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12-08-2002, 04:00 PM
Jhoira awoke with a yawn, staring out the window by her side. The city was awakening with the late emergence of night. The eternal fog of thin grey smoke, the intimidating neon claws from the surrounding billboards, the dozens of tireless denizens who wandered the streets. "Just another night in the Stark", she muttered to herself as she quickly pulled herself out of bed and robed herself in a dark grey shroud, remniscient to the threads worn by the ninja clans of old Japan, but made much hastier and with many pockets for accesories. Brushing aside her raven hair, she had a look around her apartment. It took a little while for her eyes to adjust to the increased darkness of her sparsely furnished, single room apartment. It had been like this for several years now, the same old routine: Go out, loot some people and go home, nothing ever changed. "Maybe tonight would harbour some more adventure, maybe tonight I will make my fortune." Also the same old thought that circulated through her cluttered mind in an endless loop, but she liked to hope in her hopeless situation. She quickly wandered over to a nearby wooden table and opened up a small, rusty metal toolbox which was placed atop of it. She placed her golden left arm next to it and started placing several gadgets and implements from the toolbox into a small compartment concealed in her wrist. When she was satisfied with all she needed, she quickly closed it up and scooped up her tired leather satchel by the side of her bed and hoisted herself out of the window, clutching the exit railings carefully.

She climbed her way up to the roof and looked up to the dying crimson skies to decide a new course of action, something different. Instead of basic pickpocketing, maybe steal something of importance, something valuable. "The Stark usually has something fun to do on night's like these." She scoped her surroundings, the burning arcades before her, the darker industrial jungles, the isolated residential plots. She finally lay her sights on the desolate dockyards. Brimming with forgotten warehouses, there would surely be something interesting there. Stepping back a few paces, she made a run up to the building's ledge and made a magnificent leap over to the next apartment, fully clearing the widened gap above the main city street. A couple of minutes spent jumping and running, Jhoira eventually ran out of apartments to bound off, arriving at the last block at this side of town. Not halting for a rest, she quickly sidled herself down the side escape chute and snuck through the alleys to get to the chain barriers surrounding the dockyards.

The whole area was forgotten, with several rusting boats sitting out in the harbour, rendered useless with old developments in mag-lev technology. The heavy chains that locked the gates were easily dispatched with a simple punch and now it was time to have a look around. The blanket of darkness and the lurking shadows were easily dispelled by the clever pair of Tekno-specs that Jhoira had stolen previously. They felt nice on her head and allowed perfect daylight vision in any position. Casually striding down the rows and rows of warehouses, unafraid of intervention, Jhoira inspected the logos that were emblazoned upon the side of each locker. They were truly ancient, but maybe they held some yesteryear relics that might fetch a healthy profit. On her wanderings, she spotted an unusual insignia on the side of one of the warehouses: a blue and red yin and yang pattern. Thinking that it might be important, she smashed open the locks for the hangar, only to find some old crates of some unknown fizzy drink. Deciding she wasn't that thirsty, she left them as they were and continued looking for interesting things. She was walking down by the loading docks when suddenly, she heard sounds coming up from one of the ships. It was only very faint, but auible nonetheless. Wondering who else might be wandering this place, Jhoira decided to have a quick inspection of the gargantuan hulk that sat in the oily waters. Quickly navigating the distance, she walked up the access platform and had a glimpse through one of the cargo hold portholes from which a faint orange glow emanated.

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12-08-2002, 05:22 PM
Malone stood there, it had taken him so long to find this place, it was the perfect place to hold these meetings, no-one ever came down here! As his arms were raised to the sky he turned his eyes down to the gathering and the large pentagram that was sketched on the ground, every few seconds an orange color pulsed from the sketched lines of the pentagram.

He smiled broudly at all these pathetic mortals, they had all came here and they had no idea what they were even summoning! More importantly they didn't even know who, or what for that matter was guiding them! He pulled his cowl down closer, just to make sure his horns were completely covered, his eyes flared breifly as he brought one arm down quickly to check the time. Ahhhh perfect only 5 more minutes to go, then i can get the adversary to take care of all these stupid sheep!

His head clicked down as his ears pricked, his eyes glazing over as he scanned the area with his other-sight, under his breath he growled, "Mortallllll....", his long fangs stuck through his lips and his lost smile turned into snarl, he jumped off the stand where he had placed himself, "Take care of this my dear....members, i must take care of something"

Making sure nothing escaped the regions of his cloak, as he ran hunched over around the side of the beached ship, and there it was, a disgusting little specimen, crouched like the bug it was behind a crate, with a roar Malone reached down and plucked it off its feet by the throat and slammed it against the side of the ship and brought his face close to her's, and growled, "What are you doing here? Who are you, and why shouldn't i remove your head from you shoulders!" He tryed to control his voice enough so as to not attract any of the members to his current position. His eyes flared red, his long cat eyes boring into that of the mortal, it squirmed in his grip as they stood there......


12-08-2002, 06:02 PM
Managing only a short glimpse at the inside of the hold, Jhoira was whisked off her feet and plastered against the ship's wall. The cloaked stranger was impressively tall, and had a raspy voice as if from beyond the grave. The lowered hood only revealed a set of red feline eyes that drilled into her own, even through the tek-specs. It's breath formed jagged wisps of smoke on contact with the freezing temperatures. Something told her that getting free wouldn't be that easy. She had trouble prying open even one of it's arms and breath was becoming scarce. Suddenly, the creature boomed "What are you doing here? Who are you, and why shouldn't i remove your head from you shoulders!"

It (which was a he) loosened his grip, knowing that she couldn't free herself, but still had her tightly pinned, silently demanding an answer. A sly smile crossed Jhoira's lips. Her eyes flicked downwards for a brief second, but before the creature had the chance to figure the outcome, she had delivered a swift double kick to where she estimated was the creature's 'weak spot'. The once fearsome eyes, began to glaze over and become less threatening. At once, Jhoira was dropped on the floor while the hooded figure doubled over in severe pain. Rubbing her neck, Jhoira made good her escape and bolted over to the gangplank from which she had entered. She was almost there, when the demon materialized in front of her, barring her exit. It was still in pain, clutching it's sides in attempts to hold itself together, but it's eyes now reflected the same hatred that they showed before. Stepping back in surprise, Jhoira reached into her satchel and withdrew a small silver orb. rasping it firmly in her left hand, she lobbed it directly at the monster's head. In mid air, the "Fantasy Ball" sprouted a deadly series of serrated spikes as whistled toward it's target. A gasp of disbelief came from Jhoira's lips as the ball stuck in the side of the creature's hood without it even flinching. The eyes flicked up at the point of impact and then back on it's prey. Running out of ideas, Jhoira, unthinkingly performs a sideward flip over the restraint rail and lands with a massive splash in the murky depths below. The cloaked figure stared from above and quickly hobbled off, very slowly.

A few meters away, at the edge of the pier, a drenched figure climbs up from the sea, thickly coated in a layer of oil and collapses at the top of the ladder.

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12-09-2002, 02:58 PM
Malone clutched at his head as soon as he saw the stupid mortal jump off the side of the ship, it mustn't know about the wild-life around here! He forced a chuckle as he thought about it....

Going into a crouch he screamed as he pulled the barbed device out of his head, he didn't want to show any weakness while the mortal was here, bloody hell that thing hurt! His head clicked to the right of him as he heard the sickening sucking noise come from the side of the ship, he lurched to the side and leaned over, watching the oily mess of the human pull itself from the water.

"Have this back mortal!" Malone reached back and threw the ball with all his might at the creature as it pulled itself up the ladder, its reflexes jerked as it promptly dodged the descending ball, the ball dug itself far into the concrete, it didn't even seem to slow down, going throw the concrete as if it was paper, Malone smiled broudly as he watched, ahhhh this one has good reflexes, or it was lucky....lets see....

