you will get caught, I know that it's bad enough that you're not from around here, but you must be discrete...people are looking for me too you know. You making such a ruckus is a risk I'm not willing to take, got it?" she snarled clutching at her hand.

The Creator
11-28-2002, 09:19 AM
Gibusu thrashed at her with his tail as she let it go, the damned mortal had found his weakness, how it hurt when people grabbed at it, he fell backwards and sat on the ground.

"Come on babe, can't blame me, a sleeping woman isn't exactly the most exciting thing in the world, i had to go find something fun to do! Besides, this little part of town reminds me of home, let me show you...." Leaning forward Gibusu went onto all fours, and then sprang at the girl holding her under one arm, he bounced off the walls of the surrounding buildings and landed softly on the rood, placing the girl softly back on the roof.

Extending his arm in a wide arc he motioned to the surrounding area, taking in all the brightness of the Neon filled night, then peering over his shoulder he saw that the girl was still not impressed, she must have seen this before, oh well.....

"If i am such a bad boy beautiful....." Falling backwards again roughly and leaning back on his arms, and winking up at her, "What else do you have in mind to keep me entertained? I was just about to go have a chat to that foul little thing that came in through the back door," putting a face of mock surprise, "Your saying you didn't see it? BUT.....if your so eager to drag me away, what else do you have in mind...." A wide smile crossed his face as he looked up at her, his tail inching accross the roof and tapped her softly on the leg.


Emerald Dragon
11-28-2002, 04:29 PM
Sylvannah groaned inwardly as she watched the tailed man from afar. She sighed "Law, for a 'subtle' man such as yourself, you make it so painfully obvious when you're picking up a chick. I don't want to play games with you. I didn't drag you out of there so I could 'desperately' get you to sleep with me." She turned away from him and sat at the edge of the roof. Now, that she thought about it, she was bored of ordinary life, she was tired of stealing just to make her way in the world...if only...
"I must show you something, you see, you might feel an outcast here, but you've never been ridiculed as I have...because, I'm different." Gibusu manoeuvred effortless and sat next to her, looking at her questiongly. She stared down at the necklace that hung down upon from her neck and removed it, playing with it within her hands.

"...I am of partly Elvish decent. So...I will have a long life, yet, I also possess strange abilities. It's hard to explain, but I think the earth is dying. I can't see it, but I can feel it." She shook herself. "What am I talking about, you probably think I'm crazy, I want to leave this place. I think this necklace is the key. Something tells me that you are the one that must come with me." She took into her mind the bright moonlight which shone above the both of them. The cool summer breeze blew against her and she felt him...staring at her. Damn, that's creepy...quit looking at me... Sylvannah stood up aburptly.

"Gibusu, darling..." She chided sarcastically. "I don't like the way you look at me. If you have something to say, be direct, I don't like playing games. If you must be direct you must do it like this. You see...I don't like playing games, but it doesn't mean to say that I am not good at them." She looked up at him fully she stood proudly, then pulled him gruffly by the scruff of the neck and pulled him close towards her bringing her lips towards his and slowly brought him into a kiss. Before, he moved any further she pulled away and stared at him cooly. "Now see...two can play at this game." She smiled mischieviously and jumped defly off the roof.

The Creator
11-30-2002, 03:02 PM
Gibusu jibbered quietly for a second, struck speechless, he watched as the beautiful girl touched lightly to the ground, what a great landing for a mortal! that was easily a 5 storey drop! His shocked look quickly turned into a large smile, he laughed, taking the girls taunt as a game, as the girl ran along the alley below, Gibusu sprinted along the rooftops, jumping from one side of the Alley to the other easily in his happy mood, this was the best he had felt for years!

The girl rounded the corner down on the ground, as Gibusu leapt from the building to get to the opposite one, he didn't judge for a corner in the design, he frantically grabbed at nothing as he fell, his tail sudddenly whipped out and grabbed onto the first thing it came in contact with, unfortunetly it happened to be a large neon light, the light smashed to pieces and threw him through a small window, he lay on the ground, bleeding heavily he groaned and raised himself on one elbow and stared at the hysterical screaming, teenage girl who was now standing on the bed and pointing at him, this wasn't going to be good.

Light fell over him as he heard the fast creak of a door being opened, the last thing he remembered before his world went dark was seeing a fast moving object in the hands of a large burly man......


Emerald Dragon
11-30-2002, 03:34 PM
A piercing scream ripped through the air as Sylvannah hid behind a stone wall. She sighed and thought to herself. Making trouble again I suppose... She appeared out from her concealment and crept quietly towards a run down building which harboured those blood curding screams. She ran and quickened her pace as she saw an unhealthy amount of blood and a window shattered and glistened ripely with the colour of rubies. Sylvannah brought herself up to look inside and swore loudly, pulled her jacket off and ripped the glass from the window with her hand wrapped tightly within the material. As the glass hit the ground, breaking into further smaller pieces, the large man which stood over the now unconscious Gibusu looked at her with such hatred that it made her fearful.

Sylvannah screamed as she felt glass tear her jacket into her hand, its wound travelled deep, though it hurt little as Gibusu's tail injured it earlier. She continued to pull the broken shard from its pane. "Don't you dare hurt him, he's mine!" She cried, she struggled herself in through the windowless frame. "What kind of hooligans are ya? Comin' in botherin' ma poor little Cecille like ya did. I'd be in my right mind ta shoot ya on the spot, little lady." Sylvannah turned her gaze towards the small teenager huddling herself upon her bed. "I'm sorry, miss...he's a rather...adventerous character, I'll remove him at once." She apologised. The young girl lifted her head to look at the light-headed woman and nodded in acceptance. "Well ya better, before I starts callin' some people to gets ya thrown out!" The large burly man stood almost a foot above her.

Sylvannah cursed herself for being so foolish, then turned her abuse onto the poor mans limp body. "Damn, Gibusu, how could you do it to me?" She pulled him up upon her back with little effort, but she struggled with the searing pain which ran down her hand as it's wound remained open, spilling its contents without restraint. She walked out of the house carrying the strang man on her back, they remained like that until she rested underneath a large oak tree, with the little energy she had left she attempted to dress his wounds. She examined his face, it was completely flawless she noticed, a rarity even for herself. Yet, he also posessed some beauty. She quickly opened her eyes and shook herself harshly. No, I didn't just think that... the pendant, which hung loosely around her neck glowed, it's harmonious light consoled her. She removed it and placed it softly on his chest which carried a gaping wound. "I hope this works...." Sylvannah placed her hands on his body...the power of the light poured out from the small pendant and was soaked directly into the man's body, healing his wounds instantly.

Sylvannah sat next to the unconscious man and in awe at the small pendant which lay limp across his chest. Could it be that she possessed so much power? How? ...it must be....that...yes! She sighed happily and lay against the trees trunk and fell asleep hoping that when she woke up, he'd be ...alive at least.

The Creator
11-30-2002, 04:02 PM
With a large groan Gibusu raised himself holding his head in his hands, then it struck him, he was seated under a tree.....not in a wooden box, how had he escaped from that burly, ugly, oaf. His hand travelling over his body in its usual first morning wake-up check, found something strange on his chest. Whats this thing? What the hell am i doing with a neck-lace, hang on i've seen one of these before, that girl! His head swung quickly to the left, and he groaned as the headache kicked him for it, and sure enough, the young 'elvish-girl' (as she described herself) was lying there....

The sun had risen far enough over the horizon now in the morning to cast a golden sheen over the area, the girls hair was laid out over the grass widly under the large oak the she leaned against, as Gibusu looked upon her, he couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something strange about her, then he spotted it, all around her there was flowers, right there is nothing strange about flowers, but ALL around her there was virtually a meadow of flowers pushing themselves through the ground, this also wasn't exactly strange, it was spring, but the thing was they were all growing as he watched, growing at a rapid rate, and they just kept going, he had never seen anything so beautiful in his existence on this planet!

He came to a decision, if she is the one that is making this strange form of 'plant growth' in the area, then she must have played 'some' part in his healing as well. Damn no i owe her a favor. He shrugged and pushed himself to his feet, oh well that isn't such a bad thing, as he walked off with a slight limp he looked back over his shoulder at the sleeping girl, i could be held to a worse person, much worse!

About 30 minutes later he limped back to that place with a large box in his arms, and on top of the box there was a steaming tray of some of the finest foods he could get in this city in the limited time. He walked up quietly beside the girl, trying not to stand on any of her flowers, and softly nudged her.....


Emerald Dragon
11-30-2002, 04:31 PM
The hell...? Stop touching me. Hey! I said cut it out! "Buzz off!" She awoke startled sitting up painfully straight. "What...oh, it's just you. Thank heavens you're alright. I was getting worried that you'd gone and died on me." She looked kindly at the food which he brought back. "Aw, that's so sweet, is this for me?" he made a gesture open to her obligation. "Oh, you must have some too, I found you in a horrible state." She looked out into the quiet field where they sat, then she became aware. "These flowers...they're so strange. What's the word to describe something that's attractive, nice?" She shook her head "Nevermind..."

She sat quietly eating the food, when she noticed that Gibusu played with something small in his hands. "I believe that your "toy" doesn't belong to you. Would you give it back?" He didn't answer, instead he kept pretty much to himself for the rest of the morning. Sylvannah became bored of his sudden distance and climbed up the tree and sat within it for a while. Only then did she realise her difficulty came because of the injury to her hand. She tore up her now ragged jacket and wrapped a long strip around her left hand, now stained with her blood, although she cared less.

The tailed man called down to her. Though she was in no mood to talk with him. She had little patience for stuborness, and even less for games...she constantly cursed to herself in herself for being so 'reckless' she was sure not to do it again. "I want you to return my necklace...so I can speak with you about it again."

The Creator
11-30-2002, 04:49 PM
Gibusu examined the pendant which he held, it felt so strange to him, as he ran his fingers over its intricate design it felt as if he was running his fingers over a piece of his own body, he could feel whatever he did to the pendant, as if it was a part of his arm or his chest, he stared at the pendant strangely, it went on for most of the morning, he couldn't get it out of his head, he didn't even hear anything that Sylvannah was saying to him for most of it, but when the sun was well in the sky he noticed her climb a tree and call for his presence.

By this time, the head-ache had subsided and a great deal of his wounds have pulled themselves together, and had started to feel like normal again. With two running steps he leapt into the air, and gripped onto a low branch with his tail and threw himself high into the tree, with a grunt he sat himself down next to the quiet girl, and continued to play with the pendant for what seemed like an eternity, then he brought his eyes up to the girl, his eyes were cloudy, and his eyes showed the signs of passed tears.

He slowly withheld the pendant for her to take from him, his hand as he held it out, shook breifly before he got hold of himself and brought it to a stop and let her take the pendant from his breifly resisting hand.....


Emerald Dragon
11-30-2002, 05:32 PM
As she reached for it, she felt him resisting slightly. She felt the sorrow that was displayed in his eyes, though she did not know what he thought about. Gibusu looked at her through sad eyes which screened more and more as she tried to look deeper. Sylvannah could think of nothing else, but to give up and avert her gaze towards other things. "If, you're getting attached to it, I'll let you look after it I suppose." His sorrow then reflected hope. His sudden hopeful faith, made her defences break, she gave in, and released her hand from the pendant and let him hold it.

Sylvannah climbed down slowly from the tree, Gibusu followed her though he still remained reticent, in thought. She wondered what he thought of. The pendant itself had never really had any affect on her, though she was still deprived of love. You could of naturally felt sorry for her, but she would just tell you to 'leave her alone' or that 'she was okay.' It seemed that the fur-covered, tail swinging male that stood hunched over that small pendant had some problems of his own. She looked over him and raised his chin up with her hand. "You must be strong, the pain that you feel will pass. Besides, the pendant wants you to see its secret, it will show you one day. It has a mind of it's own, but it is kind in it's disposition."

Sylvannah walked on, leaving him to trail behind in his misery, or what seemed to be extreme sadness. She felt bad for him naturally, but she knew better and left him to being so 'selfishly quiet.' She proceeded to walk back to her home.

In her mind, that garage door had finally gotten the better of her. She'd get her revenge. Sylvannah walked on silently, only to laugh quietly to herself.

The Creator
12-01-2002, 09:47 AM
Gibusu looked down strangely at the 'gift', and slowly put the cord over his neck and put the pendant down under his shirt and thought no more of it. As he let his collar back down, if he had have continued to watch the pendant he would have seen, the bright red flash that it emanated as it touched his chest.....

A large smile crossed his face and he sprinted after the girl, he got equal to her and passed her, soon he passed under large sign, as he passed it he read, "City Gardens" ahhh! That explains all the trees! How strange for such a lovely garden to be in the middle of the city, Gibusu leapt into the air and caught the bottom of the sign / gate with his tail and threw himself on to the top of it and patiently waited for Sylvannah to catch up.

He looked up and down his arms as he crouched there, he felt so strange, there seemed to be a whole new strength running through his veins that he had never felt before, it may have been just the effects of the rapid healing, but he felt great, exhilarated! As the girl passed under him he concentrated all his strenght into his legs and pushed....hard! He threw himself far into the sky, the height he got surprised him, he laughed and screamed in enjoyment.

He landed softly next to Sylvannah, she stopped and looked at him strangely, raising one delicate eyebrow as she stared. Gibusu stared back admiring her long flowing hair as it blew out behind her, he shook himself, what was he thinking, so instead he just smiled back at her and shrugged, "Your healing seems to have worked wonders babe," he let out a quick burst of laughter and winked at her, "Sure you didn't go and slip me some steroids while i was out?"

As he walked quietly beside her, thinking, he turned and looked at her, and smiled mischievously, showing two fangs from his bottom jaw, his tail quickly whipped out and wrapped around her waste, "You see babe, the thing is, i don't usually play games...." His tail pulled her in close, and he put his lips on hers and held the kiss for a long time before breaking the kiss off and winking at her stunned expression.

His tail un-wound and he jumped away in the direction of her house, not waiting to see her reaction.....


