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12-06-2002, 01:16 AM
Here's the situation: A few months ago I purchased a new GF2MX400 card (yep I know it's a dinosaur but it was the best I could afford) and proceeded to install Coolbits in in order to sqeeze a few more FPS out of it. My overclocking was limited to 5MHz on both core and memory but it did help somewhat and I was in no rush to kill the poor thing.

The fan on my GF2 has since started to vibrate and make nasty noises from time to time ... correct me if I'm wrong but I doubt this has anything to do with overclocking. Anyway ... assuming you guys tell me that it's not my fault ... I would like to try for some warranty on this thing but I can see my tech shaking his head when he finds Coolbits installed. Will updating my driver and removing Coolbits from it's original download file hide enough traces for the thing to pass inspection?

Currently using 40.71 driver on windows XP.

Demon Keeler
12-06-2002, 04:34 AM
having coolbits shouldn't make any difference to your warranty! it's not just for o/cing!!! i used coolbits once to help with brightness on an old monitor!

just make sure your card is set to default speeds!

12-06-2002, 07:43 AM
“Coolbits” is just a registry entry. To remove all traces of it simply delete the registry entry. Use regedit (start>run>Regedit) and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Nvidia and go down to the NVTweak sub item and delete the Coolbits DWORD (right click on it and choose delete). Viola – coolbits is now gone.

12-06-2002, 11:02 AM
Thanks for the responces and advice!