His head moving around, making interesting cracking noises as he scanned the area for any wandering members.....he didn't want to show himself with any of them present, being sure that none were around, he threw back the cowl that covered his head, his long horns glistening in the afternoon sun-light, he smiled down at the mortal as he heard the gasp rise up, he moistened his lips with his long splitted tongue, then leapt high into the air, throwing back the rest of his cloak letting his large leathery wings flick out, he brought himself up next to where the mortal was climbing, smiling down at her, "Rise to your feet mortal...now!"


Emerald Dragon
12-09-2002, 03:05 PM
"Oh...that was not good..." The figure crawled out of the water completely oil-sodden, her hat fell of her head limply as she weakly collapsed upon climbing to the top of the ladder.

Andrea Costeau, the heir to over a million dollars in inheritance was the oldest child of one of the highest aristocratic families in the area. Though highly born, the sexy beauty of 23 would of much rather died in achieving her millions instead of it being gifted to her. She branded herself as a cunning and well-gifted in the arts of 'treasure hunting', you and I would call it...theft.

Her new and beautiful attire...or what was left of it, dripped heavily with practically tons of crude oil. How she managed to swim through all that was a miracle. Her small frame heaved and her breathing became shallow. She was not even paying attention to the young woman with the dark hair who'd just leapt a death-defying height. Or even yet, the humongous figure which stood perhaps over 7 feet high.

Andrea on the brink of unconsciousness called out softly before she fell into a comotose state. "Little help here...please..."

12-09-2002, 04:38 PM
Jhoira hoisted herself up from the filthy seas, the swim being much more taxing than she could ever have imagined. She took a few steps as she readjusted her footing on stable land, letting thick oil trickle down the length of her body. Proceeding to remove the last traces of muck that had gathered on her, she heard a startling groaning to her right. Quickly scuttling behind a rotting packing crate for cover, she bent her head from behind it's edge. A similarly filthy person was crawling out from the murky depths. It appeared to be a woman, but the heavy film of oil that had coated it made it hard to tell. She re-focused her attention back up to the oil tanker whence she came. The cloaked malefactor had removed the 'Fantasy Ball' from it's head and juggled it lightly in it's claw. It was looking down at the poor being as it slowly muttered something and fell to the floor. Without warning, the monster chucked his new toy at the sprawling figure. A deafening whistle filled the air, gaining in pitch as it neared it's prey. However, a split-second reaction caused the prey to quickly move to the side, saving it from the wrath of spiky metal death. The unerring speed at which the ball travelled, and the small, smoking crater it left on impact was alluding to the creature's great strength. She was to find out as to why very soon.

Clicking her vision back up to the assailant, her eyes widened with fear. The creature cast aside the torn rags to reveal a new and hideous shape. The beast was no ordinary mutant. It was very similar to the pictures of demons which she had read of in books long ago. The screaming pictorial image was burned deep within her thoughts, welling up her deepest fears. The beast outstretched it's wings and performed a fabulous leap from the tanker's deck, to a mere few paces ahead of the oily body. It took a few seconds to realise that this wasn't the body he wanted and quickly went about an investigation, prodding it with sharp taloned claws. The collapsed figure looked up briefly before kissing the pavement again. The demon seemed to delight in standing over the fallen, as a slow grin crept upon it's lips. Knowing the hurt the beast was capable, Jhoira cast away her fear for a brief second and jumped out from her hiding spot.

The demon was too busy with his examinations to see the shaking thief behind him levelling her left arm in his direction. The moonlight glinted off the arm's well polished surface, casting radiant reflections in all directions. Quickly clenching her prosthetic into a heavy fist, Jhoira crouched to get better aim. The demon was now aware of something behind him and quickly turned around as he heard a loud fizzing. Too late it seems as a powerful rocket propelled fist collided with his face and sent it packing. The creature was stunned, like any creature with a hand embedded in their face. The hand slowly peeled off, revealing a heavily bruised and pained expression, distorted and disjointed. As the fist landed on his foot, it caused further grief to the already injured demon, now falling onto it's back and clutching it's foot. Jhoira took full advantage of her attack of opportunity. She quickly scrambled to reclaim and re-fit her prosthesis, and to scoop up the helpless body in both arms. The creature, still reeling in pain, would not be able to block their escape. Jhoira made a frenzied dash out of the dockyards and wouldn't stop her forced running until assured of safety, or until exhaustion set in. Finally, coming to rest in a small alley, just a block away from her habitat, Jhoira lay down her burden beside her and slid down the wall, panting with the combined effort of insane sprinting and carrying someone at the same time. She was so exhausted, she didn't notice her quarry open their eyes, to see their saviour.

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12-10-2002, 01:25 PM
Malone turned his head too late, he saw the golden arm fly straigh at him, he tryed to duck, but still collected the flying fist in the stump of his horn, he let out a scream as his horn ripped from his skull and tumbled to the ground, the fist then fell swiftly to the ground, and landed heavily on his foot. Jumping backwards he landed on his rear, squirming in pain, bloody thing, i think it broke my foot!

As he laid there he could feel the bones in his foot already quickly knitting themselves together, he winced as he felt one drag against a nerve in his foot as it moved....the healing process could always be painful. Then he remembered and his eyes swivveled upwards to where his horn should have been, then he glared down at the ground, where the bloody, broken stump was lying. He closed his eyes and grunted, his eyes opening in pain as a new horn burst through the flesh on his bleeding scalp, one hand traveleld up and ran down its length, he smiled as the new one didn't have any cracks or fractures, pity it hurt so damned much to grow it, no pain, no gain......

He wriggled his toes....ahhh perfect, all better, he leapt to his feet and let out a humounhous roar at the retreating mortals, he took a step forward, unfurling his wings, then a smirk crossed his face and his head turned back to where the order was assembled, "I have a MUCH better idea for these meddling mortals...." a low rumbling snicker escaped his lips and he jumped back onto the deck of the boat, not bothering to walk up the rickety plank. Looking carefully both ways he pulled the cowl back tightly over his horns and wings, and hobbled back around the corner, going back into the feeble old man that he prefered to show himself as in front of the mortals....

Checking his watch he smiled, "My brother's, we are nearly complete, you just have to let me complete the last phase, and then you," He let out a loud cough, "We will be finished!"

As he circled the group he slowly raised his hands to the air, speaking the proper incantations in his home land Daemon tongue, although the other members beleived it was just some kind of arcane spell, such fools, they had no idea what was coming for them.

Malone got ready to finish the chant off just as something small and hard flew into the back of his head, making him stumble, getting the last through steps, and words of the process wrong, he let out a roar as he saw a small deformed sea-gull fly away, his eyes flared as he thrust a claw out at the bird, instantly there was nothing more then a red mist and feathers left floating in the air, the entire assembly stared at the sight in fear, their eyes locked on Malone's hand.

He turned back to the centre of the pentagram, this wasn't going to be good....not good at all.....a purple shimmer appeared in tha air, although the size was threatening, it stood to about 1 and a half metres tall, and its ;ength took up the whole circle, at least 4 metres long....but the shape is what concerned Malone, it seemed to just be a large box, as it solidified, it definetly was just a box. Malone's stone face quickly turned to one of extreme rage, all this working for a BOX!!

He turned to the arranged members, and threw back his cowl, revealing himself, there was a breif scream before the entire prosecion turned into dust.

Soon after while he was still taking his rage out on some nearby crates, he heard a voice, "That wasn't very nice master, they were only trying to help."

Malone whipped around a huge fireball already in his claw, his eyes burning embers.....there was nothing there except that stupid box, feeling sick of its presence he just decided to throw the ball at it, when the smoke cleared the box was still there, totally un-scathed. Malone raised one long eye-brow suddenly interested. He concentrated and switched to his other sight, and his suspicions were confirmed, Ha! The Damned thing was alive!