12-01-2002, 11:20 AM
The eyes of several dozen tavern patrons turned their gaze to the alien at the back doorway. A stunned silence hung in the air as the gold machine walked through the portal into the human's realm of solace. Taking a few scans of the surrounds, a large human's corpse was at center stage, with red blood mixed with internal bile flooding around him. The kill was only recent as not many people would leave their dead out as a mat. Several of the burlier patrons arose from the bar and made a tight circle around the foreigner. "We've had enough of weird freaks for one night, I think you had better leave, lest we throw you back to where you came from." Puppet swiveled his head to match his gaze with each of the five brutes. Getting annoyed with it's lack of action, one thug hurled a sqare fist aimed at the Puppet's mask. With a calculated estimate and a well thought out plan already in action, Puppet was able to catch the hammed fist in one of it's claws, and with a quick crouch, sent a fantastic body blow to the man behind him. He was sent sprawling across the floor and came to rest just beside the body of tonight's kill. Straining to retrieve his arm from Puppet's steel grip, he used his off hand to attempt a clumsy left hook. Puppet met his hook, with a punch of his own, colliding in mid-punch. The counter-punch proved to a bit much for the man and he crumpled on his knees, with one hand still locked in place. The remaining three withdrew some convenient snooker cues and tried to take out the interloper with a series of inaccurate but rapid blows. To shield himself from the barrage, Puppet made a quick spin and picked up the injured man's body deflect all of the incoming shots. Yelps of pain resounded through the bar and the trio quickly caught on that hurting their friend wasn't very strategic. With the hail ended, Puppet quickly chucked his shield on top of the remaining three. The man's bulk was too much for them and they fell back on top of the body pile behind them. The onlookers to the fight were now either cowering bhind whatever they could, or stuck in an almost hypnotic stupor, not believing that a spindly looking contraption could reduce their toughest companions to a crumpled heap. Looking aroun, Puppet decided it was best not to stay, he still had his friend to claim and was not too far away. Cooly walking outside, it left the people wondering why he had come at all.

Quickly stealing through the night, it was decided that running out in the open would not benefit too much. Quickly replacing his arms in favour of his spikes, Puppet made a furious climb to the top of the building and jumped rooftop to rooftop with unnatural speed and incredible balance. Travel above the populace was much easier and less throught with danger than down below with the scum of the city. Stopping a few marks from his destination, the Puppet made a quick stop to observe what he was getting into. The area ahead of him was similar to the weird forest that met him earlier in the day. The small sign that was by the forest's enclosure might provide light as to what one these was called. Taking one last look at the neon nightmare, He made a quick climb down to the street and raced over to see the sign. The street was apparently deserted, with few lights to radiate the way. The sign said "City Gardens", but what that meant was best left to humans. One thing he was sure of was that what he was looking for was just within his grasp.

Emerald Dragon
12-01-2002, 05:01 PM
...Did he just? That demon! I'll...hurt him!

Sylvannah, totally lost in thought of Gibusu's bad judgment. She threw herself on the ground and taunted him to herself.

He's...a good kisser...

"Argh no...what am I thinking? ...Damn, he must leave me alone." She muttered. She stood up from where she lay and turned quickly upon her feet. Sylvannah travelled through the flower-abundant fields, she had a little difficulty, as to prevent herself from trodding on the flowers which looked up at her invitingly. She looked down, her eyes fell upon a large, but not-so-large blue flower, which it's petals where not large, but possessed so much femininity. She picked it carefully from the ground, smelt its refreshing scent and placed it in her hair and smiled broadly, she felt much happier.

As she carried on, lost in thought, she thought she heard the sound of someone following her. She stopped briefly and heard the cracking of small twigs as they broke and cracked against the ground, leaves rustled and were crushed and the sound of...moving wheels? The small golden robot known as Puppet found his way towards the Garden's sign and looked at it briefly before moving on. As Sylvannah stood in awe, Puppet moved towards her in slight interest. He halted in front of her and shifted his head as if to look at her. He examined her for only a few seconds before carrying on to move in his previous course.

She found the curiosity which was building up inside her, slightly disturbing, she'd never felt so much feeling in her life. She calmly breathed deeply before chasing her 'white rabbit' she thought back to only recently. Could it be that same robot which took homeage in Gibusu's truck? Yes, I think that's him... She answered her own question. Sylvannah as she pursued the golden contraption she crouched behind large shrubs to conceal her. She noticed that Puppet walked in a large circle, which confused her. As he travelled through the large field he kept looking back, as if he knew he was being followed. A large mouse distracted Sylvannah as she screamed out of fear. The robot looked back at her, but hardly acknowledged her presence before moving on again.

Sylvannah sighed, she realised there were more important matters at hand. She raised her arms as if to stretch her worn out limbs. She then decided what to do. She had a damn garage door, which tries to finally kill her...and I free-loading flirt for a partner. She sighed again then travelled off home.

12-01-2002, 06:55 PM
Checking his rear to see if the Human had finally given up on his tail, Puppet was relieved. The persistent human could very well have hampered any rescue efforts that were to be made. Returning to a normal movement pattern through the park. A constant ring on the early warning systems signalled that she might very well be back, but he would be able to lose her quicker as he furthered his path in the deeper brush. Few minutes later and he arrived the spot which should be the position of his missing comrade. He came right underneath the small red dot that was shown in his sensor screen, but nothing was to be found! Surrounded by the familiar scene that met him earlier in the day, he looked around at the menacing trees hoping to divine the location of his not readily apparent friend. Slashing at the undergrowth proved not to be a wise idea as the toppled trees made a very clear sign of his presence. Looking down to the ground, that's when it came to it. Making some crude scratches with it's feet, the poorly grassed flooring beneath him gave of some harsh grating sounds and sparks. Bending down to get a better look, he found that it was loose and carefully shifted the grassed plate to the side. Underneath was a long drop downward, with a handy ladder at it's side. Adjusting his vision to True-Dark, Puppet slid onto the ladder and made his wary descent.

The climb was very short, but ended with his emergence in a well lit corridor. Returning his vision to normal, a quick scan was in order. The corridor was clean and metallic, like the lap of a starship. The cold and metallic atmosphere was somehow, hauntingly familiar, but records were not found that described a similar setting. Knowing that his radar would be useless underground due to the heavy electrical signals being released, Puppet was going to disregard direction for a moment. With two routes going left and right, Puppet decided that right was probably right and trod off toward the steel plated door at the end.

The Creator
12-02-2002, 01:30 PM
Gibusu waltzed home jumping up and boncing off random walls as he passed, putting both feet on the wall and pushin off sending himself flying off into the street, and in one case onto a car, although he payed no attention to it as he kicked off it and back onto the footpath as it went careering into a power pole....

A wide smile was stuck on his face as he arrived back at Sylvannah's house, he looked from the large wooden front door, to the bent and twisted garage door, and then with a shrug he decided, entry through the garage would be easier, he knelt down and tryed to lift the door off the ground, but this time, it wasn't possible, it was too well jammed..........he lookde from the door to his hand and with a shrug he reached back and thrust one claw forwards, straight through the rickety metal door.

With this small opening, Gibusu was able to put both hands in and make a hole large enough for him to squeeze himself through, and once he was through he turned and looked at the ugly gaping hole which he had made, he tryed to conceal an embarrsed grin, with that he reached forwards and bent the hole back into place, he stepped back wards and tilted his head, "Maybe she won't notice?"

Thinking that his repair was satisfactory he made a quick look around the humid garage, in which he stood, there under a thick Calaco blanket was the girls bike, he stepped forwards and lifted the corner of the blanket, she difently kept it in pristene condition, the thing practically glows! He lifted his eyes, and looked further around the room, just a plain, normal garage....tool bench, light switch, gun shelf, everything that all good shed's should have.....

Gibusu arched his aching body and walked out, into the main living quarters, looking quickly around, he found what he was looking for, the fridge! "Ahhhhh, now whats the young ladies drink of choice i wonder?" He walked quickly to the fridge and his tail stratched out and opened the door before he was there, as he neared, "Nothing?! What a boring individual! Going to have to have a talk to this one, most definetly!"

With a shrug we walked back out and promptly found the lounge room and made his way to the stereo, flicking open the CD case with one long finger, he scowled, "Classic music? Who the hell listens to classic? Oh well, i'll go with what i know, always rely on Clockwork Orange!" He found one CD that he recognised, and flung it in, as the beats of Beethoven shook the foundations of the house, he jumped accross the room making fast jerking motions with his arms, and bowing his head to the beat. He came to rest on a shining, leather couch, as he lay there he admired it, "God this woman keeps EVERYTHING clean, for a theif she is very orderly in the running of her house!"

Reaching out with his tail he grabbed the remote from the coffee table and flicked on the TV, and with the beats of Beethoven in the background, and the steady pictures of violence and mayhem appearing on the TV, he drifted to a peaceful sleep, his tail wrapped tightly around his waist.....


Emerald Dragon
12-02-2002, 02:43 PM
Her travels back towards her house was a long-winded one, though it appeared that Sylvannah was in a strange state of mind. The young woman of Elvish descent walked as fast as her legs could carry her. At the moment she had no idea whether to laugh or scream the place down. She slowly turned down her driveway and attempted to inspect her 'deadly' garage door. She gaped at the now obvious tears in the metal and examined it. Upon a closer look she swore loudly. "What's he done to my door!" She gruffly reached into the pocket from the remnants of the jacket, which was once her favourite, but she stopped suddenly as she reached the doorway. "...Oh don't tell me..."

She threw open the door and it stopped at the door with a loud crash and slammed it behind her. She hung the keys neatly upon the wall and stormed into the living room. She briefly stopped in the doorway and dropped her jacket (or what was left of it) on the ground. Sylvannah flicked the stereo off and walked towards the couch. Standing over the sleeping Gibusu, she gathered what strength she had and threw a punch directly at his face...

"Ah! What'd you do that for babe, I'm sleeping here." He rubbed his face which now had a red splotch from his injury. " I can see that. Firstly, you try to play around with me and almost kill me, then you go and blow my cover by killing some random people in a bar, then you get yourself knocked out, trash my house...and you even had the nerve to kiss me? What kind of person are you?" She yelled. She turned away from him, picked up her things from the floor and walk off to her room without looking back. "You're lucky, I'm not kicking you out, you'd have a damned sore ass by now. Clean my house...no wait, better yet, clean yourself up, you look like you crawled out of a dumpster." She called back condescendingly.

The Creator
12-02-2002, 04:11 PM
Gibusu, as he rolled off the couch looked down at his red jacket and black pants, "Dumpster!? Babe, you obviously don't know how much these clothes cost!" he called out after the retreating figure, shortly after he heard the loud slam of a bedroom door. Gibusu scowled and smelt himself quickly, "Hey, Sylvie might be right, shower time!"

Taking off the jacket and throwing it at the ground in disgust, he quickly made his way around the house opening every door he came to, looking for the bathroom, he opened one and had a pillow promptly thrown at him, obviously the bed-room of one, angry Sylvannah..... but after a few more wrong rooms he found the right one and quickly bathed himself , not bothering to wait for the hot water, he just turned the cold on at full blast and stepped under the chilly on-slought.

He let his hair get drenched, which in itself was a long task, as his whole body was covered with fur. Completting this, Gibusu knelt down and picked up her shampoo and examing the bottle, up-ended it on his body, empting the bottle, oh well, she told me to get cleaned up! With all his thick red fur cleaned, he jumped out of the shower, feeling fully refreshed, all his wounds healed, all his hair, and body cleaned, he was ready for some clothes!

Gibusu jumped from the shower and found a fresh towel in a near-by cupboard that was under the sink of the bath-room, he used that towel to half dry himself with, then he removed another and draped it around his waste, to cover his....hmmm, privates? He then marched proudly to the door, then remembering something he came back in and removed his walled from the pocket of his pants, and continued back out the door and went outside the house and down the street.

1 hour later he returned to the house, decked out in a dazzling white suit, the coat that he wore, hung to the ground around his feet, and the boots that he wore were topped at the toe's with shining, reflective steel caps, upon his head, holding his long black hair back, he wore a tall white top hat, and in one hand he held a long black cane, with the largest diamond he had ever seen as the handle, and a hard steel cap as the foot.

Placing both heels together proudly as he stood there, arching his back and standing up as straigh as was possible, even his tail was acting a part of his finery, draped over one shoulder as if it were some kind of un-orthadox strap, or belt. He put both hands on his hips and called out, "Sylvie, if i am so revolting, you must come and send me on my way, but please just judge my new attire before i leave...." He called out, nearly joking on his sarcasm as he spoke.....


Emerald Dragon
12-02-2002, 04:38 PM
She got up from her bed, upon which she lay. Sylvannah was feeling much better....Hope he didn't leave the bathroom in a mess She went out of her room, though she changed out of her clothes into simple t-shirt and shorts and followed Gibusu's voice as it trailed throughout the house. As she appeared in the doorway of the living room Sylvannah stood blankly at Gibusu in his new attire. She stood, leaning against the door frame examining him raising an eyebrow, then bursted out in a large fit of laughter. "You're...rather overdressed aren't you? It also seems so out of place that a vagabond such as yourself even has the money to buy that sort of thing. Did you rip me off?"

Gibusu stood, obviously offended and looked at her menacingly. "Well, okay...it's an improvement. Happy?" She replied quickly as to prevent offending him further. She came closer towards him and closely examined the suit. "Right, and you left the house in a towel, I'm guessing?" She laughed. She watched his expression closely, but however her mind was shifted elsewhere. The pendant which hung at his neck, yet underneath his shirt, glowed a strange ruby red. Sylvannah's eyes widened. "Why, I've never seen it glow like that before." She pointed at the light that shone through his shirt.

He quickly stared down in surprise as it emanated brightly. "I've only ever known it to glow blue, how did you do that" She asked bringing the pendant out from within his clothing and examining it from all sides. She looked up at him shock covered her face and she paced back and forth thinking. What does it all mean, why...is this...? "I think that the pendant...is reacting to you." She put her finger to her chin and tapped it, totally in thought. She sat confused on the couch and thought a little harder, there was no explanation that helped her, she was at a complete loss. "Gibusu, what do you think?"

The Creator
12-04-2002, 06:39 PM
Gibusu raised the kneck of his shirt and took out the pendant which quickly illuminated the whole room with an eery red glow, "Wow! Its never been that bright yet, i thought it was always red? Blue for you huh? Cool......" Gibusu's eyes came up peering from under the rim of his hat at the girl, deep in thought, he came to a quick conclusion, and held out the hand which held the Pendant to the girl, "Show me then....i guess"

The girl reached out quickly to grab the pendant, eager to get it back after the drawn out separation, but as her finger-tips touched the metal surface of the pendant, her head was thrown backwards as a flood entered her mind, new thoughts, feelings, emotions that she had never felt before, the same was happening to Gibusu, except he was handling it much better, instead of the grimace that the girl with-held a over-joyed smile crossed his face.

Suddenly, as if by clock-work both head clicked back up and they stared at each other with a shocked expression, and both at the same time exclaimed, "That was you!"

A smile passed onto Gibusu's face, while a scowl appeared on Sylvannah's, again at the same time, but this time different sentences, Gibusu muttered lazily, "Your lovely...." while Sylvannah screamed, "Your revolting!"

Gibusu instantly recoiled backwards letting go of the pendant, all the new thoughts pumping through his mind, it was strange, but it felt so good, but he could feel the new thoughts breaking his mind also, giving him an aweful headache, the thoughts seemed to go through his head like a pack of ravenous dogs, ripping his memories, feelings, thoughts all of them, ripping them all to shreds, although a slight smile passed accross his face as he fell backwards...unconcious onto Sylvannah's couch....


