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11-01-2015, 11:56 AM
From what I have read the front 140mm fan at the front of the case is an intake fan, as well as the fan on the PSU, with the fan in the top at the back of the case is the exhaust. However, the Corsair H60 recommends using the top back as a pull (intake) fan, Can the fan at the front of the case be reversed? Is it recommended to use the H60 recommendation and use the back two fans as intake and the front fan as an exhaust?

I am replacing my mobo and cpu, and I noticed that I currently have the fan for the H60 as an exhaust and am wondering if that is why the CPU runs hot when I am gaming.

All constructive feedback is welcome.


11-01-2015, 06:07 PM
With the AIO's radiator cooling fan set to intake cooler air from the room, your cpu core voltages might be 1o - 3o (C) lower.

Your power supply does not really act as a significant additional air intake source for your case. With your setup, the psu air intake draws warmer interior case air into the psu and exhausts the air out the back of your case. Most cases with bottom mounted power supplies use cooler room air that is drawn in from an air intake grill directly below the power supply's 120mm - 140mm cooling fan.

Keep in mind that temperatures inside your computer case are probably in the 30o - 40o (C) range and possibly somewhat higher.

For optimal cooling, you will probably need to buy a better performing, higher end AIO cpu cooler.


On the Lian-Li web page for your case, one of the features is: Mudlarized Device Cage
Is this a patented feature? :smilies13

You can probably lower the cpu core temperatures by using an AIO push/pull dual fan setup where one fan pushes air through the radiator and the fan on the other side of the radiator pulls air through the radiator. My Cooler Master Seidon 120XL AIO cooler came with two fans and I used an unusual dual fan setup with one fan mounted outside the back of my HAF XB computer case.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/55398687/CM%20Seidon%20120XL%2BHAF%20XB%20Cooling%20Setup%2 0P1080284%20Crop.png

Lian Li Tech
11-02-2015, 08:48 AM
First, yes, you can reverse fans. Just turn them to face the other way :) Should you is another issue.

I don't see how the CPU cooler has anything to say on case fans, it should talk about it's own fans only :) It should say the primary fan on it should be push, and only add a pull fan as a secondary. Push/pull will help if the rad is very restrictive. And the PSU is isolated, so it is right out.

In most systems, you want the rad from the AOI to exhaust, or it will be blowing hot air back into the case. If the air in your case is super hot, like from a GPU, it may affect CPU temps. With just 2 fans, 140 in and 120 out should be better, as it will over pressure the case and keep some dust out. But remember, this is just a geek talking, not Lian Li, as each case and component combo is different. Only you can tell, so try it a few ways if you are at all worried.