"Ok you piece of rotting wood, explain yourself, what the hell are you doing here, where is the adversary?" Malone growled at it as he stalked up to the side of it, tapping it with his foot. "Well Master, you did the dance wrong, i am not the adversary, i'm merely his travel equipment, you got me instead.....but i am still at your service." The box seemed to move, in what seemed to be a kind of bob.....probably supposed to be a bow.

"What are you supposed to do to help me? Your a goddam box!" Malone loosing his temper picked the thing up bodily, thinking about throwing it into the ocean....but just as he was about to let it go, numerous legs forced there way through the wood near the base of the chest, and kicked Malone repeatedly in the stomach, he dropped it onto the base of the ship and looked at the strange contraption, letting out a laugh that shook the ground that he stood on, "Well i don't beleive it! A walking box! Ok then....show me what else you can do then!"

The box's lid threw itself open, and then without warning random items started to throw themselves out, no matter what their size, they seemed to come out, the objects ranged from a sword, to a small VW car, and at the end of the exercise all the objects just seemed to pick themselves back up and go back into the box, Malone smiled and nodded appreciatively, but what happened last really made him laugh, he heard a screaming coming from what seemed far away, nearing quickly, and then a squeeling mortal was suddenly thrown from the opening in the box's lid and tossed into the air, swiftly caught again as it falled, Malone sat back and clapped, "Very well, i'll take you along with me, you could be useful!"

He suddenly remembered something from before....the mortal's! Switching back to his other-sight he quickly found where they had ran off to, "Ok box....no...i think i have a better name for you, i'll call ya Luggage...yes Luggage, ok Luggage, take me to the mortals, I'll direct ya" He stalked over to the box and sat down on the lid side-ways, he wasn't expecting much so he didn't hold on.

As the box suddenly burst into full speed Malone was thrown backwards off the side of the ship, there was a sucking noise as he was drawn under, there was a gurgled scream as he went under. A few minutes later a raging Malone pulled himself up the ladder near the side of the ship and ran straight at the box, kicking it as hard as he could muster, it barely managed to rock it, while Malone was left holding a bruised foot.

This time when Malone seated himself he gripped on with both hands and let out a long whoot as they left off in a small inward 'pop' of air. Malone was surprised by the speed, but even more astonished as the box seemed to pass through solid brick walls as if they were nothing more then paper, going in a direct straight line towards the tow pathetic mortals.....


Emerald Dragon
12-10-2002, 02:01 PM
Andrea's eyes fluttered open, she blinked a few times and inspected herself. "I...look terrible, what happened to me, how did I get here?" A young girl not much younger then herself stood crouched beside her. The young girls breathing was heavy and she was also covered from head to toe in layer of oil. "Oh looks like you've been swimming too. Did...you save me from that, daemon?" The girl responded with a firm nod, while she fiddled with her mechanical gadgets. Andrea watched the girl in awe, she possessed so many things that she thought never existed. They...would be worth hundreds, if anyone knew anything about them.

"Is that a hobby?" Andrea asked beneath her oil soaked wizard hat. "What? Oh, these? ...well, it's a profession and a hobby, or just simply a trade skill. I'm Jhoira, it's rather unfortunate we met under such circumstances." The girl answered back. "Jhoira? Such an unusual name. I am Andrea...Costeau...." The young girl stood wide eyed looking at the woman with the strange hat. "You're the head of..." "Yes...I am, you mustn't tell anyone that I was here. But, I will tell you one thing. I am a treasure hunter by profession. ...But, I seem to have the gift of Heraldic Arts, or elemental magic. I should be going, I feel I must soak myself in a vat full of soap" She laughed. "Oh yes, one other thing, I must thank you for saving me Jhoira, darling. It was also a pleasure meeting you, remember, you don't know me and you never saw me here" Andrea winked back at Jhoira. "Oh last thing, I promise." Andrea carefully removed a small necklace and took Jhoira's hand and placed it in her palm closing it over the dainty present. "That's just a little pressie from me to say thank you, I'm almost sure that our paths will cross again my dear! Bye bye for now!" Andrea fled in the direction of the nearest soap factory.

12-10-2002, 04:11 PM
Stunned at the strange encounter she just had, Jhoira turned her gaze to the small trinket that lay in her hand. It consisted of a thin, silver chain that held a small gem on a tiny clasp. The gem didnt look familiar, but that would soon change when placed under a magnifier. Carefully putting it around her neck, she pulled out a small pane of mirrored silver from one of her pockets and had a look at it. The delicate trinket looked nice, but they didn't match the goggles that hung lazily over her brow. Carefully placing the tek-specs back in her satchel, Jhoira walked around the block and jumped up to the escape ladder and clambered back up to the familiar window. Making a small leap to avoid traipsing oil over her bed, Jhoira took a quick stretch, glad to be back home after the night's events. She began to place all items on her person, into the Sanitizer for a quick cleansing. She opened up the door leading into the chemical shower. Carelessly chucking aside her fittings, she entered the large capsule and had a short wash. A minute later and she came out, cleaner than any whistle could have been. Picking up her garment, she tossed the dripping weaves into the sanitizer along with the rest of her belongings. Striding up to a small cupboard by the bed, Jhoira pulled out her stealth suit, a one-of-a-kind item that she had crafted from a black skin suit, several vehicle parts and a battery. After wrapping herself up in the suit, she turned on it's power supply, and immediately the light started to warp around her and embue perfect stealth. The fun of cleaning things up when invisible would never die. As the seemingly possessed cloth floated up and wiped up the oil slicks on the light carpet, a faint humming accompanied it in almost rhythmic pattern. When she was done, she clicked off the stealth and removed the items from cleaning. Opening up her satchel, she discovered that she had a new item of inventory. She deftly removed a small glass phial that had a swirling red liquid in it. A small cork acted as a stopper to the slightly warm substance. How this made it into her inventory was beyond her. She decided against drinking the potion and bundled it up with her other belongings back into her satchel. She decided to replace her stealth suit with her casual wear for comfort reasons. In half dress however, a loud commotion roared up from the streets below. Rapidly covering up and stuffing her stealth suit into her bag, she went over to have a look at what the fuss was.

People were running in fear of a large cloud of dust that was erupting from the direction of the dockyards. The large cloud of smoke was gaining in length and the screams of those unfortunates who were engulfed by the tempest was horrifying. There was only one thing that she could readily think of that could have caused such a big mess. Quickly bringing her head back inside, Jhoira closed the window and reached under her bed. She pulled out an ancient sword and a very large pistol, her two weapons of choice.
The sword was a ninja-to, one of the first items to be stolen from the roving bandit. It was so heavily modified that it hardly looked like an ancient, museum exhibit. With a plethora of wires and circuits running the length of the hilt and the blade, the weapon has more bite and use in today's society. This companion blade has a small button on the grip that energizes the azure blade and emits an angry buzzing noise that was on par with a chainsword.
The pistol used to be a Gratchov: G-12 'Silverbolt' rifle. Jhoira had cut down the barrel and customed the properties to create into the hard hitting monster it is today. She modified the weapon to accept special caseless slugs that she manufactures from her pocket replicator. This ensured a rapid fire weapon that could take out the big guys and never run out of ammo. This pistol was created after the unfortunate incident which resulted in an amputated arm. It signalled the need for a powerful ranged weapon, that could be used just as effectively in a close combat situation.
Jhoira snapped a brick of ammunition into her gun, it felt comfortable in her hands. Peering out the window again, she had quickly gathered her satchel and toolbox and climbed up to the roof to observe the swelling twister. Withdrawing her Tek-speks once again, she set her sights on the center of the boiling. Knowing that she might not have another chance to do so, she pulled out a Chokovat bar from her pocket and greedily stuffed it into her mouth. The combination of sugar and cocoa would help in what was going to be a long night.