Emerald Dragon
12-05-2002, 07:28 AM
"Damn it all, honestly!" The fair headed woman seemed to scorn the pendant itself. She left Gibusu as he smiled and fell upon the couch. The sight of him practically made her sick as she ran out of the room and slumped against her bed. "...He is absolutely...horrendously, revolting..." she curled up and nested on the bed clutching her head between her hands tightly.

Her mind suddenly changed at that instant. She remembered nothing, however, when they both touched the pendant it seemed to glow the colour of young amethysts...it was a strange sight to see. Did I make a mistake in giving him custody? After what had happened, she decided, yes. Though there was nothing that she could do about it now. Her mind, she thought was once at peace. Now it seemed filled with images of bloodshed, horror. Like, war ripped her head open and allowed peace to flow out then, completely sealed it from ever coming back in. Sylvannah had felt as if she'd lost an important part of herself. Her heart was empty, she didn't feel the warmth that it once possessed.

She rolled over slowly onto her back and stared at the ceiling. "What's happened to me? I don't like this feeling." She brought herself up from lying down to sitting at the edge of the bed. Even that too didn't feel the same to her. She again thought about the young man which lay upon her couch. Sylvannah grabbed a blanket, walked out of her bedroom, and carefully draped it upon the figure which lay limply on the couch. She sighed, flopped herself on the seat next to him, cuddled herself and sobbed.

To be in her position, you'd of felt sorry for yourself too. She cried quietly to herself and let her tears flow freely down her her cheeks. For she'd just lost herself. She lived 20 years knowing who she was and lost it all in an instant. Then she thought about the thoughtless idiot which lay so serenly next to her. She cried a little harder, feeling sorry for him.

The Creator
12-05-2002, 08:00 AM
Gibusu in his state of un-consciousness heard the quiet sobs of the girl, how strange, drawing himself back as quickly as he could, he threw his eyes open, just as soft tears fell on his cheeks from above. His eyes cleared, and the blurriness left, and he what he saw disturbed him, the once strong and resolute Sylvannah was crouching there before him sobbing her tears over him.

He lay there momentarily just watching her as the tears flowed, before he realized something that hadn't been there the whole time, he suddenly went into panic, what were these memories that were in his head? These weren't the thoughts he remembered where was his planet....he didn't know.....what was the planet called....he didn't know, but what he did know confused him, he seemed to know a great deal about.....the elvish heritage? What the hell? Why do i know about them?

Why don't i know where i grew up? I seem to have forgotten my parents, what!? I think that i grew up in this city, and didn't have parents, i love my mum and dad! Gibusu raised himself with a loud groan, all these thoughts, so confusing! He suddenly got an idea, and turned to the girl with an inquistive look on his face, and put a hand under her face and forced it up, looking into her eyes, "Tell me, what do you know about the planet Gorofusion?"


Emerald Dragon
12-05-2002, 08:24 AM
Gibusu forced Sylvannah's head upwards to look straight at him. His eyes full of question, but also fear. She stopped crying "...What am I supposed to know about the planet Gorofusion?! ...of all the stupid questions..."

She quietly searched her mind and came upon some strange memories, wait, mum and dad? ...I don't know who my parents are... trees...wow, I see, underdeveloped farmland. "Gorofusion is an underdeveloped planet, rich of grassland and civilisation is primitive...yet it's so much more beautiful then here. And it was the home of many people, called 'Loridelie'?". I see the light of two. The night sky has two moons which shine side by side one named Altos and the Redina. And, I have a family? They have such kind faces, I miss them very much..." She sat patiently waiting for his response. He sat wide eyed across from her.
"How do I know all this? ...What happened to us?" She saw a flicker from the side of her eye and saw the pendant lying on the floor next to her. She picked it up and gently held it in her hand. The pendant began to glow a tender blue light, though she felt differently towards it. "It doesn't feel the same. I want to know what's going on, I can't live like this" She sadly dropped her head and tossed the pendant to Gibusu. "I'm sure it will be more kind to you."

The Creator
12-05-2002, 09:31 AM
With a large releived sigh Gibusu stood, "Well Sylvie, its as i thought, you obviously don't know how to read runes do you?" The blonde headed girl shook her head brefly watching his stalking figure walk jirlkily around the room, "Remember earlier when i was examining this thing? Well i noticed a single rune to be repeated all over the back of this things casing....." He turned the intricate device over in his hands and pointed at what she had just thought to be repeated picutres all around the side of the caseing, "You know what it says? ....To Be One"

"I'm sorry i had to include you in my little test but, i beleive that this could be our tool to actually pull off this little 'heist' that you had planned, i beleive that this could be one of the ancient Elvish artifacts that i have know learned about....from your memories," Bowes his head, as if thanking her, "There were many made, as you know, and some were said to hold the power to 'fuse' two beings together momentarily, usually used in marriage ceremonies, although the magic only lasts for up to around 30 minutes, i think that should last us just long enough to get this thing done? What do you think, your brains my body...should work a charm i think." Gibusu let out a quick burst of laughter, keeping his eyes locked on the artifact he held in his hands.

"I think our last try, we just didn't hold onto it long enough, and it only swapped our minds, as far as i know thats not supposed to happen, and it should be reveresed and fixed after completeting it....i think, this thing doesn't come with instructions...."


Emerald Dragon
12-07-2002, 05:26 PM
Sylvannah laughed weakly at his diluted joke. "Yes, it doesn't. It's ancient. It's obvious, due to it's great craftsmanship. I've had it since I was a little girl. But, 'to be one' that is the thing that scares me the most. I can't stand to lose myself, to you. You scare me beyond belief." She looked sadly into his eyes. Gibusu sat across from her, eyeing her curiously. Sylvannah tossed the pendant back and forth between her hands, it glowed an iridescent blue. She held it in one palm and examined it closely. "I don't understand how it operates as well, I know that it can transport me from this world to another. It's happened before. Now, wait, I must see it again. I am blue, you are red. How can the be?" She tossed it gently in the air, Gibusu quickly brought himself off the couch and plucked it from the air with his tail. With his tail he tossed it into the palm of his hand.

The pendant, though so small in size irradiated an immense amount of light. What was now blue shone a colour very much close to that of raging fire, though thick, like blood. Sylvannah asked him to hold out his palm to her. This time as she watched the pendant and its new light, it confused her. It was exactly the same, but a different colour. She looked at Gibusu though the flooded red light. His fur of course blended in perfectly, he looked strange, but she dismissed it. "Okay, put it down now, it's making me sick." She sighed through pursed lips. "I don't think we should go through with this. I don't know how long it would be before this drives me crazy. I have your mind in my head, yet it's all wrong, and you're a terrible person..." His look showed deep hurt. Which tore at her heart "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say it so...badly, but that is how I feel." She pushed herself off the seat slowly and walked out of the room, back towards her bedroom.

The Creator
12-08-2002, 09:12 AM
Gibusu looked down at the pendant, thinking about those words, they repeated themselves in his mind, over and over;

"....... you're a terrible person..."

Sure he had heard that before, but it hadn't never meant something before, this sentence had come straight from the heart and came out like daggers....his eyes came up and watched Sylvannah retreat to her bedroom.

The pendant breifly hovered in the air before falling to the ground as Gibusu disappeared from behind it, his body breifly shimmered in the air as nothing more then a living shadow, before it instantly appeared in front of Sylvannah, blocking the entrance to her bedroom. His eyes burning in his sockets, he glared at the girl, although his eyes had travel upwards to be level with hers, he still seemed to stand over her menacingly.

"Terrible am I!?" He growled through clenched teeth, his tail whipping from side to side, once striking the door, leaving a long imprint in the hard wood, and shaking the foundations, "What about you then huh? What about all those years ago, back in New York, you weren't such a lovely creature then either....were you!" The growl turned into a roar as he shoved his face forwards into hers, "What about that...poor young boy," Shaking his head looking into her eyes with mock care, "What you did to him was FAR from nice my dear....it looks like we aren't so different after all, huh?"

Seeing the girl flinch at his words, he remembered that she actually 'wouldn't' remember what had happened, but at least now he had leverage over her...."You aren't such an angel my dear, i can see by that face that you have no recollection of what you did while you were a child." Gibusu now feeling it was safe to reveal some of his more favoured 'skills' he reached out to finally manicured hands and put them on each side of her head, one on each temple, and forced the memories of her teenage years in New York back into her mind.

"Remember, NOW my dear? Remeber all those nights you used to spend hidden in dark shadowed alleys? Remember all the times when some poor happless being wandered in? Remember what you did to them? I'M TERRIBLE! HA! We are two pea's in a pod my dear, we might as well get this job over and done with, and i'll never have to set my eye's on your hypocritical face ever again!"

Not paying the girl anytime to grieve over her lost memories Gibusu kept up his glare as his tail continued its angry path backwards and forth........


Emerald Dragon
12-08-2002, 09:49 AM
Sylvannah looked up at Gibusu and watched him as his eyes flared, she stared back at him dousing the fire that relayed through them with her cold expression.

"How dare you address me...so intimately. I am not related or obliged to you in any way. I never despised you as much as I do now. As hypocritical as you think I am, I have regretted my sins. But they in no way reflect who I am. But, for me it is a way of life. For you, it is a means of release, a little fun maybe. You never had parents who left you behind to fend for yourself. You were loved and cherished. I have almost nothing to denote my birth, my life...my heritage. Except the object, which you now possess. I said I was sorry. I give you a place to sleep and a caring hand for your careless injuries. Most of all I don't complain, so keep your comments to yourself. My past means nothing to you or me for that matter. Leave me in peace."

He hesitantly moved aside for her. She tracked calmly along the hallway and closed the door behind her. Sylvannah did not slam it in his face, but more sadly made a retreat to her 'quiet place.' She leaned against the door and said loud enough for him to hear. "I never said I was a good person..." She crouched behind the door and thought. It seemed that her thoughts were just shrouded in mystery, they were so different, she knew she wasn't wrong in saying how she felt. How could he not accept her honest opinion? Sylvannah sighed deeply "How could I expect him accept an insult?" she spoke to herself in a questioning tone. She didn't know if she'd want to talk to him again. But now, they appeared stuck in a situation that neither of them were comfortable with. "Damn, I should ditch this whole thing altogether, I just can't stand the guy..."

The Creator
12-08-2002, 10:11 AM
Gibusu stood.........stunned, he wasn't expecting such an.....excited response from the girl. He turned slowly and walked back to the lounge room and quickly picked up the pendant before walking back to the bedroom.

Holding the pendant in one hand he held it out and concentrated on it, it slowly lifted off his hand and floated through the door, as if it was nothing more then smoke, gritting his teeth from the struggle of controlling it accurately Gibusu fell to his knees as one the other side of the door, the pendants straps opened into 2 parts and tied themselves around Sylvannah's neck.

Drained of all his energy Gibusu fell and leaned against the door and breathed heavily, in hushed bursts of speech "Ok then, you wish to be a ***** about it, have these back," Gibusu concentrated once more, using the rest of his energy and let all the thoughts and memories of the girl, gently this time, flow back into her mind.

Gibusu looked around the hallway, puzzled, what am i doing here? Where is this? More importantly....who the hell am i? Why am i so damned tired? "Oh well, i'm hungry, food!" Shakily the short man got to his feet and stumbled out the hallway, out the door and swerved his way down the street, looking in wonder around the glowing walk-ways of the street, as his tail swerved with his body, it made its way around to the front of his body, quickly he reached out with his hand and grabbed it....
"Why the hell have i got this?"


Emerald Dragon
12-08-2002, 11:15 AM
Sylvannah looked down surprised as she watched the pendant tie itself around her neck, it fell softly against her. Before she could open the door to apologise, she felt her thoughts coming back to her. Her head felt heavily and she fell backwards upon her rear. She got up in time only to see Gibusu wonder out complaining of hunger. She ran out on to the street as it was getting dark out the streetlamps flickered down the path. She watched the tailed figure as he walked about, seeming to take in everything as he walked. Before he walking into the local diner she stopped him. "Wait! ...You really shouldn't go in there, you'd get killed!" He looked at Sylvannah briefly and stared her up and down. "God! You're cute! Killed you say? Got anything else in mind?"

Sylvannah ignored his compliment "Yes, come home with me. I'll whip something up for you." Gibusu peered at her through suspicious eyes. "Hmm, for a cute one like yourself, I don't get asked out much, I'm surprised." She sighed exasperated "Yes, yes I'm sure you are..." She took a hold of his hand like a young child. And they calmly walked down the dark streets. All the time the light headed woman kept her guard. "Hey, beautiful, you have any idea why I have a tail?" She ignored his question "Please, don't call me that..." Sylvannah pleaded. Her calm walking pace grew into a rushed shuffle, then an outright run. Why am I helping him? He just accused me of something that I've always hated. "Dammit, hurry up!" She yelled to him. For only an hour she'd been out, she managed to grab the poor man to and from her house. She bent over exausted and leaned against her front door. Through deep breaths she said "Please, come in."

Gibusu walked in slowly and inspected the front hallway throughly "I've just come from here...do I know you?" Sylvannah stood shocked, she realised the sacrifice that he'd given up for her. "Gibusu...I..." She began. "Who's Gibusu?"
Sylvannah shook her head. "You must do something for me."
"Sure, anything for you, babe." She grunted. "Please...don't call me that. I want you to hold this for me. She pulled the pendant from her neck and placed it in his palm, which she forced open. "I'm going to hold your hand too, and I don't want you to break the connection." "But, I don't do courtesies on the first date." He laughed. "Look, shut up, just do it!" She said firmly. As she connected with him the familiar blinding purple light filled the house she felt her mind being bashed inside of her, she screamed in pain. The agony of her soul ripped out and flowed freely between the two of them, she watched exhausted to see that he took it so much better then herself. The result after the light had died and only the faint lights of the streetlamps shone through the windows, it'd appeared that the two beings had become one. "Oh hell...Gibusu, you okay?"

The Creator
12-08-2002, 11:44 AM
Gibusu looked around through new eyes, the experience was strange, he seemed to be looking at the world from a foot higher then what he was used to, like having a pair of shoes on that were FAR to large....."Oh hell...Gibusu, you okay?" He looked around, completely puzzled, then he noticed something that was so obvious that he hadn't noticed it....His mouth had moved and the sound had came from that.....he was hearing his own voice.....but it WASN'T his own voice, he didn't recognise this voice, it was light, and yet low, it had a beautiful ring to it, he opened.....his? mouth, "Hello?" ha! He thought, how strange.

"Ahhh good so you ARE in here with me, you daft *******! This damned thing BETTER wear off or i'm going to make the rest of our lives absolute HELL for you!"

