View Full Version : Memtest sometimes pass, sometimes dont.

04-20-2015, 12:09 AM
Hi my pc:
4790k stock
corsair 750rm

I am using stock settings in bios. Auto settings. Also when i am testing memtest sometimes after 5 minutes i have errors. But sometimes after 24 hours i dont have any single error. Any suggestions? One time i run memtest then after 5 minutes i have 34 errors. Second time when i run memtest it can go even 24 hours without single error.

My system is stable , i run SuperPi 32mb no issues. Prime95 10 hours no errors. Also games are stable benchmarks itd.

Can you help me? Even that i must change ram?

Can somebody explain me this? This is weird, now i am in test 24 hour no single error. But yesterday i had 34 errors after 5 minutes.
Its memory issue when i have random errors in memtest ? ( not always in the same place in test )