The Creator
12-10-2002, 05:16 PM
Malone was having a grand time as he rode through the city on the back of luggage, he was roaring with laughter every time the bulking piece of travel materials hit someone, and they just turned into nothing more then salsa from the speed that they were travelling.

He rode on top as if he was rideing nothing but a horse, he held on to the front of it in one massive claw, while he had summoned his staff as the started off. As the went through streets, intersections....buildings Malone merely swung widely at the mortals that the passed, easily decapitating them. Although there was one office block that luggage had ran through, and there were just far too many mortals in it for Malone's taste, so as they left its interior, he, in a carefree way, tossed a fireball over his shoulder, and chuckled at the screams that emergered from within the flames.

For the last kilometer he had been doing nothing more then just watching, he had noticed something out of the corner of his eye, and immediately switched to his other-sight, and his hunch was correct, he watched as his prey sat on a roof, and if he wasn't correct she was just calmly muching away one a....candy bar, yes! It was a bloody candy bar! The nerve of this mortal! Fine this mortal wants to play mocking games....i can play them too!

As Luggage roared down another street, closing in on the building where the mortal was posititioned, they were only about 10kilo metres away now, Malone reached far off to the side and grabbed one of the running mortals that was running madly away from the stampedeing box, with a snicker Malone threw his hand back as hard as he could and thrust it forward, but nothing happened, he looked at his hand, there was nothing more then blood and entrails of the human he had plucked.....a scowl passed his face, damned weak bodied mortals!

He smiled and reached off again, fine! It will only give me another chance to try again! This time as he picked up a squeelling female he reached back slowly this time, then thrust forward, with a little less force this time and let the human fly with deadly accuracy straight to where that ****y ***** had sat herself.....


12-10-2002, 05:50 PM
"Sitting on the roof top alone sure makes you hungry" Jhoira thought, as she happily digested her Chokovat. "Makes me wish I had some Quanta-Cola right about now. Dangling her legs over the edge, Jhoira ignored the screaming hordes, and opted instead to look at the glittering advertising that adorned the sides of the many buildings that made up this metropolis. "Suppose it's time to check on that cloud..." she thought, as she steadily adjusted her specs. To her astonishment, the cloud had disappeared, only a trail of corpses and arterial spray was evidence of it's existance. She frantically looked around, trying to divine the demon's whereabouts. She waved her head about, finally settling on the area where the trail came to a halt. The demon had seen her, sitting atop of some coffin by looks of it. Flicking her hair out of her eyes, Jhoira zoomed in on the creature as it made obscene finger gestures with one hand, and lightly weighing a struggling woman on the other. The drew his arm back, and with the same throwing skill he had demonstrated earlier, he tossed his ammunition with unerring accuracy right at her position, which was approximately ten whole kilometers away!. As the living missile hurtled towards the spy, she made a quick back roll to avoid it just in time. The unfortunate lady was mercilessly gored upon the side of the ledge where Jhoira was perched and fell to ground zero, limp from fatal impact. Jhoira counted herself lucky. Had the corpse hit her, the outcome might have ended in much more dire circumstances. She wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand, and tried to figure out whether that 'thing' was still there. Looking back his last co-ordinates, she only found a message written in blood on a nearby wall. "Look behind you..." was scrawled, but before she could take heed of the advice, a familiar hand reached around her neck and lifted her off the ground, the beast was upon her!

Hoisting her above the city streets, the beast laughed out in it's gutteral voice. Carelessly dangling her above the streets, he was beginning to humour himself by slowly strightening his fingers, one by one. Jhoira was facing the wrong way to perform any kicks and she was too scared off it letting go of her to bite his hand. Just when she thought the creature was about to relinquish his last finger, he put the rest of them around her neck and hurled her against a nearby chimney. The force of the throw was enough to shatter the solid brick structure, and would have been enough to kill had the nimble thief not shielded the impact with her arm, still undented on impact. A true testament to the creator's skill. The crumbling mortar structure fell in a heap around the unconscious girl. The impact and kinetic shock took it toll. Unfortunately, the demon had other plans, and took the limp body with him. As he made the descent to the ground, his unusual steed tarried beside him. Perching himself firmly on the trellised wooden surface, the casket bolted off, back to his master's lair.

The Creator
12-11-2002, 04:09 PM
Malone carried the mortal in one huge claw, standing on Luggage's lid, giving him a few simple instructions every now and then as they went, trying to get accurately back to his appartment in one piece....this city could be quite treachourous. As Malone guided his strange steed around the bussling streets, this time avoiding going through building's....he had precious cargo, he grimaced as he passed fleeing mortals without doing anything, so much sport, just wasted, he shook his head in dis-appointment.

He rounded the corner at a slow trot and smiled up at the apartment block that he had bought so long ago, when the city was barely a pub and two houses, on top of the sky scraper those wonderful 3 numbers flared brightly in the night sky, illuminating over the entire city, he laughed at the thought, well of course you would get to that number, as long as you went far enough along a road you are sure to get to '666' eventually, simple elementary, but he still smiled up at his address.

He got off his steed around the corner and looked to the roof, then back down to Luggage, with a simple crouch he put both hands under the box, picked it up and tossed it up the many storeyed building, faintly hearing a crash as it landed on the roof. With a nod he looked around consciously making sure he didn't have an audience, he put the human under one arm and covered it securely with his coat and wings, the mortal becoming nothing more then a small lump in his back, he then grimaced as the change begun, by the time he rounded the corner at the end of the alley he emergered as nothing more then a hobbled old man carrying a battered black staff that he leaned on heavily, a large hump sticking out of his back.

Malone nodded frailily at the doorman as he passed, "Hello Henry, how are you today? How's the knee been?" the doorman gave Malone a warm smile as he hobbled passed, "Good night Mr. Yuloga, I've been fine, take care of that back of yours, looks like that hump is playing up again..." He gave Malone a wave as the door of the elevator jolted closed and threw the elevator upwards.

Malone scowled, but he must keep the door man, he was loyal, one of the most important things in this city, he hated having to be polite to them but it was neccessary for this one, he always seemed so useful as well, at least he never had to take out his rubbish or clean the appartment any more! The doors jerked open on the elevator, and he stepped out changing again into another form, a 7 foot tall elf opened the door to the roof and Lugage bounded hurridly into the room, Malone raised one long eye brow at the bounding fool....

He threw the mortal on the floor to his appartment, dismissing her as being un-conscious and made himself busy by going quickly around to all his plants, making sure they were all well watered, wandering idly around with the spray bottle.......


12-13-2002, 11:23 AM
Jhoira's eyes slowly flicked open. Her vision returned to her like blooming rose, the darkness creeping out the edges of her vision. Grasping her head in both hands, she tried to sit up but was overcome by severe aching bones. Slumping back on the floor, she stared up at the sky. No longer was she outside. She rolled her head to both sides and was amazed at what she saw. She was in an apartment, but unlike any she had seen before. This one was luxurious, lavished in all manner of status symbols. From high-tech fixtures, to real plants, everything in this place seemed almost surreal. Only a scant few people in the whole city are able to afford all these items, and very few of those people would be willing to bring in a thief into their homes, especially a good one. Reaching into one of the small cases on her belt, Jhoira quickly withdrew a few small capsules and popped them into her mouth. Instantly her muscles relaxed and the intense pain died down, but it would only be a matter of time until the Zime pills wore off. Quickly springing onto her feet, Jhoira made a quick scan of the room, trying to figure out just where she was. The room was furnished similarly to many of the flashest houses shown on the HV, with a silvered kitchen, extravagant living area and comfortable looking bedroom. Past all the small plants and cream coloured couches in the living area was a small balcony. The door was left ajar and through the glass panes, a magnificent view of the whole city was laid out in front of her. The Stark, with all it's glittering splendour, was many times more beautiful from afar than it was when you looked at it up close. On the small concrete alcove, a tall man was watering the pots that sat on small overhanging trays and at the block's corners. He didn't seem too concerned with anything other than the watering of his plants. Maybe he knew as to why she was here. Jhoira walked forward to query him, but out of the corner of her eye, a familiar walking crate caught her eye. It was that demon's 'steed', the old man was the demon. She had grown sly to it's shapeshifting talents and decided against talking to him. Turning her attention to the possessed box, she was taken aback at the small 'dance' it performed in the corner of the room. It was swivelling around in circles, clumsily spilling the dirt filled pots that littered the corner. Jhoira cautiously approached and gave it a small knock on it's lid. The box abruptly stopped and butted her in the leg, shortly returning to it's happy jig. Rubbing her knee, she decided it would be best just to leave. She proceeded to leave, but not before pilfering a soft drink from the silver fridge and a neat little cactus that caught her fancy. She closed the door quietly behind her, hoping no one would notice anything gone.