It hit Gibusu like a ton of bricks, he didn't recognise the voice but he sure as hell recognised the tone, "Sylvannah! You did it! Lovely! My bluff worked a treat, just as i hoped it would!" Gibusu let out a short burst of laughter as he jumped over the couch in a single step, the laughter coming out as what sounded to him as music, if it hadn't have been coming out of his own mouth, he would have fallen in love with that voice, it was beutiful! Perfect! Sounded like the music had shaped it self into words and forced its way through his lips. But because it was coming ou tof HIS mouth it sickened him, "How the hell am i going to get any respect on the streets with a voice like this?" He burst out angrily as he could as he made his way to the bath-room mirror.

"Don't go thinking your going to have enough TIME to get respect, this will only last for half an hour........remember" The last word sounded like a threat, but Gibusu merely shrugged it off as he walked the strange body into the bath-room, for once in his life Gibusu had to actually lean and not stretch to look into a mirror, it pleased him wonderfully at the new height.....but the sight which he with-held in the mirror made him stagger, it was absolutely beautiful!

On the face Gibusu couldn't configure whether the being was either Male or Female, it seemed a cross between the two. The being which stared back had long grey hair that shone, it hung down to the middle of its back, it had pristene features, high cheek bones and a healthy tan that covered its body, Gibusu leaned in closer to the mirror and let out a loud laugh, "HA!! I have cat-eyes! How friggin cool is that!"

Not able to control himself he took a step backwards and with one perfectly molded hand reached up to the collar of their (surprisingly) totally new attire, and pulled it out wards, peering down at his chest, and long smile crossing his face. Not taking any notice of the rest of his body, he didn't even sense it coming when the other hand promptly raised up and struck him to the ground, "It's both our body, for now you pervert! Don't do it again!"

He stood and rubbed his face and walked out of the room mumbling to himself, although Sylvannah had control of the features as they contorted into a proud smile.

"Ok then babe, take us to the place, we might as well get this thing over and done with while this thing holds!" With one hand Gibusu slipped the pendent which now shone an eery black colour over his neck and slipped it down the front of his shirt, keeping his eyes to the front, he adjusted his long flowing, smooth hair as the body began to move.....


Emerald Dragon
12-08-2002, 12:26 PM
Sylvannah had problems in describing how she felt. As she moved she felt strange and tripped slightly. "Watch it klutz, geez!" "Hey come off it! It's not my fault!" She said. She found it hard to balance and was uneasy on her feet. She looked down and almost fainted. "Aw, what! so I have a tail now? Don't do this to me!" "Come on babe, it's not so bad, just go with the flow!" "What do you mean go with the flow?! I'm walking around looking like a freak, you know I'm almost sure that it's composed mostly of me....how embarrassing." Sylvannah made the body kick a nearby wall. "Ah! Hey! For your information, I think we look and sound cute together." Gibusu made it smile widely. "Argh, one, I think we're an experiment gone horribly wrong and two, I think you're making fun of my voice!" He stopped Sylvannah felt her mind spinning out of control and Gibusu took control of the body's mind. Hmm, well she has a nice voice but, it sounds different "Sorry to invade on your thoughts babe but everyone's voice sounds different to when you hear it and when someone else hears it."

She took control of the body again and made it pace back and forth while lost in thought. "I hate thinking." Gibusu bursted out. "Shut up and don't speak, you're breaking my sense of concentration." She sighed. "You see why this wont work anymore? ....I'm tired I wish to sleep" "Sylvie, I'm hungry." "Damn, go get yourself something to eat then!" She yelled at him. Gibusu brought them into a large healthy smile "Thanks!" He took control of the body and walked with a jovial bounce, which disturbed her. "Gibusu, it's just food. Could I just say something?" "Hell no, you talk too much." As he searched through the fridge he found a bread roll and quickly stuffed it into their mouth before she could say anything further.

The Creator
12-08-2002, 01:03 PM
Noticing something that he had missed early as he shoved the breadroll into his mouth, HA! I got to keep my tail! Excellent, and by god its long! It has to be at least 6 foot long! He just loved the new fur that covered it as well, the pretty Glowing white fur suited it much more then the gothic black that had odorned it before, he brought it round and waved it in his own face admiring it, being much more used to controlling a tail then Sylvannah his balance was much better being able to utilize the tail in his walking, he didn't stumble as he walked.

As the tail continued to wave and jirk playfully, "Look babe, i got to keep the tail, cool, huh? Wonder what else this body can do?" Without stumbling once Gibusu leapt into the air fluently, whipped out his tail and shoved it straight through the bricks above the door, a large smile spreading accross his face at the immense strength that even the tail held, as he threw the body out of the door and up accross the street, he chewed and swallowed the last piece of bread roll innocently "Sorry about your door babe, i'll get that fixed up for ya, soon, just have to test this lovely body out! Now please don't try and take control while i'm doing anything, i don't really want to get hurt!"

"You son of a.....If you even THINK about doing anything wrong, argh!" The frontful angry voice of Sylvannah pushed its way through clenched teeth, but Gibusu laughed at the hint of terrofied fear that rode on her voice.

Gibusu landed the body neatly on the side of a building and walked proudly along it, his long tail cutting the air into pieces as it flicked from one side to the other, his long stride taking lots of ground as he stretched his legs, trying to get them warmed up, this was going to really tax the body, whether Sylvannah liked it or not!

Malone lifted one hand, and put it on the side of his head, cracking his neck, next he jumped up and down on the spot , clearing the air of about 4 - 5, he chuckled at the height he could get with some simple jumps like this, he soon began to turn his head, trying to take in the surrounding area, he didn't want to miss the roof again, he tensed the knotted muscles that covered his legs and jumped as high as he could, he let out a hurried gasp as he noticed wisps around his head, by the gods! I'm in the bloody clouds!

As the began their downward descent his mouth opened and let out a long squeel, his eyes swivelled downwards, trying to actually LOOK at his mouth, then it clicked, and it only made him laugh harder as the fall picked up even more speed, as Sylvannah kept screaming. Gibusu hit the roof of the house and breifly stopped in a crouch before the roof gave way and he plummeted down onto the top floor of the building, he was now perched on top of a high fridge of a retail store.

He nodded grasciously at the stunned owner of the store as he gawked up at the un-orthadox intruder, with a shake of his head, the owner reached under the bench and quickly withdrew a long barreled shot-gun, wide-eyed Gibusu leapt again, clearing himself as both barrels were un-loaded at the spot where he had just stood. Again another burst of squeeling cut off as he hit the roof of the neighbouring building, although this time the roof held....with nothing more then a few cracks.

"HA! If you think that was good babe, get ready, that was just a warm up! ONE! TWO! No please stop, that wasn't good it was bloody.....THREE!"Gibusu simply disappeared, large craters in the top of buildings, cars, trucks and freeeways just seemed to open out of nowhere, followed by nothing more then what seemed a loud, long squeel, which soon fled off in the opposite direction.

Gibusu saw the corner store coming too late and tryed to slow himself down by trying to jump backwards, to on-lookers all around all that seemed to happen is the pavement explode with a young....uhmmm person? In the middle of it, although, Gibusu kept travelling, thinking of nothing more to do he just stuck both feet out in front of him as the wall rushed up at incredible speeds, but what surprised him the most is he just kept going, straight through the wall, but without a scratch or bruise! He came to a hard rest on the opposite wall, knocking a chip stand flying as he slumped to the floor.

He rose on perfect legs and looked around happily, nearly bouncing up and down, his tail bobbing and swishing, knocking countless things flying. Gibusu looked around the store innocently, ahhh! Excellent, its closed, he thought of one thing.......free food! Trying to look around for the best form of food, his eyes fell upon his favourite cuisine.

He lightly jumped accross the room and landed next to the freezer, throwing the lid open and grabbing the largest container he could and went outside to savour his treat, he sat heavily on the pavement, and started to slowly eat his carton of ice-cream....


Emerald Dragon
12-08-2002, 02:28 PM
"Caramel? Well, at least you have decent taste." "Why what's wrong with my taste babe? Wait, don't answer that." Gibusu quickly shoved a large spoonful of icecream into their mouth before she could say anything. "I said: 'Don't answer that!' why do females always talk?" Gibusu said frustrated "Well, babe it would be because I hate you, but in reality it's really because it's a female thing. They like to 'Express Inner Grief'" He laughed loudly "Oh yes, that's quite literal in our case" Sylvannah let out a snarl. Gibusu threw another spoonful of ice cream in their mouth. Sylvannah quickly took control and spat the ice cream out onto the pavement and laughed. "Now, I see. I think I'm starting to like this!" He took over and looked down completely shocked as the melted light brown puddle below them "Aw, now THAT was a waste, what did you do that for." "I'm sick of fighting with you, can we go now?" Sylvannah asked through a tired voice. "Okay..." He quickly grabbed the empty carton of ice cream and threw it into the nearby bin. "Take us home." She demanded. "Like I did before? No can do, I just ate a whole carton of ice cream." He held their stomach and patted it lightly.

Sylvannah was left taking control to walk back. The streetlamps now lit the footpath much more effectively now that it was dark. It was amusing as the two of them walked down the street watching the curious stares of the local townspeople. Gibusu chuckled lightly under his breath. "Ha! Looks like we're a hit" "No, we'd be more likely to GET hit." They turned the next corner to her house, she turned and stared at the still damaged garage door and punched it heavily. "I hate that door." She stormed into the house slamming the door behind her. By this time, their thoughts were very similar in shape. "I'm tired." They both said simulataneously. "Hmm okay, looks like my bed tonight I suppose." Sylvannah said. "Well what if..." "Well, we'll be asleep by then so nothing will happen, I'm tired, goodnight." She opened the door to the bedroom and heard the sound of falling plaster from the walls and above the door. "You oughta fix that." Sylvannah said lazily. "Hmm...yeah." Gibusu yawned. Sylvannah didn't bother to change and pulled the covers straight over the two of them. "Goodnight." She repeated. "Yeah, you too." They feel instantly into a deep sleep.

The next morning Sylvannah awoke first and she screamed. She sat up completely straight in her bed. "Oh my gosh! I'm not wearing anything!" Gibusu groaned raising his arms out to stretch as he yawned loudly. "What? What's wrong?"

The Creator
12-08-2002, 02:49 PM
Gibusu sat lazily up, the pendant slapping light against his bare fur. It then clicked in his head, he wasn't wearing anything, he turned his head to the panicing girl, seeing her completely naked also, he shrugged, "Hey babe, you've got nothing to complain about," He yawned casually, and stood with absolutely no attempt to cover anything, with one last look at the girl, his eyes moving up and down the length of her body as she scrabbled for clothing, he walked out the door, calling back from the hall, "Too late beautifully, i've already seen everything!"

He continued laughing until he was back into the bathroom, where his old clothes still laid crumpled on the floor, he slipped his pants on, and jumped up and down, totally rejuveinated after his good sleep.....he walked back into Sylvannah's room while she was still trying to find a shirt to put on, as he entered she threw a pillow, when he dodged that quite easily, he collected a heavy boot to the stomach, hurled in her angry fit.

Gibusu winded from the steel capped boot stumbled backwards then stood and in wheezing breaths, "You wouldn't happen to have a shirt i can borrow would you?"

She pointed one anger shaken finger at a cupboard behind him...Gibusu turned and threw the doors open, after a long search he found what he was looking for, a bright red, satin shirt, he put it on and loved it, the cool material pressing tightly against his fur felt good.

He turned back to the girl, as she was doing up the last buttons of her shirt, "This pendant of your's owes me a lot of money for that suit! But possibly the sight it blessed me with this morning should pay for them!" He winked at her and leaned against the bedroom door....


Emerald Dragon
12-08-2002, 04:05 PM
"How can you say that! Firstly, I didn't intend for that to happen. Secondly, I still hate you." She glared at him as he leaned so confidently upon her bedroom door. He smiled brightly and examined her almost like he was undressing her with his eyes. "W-w-why are you looking at me like that?" She stammered. "It was your fault that this all happened..." She walked towards the door completely ignoring him, as she tried to grab for the handle he blocked her way. "Let me out." She ordered calmly avoiding his glance. He didn't move at all, but he looked at her in such a way that it made her uncomfortable. Sylvannah shifted and walked back and forth inside that tiny room constantly moving herself. She didn't like the idea of him staring at her everytime she moved. "Please let me through, I don't want to throw anymore at you." He continued to smile stupidly at her. "Come on, what's your problem?" She yelled at him.

"Argh, forget it!" She ran over to the bed and remade it, lying on top of it after she neatly folded the blankets. "I'm going to lie here until you decide to get out of the way." She stared up at the ceiling and almost started to drift off again, she shook herself violently and sat up, glaring at Gibusu who still stood there. "Dammit, I'm not here to play with you right now. There are times, yes when I am willing to let it slide, but right now...I don't want to play, I'm irritable, hungry and I need a shower." She walked towards him again and tried to push past him only having him stare up at her strangely. "What's...wrong with you anyway? You've been so strange since we woke up. ...I didn't scare you did I? I'm sorry." She said apologetically.

The Creator
12-08-2002, 04:52 PM
Gibusu stood there patiently looking at the girl as she glared at him, daggers in her eyes, then a smile crossed his face, he leaned forwards, and sniffed her noisly, making it clear what he was doing, he quickly recoilded dramatically and bounced out of her way, "Phew! Your right beautiful, you certainly do need a shower!"

With a wink Gibusu watched her as she walked swiftlly out the door, "Yeah if your gonna be makin food, i'll be in for that too.....wait a sec, nah, why the hell do you NEED food anyway, don't you remember last night? Ahhh bugger it, i'll just make ya something, i'll have it ready when your out of the shower. Don't scowl like that, hey i've got 3 hands!" His tail picked up and waved at her over his shoulder, "Of course i can cook, spending most of my life on this planet has certainly made me a good cook with the materials needed!"

With this he just bounced off down the hall way and quickly jumped over the kitchen bench, landing proudly in the middle of the kitchen, his tail whipped out quicker then the eye can see and grabbed the apron which hung on the oven, and as he turned tied it quickly behind his back, before the knot was barely finished, he was bounding into action, and by the time the girl finally came out of the Bathroom in a large burst of steam that filled the entire hallway......she came out soon later, with tight blue jeans, a white shirt and a towel wrapped tightly around her long hair.

Gibusu came around the counter and stood proudly in her way, as she came closer he held out his hand and bowed, she gently put her hand in his and he kissed it gently, "Dinner is served my dear," He led her to the long table that was near the kitchen, he gently pulled out the chair and let her sit down.

