View Full Version : Problem with GFC clocking...

11-29-2002, 12:09 PM
Ok, so heres my problem, i bought a:
2.4 ghz
533 FSB
256 mb ddr 2100
(It has no particular brand, it's just NVIDIA i guess )GF4 MX 420

and i later figured out that i couldn't overclock the cpu through bios, and i'm too cheap to try to install a new version of bios and blah blah, soo i decided on overclocking my GFC.. So the problem is that when i overclock my GFC, the performance doesn't increase... (i use powerstrip, and the default overclock frequencies in settings) Why doesn't the performance get any better and why am i getting lower and lower scores on the 3dmark2001SE test wtf?! first time it was like 6000, then 5200, then 4800. WTGAY is going on... can someone help me in maximizing the effiency of this cpu?