Striding down the corridor and sidling up to the elevator, Jhoira quickly snuck in and looked at the building diagram. According to the plan, she was on the upper of two restricted floors. She wondered as to why an apartment suite would be barred public access but she soon forgot about it as she pushed the ground floor button. The twin doors swung open and revealed a deserted reception area. The empty, desolate hallway was a far cry from the fanciful top floor. A rather large doorman was at watch at the only exit from this rather disturbing building. Knowing that she'd surely be noticed if she casually walked out, Jhoira opted for a different approach. The doors closed off again, and after a minute of frenzied dressing and undressing, opened up again, this time without an occupant. The doorman was looking suspiciously at the malfunctioning elevator doors, curious as to why they randomly opened twice without anyone using them. As he lurched over to check it out, the doors he was standing watch over swung open and closed as if by some phantasmic force. A few metres outside, Jhoira clicked off her stealth suit and ran off into the alleyways. She clawed her way up to the rooftop and quickly located her position. She was near the dockyards again and getting home would not be so hard, had she felt at full strength. Already the effects of the pills were wearing off and consuming anymore could be more disastrous. She had to get back to her home quickly and the rooftops were the quickest route. Making her running jumps, Jhoira made good time and was on the familiar rooftop once again. Exhausted with the effort, she quickly crawled down the ladder and was about to open up her window when she fell unconcious again, overcome by fatigue and extreme heat.

Emerald Dragon
12-14-2002, 04:58 AM
Andrea snickered back at the young man who'd just offered her a wash. "Ah, Andie darlin' you still got it in you!" She said to herself. She smiled up at him with her eyes dazzling while mopping up her damp lavender hair with a large towel, rather shabby unfortunately. "Thank you I must get back now. I appreciate it." She nodded. The young man eyed her curiously "Well cutie, don't hesistate to come back." She responded with a raised eyebrow and laughed "Don't count on it." She ran outside, not before hanging the towel up on the clothing line. The night was full with the moon hanging lazily in the night's sky. She looked at her poor clothing, for what was a fine silk robe was now left in tatters. Andrea sighed deeply and took her hat off to calculate the damage to that. What she saw made her laugh "Oh, trusty hat! I love you!" She hugged it close towards her body it remained completely intact every time she made a ridculously dangerous stunt. Trekking home in an unusually quiet road sounded deafening, she though she heard screams of people dying. She wasn't wrong. Littered along the main road, scattered many bloodied bodies, most almost had no chance of surviving. "That daemon has spilt the blood of my family and friends, I shall avenge you all kind citizens..." She shook her head sadly, most in the town gave so much condescension towards her that it hurt, but she knew that death was no punishment. She took of her hat and drew out a long staff from it, it seemed to be condensed into that small amount of space. It was a staff with a long white shaft made of the valuable 'mythril' and a large orb made of emerald which sat prettily upon it, the orb encircled by a large gold ring. A small ribbon with feathers also hung lightly around its shaft, it flew out violently with the wind.

Andrea ran off to the nearest building and pushed herself up a ladder, by this time she was rather hungry and yearned for something to eat. As she reached the top She scowled looking at the roof top, there was not anything typically unusual about it, but there stood out a small message written out in blood "Look behind you...?" Andrea read out. She quickly darted a look behind her and saw nothing. Something shone and sparkled from the side of her eye. She looked down in the direction of that shine to find that a small trinket had been dropped. Upon closer approach Andrea picked it up, it was the very same necklace she possessed only hours ago. She looked at it in concern, with a frightened look she turned and peered over the edge a small females body lay there. "Jhoira!" She flung herself down, calling out an incantation before she fell to her death. "Float!" she called, she landed floating only centimetres from the ground. Of course, the woman below was not the young girl whom she'd met before, there was nothing she could do to the now inert body that lay before her. "No...I'll kill him!" She said firmly, breaking the spell with a flick of her staff, trying to hold back the tears that fell angrily down her face.

Letting her tears stream behind her as she broke out in a run, she climbed up the nearest ladder and scouted the area. Only a few rooftops away from her she saw a figure attempt to climb through an abnormally small window, it was that of a young woman, only seconds later the figure fell from weakness. Andrea hoped that she was not a victim of that fiend. She skipped along the rooftops effortlessly and landed softly next to the small heap. "Jhoira!" The mage looked at her, she was very different since she'd cleaned up, but with all those gadgets, she knew almost instantly. Andrea smiled slightly, she would be rather pretty if she was put into a dress. She checked Jhoira's limp body for a sign of life. She had a very weak pulse, the colour was drained from her skin and she had light wounds on her left shoulder, fortunately, she was still breathing, but it was shallow, there wasn't much time. "Thank Tria, she's still alive!" Carrying Jhoira in her arms, which she struggled with as Jhoira was taller then herself. She carefully eased her into the open window. "Hope I'm not intruding..."

She looked in and sighed with relief as there lay many strange gadgets, machine parts and tools. There was a bed, though left completely in a mass of untidy sheets, laying astray in the most disturbing fashion. "...right. Okay darlin' up you go." Andrea lay Jhoira neatly on the bed's surface and placing the messy covers upon her tidying the bed as she went. Tucking Jhoira in neatly she left the room and came back with a cool damp face towel and placed it on her forehead. "Well...looks like we met sooner then expected." She placed the necklace that Jhoira had misplaced on the nearby table and stood watch over her, taking a seat and sat at Jhoira's bedside, not realising that she herself fell asleep in due time.

The Creator
12-15-2002, 04:15 PM
Master! Master! The little one is escaping!

Malone turned quietly, and looked down at the stationary box, reaching out with his mind, I know that you fool! I'm not quite as stupid as i look in this body! He flinched as he watched the mortal pick up a cacti and walk off with it, his eyes breifly flared, he took good care of that plant, like all of his plants! This one would pay dearly for that! How dare she steal from me!

But master she is Getting away!

He waited, and watched as the fool of a mortal took her sweet time to dawdle around his appartment, how on earth did she expect me not to see her? Taking her time, looking at the map of the building, prodding around in his plants, but he still waited for her to leave, the elevator door jerked heavily open, and she stepped in.

With a releived sigh, he turned back to Luggage, "Well my friend, in would be no fun if we just kept it locked up in my appartment all day would it!? All good sports have a chase involved...." With his other-sight Malone watched the girl go down the elevator, and then he laughed when she merely went around to the side alley of the building and climbed back up, he shook his head and laughed at the stupidity.....what was the point of doing that? She could have just used the door to get out there!

He walked up to the reflective glass windows of his Appartment and watched her as she bounced off across the roof tops, raising an arm he looked at his watch, and spoke over his shoulder, "What do you think? Give her forty minutes?" he looked over his shoulder, and the box seemed to give a bounce up and down, it must have signified its aggreance.....