First he brought out one laden tray and placed it at her place, and proudly removed the cover, revealing the first course of the meal, as she ate the food down quickly Gibusu watched proudly from the kitchen, noisily eating an apple, enjoying the sight of someone liking his food, 3 courses later and the after completeing the dishes Gibusu returned to the table and seated himself heavily next to her, "Now that wasn't so bad now was it?"


Emerald Dragon
12-09-2002, 04:48 PM
"Mmm, rather impressive! I'm actually satisfied for once in my life. You cook exquisitly for someone who steals ice cream cartons from empty stores for a living." Sylvannah said as she get up from her seat. Gibusu indicated for her to stay seated, she stared up at curious. "Why in such a helpful mood all of a sudden?" She laughed. He looked back at her smiling away, in response she raised an eyebrow at him. She watched him with interest as he worked himself through her kitchen. She suddenly had nostalgic thoughts and missed having a tail for some strange reason. his tail moved about happily and was being used almost quite like the two of his other hands which worked busily, madly washing dishes. She cross-examined the small man working himself so excitedly, she wondered how he could be so energetic at the most annoying of times. She shook her head and rested on the table waiting for him to finish, as he refused to let her help. Suppose he isn't that bad for company, just got a short fuse that I need to break...

He nudged her slightly some time later to wipe the table down with a damp cloth, then sat down next to her after he'd completely cleaned everything. Just for fun she decided to inspect the kitchen. Sylvannah didn't have to go far to realise that he'd done a spectacular job. Of course the result left her speechless. He knows how to clean! Thank you!!!!! She ran over to him and hugged him tightly without saying anything. She smiled let go of him, leaving him standing completely flabbergasted. She laughed lighty, turned on her stereo, playing the same music that he'd left in the machine the day before. She ran towards the couch and jumped over the back of it to land softly within the cushions, relaxed and let the music take over her mind.

The Creator
12-10-2002, 04:30 PM
Gibusu raised en eye-brow at the hasty retreat at which the girl had made, a hug like that and then she goes to sleep, he kept staring and then chuckled lightly, jogging up to the couch and doing a simple samoursault over it, his tail wrapping around the girls waist as he went , pulling her to her feet as he landed, "This is not music to sleep to my dear, i was setting a bad example yesterday, this is music to dance to of course...." He raised one long finger and shook it from one side to the other in a sarcastic, repremanding way as his smile widened.

Noticing her reluctance to move he once again raised his eye-brow, "Now your NOT going to tell me you can't dance are you?" As he continued his questioning stare the young woman broke away from the hold of his tail, and swiftly moved the furniture back out of the way, pushing the couch back into the kitchen and lifting the coffee table up and placing it beside the couch, then turning back to Gibusu with a devious smile, "Decide for yourself...." She gripped his hands in the leading postition, he chuckled at her forwardnesses of her move, they slowly began to move to the slow beats of Beethoven as the song was just getting warmed up.

Gibusu was surprised at the grace, and yet precision at which the girl moved at, nearly out stepping him in many occasion's, as the music speeded up so did the pair, working in unision, as the pair worked to the music Gibusu started to get really into the music, feeling no need to keep his eyes open with such a talented partner, he closed his eyes and wrapped his tail tightly around her waist as he held her hands gently, yet firmly.

The room seemed to disappear as the pair moved, dancing on nothing by air and the music itself, this was the closest Gibusu had felt to anyone, for the longest time, he felt amazing. Time stretched out, they seemed to be there for hours, the two becoming one, in another form of fusion, the young elvish girl's hair billowing out behind her like some mystic cape, Gibusu's hair strangely staying perfectly put, wrapped down his back while they moved wildly around the floor, the pair matching eachother's speed and grace perfectly.

As they moved the pendant which Gibusu wore started to glow an eery orange color, although the pair didn't even seem to notice as they moved.....


12-11-2002, 05:03 PM
The last human rolled to a halt at the edge of the wall, reeling with the force of the robot's punch. Puppet stared at all of the fallen combatants that surrounded him. These weird people just kept coming, and they all had the same uniform: black body fittings which had a glimpse of white on their chest, where the black part folded away. They put up some meagre resistance, utilizing small, archaic firearms to pelt him and resorting to their own limbs when the worthless slugs failed to hit or harm the spindly creation. From there, it was only a small matter to render them inoperable, a swift blow to the head usually turned them off, like most things on this planet the Puppet noted. Making sure that none of his victims was severely hurt, the golden robot walked calmly out the far door, politely closing the door.

It had been several hours ago when this base had been successfully infiltrated, and from the first door, swarms and swarms of identically clothed humans tried to stop the machine in it's tracks. There were literally thousands of them, yet none had the strength or skills to stop the intruder. The night had been so full of fighting that Puppet would surely have given up trying to calculate the time if he didn't have an internal clock. The labyrinthine complex made direction very hard to take, with every room looking the same as the last. The lack of a map made it impossible to tell whether it was walking round in very big circles or not so a note had to be left at every door, usually in the form of some unconscious battler.

The endless traipsing was quite uneventful, until passing a door that looked unfamiliar. It had no one guarding it and it had a sign best translated as "Prototype storage". In this room, the answers as to his comrade's whereabouts might be divined. Carefully manipulating the tiny door handle, Puppet quickly peered inside. The room was coal black, only a distant beeping and flash of liquid could be seen at the very end of the seemingly endless room. Looking around for a light source, the lights instantaneously fluttered on as he entered the room proper. The room was, as it had correctly guessed, was indeed a very large one. The very large combat robot at the end of the room probably needed just such a room to hold it. The shape seemed familiar, possibly some lost, fragmented file in the back of his memory, but only a possible guess as to it's purpose was found: destruction. It was armed to the teeth, several lines of missiles lining it's mandibles. It was ermniscient of the old earthen Allosaurus, only made of metal and alot moer threatening. The bubbling liquids he had seen were the last traces of a glowing fuel mixture entering the machine and the beeping was the sound of a motion detector that was mounted on the nose of the reptilioid shaped monster. Creaking into life, the building sized gargant slowly moved into action, it's eyes glowing with crackling blue energy. Looking behind him, Puppet found that the door had inconveniently locked behind him and was now forced to dodge the twin laser eye projectiles and the monster's serrated tail and legs. Priming his legs into position, the small golden marionette prepared to attack a foe many, many times his size.

Emerald Dragon
12-11-2002, 05:32 PM
It was definitely not a skill that Sylvannah was used to using. Of course, she'd practiced it in her sleep, watching some strange beings, maybe elves dancing to traditional folk songs in her dreams and watching television. She'd also practiced by herself, though she didn't dare tell HIM that, her pride seemed to stick out besides all of her good traits. She never realised until that very moment, that the man's company was of no burden. She rather enjoyed the little excitement he'd brought into her life in the instance of 2 days. All because of his, driving skill? It really made her wonder. There was little time left for thinking right now. Sylvannah had strangely put herself in the position where she was open to any attack. The attack being that Gibusu Law wanted more then she was willing to give. She shrugged it off in her mind quickly. Must compliment his dancing, he's very good. Nice to get close to someone every now and then I suppose... Wait...what was she saying? She admitted to herself that she liked feeling close to this man of odd descent. He made her feel curious, adventerous, far beyond what she had in the past.

She sighed deeply and moved quietly, but skillfully as the tuneful melody as it made its way through the whole house. As they danced without making so much as an error she did something that even frightened herself. Sylvannah leaned in a little more closer towards him and leaned her head on his shoulder. (As he didn't stand much shorter then herself.) As she relaxed against him she hummed the tune that ran methodically through her mind. Her situation suddenly made her feel secure, wanted, loved. Something that she'd been deprived of since birth, she wondered if he was freaking out. Seemed so she guessed from the way he suddenly lost step. Sylvannah quickly steadied him in her grasp and continued. "It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you" She teased him softly.

The Creator
12-12-2002, 11:31 AM
As they danced Sylvannah soflty put her chin on Gibusu's shoulder, his eyes swivelled round and looked at her starngely, he smiled at her, ahhhh, thats what i wanted, but as they kept the speed up, the lapse in concentration made Gibusu put a foot wrong, stumbling a leaning harder against the girl, he pushed himself back quickly and smiled at her warmly, time rushing back on him, he raised one arm and looked at his watch, "Wow! Babe, would you look at the time! We've been going for hours! Where did the time go?"

Gibusu made his way to the stereo on shaky legs, his tail hanging limp on the ground behind him, he flicked the button with one finger and as the music whirred to an end, he fell backwards, landing with lucky precision length-wise on the couch, "Sylvie my dear, i must say your a bloody brillaint dancer, i haven't been this tired from merely dancing since the times when i was back at home! Hey and i told you i can be nice when i wanna be didn't i, how was my act?"

He looked over at her in time to see her jaw drop and her eyes flare, her hands went straight behind her back and grabbed for the nearest thing she could grab, soon a speaker from the table was picked up bodily and thrown directly at Gibusu as he laid on the couch exahausted, "You mongrel! Your telling me this was all some sort of act? What were you trying to prove?" he managed to roll easily out of the way as the speaker landed heavily on the couch and rolled onto the floor, its wires dragging things off the table as it ended its trajectory.

Gibusu looked down at the totalled speaker, then up at the girl with a smile, "Well all that time in your head last night gave me a chance to see what you like, and i had to try and make up for all my mistakes in some kind of way. Come on babe, all guys act when they are trying to impress a sheila, hey, at least i was honest!"


Emerald Dragon
12-12-2002, 05:34 PM
Sylvannah grabbed him gruffly by the collar of his shirt and smiled at him sarcastically with an equal tone. "Impression is short lived when you screw things up, I'll admit it, I was attracted to you, but...argh, you're so frivolous. If you're ever going to do that to me, tell me first. I'm sick of tossing back and forth my opinions of you. Though really deep down, I hate you, but I also like you. See, this is my indecision. You were honest, yes, but I will continue to throw things at you for as long as you push the wrong buttons. Don't screw around with my head unless you really mean it sincerely that my feelings are taken into consideration, got it?" Her last two words were accentuated largely as she was sure he didn't quite understand her meaning, being as so slow and typically male he was turning out to be. He stared at her with a look of surprise. "What? What are you so surprised for, I will honestly kill you the next time you try something funny. I'm not willing to play games with you, remember?"

She grabbed a nearby pillow and threw it at him. "That is for annoying me, now fix up my house. We're not going anywhere for a while, screw stealing...this is rather fun, ordering you around." She thought for a few moments as he quickly gathered some things from her garage to mend the large holes he'd made inside the house and its walls. "You were saying about honest weren't you? ...Well, if you want me to be honest, really. You're one hell of a crappy kisser, I mean it."

The Creator
12-12-2002, 06:12 PM
Gibusu walked out to the Garage in huff, hearing the last statement, his bad mood quickly turned into a angry mood, he glared at the garage door, and kicked it hard, making a large dent in it, with a scream he punched the door with both hands, and ripped the entire door right out of the roof.

He then came back to himself, he looked at the rubble and mess that was around him, then he jumped to the door to the garage and slammed it shut, making sure Sylvannah didn't see the mess, then quietly he got out his Mobile and quickly rang all of his mates, calling them all around to the house, within half an hour her entire house was full of bike gangs, pub friends, and other various hoodlums.

Gibusu stood at the head of the group like the head of an army and was giving orders quickly and loudly, and had the group swiftly breaking up and either went to the shops, manned manual tools, or started to polish everything in sight.

In half an hour a large group of people, with Gibusu marching proudly at the head returned to the house, he had a determined look stuck on his face, and as his group entered the house carrying materials, tools and above all man power, they instantly began work, fixing anything that they had broken, inserting new and useful things into the house, and generally just 'upgrading' the house.

Within 3 hours the house looked like a bomb had hit it, everything was in tatters, or had been ripped, but there were whole new sections built in, all over the place, things that Gibusu thought were neccessary....of course, his troope working madly, following his screamed orders instantly and to the best of their ability, and that in many cases was VERY good considering that most of them were quite skilled with their hands or with a hammer.

Within a few more hours the work was totally completed but the houses, furniture and appliances were totally destroyed, at which point the whole troope just got up and left, including Gibusu, Sylvannah ran out into the street after them, screaming in rage, "You destroyed my house! Where are you going? Get back here!"

It seemed like no more then ten minutes of standing there dumbfounded when even MORE people came back around the corner carrying every single piece of furntiture she could think of, as they all got in front of Sylvannah's house, they put down everything and marched like clockwork through the front door, collecting every single piece of broken material and carrying it back out side, and throwing it with little care into the neighbour's front yard. With the old furniture disposed of, they rhythmetically took all the new furniture into the house, including a new couch, TV, stereo, a whole new kitchen set, practically everything in her house except for a few things that Sylvannah held in her arms, protecting them from damage, were replaced.

After the placing of all the new products, the sun had sunk and the moon was high in the sky, although all the guests stayed an dmade themselves food in the new kitchen, they all bowed to Gibusu soon after, he only acknowledged them with a nod or a flick of his tail, they all left, all with the kindest politeness to Sylvannah, which was strange coming from such large, burly thugs.

Gibusu turned with a smile, and with a gesture of his arms and tail he indicated the, virtually brand new house he had built around them....


Emerald Dragon
12-12-2002, 06:44 PM
She screamed loudly in a fit of rage that had Gibusu laughing so hard that his sides almost split literally. "You see the look on your face, babe, it's cute." She gave him what was supposed to be the evil eye then ran towards him knocking him to the ground putting her weight on top of him, pulling a pocket knife from inside her pocket and bringing it towards his throat, not without slapping his face first. "I said that I'd kill you the next time you did that...right now, I'm really and I mean REALLY aggrevated. I don't take kindly to those who play around with me. I appreciate your help, but they didn't fix my garage!!!!!!! I will let you go now...wait, no I wont, I'll sit here and leave you die with me sitting on you." She laughed. "Well, I shouldn't really be angry at you, it's not everyday that a young woman is swept off her feet by a strange young man that replaces her house. Thank you." She didn't move herself atop of him, but hugged him quickly and kissed the top of his forehead. "It was sweet of you." Sylvannah finally decided to get off him. She pushed herself off his body and laughed lightly as she walked back inside the house.

The Creator
12-13-2002, 09:42 AM
Gibusu raised himself from the ground with a simple jump, rubbing his hand over the slight cut on his neck, then licked the blood of his fingers, what a strange way of showing gratitude this girl has, he then shot a look over at the new garage he had built, what the hell was she talking about? Not fixing her door? I made her a whole goddam new garage! Damn picky sheila....

He walked quickly back into the house, closing the heavy wooden door that he had quickly carved himself earlier, and walked over to the girl that now stood in her kitchen, as he came nearer, she shot him a look filled with posion, "Where the hell are my cups?"

Gibusu let out a fit of laughter, "Your blonde hair has certainly taken hold my dear, well you see here, the first place i would look is in the cupboard MARKED 'cups'" He continued laughing holding his ribs, "But be honest babe, i saw the look on your face earlier, i'm not a bad kisser..." He just had to say that, his pride was hurt...