As he waited, letting the minutes fly by, he smiled as the time ticked down to ten minutes, he walked out side on long legs, and without hesitation, jumped off the side of the sky scraper, changing back into his Daemon body as he fell, pulling out of the fall with a flick of his wings, mere metres from the ground, as he flew along the street at break neck speeds, sending street side stalls and by-standing mortals flying as he passed, he smiled watching the mortal finally arive back at home with his other-sight.

Although he gave an annoyed sigh as he saw her fall un-conscious at the window, damned weak mortals! I thought she would at least give me a good chase! With a shrug he switched back to his normal sight watching as the mortals were thrown aside and accros the street as he passed with the strong flaps of his wings.

His smile broadened once again as he came to the base of the building he had been searching for, he looked up and slowly flapped his wings, rising up the side of the building with a slick smile plastered on his face....


12-15-2002, 05:52 PM
Jhoira sat upright in her bed, still with her eyes closed. She moved her legs and arms around her and was surprised at the burdedned movement they had, and also at the cold cloth that landed in her lap. Opening her eyes, Jhoira was inside her apartment again. Looking around, she saw the window closed and a familiar face sitting on a chair by her bed. It was Andrea, cleaner than the last encounter but still in the tattered garments from earlier. She was sleeping, with her tall hat hung low over her eyes. Silently slipping out her bed, Jhoira quickly went to her cupboard and removed a fresh set of clothes for Andrea to wear. They weren't much, but they were still functionable. Walking over to her familiar table, she gathered up her satchel and pulled out the can of drink and the small cactus out of the bag she had put it in. Luckily, the soil was easily replaced back in the pot, and she proudly placed it in the center of her cluttered table.

Quickly thinking about the night's events, Jhoira quickly ran over to her bed and reached under for a robot motivator and another suit. This was the time for heavy weaponry and protection. She walked back to her table and pulled a small husk of what used to be an ancient, gas powered grenade launcher, a scavenged item found in an army surplus bin. This thing was much larger than other launchers of it's kind due to the cylinder loading system, but Jhoira had been working to turn it into a more useful weapon. She carefully attached the small motivator unit to the launcher's interior, and put it in such a way, that the motivator would efficiently power the small components that made up the shrap-gun. Carefully re-attaching the lid, Jhoira hefted the machine in two hands, loaded six prepared shells into the loading case and hopped out the window again. Gripping the handle that she had put back into place, she pulled the trigger. From the barrel, a large metal slug fired out and hit the opposite wall. As it connected, a small spray of sharpened tarydium filaments dug their way through the shell casing and several inches into the brick. It was a success! Quickly popping back into her apartment, Jhoira placed the gun on the table and turned her attention to her newly modified white suit.

"I knew it was a good idea to steal more than one suit!" she thought as she marvelled at the light weight, but highly durable suit. It was constructed of white mono-molecular plasteel stitches which afforded extreme flexibility and protective strength. Some molded iron plates that covered the joints, were actually quite comfortable, and the large medi-crate that was attached to the back would be very helpful. A bullet proofvest was stitched onto both the front and back, and matching white kevlar gloves and boots went well with the whole armoured theme. Picking up a similarly white security helmet, she checked to see if all the sensors worked and if she could still breathe. Everything checked out, and silently putting her helmet aside, Jhoira placed her left arm and began making some slight modifications to it.

While she worked, she noticed the brilliant, blue metal stick that Andrea had resting by her side. Taking a closer look, she inspected it's quality design, the nice, valuable looking green gem with golden band and the nice ring of feathers that were based on the shaft. Jhoira decided that a slight adjustment could be made to it's effectiveness. Gathering a small metal coil and two fusion cell batteries, she craftily placed it underneath the gem and hooked to wires to the halo. At once, the gem had small electrical veins running through it's translucent interior. Holding the staff in one hand, she lightly tapped it's end on a small steel plate that was left on the floor. The large electrical charge that surged onto the plate made it turn slightly red and singe the floor. Unhooking one of the wires, the emerald lost it's azure sheen and returned to it's unelectrified state. Putting back by Andrea's side, Jhoira returned to work on her 'sidearm'.

Emerald Dragon
12-16-2002, 04:11 PM
Andrea fell with a flop, only to connect with the hard ground instead of lying in nice, soft covers. "Oh, I feel like an anvil got dropped on my head..." She got up slowly and wiped the invisible dust on her clothing and placed her hat, which had fallen off and placed it back on her head. No matter how hard she tried, it still remained lopsided. She didn't seem to notice Jhoira, instead Andrea examined her staff. "...Hey, someone's touched my staff! I HATE it when people touch my stuff!" She took a closer look, there was no damage to it, when she held it, she felt more power surge within it. It felt warm to her touch, then suddenly cool again. It changed, rythmically, in waves. "How odd...wait, what's this!" Andrea squinted a little closer at the gem which sat on top. "...Hmm. Some crazy handi-work that is." She swung it high and low and tested it's new power. Under her breath she again called out a short incantation "Oh blessed light!" she released a spell to produce light. Not realising its new potential, a blinding light filled the room. Only a split second later Jhoira screamed.

"Oh, sorry darling, didn't realise my staffs power. What have you done to it? It's...great! Hmm...what do we have here?" The pretty mage curiously eyed the contents on the table. There sat many contraptions that she wouldn't dare to use, or touch. Not exactly delicate-looking, but difficult. But Andrea's eyes tended towards a strange looking arm type weapon. "Wow, you know I could really soop that up! You know, like 'Super Delicious Ultra Grand Punch!' " She smiled brightly. Jhoira looked at her with a confused emotion painted on her face. Andrea looked at Jhoira with her large sparkling brown eyes. "Hey, it was just an idea. What do you think? I could charge these up with the power of Heraldry! It's the least I can do for all your help."

12-16-2002, 05:18 PM
Jhoira looked up at the grinning mage and then back at her arm. It was the same as it had always been, ever since she got it fitted. The solid gold replacement wasn't a usual substitute for her real arm, with it's clumsiness and lack of stealth. But it did however, include the benefits of extra holding room, better utility purposes and added strength which she wouldn't otherwise have. She thought back in the past when she gained this grim reminder of the troubles of thievery.

Just as she was starting out from those 3 years ago, she quickly gained some notoriety as being a daring and cunning cutpurse. Having stolen riches from beneath their owners noses, the authorities were understandably frustrated. Sending out their golden policenaughts, or the 'golden retreievers' for their golden carapace and their superior capture rate, they hoped to claim the young thief and put an end to her raids. They tracked her to an abandoned storage room, and in the ensueing battle, Jhoira put up a good fight, incapacitating several of the machines with her formerly signature daggers but in the end, when a sneaky plasma bolt from behind severed her left arm, Jhoira was overwhelmed. Fortunately for her, just as she was to be hauled off to a re-education camp, a mysterious maverick snuck in, lay waste to the rest of the robots and rescued Jhoira from the terrible fate that faced her. It was from this rogue gambit, that she learnt the secrets of mechanics, advanced thievery and artificing. She already had a natural affinity for gadgets and a good understanding of spy techniques, but equipped with this knowledge, she could better garner the wealth that life had previously denied her. Just before he mysteriously vanished, her benefactor fitted the golden, machine arm of the Policenaught that maimed her left arm, as a suitable replacement. It was an arm for an arm but he had previously made modifications to it, to make it into a worthy arm for a thief. Jhoira welcomed a replacement arm. Learning to be self-sufficient on one was ok, but having two is always better. On the year that she was left alone again in the world, Jhoira was left no clues as to her teacher's whereabouts. She shed a tear for the loss of her freind and mentor, but she was now a fully capable woman, more than able to take care of her self.

Thinking of the trials she had overcome with her 'golden touch', Jhoira knew that mere luck would not be able to defeat that demon weirdo. Raising her arm to the patient mage, she replied "I would be honoured to have your help." A wide smile beamed on her previously ghaunt face.

Emerald Dragon
12-19-2002, 05:27 PM
Andrea flicked a thick part of her lavender tresses, which obstructed her vision. Her look calm, but switched to serious concern with a few seconds. "Jhoira darling, are you okay, you're crying..." The mage took a small tissue box, removed two from the box with a swipe and handed them to Jhoira who wiped her eyes roughly. "Past memories, I'm guessing" Andrea asked, Jhoira nodding slowly in response. "Darling, there is no use brooding on the past, holding on to something we no longer have. We must move on, if we have to survive. I've learnt this from experience."

The pretty mage smiled back at Jhoira's previous comment being in the positive. There was a strange look in Jhoira's eyes, Andrea being frustated from not being able to pinpoint exactly what it was. She twisted her lip into a funny shape. "Well then, shall we carry on? Let me see. May I hold the arm?" The dark-haired, mecha-technician nodded, passing her the arm, surprisingly light weight. Andrea inspected it from all angles. "Queer...very queer indeed! I think I can do it. I can force a flow of Heraldic magic to flow through the system so that it is permanent, probably more then doubling your attack power. And...if, hmm, these strange chips, if you make it so that you can connect them to the arm, you can have an elemental attack, with other properties, such as freezing, burning, halting, poisoning, etc. It's all a fun business. I hope it works. I'm really excited!" Andrea jumped up happily hugging Jhoira tightly. "Are there any other advantages?" Jhoira asked. "Hmm...well I've never heard of it being done before, however, if my guess is correct, your new weapon will still be completely customisable, just almost quadruple the power!"

The Creator
12-19-2002, 06:25 PM
Malone continued his up ward float, the smile stuck on his face, he rose his head and looked at the disered window, and listened as there seemed to be company, Malone let out a long sigh, damn it! It all has to happen to me doesn't it! As his rise went on his form shimmered and then faded away, blending into the brick work of the building, floating up inside the masonary of the building, Malone went to the room of the mortal he was chasing, his head went through the wall, still invisible, ahhh yes it was the other one! The one with the funny mage's hat on, what a strange race they were, why they ever deserted the Daemon's back in the dark age still baffled him.

With a shrug he brought his head back out through the wall, and floated back out into the open, his body tilted and he drew his wings back around his shoulders, and his feet came into contact with the building, and as if it were a perfectly normal event he began walking as if it were normal ground, he scratched his chin, trying to think of the best way to do what he was planning, a full frontal attack wouldn't only be too easy, but just plainly would be fun!

Aha! Weakness is in the heart with mortals! Get to their feelings and they will fall! Malone reached within himself and tapped the power of his father, the changling fool that had somehow made his way to Pandemonium and met my mother, strange, he only seemed to stay there long enough to conceive me, and then deserted my mother, (although Malone always had a sneaking thought that his mother had killed him). As Malone kept on walking he went over the top of the building and sat on the edge, except he hung his legs onto the roof and sat on the wall, his form distorted and shrunk, it seemed to go through a few shapes,going from a long snake that wrapped and writhed on the wall, to a small rabbit, to a dog, but the form seemed to stop as it went through birds, the form stretched its way making two long black wings, with a matching grey beak, and yellow eyes.

Malone in the shape of a shining, beutiful Raven flew downwards and landed softly on the windowsill, then with some of the best acting he had down for years on end he fell over onto his side, adjusting his body to show a broken leg and wing.....he squaked pathetically, his mind's eye watching the event and snickering....


Emerald Dragon
12-20-2002, 09:57 AM
Andrea whipped around as she heard a small squeak from the window sill behind her. Jhoira hardly noticing fiddled with her 'about-to-be' altered weaponry. "Oh, the poor thing." She walked up towards the window peering down at the small bird, it was the most magnificent thing she'd seen in her time as being a treasure hunter. She admired it's beautiful image, but shook herself free from her thoughts. Remembering back.... This bird, died out many years ago. It hardly needs to be said, but I believe someone is here to do a little investigation. Andrea frowned and thought. Almost in complete silence, except for the slight tinkering of metal behind her she whispered a small phrase, letting out only the words "Detect Evil." Throwing her staff up into the air, spinning, small red light emanated from the orb and softly falling upon the tiny, frail creature, encircling it totally.

"Ah, as I thought. Reveal yourself, for you identity is no longer hidden. Fight me as I am willing to defend what I know. Jhoira darling, we have a guest." The mage said aside to the young girl, now distracted by Andrea's spell casting. Of course the bird in all of it's "pity" remained in an almost silent grief. "Maybe, you are wrong about the creature" Jhoira said. "No! I am not wrong. This here creature is non-other then a fiend who will stop at nothing, even death. Damn, whoever you are, you're one good actor, but you've come to the wrong place to make your premiére. Cowardly fiend, who puts himself in the body of that, which no longer exists. You almost had me, but no more! Come forth, so to meet your demise!" Andrea cried out to the now not so helpless bird.

The Creator
12-20-2002, 12:49 PM
The bird flicked it self back on to its legs, the breakage seemed to disappear, and its wing clicked back into place and folded back around the crows waist, it then lowered its head, as its shadow stretched out behind it, although the light in the room didn't seem to change, with in a flick of an eye, the Daemon was standing there, he straightened the collar of his shirt and brushed invisble dust from his chest, then his perfect eyes rose from the ground and locked on the mage, a thin smile crossed his face, and he swept the ground with his arms as he bowed in her direction, "Fine noble mage, you wish to have battle huh? Then let me change the location slightly, we wouldn't want to mess up this dammed mortals appartment now would we...."

With a sweep of one long arm he took in one large circle, and their surroundings bent and blurred, instantly changing into that of a lush countryside, obviously very far away from the city, in a less 'populated' area. "Ok Mage, you wish to take me on? Lets do this!" The young girl leapt forwards at Malone staff held out straight, a sizzling bolt shot from the end of it, Malone's eye's widened as the bolt came at him, he ran backwards as fast as he could, barely dodging it as he arced his back to let it pass, staightening himself he checked his coats for burns, and sighed when he couldn't find any....with a smile he looked back at the panting mage, "Please tell me thats not the best you can do little one......"

Malone put both hands behind his back, and clasped his hands in eachother and walked forwards slowly, keeping his eyes on the glaring mage, suddenly she rushed forwards, and smacked her head hard on something un-seen to her, and then she fell, she seemed to fall straight through the ground, Malone bellowed with laughter and clicked his fingers and his illusion shimmered and fell away, as she plummeted he watched her, then brought his eyes back up, I won't have long to do this, she'll be awfully grumpy when she gets a hold of herself , he rushed forwards, his legs and wings which kept him afloat in the mid air a blur, he tucked everything in as he flew through the window, not wishing to break anything just yet....

He stood tall near the mortal that had stole from him, his horns dug into the concrete of the roof, but he didn't even notice, bits of rocks and debree falling down around his shoulders and down his hair, his eyes glared down at the girl, "You stole from me girl?" Malone let out a burst of laughter, although it held no humour, "How do you wish to die?"

Malone cast his eyes around the mess of a room and he saw what he wanted, he raised one arm and the cacti raised itself from the table on which it sat and positioned itself in his palm, "Oh well, i've got what i came for at least, i'm not sure if i want to kill you just yet though.....hows about i just test you then? Ok mortal, you survived my last test, lets see you live the next one....." He jumped backwards neatly fitting through the window, tossing a small fire ball back as he flew home.......