He made his way back to the lounge room flicking a switch in the wall that he had installed and in all 4 corners of the room, slots in the wall rolled back and speakers pushed themselves out, and the finest and clearest classical music he could find in all the music stores of the city began to play reverberating the room, flicking another switch, another slot opened and a TV that took up nearly the whole wall pushed its way out, Gibusu smiled widely and looked around trying to decide which chair to sit in, he finally decided to the massage-a-matic, grabbing the remote he flicked it on and leapt into it, letting out a long groan.

Between moans and groans from the quickly relaxing alien he choked out, "And i'm sure you'll be happy to find that i have re-filled your fridge with some of the finest drinks i could find in this god-forsaken city...."


Emerald Dragon
12-13-2002, 05:51 PM
Sylvannah opened the cupboard marked 'cups' and pulled out a delicate looking teacup. "What the? I have no use for these, they'd get broken. And...well, if you knew that you were a good kisser, why get hurt if you knew I felt the same way. You're rathe silly, you know. Alright, you're okay. I admitted it, you happy now? And stop calling me 'babe' it makes me fell slutty." She patted her hair slightly pulling it into a knot then pulling it out again, the ruffled it quickly and let it sit upon her back. "What's wrong with my hair?" She shook her head to shift her hair away from her face.

She again tried the cup cupboard and found what she need and took out a pair of wine glasses. "Would you like a drink?" There was a small shaky reply in the positive. She opened the fridge which let in a burst of cool air towards her that felt chilly against her face. Her mouth gaped open at the articles which inhabited the interior. "Oh my, wow, that's absolutely full!" She peeked behind the door and pulled out an expensive looking wine bottle. She tore at the label on the bottle "Ooo...Vintage. Exquisite!" She watched Gibusu lying in the chair in amusement and laughed out loud. "Guess you needed stimulation..." She continued to laugh a little louder at her own pathetic joke. What was a wooden coffee table before sat a clean-looking glass table that sat on metal legs, some glass costers to match. She placed the full wine glasses upon the costers grabbed the remote from Gibusu's hand. Sylvannah pointed the remote at the television and pressed a button, which left the screen shrink into a small white dot, then blank. She ripped the power cord to the chair out of its socket, close to snapping it. "Well now, I suppose it's my turn now." She pulled him up off the chair and held on to him tightly. "Dance with me."

12-15-2002, 10:41 AM
ooc>hope you don't mind if i join in.

a window suddenly burst inward, and Gibusu felt something rush past his ear. he turned his face away from the window to see a bullet hole in the wall.

the door burst inward and a heavily armored man that was built like a truck stepped in and started assembling a grenade launcher from a carring case.

even as he did this three more men came in. one wore a black wide brimmed hat, and a long trench coat, and was wielding two magnums (because every respectible mercenary squad needs an annoying neo-cowboy crackshot). the other two were thin, and wear military class armor, including helmet and visor. the two pulled out sub machineguns.

another bullet whizzed through what used to be the window.

ooc>if you diddn't like that then just ignore it.

12-15-2002, 01:46 PM
Several hours had passed in this most uneven of battles, the giant lizard machine had no chance of even hitting the rapid movements of the alien. Many hours were spent with the creature trying to bite it without luck as the golden figure lazily struck off the monster's front limbs. Puppet effortlessly danced around the scorching laser blasts that radiated from the mech's eyes to humour it's handlers, but to add even more injury to the insult, it remained still for a few seconds as the beast loosed a rapid volley of pulse blasts. It soon became clear that no sparking lights were going to hurt him as they merely bounced off it's golden form, two wayward shots squarely reflecting back to the larger's eyes and disabling it's projectile weaponry. In a fit of rage, the reptilian flailed it's thunderous tail around the room, carelessly dispatching several empty crates that littered the walls of the room. In one such frenzied whip, the Puppet harmlessly jumped on to the elongated metal number, and hastily scaled it back up to the cerature's head. Quickly swapping his manipulation arms for his favoured spike limbs, Puppet quickly pointed them toward the center of the skull and fired the spikes off. The twin sidewinding implements, easily pierced the thick metal carapace and bore a hole through to the bottom of the mouth. The mechanic monstrosity was disabled and loped forward just before it collapsed in a large lump of useless but expensive metal. Retracting his arms that had stuck a good few inches into the floor, Puppet surveyed the wreckage. It would have taken an almighty amount of energy to power such a creation, it's power readings when it was online were almost on par with Puppet's own. Quickly recalling the mission at hand, Puppet wondered if they were siphoning the other Puppet's power to energize their own unreliable creations. Taking a glance back at the dead machine, Puppet decided that if this useless hulk was the best they had to offer, he would have no problems defeating anymore henchmen. A small doorway was the way to go, as it had been previously barred off by the wasted contraption. Changing back to his humanoid grip, Puppet snuck through and and clicked the door shut.

A long hallway, unhealthily adorned with vats of bio-rejects lay before the unwitting hero. As it strode own the unhallowed halls, it took the time to inspect each of the steel tombs that were filled with a green liquid, keeping the subject in an eternal stasis. Most of the subjects were human, many with faulty mechanical implants pasted onto them. Some of the more unsavoury subjects looked to have exploded from an oversurge of power, giving the victim a most unpleasant death. In the end, each tank was the same, filled with the sad story of the rejects of experimentation. The end was nigh, a pair of heavy metal doors quickly slid open, revealing more pitch darkness. Taking one last glimpse back at this nightmarish room, Puppet quickly left and entered the unknown.

The doors quickly closed and the dark ebbed at the center of the room. A cylinder holding tube, similar to the one Puppet arose from earlier, was given the spotlight. It's contents were shrouded by a thin layer of smoke. It's content liquids were a glacial blue, but deep within it's recesses was a dark outline, inorganic, a machine. Several wires hung from the roof of the cylinder and spiralled off in all direction, but as to where they went, no one could tell in the darkness. Timidly stepping up to the steel coffin, Puppet drew one of it's gold talons across the moist glass surface to divine what the prisoner was. As the fog was wiped away, Puppet recoiled at the sight. He was looking at himself...only silver coloured and unmoving. At that instant, the room lit up and from the four corners, four replicas had been created, charged with the task of keeping their energy source safe. These bronze machines were built in a design similar to the original, but their face masks depicted those of the weird ice skating humans with sticks, their limbs were akin of more murderous looking implements and their grav-orbs were heavily spiked in their unladen points. They each slowly advanced on the golden avenger who slowly turned to stare at each one in turn. This was not going to be as easy as the last fight, now we will really see how good these humans are!

Emerald Dragon
12-15-2002, 03:02 PM
Sylvannah peeked out from behind the corner she hid behind. "Oh why? ...my poor house." She stopped in her tracks as she thought the fighting had stopped. the fair-headed woman looked up and saw Gibusu standing with two men almost close to suffocating. "Hey, monkey-boy, I don't want the cops around here 'cause you want to kill a couple of guys. Let 'em go, surely they can tell us who sent them and why...or we'd threaten them, I'm sure." She smiled at Gibusu with a wink. Gibusu dropped the two men and they both collapsed in a heap gripping at their necks breathing slowly haunched over supporting themselves off the ground with their hands. Sylvannah flicked out the small pocket knife from her pocket and pulled up to one of the men as she roughly pulled up by the hair, he screamed in response and resisted her grip by pulling at her hand. She grinned openly and pulled the knife up to the man's neck. "Now, I hope you will be co operative, I don't have the time right now, you've almost demolished my house, and tried to kill us. I'm not happy. Infact, I'm in a VERY bad mood, now explain or do I have to throw you out that window there and kill you?"

12-16-2002, 03:59 AM
ooc> a fight is the best way to introduce characters, i only did this because i was tired of waiting for a good entrance. also, besides the big one there were THREE other guys, two of them with military grade armor, helmets and SMG's and the other was the neo-cowboy with twin magnums.

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12-20-2002, 10:39 AM
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BTW: SMG's are kinda gay machine guns, especially in close combat...darn Counterstrike.

The Creator
12-21-2002, 08:17 AM
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ic: With a smile Gibusu raised himself from the couch he sat on and walked over to Sylvannah, "Anyone would think you like dancing, babe?" he winked at her and took her hand while his tail reached out and flicked on the stereo, and this time instead of his Bassy tones that he was use to, smooth rythmetic tones pulsed from the large speakers that were placed on the walls.

Although the pair didn't notice it, as their hands touched, the pendant that Gibusu still had draped around his neck tightly, the gem pulsed quickly once with a dull green colour. This time as they started moving, they didn't burst instantly into the same fast pace that they did last time, this time there wasn't any need to test eachother's skill, they merely started out slow, moving in harmony with the soft, beautiful music.

The same feeling started to flow through Gibusu's vein's again, and the familiar smile spread accross his face again, without even thinking Gibusu let his head turn and move forwards as he closed his eyes, he just leaned on her this time, not feeling any need to put a great deal of effort or speed into this dance, and beside's he was still kinda tired from the last dance..........


Emerald Dragon
12-21-2002, 05:13 PM
ooc: Luke darlin', if you need any ideas about this one, I can help.

Sylvannah smirked somewhat, looking down at Gibusu as he leaned upon her. Then a large smile was let loose and she laughed softly. He looked rather cute as he was. "Well, I suppose I've learnt to like dancing because having a brillant partner makes the difference. Besides, anyone would think you liked me." She looked down at him smiling broadly. He shifted himself so to look up at her. "I'm not denying anything." He said revealing a funny grin. Ha, he's so blunt, I like that. She had no idea what he was feeling, though she wasn't really sure what she thought herself. Everytime she thought about the strange young man, her mind came to a block. His personality was contagious, for no matter how many times he annoyed her, he always made up for it. She couldn't stay angry at him, something rare in her case, being so angry at society and all...

Although Sylvannah was a rough character, she couldn't stop the not-so spiteful thoughts running strongly through her mind. They stormed on her like a vicious tornado and tore what she thought to be true from it. The fast-talking, seriously outspoken and agile male she held so closely to her made her think so strangely. Oh hell...I'm not liking him too, am I? ...No, no I'm not. Sighing loudly she pulled Gibusu out at arms length briefly stopping to break contact.. Her eyes widened at the pendant with a green incandescent light which beamed out suddenly, with such energetic force that Gibusu fell out of his trance and looked at his glowing chest concernly. Sylvannah thought hastily. "Wait! Don't let me go. I want to see what happens!" Still holding each others hands, the jade-coloured brilliance filled every inch of visible space, slowly generating itself into a sphere which encompassed the strange pair and slowing lifting them off. "What the...where are we going? Did you have something to do with this?" Sylvannah lashed at Gibusu giving him an accusing stare.

12-22-2002, 01:56 AM
um, i realy hate doing this, but i think i will just have to 'drop out' of this one, at least temporarily.

btw, the reason that this rp is moving so slowly is bescause you rp'd a little bit too well. you delt with all the conflict already, as my drama teacher always says, 'conflict is what makes stories interesting'.

anyway, if this picks up a bit (read: when you two finaly leave the house) then i will join in again.

Emerald Dragon
12-22-2002, 09:52 AM
ooc: *Laughs* Hardly, it's only just started. You see, this is only the boring part of the story where no one really gives a damn what's going on. I don't really know what you mean by "RP-ing a little too well." I'm sorry if I sound really arrogant at all, but it's just that your entrance was a little unexpected. It's not that we don't welcome you at all, but just that the entry was let's say...a little hasty. And, yes if I think about it a little I'm finding it hard to make a good storyline here. However, I think I'm on to something! ;)

The Creator
12-22-2002, 12:18 PM
Gibusu although keeping a firm grip of Sylvannah in his strong hands paniced, looking around quickly and with darting eyes at the Orb that seemed to have burst out of the pendant that he wore around his neck, his eyes locked back on Sylvie as he heard her question, then a surprised burst of laughter forced its way out of his mouth, "You think 'I'M' doing this, its your dammed pendant! And what happened to, 'I want to see what happens'? Well look babe, its happening, and my guess is its too late to let go now, unless you wanna try your luck stepping through that?" His tail reached out and tapped on the silver Orb that surrounded them, and as it came in contact sparks flew up its length and he withdrew it, with a wince.

Gibusu looked down below his floating feet and scrunched his eyes trying to see through the barrier of the reflective bubble, his eyes widened and he looked up at Sylvie, "Hey babe, i doubt that we are in your house any more, unless someone has busted in and planted trees while you weren't lookin'." Gibusu narrowed his eyes at the blonde girl, "Ok then, this thing can do a little bit more then fuse people together can't it? Damned elves! They always have to be meddling with magic don't they! Can't they ever just leave anything alone!" Noticing the shocked look on her face, "Yes my dear, i know what elves are, you think they haven't figured out how to get around space? Well no, they've been annoying the Loridelie's for decades now! Bah!" although through his angry tones, his face showed one of worry and distress as he kept on looking wildly from side to side, but still remembering to keep a good grip on Sylvannah's hands....

Suddenly Gibusu felt a lurch as the Orb began to move, obviously it had moved before, but they hadn't felt it then, but this time there was a fast accelerating pull to it, and Gibusu was thrown forwards, the pendant around his neck flew forwards with him, and smacked into Sylvie's neck and then he followed it, pressing their neck together, with the pendant in between, his mind clicked after a second, and his eyes flew downwards in a panic, "Oh ****...."


Emerald Dragon
12-22-2002, 02:01 PM
"Hey, hey, you needn't swear monkey-boy...oh, damn..." Sylvannah's calm realisation that the pendant so small in size forced the pair into the most uncomfortable situations. "Prepare for fusion shall we? Wait, what am I saying? I'm going to hate this." The young woman prepared herself for the worst, nothing worse could possibly happen, could it? She suddenly relaxed holding Gibusu to steady him as he was forced upon her, almost chocking her. She brought him down to eye level she winked. "Looks like we're off on a ride, babe." She laughed at her own joke. Of course the two of them not quite used to the art of 'fusion' still managed to support each other through the traumatic experience again. The orb they resided in for that moment was almost pitch black, save for the slight transparency. Inside it, all sounds bounced off the walls like rubber echoing their voices, then a flash. That all to familiar violet blaze filled that orb which held them imprisoned, soaking them up with it. Though it wasn't as bright as Sylvannah had last remembered it. Of course she also waited for an instant of pain, which never came. Opening her eyes sharply when she felt it enough to be safe, she found herself levitating in mid air.