12-20-2002, 01:56 PM
A small arcing bolt of churning flame was enroute back to her apartment. Something very basic had to be done. Flicking out her 'Glacial splint' flare gun from her belt, she levelled it at the conjured bolt and fired the tiny gun's single shot. A small blue bead raced upwards and met the fireblast in mid-air. At once, what was a combustive bolt of flames quickly changed into a solid mass of hardened ice and rapidly decreased it's trajectory. It slammed into a large metal funnel on the next-door roof, a building short from it's intended target. Quickly tossing away the one-shot weapon, Jhoira reached for her pistol, still in it's side-holster, and levelled it at the quickly fleeting demon. It still had the small pot in it's hand and didn't seem too concerned whether his ploy actually worked or not. Lowering her goggles over her eyes, she extended her sight on the fleeting fool and raised her pistol to match the reticle. With a calculated move, she fired, loosing a single bolt off at the demon. With pinpoint accuracy, Jhoira had her target! The cactus in the demon's hand fell to pieces! The demon glanced down and dusted his hands of the plant pieces and dirt, still continuing his flight to his intended destination. Quickly sheathing her pistol, she looked down at Andrea, who had collided off several power lines that slowed her fall to the bottom. Rapidly jumping out the window, she made a quick swing down to the ground and went to check on the mage, who had apparently hit her head on the window's sill. Her forehead was nearly the colour of her hair, noting the heavy impact and conccusion. Hoisting her back up the ladder back into her apartment, Jhoira placed the mage in her bed and placed a gel-pack from the fridge on her head. Closing the window, Jhoira decided that Andrea might need some better protection if she was going to go charging at crazy monsters. She went over to a nearby trunk and had a look for something to make a nice cloak out of. Withdrawing a blue blanket and some monomolecular, chainmail weave stolen out of an antique store, she set off to make a garment worthy of her friend's position.

Emerald Dragon
12-21-2002, 05:59 PM
Andrea opened her eyes finding herself in bed. She sat up quickly, the gel pack falling off her head landing heavily in her lap and fell backward again groaning loudly "That devil...I was only getting warmed up, did I get him? Argh, why does my head hurt?" She grabbed the gel pack and lay it down carefully back on her head. "Oh, I see...stars." Jhoira turned from her current seating position, still occupied with her strange instruments. Andrea now noticed her working on some armor as she turned on her side holding the compress to her head. "No, you completely missed him. He then threw you upwards knocking your head as you fell back down." Andrea sighed tossing herself onto her back, looking up at the ceiling, watching a small spider spin its web in an untouched corner. The mage, with her reliable hat sitting next to her on the bedside table thought nothing of her current situation. By now, everyone thought even worse of her then they did previously, she hardly cared. She would of much rather lived life as a vagabond, then the head of some stuck-up bureaucratic society.

"I must study new spells, I underestimated the malevolent fiend...He has no purpose here. What is his motive? To kill us? I don't understand." Jhoira continued to tinker with her tools, Andrea watching sparks fly outwards every now and then, the flash of silver and the clinking of metal on metal, grinding. She was busy, but Andrea knew she listened to her. Jhoira was the patient type. "I must thank you for amplifying my staff, though, it is still of no match, I believe my skills maybe tainted." Feeling confined as her head now starting plaing games with her eyes, seeing multiple images and sheep flying across through the air materialised from nothing. The mage with her head spinning, leaving her as she felt as she wanted to vomit moaned out loud and her face contorted in agony. "Dear Tria, save me from this torment, so I may have my revenge." Andrea grabbed for her hat with her right hand and plonked it on her face blocking out the light. Soon to drop into sleep...she hoped tomorrow she'd be in better health, save the nasty bruise and killer headache.

The Creator
12-26-2002, 10:33 AM
As Malone flew onwards, he didn't even notice the large red portal that gently shimmered into existence directly infront of him, he was much to occupied looking behind him, trying to think whether it was worth avenging his plants or not, he flew directly into the trap, and looked around with a look of shock and fear, quickly turning into rage, "Nooooo! You *******...." He dived forwards, only managing to dismember his arm as the portal closed, with a resounding echo coming from where the portal disappeared with an inward 'pop', "I'll get out, mark my words! Just give me time! I'll be back!"


Aziraphale sat with a smirk at the cofee shop where he was, quietly sipping on a cappochino as he stopped concentrating, letting the portal fall away, he downed the rest of the cup, picked up his cane and walked away whistling, you never were too smart Malone.....


Ufordin sat drowning his misories, his ENTIRE family had been slaughtered that monster, tapping the axe that hung at his side he raised his other hand for the barkeep to hand him another tankard, he would get his revenge on that beast! Even if it meant giving his own life!

Name: Ufordin Tyroine
Race: Dwarf

As the tankard came down the bar, he emptied it in one gargantuen gulp stood up and tightened his belt and marched out through the door drunken anger burning in his eyes, as he went through the door, through hazy eyes he saw the beast that he searched for, it flew up the street, with simple beats of its wings, and then something shattered that it carried, the beast didn't look surprised but still turned it head to see what had happened, but what happened next made Ufordin scream with anger, in the monsters moment of distraction a red whole opened in the sky and he flew straight into it!

Its screams could be heard even after the portal closed, with a down turned growl he ran forward to see what had been broken, it seemed to be nothing more then a pot plant, the monster had been killed for a POT PLANT! He looked up to where the beast seemed to be looking, and there up high in an appartment block, there was a woman standing in a small crater in the side of building with a smoking gun that had a stunned look on her face, then he heard the echoes of surprised laughter echo down to his ears.

Ufordin looked up to the girl and let his loud, dwarven throat throw his voice up in booming tones, "OI! Ruffians, that prey was mine! What hardships did that ******* put YOU through? I see you've still got friends there!" Pointing one stout finger accusingly at the other girl that stood behind the one with the gun, "What right do you have to steal my fate!" Reaching to his back he un-furled the axe, spinning in a low circle and quickly brought it up and let it fly to where the girl stood, in his drunken state he fell backwards, weeping into his hands......


12-30-2002, 05:26 PM
As the heavy bearded axe arced upwards toward the apartment window, a mechanical claw reached upwards and plucked it out of the sky. The thickly robed interceptor pulled the crude implement toward it's hood. Lowering it's arm, the thing pulled the hood off it's head, revealing the skeletal head of a robot, a mechanical assassin. With it's optic receptors focusing on the trajectory of the hurled missile, he looked to ground level and saw the sorry figure flailing on the ground below. With an accusing smirk building upon it's automated jaw, the machine spoke "Pathetic man, if you want to kill something, it has to be done right." Using it's second claw, it cast off the shadowed cloak, revealing the rest of it's true shape. The steel nightmare was like a glistening lizard, a contrast of an ancient dinosaur lifeform combined with modern day materials and tehnologies: a fusion of the extreme ages. The whirring contraption was the first of it's kind to gain a degree sentience and gave itself a name: 'Riptor'. It is the ultimate killing machine in urban territories, especially the whole of the Stark's sprawl. The contraption waved it's spindly tail, a silver spiral of razor fans. Flexing it's arm servos and pistons, he looked up to the axe's intended target. The familiar window which he had spied was the exact target, the home of that thief wench, the enemy of it's handlers. Drawing it's arm back,the retilioid thrust the aged axe straight at the dwarf's and his own target. The axe became a rippling rotor in the air, leaving a harsh whistling in it's trip and collided with the apartment wall with such force, it literally ploughed a gaping hole through the other side of the building. Focusing it's zoom lenses, Riptor hastily initiated stealth mode, and cackled at the expression on that fool girl's face. Quickly scuttling across the rooftops, the clockwork reptile hastily made it's trip to the adjacent block of flats that stood by the enemie's lair. with the fines white dust onlu just settling, now would be just the time to strike. Lowering on all fours, Riptor made a fantastic jump onto the adjoined window's railings, greeting it's residents with a deafening roar.