Once again she felt that intimate pull in her mind. Being fused again didn't exactly feel natural, though she didn't complain. It was nice to feel the agility of Gibusu's body run through her, fast and almost hyper. She smirked in the back of her mind, but sighed out loud. "I mentioned I didn't like this at all, didn't I?" Looking down as she control their body, she spun, still floating in a position that imitated lying on your chest with your head propped up with your elbows. The sight below her, she'd never seen before, her eyes largened with astonishment. "The world is very nice from above, wait, we aren't on the...same plane, or planet for that matter. There is something not quite right. It's too green for my taste."

The Creator
12-22-2002, 04:37 PM
As the fused body lay there in air, Gibusu heard it softly at first but then it got louder and more persistent, a ringing, whizzing noise that was quickly approaching, although when he looked around he saw nothing, the noise suddenly neared, and seemed to be upon them, but as soon as the sound got there, it sounded much like a very fast rushing of air, that was catching up as fast as it could, but as soon as it got there, Gibusu flailed madly as whatever was holding the body up in the air was brushed away and he fell.......

As he fell, Gibusu went into a deep chasm, two large walls on each side, and with a grunt he did the only thing that could save the body being turned into Salsa on impact, he spun the body quickly, steering the air with his tail, and kicked forwards with both feet as hard as he could. The body acted like a tennis ball, Gibusu steering the agile body with ease, flicking his body from side to side, easily pushing off the walls, his body slowing with each jarring movement, until he came to a rough landing on the ground, pushing both feet forward and sliding along the ground for about 25 metres, his long boots digging deep into the soft soil....

"Wasn't that fun babe?" just hearing that melodic voice coming out of his lips again made Gibusu smile, but he felt a surge of happiness flow with in his mind, and then Sylvannah used the mouth, "You saved us, your certainly more use to using this tail and all then i am...."

Then as Gibusu took in the scenic Valley that he had landed in, it made him gasp, the beauty of this place was breath taking! A long waterfall flowed to his side, sparkling, clear water seemed to spray out and touch his face, and groves of trees covered the ground, lush green grass rose to his ankles, Gibusu launched the body off the ground with a woot and landed smack bang in the middle of the large lake that flowed out from the bottom of the Water fall.

The water revitalised him as he swam sucking in long mouthfulls of the clean water and swallowing it, it tasted beautiful! Something he hadn't experienced since he was back home! But as he brought the body back to the surface and breathed in deeply, he heard something, coming from within the trees, it was singing, not ordinary singing, not only was this music some of the most beautiful he had ever heard, he wasn't even sure he heard it at first, surely nothing could be that wonderful! But then a second burst of the melody started but this time, accompanied with voices, and now they were moving, coming slowly closer through the trees, and still Gibusu just swam there mesmerized by the music.......


12-22-2002, 05:36 PM
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Sorry for any inconveniences.

Emerald Dragon
12-22-2002, 05:39 PM
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12-23-2002, 01:03 PM
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ic: Sylvannah though she had total control of the body felt totally at home at such an instant. The water around her felt nice against her skin. Then like the summer breeze rolling in from the sea, a melodic chorus rang out from the trees. Thrashing her mind like a bomb, it hit her. She recognised the song, she'd sung it to herself on those bad days, where she felt like life was falling to pieces. She felt Gibusu let himself loose, being attracted to the music, leaving her free to do as she pleased. She too though she wasn't enchanted by the flowing melody, she sang along too. Matching the pitch perfectly, lying back into the water. Singing letting out and hitting every note on cue, it occurred to her that she'd suddenly learned that this place was the origin of that very song. Leaving the song swim through her mind set her mind back into perspective. Eventually that heavenly chorus died into an eerie silence. Gibusu seemed to wake up back into reality. "What, was that? It was beautiful..." he said lazily. "I feel as if I'm being watched..." Sylvannah said scanning the area throughly.

"It's all too quiet here." She shivered beneath the water, which was strangely warm. A sharp cracking was heard close by, in reaction Sylvannah spun their body off to face where the noise was made. There, stood a tall figure, female in stature, with the same blond hair that the brash Sylvannah herself possessed, but was longer, much much longer.The clothes she wore were superior in make, white robes which dragged magestically to the ground. Sylvannah widened her eyes, overwhemled by her strange prescence. "Ah, so it appears, stranger, that you know the 'Song of Shadows'" She spoke. Sylvannah though she thought the words in her mind was unable to release them. the figure stood out proud, strong with a high presence. Sylvannah found herself finding it difficult to look her in the eye. "You are a stranger here, but you know the song, only one of this tribe knows that song, who are you?"

The Creator
12-23-2002, 01:27 PM
As the woman stood there, Gibusu stared at her, guaking, wow! This one looks nearly exactly like Sylvannah, just stick a few years on her, maybe a bit of bone reconstructure in those cheeks, and those clothes would be worth thousands, but apart from that, they could be sisters!

Shaking his head, not thinking of any consequences Gibusu climbed quickly out of the pool, dismissing the Woman, and shaking himself, as he left the water, the silver attire he was dresssed in seemed to just rid itself of water, becoming nearly perfectly dry in an instant, but before Gibusu was finished staring in amazement at the strange clothes that came with the fusion body, a barrage of arrows flew at him from the trees, his eyes grew wide and moments before the arrows hit him time seemed to slow and he disappeared, appearing in a crouching position next to an elf that sat high in the branches of a tree, with a new arrow loaded into his bow already.

He hadn't even noticed his visitor as his head darted from side to side, scanning the area for his target as all the arrows from the first barrage planted themselves deep in the ground, without the elf noticing Gibusu lightly withdrew one of the sharp arrows from the quiver that the elf held on his back, and held it softly yet firmly behind its ear, "Now, friend....I don't want any violence here today....I just crashed here cause of one of YOUR damned 'toys'!" With his other hand Gibusu took his hand down his shirt and drew out the pendant and showed it to the quiverring elf, upon seeing the pendant the elf's eyes grew wide and he put one arm up in the air in a long, clear voice "Troops, get down, and disarm!"

Through-out the front trees of the forrest that seemed to surround the pool, at least 3 un-seen elves jumped swiftly to the ground from each tree around the lake, fastening the bow to it's back and standing to attention.....


Emerald Dragon
12-24-2002, 06:14 PM
"Gibusu, wait! Stop!" Sylvannah screamed out. She turned and faced the woman directly looking at her apologetically. "I'm sorry, I must explain, we, Gibusu and myself have been a victim of the pendant's fusion." The woman beckoned them to come closer, having no choice, they agreed. "May I see the pendant?" Sylvannah nodded, Gibusu roughly added "Sylvie, do you really think you should?" "Pipe down, they might know something about it." The woman of holy presence turned the pendant multiple times in her hands. "It is a beautiful piece of work." Sylvannah thought tapping their chin with one finger. "Is there a reversal spell for the fusion...possibly without the lack of clothing?" She blushed at this. "You have been fused?!" An elf blurted out. The woman ignored the last comment by answering "Yes, there is, come with me..." Being led by the woman her clothing flaring out behind her with the calm wind, spreading a sweet fragrant smell of flowers. Sylvanna and Gibusu in their current state followed the woman back through the thick wood. Coming to a halt at a small village, well hidden and fenced off from the real world, secluded.

ooc: Sorry, I have to finish this one tomorrow. I've been kicked off the computer :( ...Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone.

Edit: Again, Christmas passes me by again, like a normal day, just with the except of the most fattiest food I've ever seen. God bless Christmas...the story of Christ lives on :)

ic: "...Come in." The woman said bluntly, opening a large wooden door and ushered the fused figure inside. The house was so modest in size, the furniture was that of an undeveloped world, but so beautifully crafted nevertheless. Carefully seating themselves of log shaped chairs, so strangely comfortable. They spoke almost no words at all. At once with the guards of the village gone, the young woman, not much older then Sylvannah herself, spoke in an unusual tongue. It was a smooth flowing speech, like she was making an incantation of some sorts. She sat calmly in her seat Sylvannah noticed. Her blue eyes temporarily concealed to concentrate. Her words soothed and healed what pains they felt in their minds. Leaving the pair to drift off unsuspectingly to sleep. Dozing quietly in their seats, they never realised what had happened.

Waking to the morning sun birds, many hours from first arriving at the small and beautiful house, Sylvannah and Gibusu both rose to look each other in face. "Well then, I see, that it is 'I' again that manages to put things right. Good to see that you still live..."

The Creator
12-26-2002, 06:31 AM
Gibusu swiftly lifted the sheets and saw his body covered in a long sliken robe..."What's this? Silk, errrrgh!" he rose from the bed in which he lay, letting the robe hang down and run along the ground behind him as he walked. he ran his hands over the material, taking in his knotted muscles, and groaned as he cracked his neck.....at least it was black, they did have SOME taste at least!

He turned to the bed in which Sylvannah lay in accros the room, he was struck in awe as she brought her legs out from under the sheets and stood delicatelly on the floor, she now wasn't dressed in the usual 'mens' attire that he was used to seeing her in, she didn't have the usual jeans, and leather jacket, instead she was now draped in clothes that rivalled that of royalty, although her clothes too were of the same make as the clothes that Gibusu had, hers were of a glowing silver texture, and clung to her body perfectly, showing her curves with the most alluring sense, Gibusu shook his head when he realised that he had been staring in shock for quite a while, and brought his head up to her eyes, "It seems your friends have given us some new clothes." With a wink Gibusu added cheekily, "The 'woman's' clothes look suits you babe...."

With this he left the house to breath in the sweet aroma's that filled the air with a smile, as his tail wagged happily behind him, lifting the robe off the ground behind him, with a relaxed sigh he leapt backwards and landed softly on the roof of the house and sat down and watched the sun rise. He then felt something that had been there the whole time un-noticed....he reached inside his shirt and pulled out the pendant, wow! They let me keep it....


Emerald Dragon
12-26-2002, 09:04 AM
"I feel as though I've been stripped of all dignity." Sylvannah refering to her robes, looking down smoothing the material against her. Strangely soft, shimmering. It was definitely pretty. Pulling herself to the mirror, leaning against the chest of drawers, looking back at was someone quite different to herself. Her hair hung at a very odd length, though it was usually tied up high on her head it lay quite full just past her shoulders. She carried also a glow and radiance that shocked her. Obviously it just occured to her that she was of course female. "...Wow, I actually look okay in a dress..." Sylvannah couldn't remember the last time she was in dress, if she ever owned any. It was just easier to portray herself as male, but her current image shocked her, moved her and even somewhat frightened her. "Why, I look like that woman that showed us in!" The resemblance was uncanny. She shied away from the mirror, deceptive thing...

A small window bared its space against the left wall facing her. Covered with only sheer silk, light filtered in softly, gently the effect it gave was a mysterious one. The sun slowly creeping up along the horizon above the thick wood of evergreen trees. Sylvannah sighed sadly, she never understood what it was to be homesick. Leaving everything behind because of circumstances that were completely out of control baffled her. Though now she sat disheartened. The out-of-place pair, were not in familiar territory. Unknown of their place, their situation, one could not help but feel that way. Lost, not afraid, but being repressed in a difficult place. Edging the curtain only a few inches, the rusty sky lurked upwards a fair distance with it's golden semi-circle being it's only source. It was a most pleasurable sight. A few peaceful moments between the woman and the sunrise, were blocked with a small figure jumping off from the roof. It had a roaming tail, though unidentifiable, until it came a little closer to the window and tapped. With a few hollow tapping noises against the glass, Sylvannah saw Gibusu looking at her, raising an eyebrow and tilting his head. It was a curious, but almost an unknown expression... She gathered herself quietly, taking her time. She looked down and groaned. Picking up the dress trailing along the ground, she gruffly picked it up in her arms and made her way outside. Gibusu ran towards the door before she touched the doorknob, opening it ushering her outside. "There will be a meeting soon, I think. We should see the High Priestess again." She said, roughly pulling the dress behind her.

The Creator
12-26-2002, 09:48 AM
As Gibusu sat fiddling with the pendant he heard something that seemed out of place in this surrounding, a roar it shook the ground and the roof that he stood on, although this was shortly followed by the echo of a squeel from the oppostie direction, minutes later he saw a prestene woman perched upon a horse with a struggling beast being towed behind her bulking horse, chains of insanities being thrown at the beasts captor, a moments later he heard quiet sobs coming down the same street and a small girl with her hands tied was carried limp over the shoulders of a group of older Elves, but what came next made Gibusu burst out laughing a large box was tied with many ropes and nets and was being bodily dragged along the ground as if it were a dangerous weapon, he watched the sight with interest until one of the last elves that passed called up to him, "Oi! You theres a meeting! The high priestess wants you two there, be prepared!" The elf ran off to catch up...

Gibusu ****ed his head to the side, and hopped off the roof with a shrug, noticing that Sylvannah was already at the window when he came to it, she stared at him strangely, Gibusu replied with a smile and a tap of the window, she shook her head as if returning her thoughts, and smiled back, she then rushed off, Gibusu brought his head closer to the window and laughed as she struggled to drag her dress with her, and then he saw she was heading to the door and rushed around quickly and opened it for her with a bow, she exited the building with a breif smile and a nod, then went back grumpily to trying to arrange her dress.

He followed her tightly talking to her as politely as he could think, she sure did look stunning in that dress, although she was ruffling it quite dreadfully with all her arranging, but her hair looked amazing, he had seen pictures of Nymph's from some of the southern lands, Gibusu couldn't help thinking how similar she seemed to them dressed like this....

His head clicked from side to side quickly scanning the area, argh! None of these dammed houses have gardens! He looked deeper, trying to peer through windows as he passed, aha! He saw an ornate vase sitting on a table in a house that they passed, it sounded like a bolt of lightning had struck the ground as he left, a breif second he was back as the glass from the window hit the ground, he smiled at his own speed, it could come in useful sometimes.

Sylvannah turned around in with a shocked look on her face, "What was that sound?" She looked behind Gibusu as they kept walking, and saw the small crater where he had left from, and then she brought her eyes back to him with a sharp accusing look deep in her eyes as she searched his eyes with hers.

Gibusu simply answered by holding the hand with the flowers out to Sylvannah, and quickly wiped a blade of glass from his hand that had stuck there with a smile, "Flowers for the lady?"


Emerald Dragon
12-26-2002, 10:51 AM
Sylvannah ignored Gibusu for only a second. "What is that commotion over there?" pointing out to where a crowd gathered. The prisoners appeared to be a young girl, with...blue hair? and a odd looking storage chest with many legs. "Prisoners..." Sylvannah murmured. "...But, she is so young. She can't be more then 18." Sylvannah shook her head. Turning around again she saw Gibusu's disappointed face. Sylvannah smiled brightly. "Oh Gibusu darling, don't be like that. I DID hear you." Kissing him lightly on the cheek she thanked him and took the flowers from him, smelling their delicate aroma. "They're beautiful. I love them." They both travelled to the nearest building, being the biggest. The guards at the door stopped them. "You must greet the High Priestess in your best appearances..." looking at Sylvannah up and down. Gibusu frowning at him with a hard look, about to respond to the mans 'rudeness.' A loud shout came out from the doors. "Show them in, fool!" The woman rang out. "Yes! At once." He nervously gave a look of apology before opening the door.

As the door opened, almost a new world emerged, so lavish, yet...it was the very same room that they resided that day before. "...but..." Sylvannah began. "Light can be deceiving, can it not? I mean to ask you about your pendant." Looking at Gibusu curious, with an equal tone. "It doesn't belong to me, it is..." "Yes, I realised. She looks very much like me when I was younger." The woman interrupted, keeping her voice steady, calm. Sylvannah though for a moment, totally disregarding the High Priestess. "Who are those people out there. That young girl could not have commited a crime that great..." Sylvannah inquired. "The young girl has trespassed on these lands." The priestess answered. "And we have done the same. How does that make it different?" Sylvannah fought. "You would have suffered the same fate had it not been for your foolish friend here." Turning her attention to Gibusu. "Foolish! I..." "Gibusu, shut up! This isn't the time to be settling your pride." Again looking at the elf priestess, she stopped. "You have no concerns for the prisoners right now..." Sylvannah flared up in anger, heat rising into her face. "I may NOT be concerned, High Priestess, but the girl needs a fair trial at least. To be chained at such an age is a fate worse then death!" She gritted her teeth in anger. Getting up off her feet she walked around the room, pacing. "Then it is a fate well deserved!" the woman stood with her eyes cooly staring back at Sylvannah. Not standing the woman's reasoning any longer she left the house, leaving Gibusu to sit in his confusion.

The Creator
12-26-2002, 06:03 PM
Gibusu watched as Sylvie left in a huff, then brought his eyes back to the High Priestess, at first glance yesterday he had thought she would look nearly exactly like Sylvie if she straightened up a bit, but now that he inspected her closer there was something not quite right, he couldn't put his finger on it, it was like it kept moving just as he looked at it, it puzzled him but he quickly lost interest and stood up off the bench that he was leaning on and walked over to a passage to the side of the room.

He breathed in deeply and sighed, mmmmm....it had been quite a while now since he had had a good feed! He came to the end of the hall way and was blocked by two swift gaurds as they stepped out of the shadows, "What business do you have in here monkey boy?" Gibusu's eyes flared and he flinched at their words, his right claw came up and then went back down quickly in a clenched fist, he snarled at them, "I want food Fairy man...." he winked at the reaction he got as the elf went to reach for his arrows when his companion put a hand on his arm to stop him, and whispered in his ear, then he stopped and let Gibusu through with a grimace.

Gibusu stepped through the door and looked around the large dining room he had entered and spotted where the lovely aroma's were coming from, he licked his lips as he moved his way to the long table that was stacked high with food of all kinds and makes, although he couldn't put his eyes on anything that resembled meat......with a shrug he still dug in, grabbing the things that smealt, and looked the best, grabbing a small plate he grabbed the food that he wanted and placed it on his plate. and going to sit at the nearest table to start and entreÚ.

He heard laughter and heavy footsteps coming closer, then a large boom as a large group of Elves, decked out in some of the best armour and military finery he had even seen, it even made Gibusu raise his eye brows, he even felt urged to comment before the group looked up and saw him and called out, "Hey who said a monkey can eat in here?" although Gibusu's heart nearly beat through his chest he just gritted his teeth and doubled his grip on his cutlery, "Hey boys, monkey man here don't wanna talk?" The 'leader' of the group walked up swiftly on light feet and wrapped his hand around Gibusu's tail and gave it a hard yank, "Whats wrong boy? Cat got your....." his sentence trailed into a grunt as he tryed to pull his hand away from Gibusu's tail as it wrapped its way around his arm.

"Fairy man, you touched my tail...no no no! You PULLED my tail! Now my companion is one of you freaks, so i won't kill you, but you do realise i can't let this hand go with you...." Gibusu didn't even turn from his meal as he talked, but his tail gave a sharp and strong pull back as it was wrapped around the Elves wrist, there was a sickening pop mixed in with the sound of tearing flesh and bone as the elf screamed.

Gibusu put a spoonfulf of food in his mouth a quietly chewed, letting the severed hand drop to the floor with a thump.....


Emerald Dragon
12-28-2002, 05:50 PM
Sylvannah heard a loud shrieking scream from the inside the house behind her. Her anger dissolved into suspicion. Her feelings of accusation was finally confirmed when an elvish soldier ran outside the building with a blood curdling scream with his fellow comrades ran in pursuit of him. The man leaving a thick trail of blood in his tracks. Looking up at him, Sylvannah gauped at which was now a free-flowing ruby fountain from a stub, previously his hand. Her eyes widened and she was quick to bring up her hand to her mouth. "Ergh...I'm going to be sick!"

Running in a quick fashion, following the bloody trail left behind, she found herself in the kitchen. Finishing with a puddle of the man's blood on the white-tiled floor and the remnants of his hand. She was not surprised at who sat there throughly enjoying his afternoon snack. "Gibusu! Was that totally necessary? Get off there, we need to find those prisoners, I think they can help us!" Sylvannah urgently pulled at his sleeve. Gibusu stopped eating for a moment and looked up at her shocked. "Bruut Silfie!" he replied with his mouth full. "Don't talk with your mouth full and but nothing! Come on!" He gave her an angered look.
"Okay fine, I'm going to find them, don't go wondering off!" She ran out in the direction, which she'd come.

She inquired to the nearest guard just outside the building. "Where is the prison, holding the tresspassers?" She asked hastily, breathing heavily. "Just over there, milady" The guard pointed to a stone structure a few metres away. Bearing no mark, just a small turret and gaps left as windows. She continued her hunt for the young girl. Breathlessly and without delay she worked herself toward the structure, dodging all things from wild mongoose to stray branches only millimetres from knocking her out cold.

Sylvannah groaned in exasperation. A large guard stood in her way. There was not much time, she knew that if she tarried any longer the prisoners life would be in danger. "Let me through!" She shouted, pushing the guard aside with all her force. Picking up her trailing dress and carrying it with her she pilfered a fire lantern lining the wall on her left. The sound of her footsteps on cold stone stayed hurried, the pain was unfelt but the creases on her forehead and the concentration on her face showed her strain. However her chase was stopped with the sound of a resonant bomb. The blast threw her backwards, making her fall with a short yelp. When she recovered the door to the cell at the far end crumbled killing the two guards watching over the door. Sylvannah gasped and fell back into the shadows to watch.

Three figures emerged from that cell, one of course being the girl with the strange coloured hair, a tall daemon of a staggering height with large horns on his head and a large storage chest with many legs. "Such a strange looking party" Sylvannah whispered to herself. Staring on, she watched the large figure with the horns, warble himself into an elf, gasping again in the background she wondered how anyone could have such an ability. He then proceeded to change and warp his two companions into an equivalent to the same race. A loud scream from the box emerged as his new form ran at a lightning speed...straight into the wall. Sylvannah blew out her cheeks to refrain from laughing. She ignored everything else that happened and decided that she was to eventually come forward as she'd witnessed everything.

She emerged from her hiding place, running towards them. "Wait! I've already seen everything! I know who you are!" She yelled out to them, just before they took off out into the wood. The large daemon cursed under his breath. "Please stop, they will certainly kill you." She said. the girl muttered something under her breath to the daemon attentive to the young girl before she replied. "Where is your companion?" The blue-haired girl responded. Sylvannah sighed and shook her head "Stuffing his face most likely." The girl looked back at her with a baffled look. "'Stuffing his face?' I've never heard that expression before."
"I meant that he is eating everything in sight." Sylvannah corrected herself. The daemon looked coldly at her then turned to say "You have no business with us, woman, what do you want?" the elf woman equalled his stare with harshness "Have it your way, you obviously seem to have everything in control. Your death is imminent." She answered, almost sure he was taking them to their death. She ran off again almost in total rage at this time.

"Argh, I wont stand for it any longer. I'm going to follow them and I'll do everything to get Gibusu to come with me if I have to butcher him and carry him in my backpack!" She dashed off back towards the kitchen.

The Creator
12-28-2002, 06:30 PM
Gibusu swiftly finished his third helping, he went to wipe his mouth on his sleeve, but stopped himself quickly, remembering to save the fine material that he was covered in, instead he looked both ways and tilted his head, wiping his mouth on the table cloth with a smile. He leaned backwards and slapped his stomach with a smile, he hadn't felt this full for quite a while, pity there wasn't any icecream, he looked around with an anxious look on his face, and then sighed not seeing any among the many delicasscies.

Gibusu jumped up on the seat quickly and stepped backwards, falling back off the seat, bouncing off the floor with a happy jig, he stepped backwards, his tail reaching out, seemingly of its own accord, and swiping a jug of water off the long table that held the food, and tipping the contents down Gibusu's throat, he looked over his shoulder after he finished, smacking his lips happily, excellent, now his meal was finished!

He turned his body around and faced the door, as he stepped forwards, his body seemed to nearly instantly fall into its usual dance as he moved, he threw the doors open, letting the fresh, beautiful air flow into his lungs, he moved out moving his body in quick jerking motions across the ground in fast, rythmetic movements as he listened to the music that played in his mind, he then noticed Sylvannah walking up to him with a determined look on her face, as she neared she grabbed him by the collar and literally dragged him back in the direction that she had came, Gibusu smiled at the direct-ness of the move she had made...

As they continued walking, Gibusu realised that they seemed to be following a treo of elves that were walking a quick pace towards the trees, they seemed strangely out of place but he couldn't see what it was that triggered that thought..... Putting both feet on the ground, Gibusu easily brought the girl to a stop, as she struggled to continue pulling him he smiled and stood, and started to walk, this time he was the one dragging her until she let go of his neck and started walking beside him, he turned his head with a smile, "You don't honestly think you could drag me like a dog did you babe? Anywho, i figured out these three is who you were following...."

He picked up the pace, and appeared beside the female appearance elf and rested his elbow on her shoulder, smiling into her face, showing all of his pointed bottom teeth, "So where are you off to good lookin?"


Emerald Dragon
12-29-2002, 09:30 AM
Watching the strange man with the tail flirt so publicly set Sylvannah's teeth on edge. It was enough to do it to her, but now it just irritated her. Well, she had to be honest for the young girl to take his attention away from her made her feel somewhat jealous. She didn't show it however, but let a calm and cold stare reverberate from her face, despite her feelings. Shaking her head in disapproval she watched his roving eye travel over the poor girl, now blushing quite violently. The daemon watched the girl from afar and let out his anger upon Gibusu. Obviously the daemon had feelings for the girl, but it was none of her business. "Don't tell me mate, your Gibusu? Right monkey boy? Leave us alone, stop thinking with what SHOULD be between your legs, but by the way you dance, obviously ISN'T and leave us alone you idiot....". The tall horned figure cursed Gibusu letting the fire in his eyes burn readily. ...I think he's a good dancer...

Sylvannah left the two to fight to check up on the girl. "Are you okay? I'm sorry, he's usually like that, you're quite attractive for someone so young." She smiled down at her. The girl not too sure what to say never lifted her eyes from the ground, but she smirked her cheeks dimpling. "Oh...so, Sylvannah, you think he's a good dancer?" The blond woman looked at the blue haired girl , turned elf in wonder. "How did you know? Wait! Come to think of it, how do you know our names?" Sylvannah tilted her head and showed a look of total earnest. The girl said nothing, but simply tapped the side of her head. She looked at the girl searching her face. "Telepathy? But I thought no one was able to have such a gift! Well, it is only fair, but if you know our names, you must tell me yours." The girl suddenly lifted her head to look up at Sylvannah showing off her dazzling green eyes. She was, Sylvannah noticed, impeccably beautiful, there was no doubt in her mind. "AstartÚ Talos." She answered simply. Sylvannah amused at her expression as she turned to her companions. AstartÚ sighed deeply. "This is Malone and Luggage." She pointed first at the daemon, then the elf wondering around in circles in a daze, troubled with walking.

Sylvannah snapped out of her conversation and looked at the dueling males. Not surprised they were almost ready to spill blood at any moment. "Wait!" She shouted, distracting everyone. "This isn't the time to be fighting over ability and brute strength. We need information. We came here in a strange way and we wish to make it back, but we are unable to do so without assisstance. Do you know anything about this pendant?" She pulled Gibusu roughly from Malones collar and flicked the pendant from inside his shirt and revealed it. She was unable to make out the expressions shown by the three prisoners, but she was almost sure they knew something about it.

12-30-2002, 04:26 PM
The power room's door slowly lifted. From out of the portal sepped a man. Decked out in a rather casual set of navy jeans and a black muscle shirt with a torn white singlet above it, he strode out fearlessly into the wreckage of the room. Signs of a struggle were obvious and judging from the husks of four-burnt out bronze robots, his target had managed to elude him, for now. He had recieved a job from some faceless overlord to bring back what was his, a golden mannequin of some sort. The price was right and the mission looked to be a cake-walk. However, it now seems that the target may be harder to bag than first thought. Walking up to the central tank, cracked glass and spilled liquids signalled that whatever was kept in there has probably escaped. Twisting around to see the strewn parts of the bronze machines, it looked as though they didn't stand a chance. They were exact copies of the target and possible accomplice. Unfortunately, they proved no match for the real thing, like the giant T-Rex before it. Rubbing his hand past his spiky black hair, he touched the solid blast visor resting on his forehead over his eyes. The hazy green screen of the sat-uplink beamed in front of his eyes. It seems that this 'puppet' hadn't been gone for long, hurriedly making it's way out of the complex just now. A smirk crossed the bounty hunter's face. Raising his visor, he withdrew a small handle from it's clip on his belt. Spinning it in his palm for a few scant seconds, he quickly grasped it firmly in his hand and put two fingers from his off-hand over it's cover. He 'pulled' out a crackling blue blade of stable plasmic energies at 1.25 metres length and made some swift swishes at the air before him, the lance cutting out azure trails in the blade's wake. "Maybe this target will provide some sport after all" the man cackled. With an instant motion, the warrior whipped out some very large swings of his blade at the pile of machine parts and at the large power tank, causing both to splinter and smoulder from the force, heat and impact of the sonic blade. "That wimpy machine won't stand a chance!". Withdrawing the blade with the click of a button, the hunter pressed a small remote on his belt, which instantly relocated him topside, in a secret garage. In it's center was his transportation of choice: a sleek crimson hovercycle with attached storage sidecar. Carefully putting his weapon back in place, he lowered his visor again and sat atop the menacing vehicle. Noting the co-ordinates of the blipping red dot on his map, the man known as 'Guren' kicked his bike into gear, the garages doors creaking open, Guren sped out of the covert cage and dashed onto the streets, eager in his hunt.